Caramel Pecan Bars

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Yep. That just happened.

I LOVE these bars. Pure joy in a bit. Or 18. Whichever route your mouth takes you. These would be perfect for a Saint Patty’s Day celebration! Why? Because I said so. And I was too lazy to create a paleo corned beef and cabbage recipe. Mainly because I didn’t want to eat it. I’m sure it’s delicious, but I’d rather eat caramel bars all day, every day. And I can do all that because it’s my blog. Winning!

I saw a full camouflage truck today. Complete camo. Yeah. That was a good idea.

The other day, my friend Missy gave me the idea of making vanilla chai almond butter. And I did it. And ate it all in one day. I wish I were lying. Thankfully I didn’t make a ton of it because I knew I would be alone in the house with it later that night, but it still stared at me for a good 30 minutes, until I consumed all of it.

I totes have a new crush. Not a man, sadly. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never meet the man of my dreams in Colorado. It’s just fact. I will have to go somewhere far from here to find a normal, attractive, incredibly fantastic man. Who is single. That’s a must…as you’ve heard from my past rants.

Holy balls, tangent, my new crush. Back on it. Her name is Joy, Joy the Baker. My other friend Joy introduced me to Joy the Baker’s blog and I was instantly hooked. All because she’s hilarious, and has some awesome photography. How are all these blog people so good at photography and I suck ass? Probably because I don’t have a crazy amazing camera. Yeah, that’s it, it’s the cameras fault.

Sometimes, when I cook a lot of food, I can smell myself when I workout. Then I want to throw up, mid workout. Like today, while I am doing the Open wod 12.4. 150 wall balls smelling like bacon is sure to make anyone uncomfortable.  So excited.

Oh and btw, I will be putting together a post of everything I eat in a day to post on Saturday. Had a few questions about what my daily food intake looks like. It really is different every day so hopefully this helps. You can also look back at my first post about what my day usually looks like! It’s pretty boring. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Caramel Pecan Bars

  • Yield: 5-6 1x



For the crust

For the caramel

  • 1214 medjool dates, pitted and soaked in water for an hour
  • 56 tablespoons canned coconut milk
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Add your pecans to a food processor and blend until you get more of a meal or flour, then add your melted coconut oil, raw honey and vanilla until you get a very delicious pecan butter.
  3. Add that pecan butter to a large bowl then add your almond flour/meal, baking soda and powder and salt, then add your egg and whisk all ingredients together.
  4. Grease a bread loaf pan with coconut oil and then add your crust ingredients to the pan and use a spoon to spread out evenly.
  5. Put in oven and bake for around 25-30 minutes or until middle is cooked completely through. Use the toothpick method to test it.
  6. While the crust bakes, lightly clean out your food processor (I licked it clean so I didn’t have an issue having to use any dish soap. wow.) then add your dates.
  7. Turn on until dates have broken down (less than a minute) then add your coconut milk tablespoon by tablespoon to the dates while the food processor is still running. Then add your water as well.
  8. And add your vanilla extract and pinch of salt.
  9. Process until you get a caramel. BOOM.
  10. Once your crust is done baking, let cool for about 10-15 minutes.
  11. Top caramel over crust using a spoon to smooth out.
  12. Put in fridge for 30 minutes to an hour to set. Or consume right then really.
  13. Keep in fridge if you have leftovers!

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PaleOMG Caramel Pecan Bars

now if that’s not even cuts, I don’t know what is.
look at those sexy lil beasts


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


298 thoughts on “Caramel Pecan Bars”

  1. HOLY MOLY. You’ve outdone yourself now. I might never have to have a brownie cheat day ever.again. You’re my HERO!! XOXO

      1. FAVE DESSERT EVERRRR!! Just wolfed down two fatty bars. Did Isabel today and that dessert was absolutely necessary. Thanks again, Juli. You’re the paleo dessert queen of the world!!!!!!

  2. These will be perfect for the first meeting of my newly created Living Paleo in Anchorage Meetup group. It’s Saturday. Members are new to Paleo, wildly curious about it so I hope this will convince them they are on the right path. Will share your website with this group!! Wish us luck!! With an abundance of wild game and wild caught salmon, we should be rockin big in no time!!

  3. Stop! Don’t even. These look too damn good! I’ll be making these STAT. One quick question: any suggestions for substituting the pecans? We have nut allergies here – bummer. I typically sub Bob’s Red Mill GF flour for the almond flour and SunButter for peanut butter (which I haven’t tasted in almost two years now and don’t even miss it – I was a junkie and probably made my son allergic while he was in utero – bad Mommy).
    Oh, and FYI – since eating Paleo, which has only been maybe a month now, I’ve made like 15-20 of your recipes. Your blog is my “go to” – the recipes are ridick delish;)

    1. You’re awesome Staceyk! I would say probably coconut flour or the GF flour would work, you’ll just have to mess around with the recipe a little. Hope it still turns out!!

    2. If you figure it out, Stacey, please let me know! Husband is allergic to just about every nut there is (except walnuts). These look EPIC!

  4. You have got to stop posting so many amazing recipes! My “to-make” list is overflowing. My current dilemma: sticky apple bars or these caramel bars for a picnic this weekend? Decisions, decisions…

  5. Wow – I’m getting hooked to your blog. Soo many yummy foods! Thank you for being creative in the kitchen and sharing it…it’s saves me a lot of whooopsies!

  6. Are the dates used for as a sweetner? Like could it be replaced with honey or would that totally change the consistency of the caramel? And possibly the taste?

  7. Enjoy your recipes and your rantings but why do you have to use such vulgar language? I can tell you are a fabulous person but that type of language adds nothing positive to who you are and takes away (my) the pleasure of reading your postings.

    1. My mother feels the exact same way Jan, so you’re definitely not alone in that feeling. I just write how my brain thinks and curse words are often included in that babble. Someday that may change 🙂

      1. I have been hesitant to comment on the same things, but when I pass along recipes from your site, I copy and paste them, then include the link with a forewarning about the language. I am also hesitant to buy a tank for the same reason. Some people may think that we’re prudes, but nope, I’m just a mom who prefers not to talk like that.

        I am really enjoying your recipes, and your fun personality, so I will keep coming back. you are really helping me with eating Paleo!

          1. I hope you weren’t offended at all, that wasn’t my intention. I really do appreciate your sense of humor, kindness to everyone who replies, and your recipes!

  8. Bacon smell! That’s motivation if you ask me. I know you didn’t, but still there are worse things you could smell like. Like that week I had to go without a kitchen and had no idea what paleo was and the majority of my diet consisted of pizza pockets…

  9. WTF! I thought all the hot, single, outdoorsy available men resided in Colorado?? You just killed the dream. I can tell you this much..they’re not in NYC..unless you want a guy with tight jeans, big glasses and f*cked up hair. Oh- and thanks for this killer recipe!

      1. Rugby players. Y’all have a ton of them in CO and NY. I’m all kinds of biased, since I’m married to one, but seriously…a rugby game is a buffet of hot dudes on the move. All shapes and sizes, but all MEN, not those wimpy, weak pushovers that seem to be the trend in dudes these days. Plus, I’ve never met one who didn’t appreciate an athletic woman. Google a local team, and check out a game. Even if you don’t meet anyone worth getting to know, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday spring afternoon!
        Oh, and I made these bars last night. They are fantastic.

        1. Funny you say that because I workout and coach at a Rugby gym. ALL of the guys are rugby boys. And they are all in relationships or complete messes lol. But some are fun to look at!! Glad you liked the bars!

          1. Whoa! What team? Rugby up in Colorado is some of the best in the country…why am I not surprised that one of their teams has their own gym? Man. That is so darn cool.

          2. Barbarians! And it’s not exactly their own gym…the owner of the gym is also their coach. They’re definitely cool guys

  10. just said a little prayer of thanks…I bought dates in costco last weekend for no other reason than they had them. Can’t wait to make these tonight! Thanks for what will no doubt become another favorite recipe!!!

      1. ohemgee… they are amazing! I think it is so cute that you cut yours into squares. I did that with one, and then just got a fork.

  11. Definitely going to make this with the kids at the weekend. Would coconut flour work as a replacement to almond flour? (not for any dietary reasons, it’s just I have a cupboard full of the stuff!)

  12. These would be great for Easter but I do have a couple family members with coconut allergies, could I replace the coconut with butter?

      1. I have been subbing coconut butter with either butter or avocado oil. As for the coconut milk, I am still fiddling with using the oil, arrowroot flour and sometimes buttermilk or fage plain yogurt (I avoid primal, but if it gets me closer to heaven with a Juli recipe, I will make the sacrifice 🙂

  13. Yay! I have been waiting for this recipe all week! 🙂
    I love all of your recipes and think you are awesome and totally hilarious!
    Thank You!!!

  14. Well crap. I was just gonna make the brownies tonight but now I’m going to make the brownies topped with the carmel!! Holy hell that’s gonna be good!!!

  15. AHHHH!!!! I used all of the rest of my dates making the apple bars, and wont be making it to costco until sunday. WHYYYYYYYYY

  16. So, i looked at your picture and thought you had made a double layer bar – with brownies underneath. Then after reading the recipe i realized it was just the reflection off your dark plate that looks like a brownie (either i am dreaming of brownies all the time or you probably outta buy a crazy expensive camera that takes the picture for you already, woman! heehee j/k). Long story short I am making these immedietly and I might just splurge and put a brownie layer. Drooling…….

  17. I want to make these for breakfast RIGHT NOW but sadly my dates are in the freezer. I’m excited to make them though, they look amazing!
    It sounds like you had great self control with the vanilla chai almond butter….we may have to seal the jar for Kelly and Ash because I don’t have self control and may open it on the plane home:)
    I have had a jar of almond butter taunting me all week and didn’t open it so that’s improvement! Using it to make your apple bars this weekend….wooohooo! Gotta love food

    1. Lol i had issues with that almond butter. It will be good when you’re here, I can pawn it off on you. Can’t wait for you to get here Missy!

  18. You are an evil genius! Can’t wait to make. I think we all deserve these after 12.4. I just gotta make sure people are around so I can share or I will eat the entire pan. Zero self control.

  19. Why do I read your posts while I’m at work and nowhere near a food processor, dates, almond butter and all of life’s necessities? I am dumb and now starving.

    Also, just to give you a heads up – next time I visit CO I will be making an appearance at your gym and your kitchen. Don’t be surprised, or freaked out. kthanxbye!

  20. LOVE Joy the Baker, she’s amazing…but unfortunately I shouldn’t eat most of what she cooks so instead I stare hungrily lol. Actually though these caramel bars look like something she’d make, which means I might actually make them…mmmm caramel.

  21. Wowzerooni!! These are amazballs awesomeballs incredible!!! Have had to remove myself from the kitchen and go workout while they set otherwise I would have eaten the whole batch out of the tin/blender.

    Your ‘treats’ are just too tasty miss. How can I be a good paleo convert with deliciousness like this around? I am slowly converting my room mates on the sly aswell and this is going to go along way to turning them completely.

    I love your recipes, I do also make lots of the meaty ones and they are always good. Thank you so much for the inspiration and keeping it real.

    Good luck with 12.4……!

    Vicks xxx

    PS Meredith that brownie idea is inspired! Sounds amazing 🙂 x

  22. Bars of course look awesome but knowing that you like cabbage and shredded meat, you might give corned beef and cabbage a roll. Definite winner.

  23. Thanks a lot, Juli. My pancreas just secreted (that word is gross) 20 gallons of insulin simply from looking at Joy the Baker’s site. YUM.

    Your caramel pecan bars are on the list! Thanks!

  24. Well in Atlanta I see wonderful looking men with nice butts running around every morning on my drive home….just sayin. And I’m not even making that up because I want you to live here so I can be friends with you. Even though I do. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

  25. These are utterly ridiculous. My husband and I just ate the whole pan like it was nothing. Best Paleo treat – hands down! Can’t wait to have all the Paleo-haters in my life to shove one of these in their mouths…it’ll keep ’em quiet AND convert them. 🙂

  26. i made these yesterday. the same day you posted it? not sure … time zone. but i think i deserve a prize. oh wait. THEY ARE the prize. RIDICULOUSLY delicious. amazing recipe thanks 🙂

  27. These are so good! I’m doing as you said. I made them for St Patty’s day along with Health-Bent’s whoopie pies. You can still do desserts paleo for sure!

  28. Hi 🙂 made these this afternoon (didn’t make in time for a Paleo meetup group). They’re in fridge now, minus one. All went well? I didn’t soak for an hour (no patience). I think I may have overdone the crust. Caramel is great tho!! And just for appearance I did an extremely light drizzle of a Paleo chocolate sauce, the a light sprinkle of coconut slivers. Very pretty. I’m thinking of a re-do with some butter and more vanilla in crust. Thanks for recipe!! Fun to make too 🙂 (licking the bowls)

      1. Wrote all that stuff yesterday. TODAY, I went into the fridge for a little morning pre-breakfast snack and ate one of these. WOW! They really pulled together with some fridge time. World’s pickiest grandson even ate one!

  29. OMG…so good! I’ve been lurking a while and this is the first recipe I try from you Juli..and I know that i will be trying many more. Thanks so much for sharing.

    BTW! I love your rambling!

  30. Couldn’t wait for chilling in the fridge and had to try some as soon as I finished the caramel topping. These are awesome!! Looking forward to everything melding in the fridge!! Thanks!!

  31. I get massive acne from all dairy/grains, so I 100% avoid them, and haven’t had anything resembling caramel in 1.5 years now. So I asked a healthy-baking-loving friend to make these because I KNEW I’d have no self-control if this really did taste like caramel. She gave me two, and I can definitely say I made the right choice! HOLY SHIT DELICIOUSNESS.

    Can I give it eleventeen stars, please?

  32. These were so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U are awesome Juli! I had some vanilla coconut milk icecream with a bar last night.

  33. Made these yesterday. Our old oven (being replaced next month) bakes too hot. Even overly browned these things are pure delishiousness. Cannot wait to make them in my new oven. In fact, I think this will be what I test it with!

  34. As a “normal, attractive, incredibly fantastic man, who is single” I’d just like to say that you only have to go far from here to find one of us your age 🙂 The young version is probably difficult to find as I know I was not nearly as fantastic in my 20’s as I am now (well beyond my 20’s).

    Aside from that small faux pas I’ve been digging all the paleo treats lately. I made the banana bread (if never made it to the french toast stage as it tasted so good that I ate it before I could toast it. Next batch…) and will try these out soon.

  35. Wow. Holy wow, these are awesome. I think the dates I used were too small because it didn’t seem to make enough caramel… or maybe I just wanted more caramel. Or maybe I ate too much of it while I made it. Seriously though, so good.

  36. Love these, along with the rest of your recipes! What do you think about adding vanilla protein powder to something like this? I like to make every meal count towards my overall protein goal for the day. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  37. Uh-MAZ-ING!!! These got better and better the more time they spent in the fridge (don’t get me wrong, we ATE THEM UP, but I didn’t mess around and went ahead and doubled the recipe right off the bat…my whole family was VERY gracious.) THANK YOU for your persistence w/ these wonderful recipes!

  38. AAARGH, I have figs in the cupboard instead of dates and I NEED THESE NOW. Think I can substitute? Or will the caramel be weird?

  39. This looks AH-MAZING!! I think I”ll be making it as an end of Open celebration treat…can’t wait! BTW – I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and you are hilarious. love it!

  40. Hey there! I’m a starving (quite literally after this recipe, mouth-watering and starving!) college student who doesn’t have a food processor. I do have a blender. Is there anything else I can do to make the “pecan meal”, or am I screwed? Amazing recipe regardless, as always!

  41. these are amazing. especially following your enchilada chicken stew.
    nice job on the open…the only reason i’m hoping to go to regionals this year is to stalk you (like i did last year)
    i love, love your food and your rando rants. keep doing what you’re doing!!

  42. Ok.. so i just made the “crust” and i’m sitting here thinking… I really want some chocolate.. soooooo, anywho…… I have decided that when the crust cools, I am going to take some dark chocolate chips and line the crust with a layer of chocolate before I put on the caramel top… OMG… I am so bad, but it sounds sinful and delicous, eh? hehe.. will let u know how they are… I am sure they are going to suck :0…. NOT!!!!!

      1. So I had the same thought…but I didn’t have chips, so I just shaved some dark chocolate on the crust as it was cooling. Pretty damn delicious, but wishing I had used more chocolate. I am wondering what might happen if I put cocoa powder in with the topping?? would it just mess it up, or make it more chocolatey and delicious?

          1. sprinkled a bit of cocoa powder on top, added some coconut flakes and walnuts, and, voila! German chocolate cake.

  43. AMAZING!!! for REAL. i said to my boyfriend, i want to eat the whole pan until i throw up!!!! and i didn’t bring any to work then decided to do a lunch wod and now i’m CRAVING!!!! as soon as i get home it’s in the mouth!!! thanks girl! you and your food rock my world!

  44. Yes! Just had it after the Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry. They were both delicious. I don’t what the the deal was with the caramel. I let them sey up in the fridge for like 3 hours and they were perfect.

    These may top the banana bread of yours that I made last week. I need to cut it on your treats! Soooo good!

  45. These are amazing!!! I don’t even like caramel – the topping is too die for! I made these for my husband & I think they will be gone before he gets home! Thanks for a great, super easy treat!

  46. OH MAN THESE ARE GOOD and I am a paleo-dessert convert. I’ve been paleo for 3 months or so but haven’t ventured outside the basic meat veggies fruit yet, so this was a real treat, and makes me feel like I can show up to a regular party promoting the paleo lifestyle!! Okay, but I had an ASS of a time blending my date caramel, everything just got stuck to the side the second I turned the bloody blender on, and it was thick, so it didn’t drip back down. Maybe my blender was too big, I dunno, I almost gave up until I LICKED THE SPATULA and hello, I was in love. I don’t even really LIKE dates. So, a request: MAKE MORE THINGS WITH DATE CARAMEL IN THEM. I’m feeling inspired to go into my kitchen and make data caramel (despite the fact it was a pain in the arse the first time) but desire a caramel muffin, brownie, waffle, etc. recipe to put it on. Thanks, and you are AWESOME. From a random fan. 🙂

  47. My dates didn’t make enough caramel and I burned the crust a little…and they were STILL amazing. Great recipe; just a couple operator errors to work out. I’m obsessed with your blog now. In a good way.

  48. Hi I am going to try these with almond milk instead of coconut cuz thats what I have and have been dreaming about them for a couple days now! I will let you know if it works

  49. DONT DO IT!!! it was good but deffinately would have been a lot better with coconut milk… will do again but get the coconut milk for sure… Thanks for the recipe

  50. I ended up re-doing the carmel. glad i did!! YUMYUMYUM!!! I am having some very non-paleo friends over and this is what i am serving them…. did I say YUM!!! wish there were more stars to give!

  51. These were AMAZING!!! I made them for Sunday dinner for the people in the family who are doing Paleo. This was the first paleo dessert that I truly fell in love with. PS: Your swearing always makes me laugh ;D

  52. Ok, I made my own bars….a variation if you will. I topped with apples and then made the carmel, but used half the dates to make a thinner carmel….so Cramel Apple Pecan bars. They turned out gooooood! Thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Juls (mind if I call you that?)
    My husband and I did a Tough Mudder yesterday so as you can imagine our appetite’s are bigger than our pantry today. In order to keep us from running out to the convenience store and buying 3 quarts of ice cream, I tried to calm the beast within with these bars. Mission accomplished. I adore the crust and intend on playing around with the toppings in the future to suit the beast’s many moods! Thanks for another gem!
    Jules with an E (you can call me that bc I feel like I know you after stalking your blog. I hate it when people I don’t know call me Jules)

    1. You can call me jules anyday! Glad my bars kept you away from the ice cream, they do the same for me. Now you gotta try out my new caramel bars!!

  54. Looooooove this recipe. I add a smashed banana to make it more like banana bread. I also add a little bit of sea salt on top to help with the caramel flavor. I am amazed with this recipe and your website! Thank you so much for helping bring a realistic twist on paleo. 🙂

    I am telling everyone about your blog to help encourage them to make a lifestyle change…desserts like this can be quite convincing 😉

  55. This recipie is AMAZING!!! I can see how the couple above at the whole pan. My husband and I are sitting here licking out bowls to get every last crumb. My daughter is going to be so excited to have these when she gets home from school. I will probably have to eat one with her again later!!!

  56. Juli- these are off the chart! It’s the first recipe i have tried of yours & will be back for more!
    Thank you so much- I’ve really enjoyed reviewing your blog!

  57. So f’ing good! I now have two paleo addictions these and the sweet potato brownies…gonna try your chocolate coffee caramel bars next 🙂 Thank you for keeping my sweet tooth satified!

  58. Making these now and I’m going to add drizzled chocolate in between the base and caramel layer, then another drizzle on top. Yummy! Thanks for the great recipe: date caramel = genius.

  59. Juli, I now leave out the baking powder and baking soda and don’t bake them. It is like a nut fudge. Pure heaven!!

  60. Hey Juli, I love your blog & think you are just adorable. I made this dessert for a family dinner last night and it was a hit! My formerly gluten-filled cookies and brownies obsessed boyfriend loved it! That is saying a lot! He’s getting on board with this Paleo thing so it was SOOOO great to be able to satisfy his sweet tooth!! Thanks!

  61. I have a quick question for you. I am making these right now and have the dates soaking and I was wondering if you also include the water that the dates have soaked in when you add the dates to the food processor? I noticed in the recipe that you do add water to this so I am assuming you drain the dates first, but wanted to make sure. Thank you!

  62. Ok, I’ve only made the crust so far, but omgosh!!!!!! THANK YOU for exposing me to pecan butter!!!!! I’m going to make a gallon after i make these bars!!!! If I even smell almond butter now I gag, I’m so over it. Pecan butter has changed my life. You’re the greatest.

  63. I’m super stoked to make these! I have a bag of already-ground pecan meal – do you know approx how much the whole pecans ground down to, so I could sub the right amount?

  64. So, I put my mom on a paleo diet and she was complaining about not having a sweet treat now and again, so I whipped up a batch of these yesterday. And can I just say…so freakin’ good. I was also licking many a bowls afterwards.

  65. I finally made the carmel!!! I cheated and put it on a gluten free brownie mix BUT the carmel was the best part! So delicious

  66. I made these for a dinner party tonight (along with your jambalaya recipe) and they were a HUGE hit! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes…you’re helping to make my transition to the paleo lifestyle go so smoothly!!

  67. I want to make these for my boyfriends bday get-together this weekend. My question is, if I want to make these in a 9×13 pan, do you think I should double or triple the recipe?? How many squares did you get out of the loaf pan?

  68. Can you tell me the size of your loaf pan? My crust was way too thick – almost 1.5 to 2 inches. Also, is there a rule of thumb regarding soaking the dates? Can you soak them too long? I am wondering because I think my caramel was way too (liquidy) so I wondered if it was due to soaking the dates too long.

    1. Hey Tracy! I use a 9.3×5.2 loaf pan (I know, weird numbers). As for the dates, I wouldn’t soak for longer than an hour and a half. If they were too liquidy, it could be the amount of coconut milk or water you used, so just slowly add those ingredients and see how it turns out!

  69. New to Paleo and I love your website. I just bought the ingredients for this recipe and cannot wait to make it! You have some great content here. Thank you!

  70. Is the oven temp really supposed to be 375°? I cooked the crust at that temp for 25 minutes and it was most decidedly burnt. The color looked more like brownies than what you have in the picture. I had already made the caramel and wasn’t about to waste 6 bucks worth of medjool dates, so I decided to toss the burnt crust and start over, cooking at a lower temp and for less time. I lowered the temp to 350° and decided to start with 15 minutes. I checked it after 12 and it was DONE. Now the color is right. It actually should’ve come out at 10 minutes. My oven doesn’t cook hot, so I’m wondering how the crust turned out for everyone else, and if it should read 315 instead of 375?

    1. Mine were [nearly] burnt too. Luckily I got a hunch to check them and take them out of early. I will probably try making these again…but lower the temp and time. Also, my caramel was runny too. Will next time use more dates and/or less coconut milk and water.

  71. Also, a note to those people who commented that their caramel came out too liquidy – that happened to me when I made the caramel brownie bars, and I realized afterwards that it was because I had used regular dates, not medjools, which are much bigger. I made sure to use medjools this time and the caramel turned out perfectly!

  72. Well, you have done it again! You just keep hitting it out of the park. These are fantastic! Thank you!

  73. Holy shit balls, Juli. These are EPIC! Your blog is awesome, and I want to try all of your recipes. I’m trying the Brazillian Curry Chicken on Sunday. Thanks and good luck with regionals!

  74. I just made these. My baby waking just before I was supposed to take the base out of the oven (it’s a little, er, crispy), and my blender laughing in the face of me attempting to use it to purée dates means that my finish product is not quite as pretty as yours but they’re still so yummy!

    Am very excited about that because when I usually attempt any healthy recipes I find online the tasting of them is followed by horrified facial expressions and much spitting in the sink (seriously. I’m usually a magnet for things that should not have been cooked). Am going to cook my way through your blog now. Thank you!!!!

  75. Believe it or not, I am new to Paleo because of an injury I sustained at Crossfit! I tore my rotator cuff doing 20″ Box Jumps! So, since I couldn’t run, do pushups, etc. I thought I should tailor my eating habits. I made this recipe to curb my PMS cravings and I LOVE IT!!!! I have made it TOO many times!!! Thanks. I’m trying the sweet potato brownies tonight:).

  76. Hi Juli….new to your website….just found it yesterday…..YOU ARE THE BEST! I found you via PinInterest….I made this yesterday for me and my Primal friends….perfect dessert along with your Fudgy Brownies…..they enjoyed both.. it satiated (is that a word) their baked goods sweet tooth ….you are genius for making “caramel” out of dates. I didn’t use the Medjool dates….had the “other dates” onhand….based on other comments I added a few more…used 20 instead of 12-14. I liked it….will try the Medjool dates next time to compare.

    You are officially bookmarked and I signed my email up to get your blogging!

    Keep up the creative cooking ideas!!

  77. Good Lord…! When I first saw these my first thoughts were … 🙂

    lol! a question I have though, have you ever thought about roasting your almonds first in the oven? I’m wondering if they would have more of a nuttier flavor? hmm, something to ponder. Ok… back to your blog. I think I’m gonna park myself here for awhile and drool!! You Rock! 🙂

  78. Wow! Just made these today and had a little sample… They are AWESOME! I think I may need to adjust time or temp next time due to my oven’s issues, but they still came out tasting pretty darn good! Sharing a few with friends to spread the love!

    Thanks for sharing this one! Now, what should I try next…hmmmm:-)

  79. AWESOME! I made these as is and I’ve also made the “caramel” with coconut concentrate (blitz coconut with a tablespoon of coconut oil until it turns to butter) instead of the coconut milk and it’s so delicious!!! I’ve just topped your delicious banana bread with it!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!!!!!!!!

  80. Tried these for the first time yesterday and they are AWESOME. Have a work morning tea tomorrow that I will be taking them to and won’t tell anyone they are paleo and see what happens. Love your recipes and blog, keep it up.

  81. Ohh, that looks so good! Ive enjoyed making several of your recipes! I love your vulgar language, BTW! LOL I’ve got a potty mouth too. That’s just who I am also! Keep making up more recipes, please!

  82. I came home tonight all geared up to make these — husband just left town for two days and I was super psyched to sit down and eat the whole thing by myself — out in the open, without hiding behind the mask of shame. Finally got the baby to sleep, ran down to the kitchen, only to discover some ingredients were missing. I cried big, big tears. Then I decided I wasn’t punished enough, and looked, in detail, through your other dessert recipes. I cried even more. Then I decided to watch an episode of “Breaking Bad.” Holy balls. Appetite gone. Problem solved. Off to the store tomorrow to retrieve the missing ingredients.

    And no more “Breaking Bad” before making Caramel Pecan Bars….

  83. Thinking about using this crust to hold the blueberry honey coconut cups…..which are the most decadent thing I’ve ever had btw….I need them to hold up for a party…thoughts? Any other “crust” you would use?

  84. I just made the caramel (with deglet dates BTW and it worked just fine.) Then I put a HUGE dollop on a baked sweet potato — along with some butter and raw cream. PaleOMG, for realz. Keep the recipes coming!

  85. These will be my first attempt at Paleo dessert! Mr. Fantastic and I are new to Paleo as of a month ago… doing awesome. Trying to find Crossfit in the area…..
    Excited to bring these to Fathers’ Day, so the nephews with Celiac can try them.
    Thanks for the awesome site!!

  86. Had to use macadamia nuts because I didn’t have pecans- UNBELIEVABLE!!! So good! Thank you! The whole family loved them, hubby kept saying “are you sure there’s no sugar?” (Didn’t think the little bit of honey counted…..) 🙂

  87. I literally bought a food processor, which I have been needing and avoiding for months, just to make this recipe. I kept coming back to stare at it. I’ll let you know if it was worth it 😉

    1. Okay so, these took a little while to grow on me. I put them in the fridge overnight and liked them a little better when I pulled them out. Then, I left some in tupperware on the counter for a few hours and when I came back to them they were A-mazing. I ate three,I kept coming back to them. Then I ate two more as soon as I got back home…now I’m about to eat another one after the Amazing Thai Coconut Shrimp flavor/ burn leaves my mouth. I think I’m falling in love with you. 😉 I’m sure you get that alot. Definitely worth the price of the food processor.

  88. As I was waiting for my crust to cool I was looking at the reviews and I was like “Pshhh.. Theres no way these are as good as people are saying. It’s dates and pecans.”
    Wow was I wrong! Pretty sure this is the best paleo dessert I’ve made this far, and I’ve made plenty! Heard they’re even better firmed up in the fridge (how can it get any better??)
    You’re fab! 😉

  89. Making these now. Get out of the oven dammit! The caramel is ready. I want to eat them NOW. I can’t wait to not say anything, and see what the hubby says. Heehee, the trickery. No sugar!

  90. Another recipe I found used the same recipe for the caramel part. The stuff is divine — and goes really, really well with dark chocolate. My next baking plan is to try this recipe, with the addition of a layer of melted 70% chocolate mixed with a little coconut milk in between the pecan crust and the date caramel.

  91. So I have been going Paleo for the past few weeks and I am in love with your blog! I want to try a treat recipe and this one looks amazing! However, I cannot eat pecans due to an allergy. Is there another nut I could replace it with that would still be yummy? Thanks!

  92. As delicious as this was, when you said “bake for around 25-30 minutes,” I should have taken that with a grain on salt, haha. I baked it on the lower end for 25 and it was burned to a crisp. Still eating it but it’s pretty rough 🙂 I’ll definitely be baking it for 15 minutes next time and will keep checking on it after that point!

  93. I haven’t tried this yet, but I will next week and come back to post results. Really I’m just commenting because I had to tell you that reading your blog and rants and random goofiness, makes me belly laugh out loud. My dogs think I’ve lost my marbles.


  94. DEAR GOD. I made these on vacation with my aunt and mom during an all paleo dinner. I think I might have accidently substituted baking soda for crack because I couldn’t stop eating them.

    We had to substitute a blender for the food processor, but it worked out just the same, so people without one, have no fear.

    I wish I had one of these bars right now….

  95. My crust was a little burnt too…but surprisingly it didn’t reflect the taste! This was awesome! My boyfriend and I loved it, 4 thumbs up!!!

  96. Just made these delights last night. I do not (yet) have a food processor, so I used a blender for all. The caramel was a little chunkier than I would’ve like, but I still longed for double the amount to top off the crust – so tasty!

  97. I couldn’t find the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, to be honest the ingredients are really hard to find here. I just bought coconut oil? Any suggestions? Thank you

  98. These rock. Thanks for posting the recipe.
    The cake/bar base is good even by it’s self if you want to cut back on the sugar.

    I only had a half a cup of pecans after the first batch, and tried to make nut butter in the food processor from 1/2 pecan and 1/2 Brazil nuts. I don’t recommend it. It is only so-so. The Brazil nuts have to coarse a texture compared to the pecans.

  99. Have been paleo for quite a few years now so i’m forever trawling the web for new recipes but there are 2 recipes i’m always coming back to – Caramel pecan bars and Bacon Basil twice baked Sweet potatoes – both from this site! Thank you for these gems.

    Will be making the caramel pecan bars for a children’s birthday party this weekend but i’m not sure if i’m ready to share yet.

  100. My 15-yr.-old son, who is a sweets addict and thinks he is allergic to anything healthy, ate these (not knowing they are healthy) and commented, “Mom, you’ve probably made only 10 really good desserts, and this is one of the best ever.” I, who’ve prepared tons of treats for him over the years, choose to just be grateful I found something decent that he likes!

  101. Just stumbled across your website and can’t wait to try these bars! I live in a wee town in Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh and am finding it quite hard to get some of the ingredients for Paleo, thank goodness for the internet! Will be getting all the ingredients first thing tomorrow morning for these Pecan Bars…can’t wait!

  102. They’re in my fridge “setting” right now… I have licked ALOT of spatula tonight. Cant believe these are good for me! I added cinnamon to the caramel, I am waiting 15 minutes before i steal myself a fork of it. LOL

  103. This has been my favorite dessert so far! I have been on the Gaps diet since December of 2011 and haven’t been able to find a dessert that I really loved until I came across this! I made a batch for my boyfriend and I and he shared them with a bunch of people at work who really loved them too!! Thank you!

  104. I must say…these are AMAZING!!! I just made them and WOW. The dates really taste like caramel! I might have to pass up the chocolate and go for these all the time now! I can’t get over how delicious these are. THANK YOU!

  105. I have a killer sweet tooth and ate my last apple sticky bar- was skimming through your recipes and had all the ingredients to this one! So exited- my dates are currently soaking. I will be rating when consumed.

  106. I made these (doubled recipe and baked in an 8 x 8 square pan) and brought them to my box, plus extra for the couch and his wife. I cut them into cute bite size squares. These were a hit. OMG these were soooo good. I patted down some slivered almonds on the top so that I could transport them without the date caramel getting on everything. I actually soaked the dates in coconut water for extra flavor and left out honey because of my WLC challenge. I used just 5 dropper bottle drops in the crust. That was plenty. I also liked this much better cold it the morning with coffee. Good job Juli! I’m bookmarking this recipe as an all time favorite.

    1. *clarification: I meant a small dropper bottle (5 drops) of stevia extract/liquid. For whatever reason my whole life challenge prohibits honey but allows only that. Whatever. And that’s 5 drops for a doubled recipe, so it probably wasn’t even needed.

  107. These are SO SO SO SO GOOD!! My husband adores your site and this morning he made the breakfast acorn squash. Now I made these bars to surprise him with after work. They are AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  108. Hi from Australia! 🙂

    I made these one afternoon…. And as soon as my family got home the whole batch was gone in an instant!!

    They are AMAZING!!!!

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes!


      1. Great! I’m planning on making these for Thanksgiving. After going though over 30 Paleo and Vegan Blogs this recipe is the winner! I’m thinking of adding 2 tsp Natural Maple Flavoring to the Caramel along with 1/4 cup mixture of Ghee Butter and Coconut Oil to make them more ‘firm’. Based on the picture I think they might be too gooey for my taste. Super excited!

  109. These are so amazing! I’m on my second batch in 2 days! Everyone loves them. Husband can’t get enough! Thanks Juli for being a life saver! Your Bananna Nut bread is to die for too! OMG is right!

    I’m trying yo give you 5 stars but for some reason it doesn’t work with IPad ? 🙁

  110. I was tasked with making desserts for a Christmas Eve dinner and decided to try these out. I was really surprised at how good these were, not that I expected them to be bad but this is a dessert that anyone can eat and really enjoy, even if you’re not doing Paleo. Really surprised and how much the date-caramel really tasted like caramel. All around an excellent dessert. Thanks for the recipe.

  111. Maybe someone has already asked this, but I’m too lazy to read all 250+ comments!

    did you use the solid portion of the canned coconut milk or the liquid part? Thanks!

  112. This is probably a dumb question, so I apologize in advance. How big of a bread pan did you use? I have several, and I’m not sure which is best. Could you guess at the actual measurements for me? Thank you!!!

  113. Wow, these are amazing !!! I used silicone cupcake moulds and made individual ones. You only need to fill them half way as they rise in the oven. The mixture made 9. Thank you so much for your great recipes 🙂


    I made your caramel cheesecake bars for Christmas dessert and nobody knew. My brothers even went for a second helping. When I told them – no wheat, no dairy, no sugar – no crap! – they could not believe it.

    Have just put the base of these little beauties in to bake. Thanks so much – your blog absolutely rocks!!

    Bel xo

  115. I had the same problem as a few others with them cooking way quicker, by 20 mins they were turning black. I wonder if the difference in altitude would make the difference?? Anyway they look amazing, mine are cooling right now!

  116. made these last night and it took every ounce of willpower this morning not to devour the remainder for breakfast. Walk away from the fridge….

  117. How many calories do you think is in a piece of this delicious slice?! It will be hard to judge because I’m sure I’ve had more than a ‘single serve’ in one sitting. I can’t stop eating it!!!!!

    1. Emma, I was curious too so I calculated it on If you cut the pan into little squares (I got 24 total out of the pan) it comes out to about 120 calories each, 9.6g total fat, 8.5g carbs, 1.7g fiber, 5.5g sugar, 2.1g protein. I don’t track these things I just eat as much “real” whole food as I can! But it’s interesting.

  118. Ok- official favorite dessert status. The crust is like a chewy thick cookie cake. The topping is sweet & tastes like pecan pie! Thank you so much.

  119. Amaze balls… Pecans are my favorite nut ever! This recipe is awesome. I had to make to batches of pecan butter because once I tasted it I didn’t have enough left for the bars…. Whoops.. Oh well. Thank you

  120. Hi Juli! These look amazing, but I can’t eat baking powder. Can I omit it or add extra baking soda? (And would you think I could also do this for your other recipes that call for baking powder, like pancakes).? Thanks!!

  121. I am going to try this one on Sunday. Can these be frozen? Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and recipes!

  122. Your my new obsession…but not in a hotmess creepy a…I’m om your site everyday making all your recipes(treats)…f*ck I should be a whale in about 2 weeks

  123. These look great and I can’t wait to make them!???but I am on GAPS and can’t do baking powder…any subs?…or just leave out? Thanks.

  124. I love your sweet recipes, but this is my absolute favourite. I sliced and froze the left-overs and it still tasted amazing thawed (or frozen, I’m ashamed to admit Too impatient to wait for a slice to defrost!) Just about to make another batch now. Thank you for making my Paleo world a lot more fun x

  125. These are ridiculously good! I subbed coconut butter for the coconut milk in the icing-not runny at all and super delicioius. Thanks!

  126. Wowowowow these look soo good! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I too say things like “holy balls” and
    “suck ass” so I feel like we would probably get along well 🙂

  127. Such a simple recipe. I had all the ingredients at home and it turned out wonderful! I’m definitely going to freeze these babies for holiday parties.

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