Weekly Workouts + What I Ate on my Birthday

Hiiiiiii! Happy Monday! How you doing, baby child? I’m feeling a bit sugar loaded after my birthday weekend. Lots of cake, cupcakes, cocktails and meals. Luckily I kept up with my workouts all week long so I didn’t have to worry about it much. But I was definitely ready to get my to my normal eating habits after a fun weekend.

But let’s talk a little more about sugar. Because people are consistently asking questions about ab workouts or what to do about the midsection. So let’s just be frank here: it’s all about diet. The whole “abs are made in the kitchen” bullsh*t isn’t bullsh*t. It’s completely true. And if your goal is to have a certain physique or certain shape, you gotta start with your diet. And I don’t care if you eat super healthy; if you are consuming alcohol on a regular basis, you will not see the difference that you hope for. You could do all the ab workouts in the world, but if you are not limiting your sugar intake, especially in the form of alcohol, you won’t be able to reach your greatest ability. Alcohol is sugar, sugar leads to inflammation, inflammation leads to bloat, weight gain and sadly, less abs. Alcohol also inhibits muscle growth. Little known fact that more people should definitely know about! I can always see the difference in myself when I start having some cocktails on the weekend, and for me multiple cocktails means maybe 2-3 in a weekend.

I always see people say that they wish they could have abs like a certain person at the gym or online, but most of the time that person has those abs because they are working at it constantly and consistently. The less you drink alcohol and eat sugar, the more results you’ll see. Sure, genetics have to do with it, but you also pave your own destiny with the decisions you make. Stop hoping to look like someone else and just strive to be the best version of yourself. Make great decisions on a regular basis while still enjoying life’s moments. If you want those abs, go get them. Start with better food choices and continue to work hard in the gym on a weekly basis. The more consistent you stay, the more results you’ll begin to see! Remember, be consistent and never compromise when it comes to your goals. If abs are your goals, get after em’!!

Sunday – Rest day/ recover from Jamaica


Back Squats: 3 x 10. All sets at 70%. (13 mins) – I used 125#

After Each Set, Max Strict Pull Ups. – I got a total of 23 pull ups

Then 6 min AMRAP Of:

6 Power Snatch (135/95)

10 Toes To Bar

– 3min REST THEN –

6 min AMRAP Of:

6 Power Snatch (135/95)

10 Burpees

I got 5 rounds on the first AMRAP and 4+10 on the second using 65#


Every 30 sec for 10 mins: 1 Squat Clean @ 65%. All reps must have a 3 sec pause at knee. – I used 105#

500m Row Sprint For Time. MAX EFFORT!!! – I got 1:47

3. 10 min AMRAP Of:

30 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

20 Push Jerks (135/95)

10 Bar Muscle Ups / Burpee Pull Ups

I got 1 + 47 reps using 85# and doing bar muscle ups


20 mins Working With Purpose: (3 rounds minimum!)

– 7 & 7 Front Rack Step Ups (155/105). All 7 on  one leg, then all 7 on the other. – I used 75# – see video here

– 7 & 7 Single Arm KB or DB Strict Press. All 7 on  one arm, then all 7 on the other. As heavy as possible. – I used 25#

– Accumulate 1 min Hanging from Pull Up Bar or Rings. Hang on for dear life!!!

I got 4 rounds

Then 8 min Partner Workout:

Partner 1: 20 Cals On Air Dyne

Partner 2: As many Double Unders As Possible

* change movements after 20 cals is completed.

**Score recorded is Total DU you complete as an individual. – I got 300 double unders

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Birthday workout!!

OH Squats: 6 x 1. Adding, with 10 sec Pause at bottom of squat on all singles! (12 mins) – I got to 125#

Then At 0:00:

5 min AMRAP Of:

5 Squat Snatch (135/95)

7 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

– 2 min REST THEN –

400m Sprint For Time

– When Clock hits 11:00 –

5 min AMRAP Of:

5 Squat Snatch (135/95)

7 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

I got 4+2 then 1:26 for my run then 3+5 at 85# – See video here


1 mile run

30 clean and jerks (135/95)

2000m row

I finished in 21:10 using 85#


At Home or Hotel Gym Workout:

4 rounds of:

50 mountain climbers

40 air squats

30 tuck jumps

20 hand release push ups

10 v-ups

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What I Ate in a Day:

Breakfast at Snooze at 6:30am: We ordered 2 caramel apple gluten free pancakes and at those together and I also order the breakfast tacos (3 come in an order) and I ended up eating 2 bites of 1 taco then packed up the leftovers to go.


Lunch at 11:30am: The rest of my breakfast tacos leftover from breakfast and handful of plantain chips

Coffee at 2pm: I order this hong kong latte with an extra shot of espresso (it has condensed milk in it) at Platform Tea Lounge and ended up only drinking probably 1/5 of it because it was SO sweet.

After working out and showering up, we headed out to dinner for my favorite meal: curry. We went to Tommy’s Thai where I had a glass of wine, beef panang curry with rice and then at the end of the meal, a big ole’ gluten free cake came out so I had an amazing slice of that!



Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


48 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + What I Ate on my Birthday”

  1. Thanks for doing a post on sugar intake! I’ve recently been researching and becoming more conscious about how much sugar I’m consuming vs how much I should consume. I’m a sucker for everything sweet/salty and I love trying your dessert recipes! Just curious how many grams of sugar you try to limit it to on the daily? and what works best for you to keep from consuming too much?

    1. i don’t keep track of any sort of numbers. i just try not to eat or drink too much sugar. so i limit any sugary drinks like coffee drinks or whatever and i never drink sodas. i usually have some sort of dessert each day like a piece of chocolate or something that I’m making for the blog. the only way I really track it is making sure i’m not becoming addicted or dependent on it.

  2. Liking that Saturday workout, will def be trying that! I can definitely feel and see the difference when I am consuming more alcohol than usual too. I am trying to cut back some on the weekends. Also, Snooze is opening up down the street from me in Austin! When I saw their sign I got so excited cause I remember you posting pics from there a few times. Can’t freakin wait!

  3. Hi Juli – thanks for sharing, I love your blog!! What are your thoughts on fruit in regards to sugar? Do you have any “rules” regarding fruit or just have it in moderation?

    1. for me, i rarely eat fruit because it’s still sugar. sure, there are great nutrients in fruit, but you can get the same nutrients with just eating vegetables but without the added sugar! so i think limiting it and eating it in moderation just like you would for dessert!

      1. Juli- what are your favorite pre-workout snacks? I’ve been doing an apple or banana but I noticed you said you don’t eat much fruit. Thx!

  4. Great post with great reminders on sugar, Juli! Very much appreciated. Off-hand question: I’ve weight trained by myself for years and I’m starting to think about trying out cross fit. Have you ever talked specifically about cross fit, why you chose it over other options, etc.? I’d also love any recommendations you have for gyms in other cities. For example, there are several here in Austin, TX, but I have no idea how to tell these places apart! Thanks!

    1. i’ve talked about finding crossfit in a few different posts:
      I just fell in love with it and that love keeps growing over time. And it’s the only physical activity i’ve done that i was able to see the difference very quickly, meaning it was actually working! And it made me so much happier and confident. As for starting at a gym, that’s always the hardest part because no crossfit affiliate is the same. I recommend trying CrossFit Central (I went there once while I was in Austin and the people were great, the coaching was awesome and the programming with challenging! But again, there are other great ones out there. Try a couple out and find the right fit for you!

      1. In one of your posts you linked, you wrote this:

        “BUT I would never in a million years lift less to lean down. Never. I have worked very hard for 2 years to become stronger and fitter and to think about lifting less than my body is able, is just stupid to me. CrossFit has given me the strength to do things I didn’t know were possible so why would I deny those things and make myself weaker just for asthetic appeal?

        You have changed your mind on this, right? I’ve been cross fitting for a while and even though I am strong and have big legs, which i do love, I am not comfortable with my size. I go back and forth all the time to a- work out MORE and lift more weight to burn fat.. or b- tone it down, lift less/eat less. I always think of you when I’m thinking about this decision because i believe you chose the latter.

        You started lifting less weight in terms of lbs — appetite went down? so = less food. And from what I see, a tad more “cardio” workouts. Is this right? And I’m pretty sure you feel the best/most comfortable you have ever felt, even if it means you don’t take the number one spot in the gym?

        How did you feel when you first started doing that and how did you actually make the decision for yourself? I’m trying to figure it out myself and would love to know how you went about the process.

        Thanks for always being so honest/open with your readers! Helps more than you know.

        1. oh man, changing over to lifting less was really challenging mentally. knowing i could physically do more and not doing it was a mind f*ck. but i knew that i didn’t want to have injuries, i wanted to feel comfortable in my skin and i wanted to be happy. so i stuck with lifting less and not coming in first in the gym. lots of tears were going on at that point in my life. when i first started doing this, i started running more and doing some cycling classes but i didn’t enjoy those so i just went back to doing regular crossfit classes and I’ve stuck with that for a few years now. i lost a ton of strength while i lost about 30 pounds, but now i’ve seen my strength, my flexibility and my movements get better and stronger even while being smaller. i don’t know if any of this information helps but wanted to share what i went through at least! let me know if you have any other questions!

    2. You should try CrossFit City Limits! I train and coach there and love it. We just opened up a brand new huge space too right on North Lamar. I tried out a lot of CF gyms when I moved to Austin and that one was my favorite and their prices are realistic. I would suggest trying out a few to make sure you choose the right one. Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. I completely agree about how abs are made in the kitchen! I’ve recently done an overhall on my diet and eliminated alochol and have noticed a huge difference. That stubborn extra layer of fat over my abs melted away after about three weeks (this is all in conjuction with workouts). Hard work, but worth it! Thanks for the great post 🙂

  6. Thank you So So much for including At Home Workouts! I have a really hard time being able to get to the gym, it’s pretty impossible with my schedule and I love that you are giving me the option of workouts at home!

  7. Nicely said, what are your thoughts about potatoes in the whole sugar debate? I struggle with eliminating potatoes with paleo!!

    1. i cut white potatoes out for a long long time and when i added them back in, i felt so much better and had so much more energy! so i’m pro potato for my lifestyle right now!

  8. do you ever deal with minor injuries? im struggling with a really slight wrist sprain right now. ive tried to back off of certain movements like handstand pushups, wall balls,etc. but it is really hard to stay positive having to modify all these workouts and stop working on some movements ive been trying to improve at. can you relate? any advice?

    1. i have in the past and had to motivate everything for quite some time, but that’s how it goes when you’re working out like that. i just recommend listening to your coaches and listen to your body. the more you rest something, the better it will be long term. but again, i’m an outside perspective that knows nothing about your injury or workouts, so be sure to chat with someone who knows you more and what exactly is going on with you!

    1. i don’t really have a go to drink. i sometimes drink gin and tonics, vodka soda with lime or a dirty martini. and sometimes a fun cocktail at restaurants but i don’t have a drink that i really love that much so i always change it up.

    1. i’ve done a 21 day sugar detox before which really helped but i also really love eating evolved coconut butter chocolate cups because they aren’t too sweet but still kill the sugar cravings and fill you up!

  9. Of all your fantastic posts – this one I needed to hear. I forget about those glasses of wine and how they sabotage my goals. This really put it in perspective -Thank you!

  10. I agree, Juli!!! Diet is so important. When I hear someone say “I just need to start working out and I’ll look better,” but their diet sucks, I cringe. Most people are willing to add things, but not take away anyway or make sacrifices to get where they want to go.

    What you said about alcohol is spot on, too. I used to drink a glass of red wine almost every night. I think it really was setting me back in both weight loss and in gaining strength. I cut it WAY back (like 1-2 x per month) and I feel so much better.

  11. This is the hard talk I needed to have with myself, thank you! I am working my butt off at crossfire workouts and running, I can see the muscle, but there is some bloating…like muscle wrapped in a little bit of fat, the last bit won’t give. I make the right food choices but enjoy wine way too much. I can now say to myself everyday is not reason to have two glasses of wine. Sometimes it helps when someone else says it.

  12. Thank you for doing a sugar post! I actually found the 21 DSD a few years back from your blog, and have done it twice now, both times becoming so much more aware of how much sugar is in EVERYTHING! I Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do (even though I’m some random internet person), but your blog and perspective on the paleo “diet”, Crossfit, and balance has truly helped me so much over the past few years. Congratulations on your wedding, you looked beautiful!

  13. this is SO helpful, you have no idea! I love and appreciate your no bs approach to this lifestyle! it is so helpful no matter if you just started down this path or have been doing it for years. I needed to hear this about the alcohol & sugar because it is TRUTH! you don’t even realize it, but it certainly catches up with you. thank you again-you’re blog is the bomb!!!

  14. Juli, do you take a protein powder supplement? If so, what kind? I just recently got Julian Bakery Paleo beef protein powder. Also, do you find It hard to make any gains on your diet? I have been following the AIP diet (for Hashimotos) for about 3 months and have lost muscle mass and some strength. Sucks… But I feel better. Are you not as concerned with gaining as you are of maintaining? Thanks!

    1. I like progenex and mark sisson’s primal fuel. but i also use great lakes gelatin – collagen hydrolysate! and no, i haven’t found it difficult to make gains at all, it’s been quite easy with this diet!

  15. Okay, tried the at-home workout yesterday, got through the first round and was pretty beat.. started on the second round of mountain climbers and got to 25, 5 at a time and was done. The workout was obviously far above my current abilities. So, I did the workout today with half the amount of reps and all 4 rounds and crushed it. I plan to add 5 reps each time I do it until I can complete the whole workout. Thank you for (inadvertently) giving me a goal to reach for and something that will force me to be more consistent with my workouts!! And thank you for all of your realistic pep talks! I always go to the fitness section on your blog when I need inspiration to workout, and I love your gym instagrams!

  16. Going a bit off topic of the above comments (which I agree with most of them) I hate this time of year. Our dogs bring in all the sand and dirt Spring offers. Hopefully your landscaper calls you back soon. Have you ever tried the floor rugs that are supposed to collect dust and dirt dogs drag in? What an annoyance. And yes, because you are now talking about boring adult stuff is an indication of marriage. My husband and I are without children by choice and we have some extremely boring conversations. But hey we don’t talk about poop, vomit or any of the other icky kid stuff.

    Love your blogs, books, snapchat and well just about anything you put together. Thanks for everything!!!

  17. Loved reading this!! Been cross-fitting it up for about 2 1/2 years but still have a little pudge which I attributed to having 2 kids.. My husband finally broke the news to me that it’s more likely the 2 glasses of wine a night and not the 2 kids. Haha. So I gave it up!! I’m only in my first week but I already feel better, can’t wait to start seeing results! Thanks for posting about this 🙂

    1. hahaha good husband right there! people really forget about how much sugar and extra calories are added to your diet when 1-2 glasses of wine are in your daily routine!

  18. Hey Juli, great post and just reaffirmed to me that I need to cut sugar more. I lost 24lbs two and a half years ago and kept it off until about 9 months ago but have slowly gained back 12lbs. I cut out pasta, bread etc and haven’t eaten any pasta since Sept 2013 but bread has crept in. Have also not had alcohol for 4 months but seem to be stuck and the weight is refusing to budge. I still eat chocolate especially around that time of the month andI that’s one of my downfalls, I also workout but don’t spend my life in the gym. Is there anything else you’d suggest to kick-start weight loss again?

    1. you know, I’m not a dietician and I’m not around you or know your daily habits/diet/routine/etc. so I’m not the person to talk to. I would talk to a trainer or dietician to really help dial in what exactly you need to be doing. It’s just not my place and/or expertise. I just explain what works for me!

      1. Thanks for replying Juli, I’ll talk to someone at the gym, I feel like I KNOW what to eat/not to eat but something isn’t quite right, maybe a dietician would help too. Thanks again for your great posts!

  19. Hi! I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I just started the transition to a paleo lifestyle a couple weeks ago. To help curb my cravings for all the sweets that my family eats in the house, I eat a ton of fruit. Should I be treating fruit like dessert? As in one piece a day and no more added sugar? Also, you said in another post that you don’t eat any sh*t food. What do you mean by that? Thanks so much!!! Your website has been extremely helpful in learning about this!

    1. hey emma! for me, i think of fruit as a dessert and i definitely don’t think it should have any more sugar added to it. but that is fully my opinion. i just think that you can get the same nutrients that fruit has but in the form of vegetables without the extra sugar. when i say sh*t food, i mean i don’t eat gluten, soda, fast food. really any food that has no point or nutrients to it. if i crave something, like say a blizzard from dairy queen (I’ve been wanting one lately) then i make my own ice cream to curb that craving. hope that helps!!

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