I’m not sure what it’s like in other parts of the country, or even the world, but we are fully quarantined here in Denver. We are still able to go essential places like the grocery store and thankfully our favorite restaurant is still open for business, but the city closed down all salons. No hair appointments, no skincare appointments, no waxing, no nails, no nothing. And that means it’s time to get creative at home and start trying out some DIY self care options. So today I’m going to walk you through some of the products I use at home to keep up with my own self care and some products I’ve heard about, but haven’t tried yet. And if YOU have any at-home products you love and want to rave about, please share them in the comments and I’ll add them to the post!!

At-Home Self Care

Lash & Brow Options

Now I know a lot of you get lash extensions and get your eyebrows waxed and tined regularly, so here are some of my favorites that I use daily and in between appointments, along with a few other items I’ve heard good things about!

Glue On Lashes with this Lash Glue – These are the lashes I use the most because they are super natural looking. They just make your lashes look more full.

Lashify – I’ve heard great things about this brand, but I’ve never actually tried it myself. Instead of glue on lashes that attach to your lash line, Lashify lashes use a bond on your actual lashes then you attach their lashes to the bond on the underside of the lashes. You’re pretty much glueing lashes to your actual lashes, which means you can build height and fullness with the lashes. These lashes are made to last 7 days. The reason I haven’t tried them is because they recommend re-bonding them morning and night to keep them in place and that’s just not something I want to keep up with personally. But they look AMAZING and I’ve heard they work really well!

Ardell Duralash Flares with Ardell Lash Tite Adhesive – With these individual lashes, you can build to create the look you want. And the best part is that they last two weeks! Then when you’re ready to remove them, just use the LashFree Remover!

Eyebrow Dye Kit – This is the kit I use at home and I’m planning to share how I apply it on my instagram stories today! It’s incredibly easy to use, it comes in a handful of different colors, and it lasts a couple weeks depending on your eyebrow color. I’m naturally blonde so I normally see some blonde hairs coming through after just a week.

Eyebrow Wax Strips – I won’t personally touch my eyebrows with tweezers or wax because I definitely don’t trust myself based on how my eyebrows looked in the past, but if waiting is not an option for you, check out these wax strips! The reviews say they are easy to use and will clean up any excess hairs you have going on.

Hair Options

Now I don’t have a ton of hair recommendations since I don’t do my hair at home much (I see my stylist every 3 weeks to dye my hair since I’m naturally blonde), but if you would like to read about my favorite daily hair products, check out this post.

Root Cover Up – This is my FAVORITE root cover-up. I’ve used a ton of different options, but this one is the easiest to apply, it doesn’t dye your scalp at the same time, and it doesn’t get all over your clothes or hands. Plus it comes in 8 different colors options to help you match your own color!

Hair Mask – If you live in a dry area like me, the salon becomes your best friend because it ensures that your hair is moisturized every time. Well since a salon is no longer an option, it’s time to care for it at home. This mask will leave your hair looking shiny, healthy, and soft!

Skincare Options

Now that we have more time for ourselves in the morning, it’s the perfect time to put a little more effort into our morning routine. And these products and tools have been instrumental in keeping my skin clearer and more even while in between esthetician appointments!

Skinerals Sunless Tanner and Self Tanning Mitt – This is my absolute favorite tanner as of lately. It goes on really evenly, you can build the color, it doesn’t stink, and it’s not sticky. It’s seriously. And the mitt with it is a must!

Tula Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – When I’m taking care of my skin at home, I like the buff away any excess crap I have going on. And this exfoliating scrub smells amazing and leaves your skin super smooth.

Dermaplane Razors – If you have an esthetician who regularly dermaplanes your face, you know how much of a game changer it is. At a salon they will use a medical grade razor to remove the hair off your face along with dead skin cells. It leaves your skin feeling insane buttery soft and smooth. And it helps your skincare routine work better and go deeper. These razors are a great at-home option to clean up your skin and it will help your makeup look better, too! Plus they are insanely cheap. Check out this post/video to see how I use the razors.

Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device or Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Kit – I just started using this mini facial toning device and I LOVE it. It’s expensive, but I really do think it’s worth it. It uses microcurrents to help strengthen the muscles in the face and actually contour. I’ve been using it on a smile line and I’ve really seen improvement! There are two different size option and I just prefer the mini so I can easily travel with it…when we can actually travel again.

Nuderma High Frequency Wand – I’ve talked about this wand in the past and it’s still part of my nightly routine. I can’t recommend it enough and it’s incredibly affordable! The high frequency helps promote cell turnover, reduces fine lines, reduces acne, and more. It’s awesome!! Many salons already use high frequency wands on their customers so now you can experience that at home! Be sure to read this post to see how I use it at home.

Revive Light Therapy or Lightstim for Wrinkles – I have the Revive light therapy wand at my house from a FFF box I got a couple months ago. That exact one isn’t available online, but a larger version is (which would honestly be more helpful anyways). I tend to use it in just one spot where I have a smile line that bugs me. The red light therapy stimulates cellular repair and stimulates circulation. I’m linking two separate light therapy devices for you to check out!

Cooling Firming Eye Gels – I just recently picked these up while Jackson was sick because I hadn’t slept in weeks and I needed all the help I could get. I love these because they stay in place, they cool on contact, and you can really see the difference after you take them off.

No7 Restore & Renew Sheet Mask – I LOVE this mask. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and looking brighter. But the best part is that the mask hooks behind the ears so it stays in place, meaning you don’t have to lay down while you mask. You can continue on with your day while you self care it up!

Acure Brightening Mask – This has become one of my favorite natural beauty masks. I feel like my skin is so much brighter and more luminous whenever I use it. And it has really clean ingredients in it!

Tula Nourishing Mask – If my skin is extra dry, I always turn to this mask because it’s so incredibly hydrating. It leaves your skin feeling like you just bathed in a gallon of milk…in a good way.

Nail Options

Now this is where I suck with options. I don’t trust myself to do my own nails so I’m trying to wait it out…until May. I may feel differently in a couple weeks. But I’ve heard great things about these two brands!

Dip Powder Nail Kit – This isn’t a kit I’ve tried myself, but I’ve seen other people post about it and it has pretty damn good reviews online! It’s non-toxic and it says it’s easy to apply, so fingers crossed that’s true!

False Nails Salon Dip – Now if you’re an acrylic nails kind of person, like I am, here is an option for you! It’s a dip powder system that gives you the strength of acrylic while being gentler on the nails.

Be sure to share your at-home DIY self care recommendations and I’ll be sure to add them to this post to help people out while they are stuck at home!

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  1. sarah says:

    Would love love love to see a NuFace tutorial video from you! Everyone seems to have different techniques…

  2. Elena says:

    I have been using the Neutrogena microdermabrasion system for years. It works best when used 2-3x a week regularly. Link for Neutrogena website below and it can be found on Amazon and at Walgreens. My skin feels and looks brighter and younger after I use it, and it is great to do at night and then I put on the Beautycounter overnight resurfacing peel and then the Tula overnight treatment.


    1. juli says:

      oooooo i totally want to try this now!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    WOW – thank you for doing this! It was a lot of work and I appreciate it – and your work effort. I am not going to lie, I feel incredibly shallow because people are sick and dying, but I am MOURNING hair and nail salons are closed. It’s a huge part of my self care and also I just feel better when I look better. I know you get it. Thank you.

    1. juli says:

      i’m right there with you!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Do you use the skinerals on your face too? Or do you use something else? Or no self tanner on your face? My skin has a tendency to get congested, so I’m nervous to use tanner on my face. But I’m also tired of the two-toned look. Love your skincare suggestions! Your suggestions are always different than every other blogger.

    1. juli says:

      i don’t. i don’t ever use self tanner on my face because i’m so prone to breakout. i just use bronzer on my face to match the tan!! and YAY!! that’s so cool to hear!!

  5. Sherri says:

    I don’t know if you’d had enough time to test it, but do you have a an opinion on the pore extractor you posted on Instagram? Thanks for being all of ours guinea pig!!

  6. Katherine says:

    LOVE the NuFace! Had mine for years, it really helps with acne prone skin. I found breakouts reduce and skin heals faster! Excited to try that wand, thanks Juli!

    1. juli says:

      it’s such a great tool!!

      1. Tori says:

        Okay do you use the dip nails successfully? This quarantine is killing my nails and I struggle doing my own. I am loving my new magnetic lashes to get me through this time too!! And amazing body care I am addicted to now helps (shower gel / moisturizer I share with others too)… self care is so important especially now.. Years of following your recipes but miss years ago the workouts at cross fit with you and so many others when I was still in Denver

        1. juli says:

          i’ve never done dip nails so i can’t speak to that! i miss crossfit so freaking much right now!!

  7. Kelsey says:

    I have loved this blog since 2012 but lately the number of ads and pop-ups have made it almost impossible to navigate. PLEASE clean up this page so that we can enjoy it again without being bombarded by advertisements!

    1. juli says:

      i’m sorry Kelsey, but this site costs thousands of dollars to run every month along with the thousands of dollars i pay for site maintenance to keep it working properly. without ads, i can’t run the site and keep it afloat. it’s not as simple as running a free site like you may have in your head