No Bake Sticky Berry Bars

I’m such a cheater. Or a copy cat. However you’d like to view me. I kinda made this recipe based off my No-Bake Sticky Apple Bars. But those bars were delicious so why not try them with a different kind of fruit. THANK GOD I DID. These were delicious. Laura didn’t seem to love them as much as I did, but Sergio looked like he had just won the lottery when he tasted one…and then went on to eat half the batch.

I went out on the town this weekend. It was Sergio’s birthday AND we had to celebrate Regionals being over with, so we needed to go hard. That meant I drank alcoholic beverages. And many of them. I felt like it was time. I don’t really even remember the last time I drank. Pretty much because I don’t really like alcohol. It tastes like nail polish remover. But I was able to go out with some wicked cool CrossFitters who I never see outside of there workout persona…and workout clothes, so that was a blast. I have really good looking friends. NBD. AND I got to get my flirt on. WINNING.

We went to a bar that was all about dancing. So you can imagine the smile I had on my face. Especially since they were playing Beyonce when I walked in. My God I love Beyonce. AND THEN I got to dance with this man, who doesn’t seem like women are his main squeeze, and the dancing was pretty wicked awesome. He was amazing. I flailed around like an idiot (intoxication makes you feel like a better dancer. fact.) and did whatever he told me to do. He literally would tell me what dance move I should do next. It was awesome. My tiny inebriated brain didn’t even have to think while I was dancing. Wicked.

I don’t really like alcohol. Even though I didn’t have a hangover, I felt like everything was moving in slow motion yesterday. How do some of you people out there drink every weekend? It’s exhausting. I’d much rather sit in on a Friday or Saturday night and make paleo desserts, like this one.

BTW, I finally got instagram. I’m not sure what I’m doing and my pictures suck ass, BUT I LOVE IT. I’m trying to be the best instagramer I can be! Wanna follow me?! Please please do! I take lots of pictures of food that looks like dog food. Super delish. Find me @paleomg! Kthanksbye.


No Bake Sticky Berry Bars

  • Yield: 5 1x




  • 12 medjool dates, pits removed
  • 1 cup cashews
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch of salt

For the toppings


  1. First make your crust. Add all ingredients for the crust to a food processor.
  2. Put crust ingredients in an bread pan, press down until evenly distributed.
  3. Now heat up a small saucepan under medium heat. Add your blackberries and blueberries, along with your maple syrup.Be sure to continuously stir so the mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom or burn.
  4. Once you have almost a runny jam, add your melted/softened coconut butter along with cinnamon and salt.
  5. When all ingredients are incorporated, pour mixture on top of crust and press flat. Put in the fridge to harden for 30-45 minutes.
  6. Cut into squares and serve!!


I could have eaten the whole batch so how am I suppose to know how many people it serves?

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PaleOMG No Bake Sticky Berry Bars
who’s down for bigger pictures?! I AM


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


93 thoughts on “No Bake Sticky Berry Bars”

  1. Oh yum. I am eating a Larabar right now (which I love) but it is looking pretty sad in comparison to these. AMAZING job at regionals, by the way! You are my hero!

  2. All this talk about alcohol makes me miss beer! Why can’t awesome things like good beer and (real) pizza be paleo?!

  3. I made the Sticky Apple Bars over the weekend, not sure what I did wrong as it was basically a mush but it TASTED AMAZING! I’ll have to try these this week and hopefully get a better result.

  4. These look awesome! I’ve told lots of people about your blog and everyone I’ve told LOVES IT. Thank you!!!

    P.S. Keep the no-bake/crockpot/outdoor grill options coming please, I really don’t like to turn on the oven when I have the A/C going!

  5. Ok so medjool dates. Where do I find them. We don’t have while goods or organic markets so some things are tough for me to find. These sound awesome. Do you have more of a protein bar type recipe also

    1. Erin, If you can find regular dates (not the date pieces that are chopped up and mixed with powdered sugar) then a ratio of 2:1 “normal” dates to medjool seems to work. If you have any grocery store with a bulk foods section, you can probably find them there. Otherwise ask someone in the produce section. I find dates and figs there sometimes.

    2. Erin, it took me forever to find them in my grocery store! I find them in this box in the produce section. It’s one of those deals where you get a bag and use tongs to get them out of the box. They are usually near the more exotic fruits. Good luck finding them at your store!

    3. Erin- just ask someone who works at the store. you could always do a different kind of fruit like prunes as well! And check out my double chocolate protein balls!

  6. hahahaha that’s awesome. totally feel ya on that one-paleo desserts=way better. just made banana bread french toast yesterday and well, ate the whole thing yesterday while watching regionals and was like gah i need to do something lol. this looks ridiculously delicious tho…..

  7. thought i’d just say, you are AMAZING, your recipes are fantastic and inspiring and your attitude is so cool. i take myself far too seriously most of the time, and you seem to just be able to laugh at yourself and especially doing the stuff you do (eat weird shit, go on about crossfit… come on, in real life we all get shit for going on about crossfit too much 😉 you just take it all in your stride. and that is SKILL. cheers! x

  8. You = he-freakin-larious! I love reading your blog just for your writing style. And the food porn. That should go without saying though.

  9. When I saw the picture of this post i literally said OMG! out loud. Now I see the source of the name of your site!? I still have some of your sticky apple bars in my freezer that I am trying to wean myself off – but OMG – I am sooo making these Berry Bars! Woo hoo. The colour is beautiful.

  10. Hey Juli! Found this blog recently through a friend who does crossfit in Denver as I was trying to find recipes to fit my own personal conundrum. I’m hoping for a bit of direction. I work about 80 hrs per week, and so time is limited. I recently had a major hip injury and will be unable to exercise much for the next few months, so I’m trying to really alter my diet to make up for the burnt calories I’ll be losing. Do you have any suggestions for blogs which focus on similar recipes to yours, but with either less than prep times or a lot of ingredients that can be prepped at once and made into dishes quickly? Or maybe I’m asking for a new section to yours? Thanks!

  11. Absolutely LOVE the Apple bars so I cannot wait to try these!!!! Since nuts are stupid expensive I usually like to buy them in bulk. Do you have a certain online supplier that you would recommend?
    Thank you!

  12. I was reading your blog and thinking about making these today, but I decided that I should try to cook something on your website that is not a dessert, for a change. Last week I ate sweet potato brownies for breakfast almost every day and convinced myself they were healthy because sweet potato is kind of like a vegetable. Delicious, but not ideal for a post workout meal six days a week. Anyway, point being, I almost peed my pants in the law school library reading about your drunk dancing with your tiny inebriated brain. Not sure why that’s so funny, but people are staring me because I can’t hold it together. Thank you for making studying less miserable.

  13. Omg Julie you are so funny! I literally laughed so hard I had to wipe the tears off while reading this post! Oh, and btw those bars look amazing! Going to try them soon!

      1. So the crust is crazy-ass good but my fruit topper was way too runny. I’m waiting for it to harden up in the freezer right now. I may need to use more of the coconut concentrate. It just didn’t thicken it enough.

    1. Mine was a little runny too, and I cooked it a little longer, and used a potato masher to crush the berries up a little more. That seemed to help.

  14. Christen Suratt

    Hey girlie…I just started the whole 30. OMG 🙁 I can not even look at your site, or I start drooling! 🙂

  15. Good lord…I just made these and ate about half of them while standing in the kitchen!!!…And coincidentally, I went out and drank for the first time in a long time last Saturday night as well. Seems I felt the need to make up for a ton of lost drinking time all in one night. I danced like Elaine…by myself…and felt like pure shit for 2 days. Ya, how do people do that regularly?!!! Effing not awesome!!!

  16. Just put them in the fridge to set…. not before eating the warmed version ,mmm tasty! They were meant to be for me to take to the box tomorrow…. but not sure they’l last that long hehe 🙂

  17. I made these for a BBQ with my Ironman friends….they are going to die! I got 12 6oz clamshells of blackberries from my co-op….the perfect excuse to make these :0)

  18. Okay, with those ingredients, there’s NO WAY these bars aren’t amazing!!!! & you are so hilarious. 🙂

  19. Just made these and they are in-freakin-credible! It kind of reminds me of a paleo-cobbler.

    I used agave syrup instead of maple syrup, and they still came out super tasty!

  20. Loved these. Like a few other posters, my topping also came out a bit runny. Will try to cook my fruit down a little more next time. They are delish!! The base I could eat all by itself!

  21. These were so delish! Like others, my topping was bit too gooey and didn’t set up as well as yours. But I simply put my bars in cupcake liners and that solved my sticky/messy finger problem. Also, as a variation, I sprinkled unsweetened coconut flakes on top.

    I’m a month into Paleo eating and I’ve lost over 15 lbs. (w/ daily intense exercise) and I’m so glad that there are Paleo desserts like these to get me through my sugar cravings.

    Do you think you’ll have an APP anytime soon?

  22. so seeing this recipe reminded me to make the gooey apple bars (i have a lot of your recipes i need to try, but have not gotten the chance). turns out an 8×8 pan makes for VERY thick crust and not a whole lot of apple. after eating a few pieces, i ended up eating the apple off the top (very yummy). i spread out the remainder of the crust in the 8×8 pan and topped it with a chocolate sauce (adapted from
    3/4 C coconut oil
    1/2 C cocoa powder
    1 T vanilla
    1/4 C honey
    after a morning in the fridge, i sampled: these are off the hook! perfect combination of sweet nutty coconut with hardened dark chocolate topping. you gotta try it!!

  23. Erm juli? Some of us up here in canadia don’t understand this ‘ounces’ business. Yep. It’s called metric. I guesstimated. Anyway I’m really just writing on here because I just slid the darn things in the fridge and I needed to do something to distract me from thinking about eating them.

    If the berry concoction was any indication if the delicious factor my girl crush on you has increased at least twofold. Don’t worry, I’m totally harmless and really into men.

  24. I just made these last night for my five-year-old to take to school for “bring a healthy snack to share” day! She’s thrilled because they are PURPLE! It’s about the fifth or sixth recipe of your’s that I’ve tried since finding you about two weeks ago, and I have loved all of them. I’ll let you know how the preschool set likes the bars…

  25. About how many cups is 12 dates? I made some date paste recently that I need to use up, and have blueberries I’ve been waiting to use too, so this is a great recipe, but not sure how much of the date paste I should use. And is this raw cashews?

  26. Just made these and I am concerned they are not hardening… I saw some posts about adding more coconut cream concentrate… obviously too late now… but, I really want to make this recipe work – – to all those that got it to work/harden – exactly how much coconut cream concentrate did you really use? I def used more than 1/4 cup as I was concerned from the beginning – so I may have used 1/3 of a cup – but, still not enough?

  27. Juli! I FINALLY made these… the only thing that I would do different next time is.. maybe not share… just saying! These were amazing!! YUM! Thank you again for another GREAT recipe!

  28. Just threw these in the fridge…I’m trying them out in muffin tins because that seems easier to transport (assuming they make it out of the kitchen at all).

  29. I made these yesterday and they were quite runny–BUT THEY WERE STILL AWESOME. And that’s saying a lot, because I really don’t like dates. Unless it’s with a hot guy. Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be trying more out.

  30. Hi Julie, love your blog! I’m wondering if I can sub raspberries . I’m also wondering if I can add raw shelled hemp seeds? Thanks again! Margo

  31. Juli (or other readers), have you tried this using figs instead of dates? I’m wondering if they bind as nicely as dates do.

    I tried these several weeks ago and they really didn’t last at my house, of two people, for more than two days. AH-MA-ZING.


      1. Hi again, just wanted to check in about my adjustments. Turns out these are still really delicious with figs. The crust however is much stickier. I also omitted the maple syrup and added a couple dates to the berry mix and they ended up breaking down nicely with the fruit. Success! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  32. Hi Juli, I don’t know if this has been answered yet, but do you put syrup in while cooking the berries AND after or just once. I wasn’t sure because you mention in both step 3 & 4. Or am I just not reading it correctly? Thanks!!

    1. I want to make these, but I’m confused about the instructions as well. Numbers 3 & 4 both talk about the syrup. When do you actually add the syrup?

  33. Just made these bars with blueberries and cherries….. amazing! I’m supposed to take these to work tonight, but i’m not sure if they’ll make it out of the house. Thanks Juli!

  34. Holy Shiznit. I just made these out of your book, but with all strawberries and then sunbutter because I didn’t have cashews.

    Ding ding ding ding.

    I have been fail-eoing all over the place and these give me no reason to. THANK YOU.

  35. What do you mean by a bread pan? Like a 9×5 or an 8×8?? Also are these fresh berries or would frozen and thawed work you think?

  36. Is there ANY thing I can replace the coconut with? Im allergic to it and corn. Such a drag, but Im hell bent on making me some tasty desserts!

  37. Hi there,

    I am a bit confused about the berries… 6-8ounces… how do you decide how much to put in? also how much is that in the metric system? (from NZ)

  38. i added the coconut butter (bought from the store) while the berries were cooking not at the end …oops. The topping turned out pretty running and there a hard film on the top. Did I totally screw this up? Is it a big deal if I added the coconut at the wrong time? The bars tasted good, but there was a prominent coconut flavor.

  39. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe! I didn’t cook my berries long enough so I had to eat it right out of the pan with a spoon ( please don’t judge LOL) but I will make this again for sure!

  40. My mom first made these to bring to a family gathering. The whole crowd loved them and would have never guessed they were Paleo lol! I came home and made them myself using blueberries and raspberries. Good stuff, seriously! 🙂

  41. There is a HUGE problem with these bars…..THEY GO MISSING WITHIN A HALF AN HOUR!! So then I have to make more, and THEY go missing! I guess the only thing I can do is keep making these DELICIOUS bars!

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