Coconut Klondike Bites

I’m declaring Mondays as dessert days. Because I can. And want to.

Wanna know something. I didn’t even come up with this recipe title. A guy named Kyle did. He saw one of the pictures I posted on my @paleomg instagram of this delicious recipe and named it. He’s a genius. And an awesome follower. Thanks Kyle for trying my recipes often and taking great pictures of them to share with the instagram world!

Ok I need to vent. I literally cannot remember the last time I went shopping…and didn’t cry. Every single freaking time, I cry. If that’s not some bullsh*t right there, I don’t know what is. It’s just ridiculous. I work my god damn ass off in the gym, I eat pretty god damn healthy, and for what? For more god damn cellulite to show? Ughhhhh. I swear, when I was skinny and weak and jello-y, I had a lot less cellulite. But now that muscle is actually growing, muscle that I never knew I even had, my cellulite is being pushed to the surface making it look like I haven’t worked out a day in my life. I’m pissed people. Like real pissed. I don’t think there is anything in this world that I hate more than cellulite. Oh wait, people who don’t cellulite. I hate those people. Sorry for not being sorry.

Ok, let’s take a deep breath. I’m sorry for being an emotional assh*le. And I’m sorry for saying god a lot of times. My mother will be disappointed. Especially with how I worded that last sentence. Either way, I still hate you people without cellulite. Plain and simple.

Speaking of people with no cellulite, I had a partner competition with my friend Krystle this weekend. She has no cellulite, and the shortest shorts in the world. If anyone in this world can pull off stupid short shorts, it’s her. I have really good looking friends in the first place, but she may take the cake. She has a six pack, big boobs, and a great butt. It’s just bullsh*t. Thankfully I like her so I don’t talk sh*t about how perfect she is. Other than over the internet.

Anywho, she did awesome! It was her first competition and I couldn’t have been more proud to call her my competition partner. She pushed hard, she gave it her all, and she smiled through the whole thing. It was awesome to see. And the best thing is she is all signed up for an individual competition next month which will be super cool to watch. She’s just great. Watch us go!

Krystle, you’re the best. Thanks for letting me be part of your first competition. Can’t wait to see how strong you get in the next year.


Coconut Klondike Bites

  • Yield: 10-12 1x




  1. Place shredded coconut, coconut cream concentrate, coconut oil, vanilla, and salt into a food processor and blend until you get a slightly chunky texture.
  2. Place silicone liners into your muffin tin. If you don’t have silicone liners, use regular paper muffin liners.
  3. Use a large spoon to scoop out about 2 tablespoons worth of coconut mixture and place into your muffin tins. Press down until flat.
  4. Once all your muffins liners are filled, melt your chocolate.
  5. Either place chocolate into a bowl and into the microwave to heat for 30 seconds, then stir, and repeat until chocolate is melted but not burnt. OR use a double boiler to melt down your chocolate. Microwave is easier for lazy people, like yours truly.
  6. Use a spoon once again to scoop out about 1 tablespoon of chocolate and pour onto your coconut cups until the coconut is completely covered. Repeat on all your coconut cups.
  7. Place in freezer for about 20 minutes or until chocolate is frozen.
  8. These will be very hard so you may need to let one sit for a couple minutes at room temperature before biting in. Or break your tooth. Whatever suits your fancy.
  9. Keep in fridge or freezer to help with chocolate melting.
  10. Eat and be merry.

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PaleOMG Coconut Klondike Bites



oops…i kinda ate it. don’t worry. i didn’t break a tooth.


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


123 thoughts on “Coconut Klondike Bites”

  1. Juli,

    You are so hard on yourself! I think you are beautiful. You are my inspiration. Keep up your awesome work 🙂

  2. I must say you look pretty fly in your short shorts too miss. We are all hard on ourselfs at times, but let it pass, There’s a million girls out there who’d kill for your body too you know.
    chin up! 🙂

  3. While my problem is not the celulite, you know what annoys me?! The damn inner thigh stretch marks. I’ve had them since puberty, but CrossFit makes them much more “Look at me, look at me!”

  4. you are perfect! whatever cellulite you are talking about is only in your head. Each person is their own worst critic, so brush it off, pick up those weights, and keep on being a sexy beast. I absolutely LOVE your blog, & aspire to meet you someday! You are the reason I will be having a #motivationalmonday 🙂

  5. I feel you on the “hey where did that cellulite come from when I’ve been a beast in the box”?…it’s ok, it is just proof we are becoming more awesome!

  6. Amazing recipe. And I totally feel you on the cellulite! Just try not to stress because you are beautiful and it will come off in time!

  7. Uuuuuuuh. If you could see my cellulite you’d fall on your knees and thank everything almighty that you don’t look like me. Truth.

  8. Ugh – cellulite!!! The bane of my existence too! That and love handles. Or, as I call them, hate handled.

    But seriously girl, if I had your body and level of strength I would cry tears of joy. You look awesome and I’d say most women would kill for your body.

    One thing I did hear recently in this Robb Wolf podcast ( was that Brad Davidson noticed that many women Crossfit games competitors carry fat on their legs, even though they’re totally ripped and strong. He thinks it might be an estrogen imbalance, since that tends to make women carry fat on their legs. Do you know how much estrogen we absorb from stuff like shampoo and lotion? I was shocked. Something worth looking into. I got my BioSignature done and it gave me great insight into what’s going on with my body composition and hormonal profile… maybe it’s worth a try?

    1. What does the biosignature tell you Susie? I’ve thought about getting that done!! Does it tell you how to help work on those imbalances?

      1. Yes! It’s pretty cool. I was really hitting a plateau body composition-wise, so I figured I’d give it a shot. To get it done you need to find a BioSignature practitioner. They measure the fat on 12 sites of your body with calipers – where your body is storing fat gives insight into your hormonal profile and each site relates to a different hormone. When you get it done they recommend lifestyle changes and supplements to get your hormones back on track. For me, my love handles were my worst area, which relates to insulin and blood sugar management. So my BioSig guy helped me dial my diet in to help with that. My next two problem areas were sleep (calf) and stress (tummy). He helped me figure out some supplements and strategies to help with those as well, and I’m going in after 6 weeks to get it done again and see my progress! It really wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be either which was nice. I’m working with a guy in Ft. Collins, but on my search I saw a bunch of people in the Denver area too! Here’s the site to locate a practitioner:

  9. I have the exact same problem! It’s frustrating for sure, there’s no getting around that. But I mean, OMG HOLY TRICEPS! Skinny ass legs won’t do shit for you in a bar fight but those arms sure wil. AmIright?! (Sorry for the cursing, Juli’s mom…)

  10. First off, you’re hot, and we all know it. You know it, too, you’re just funny about it, and that’s part of why we all like you.

    Second, these look extremely tasty. It’s funny how just yesterday I looked at the ginormous bag of coconut flakes in my pantry and thought, “I must try the homemade coconut butter soon,” and then today – whamo. The perfect reason shows up.

    Anyhoo, thanks, you’re hot, and I’m excited. About the coconut. Not implying anything. But I could. It’d work. But I’m talking about the coconut. Kinda.

  11. You are so freaking awesome!!! I never liked cooking/baking or prettty much being in the kitchen but I have seriously become addicted after finding your website. It’s been 1 week and I have already made 6 of your recipes. You rock and don’t be down on yourself because you look amazing. Keep doing what you do.

  12. Have to laugh that you declare Monday dessert Mondays and complain about cellulite. From my own personal experience I’ve always been strong and lean and couldn’t get rid of cellulite until…. I gave up all paleo treats, sugar/dark chocolate. I know. It’s sad, but now that my legs look better than they have in years I won’t go back.

  13. Juli, that face-to-face clean-n-jerk picture is the coolest! Don’t overlook the fact that you are inspirational to many women for many reasons, as witnessed by the comments and the cheers in the stands at regionals this year. Keep up the good work, girl!

  14. You know what I hate? The fact that I’m moving in a few days and have already packed up my kitchen so I have to wait (gasp!) to make these. However, you should be excited that it will be one of the VERY FIRST THINGS I make in my new place.

    Oh, and I hate cellulite too.

  15. Dessert monday = incredible idea. Second, you are SUPER HOT!! don’t ever think differently! with that said, I definitely hate cellulite, too, and I have it on my legs as well. So noticable at the beach and in a bikini… oh well. Things could be worse, no?

  16. I’m guessing the little bite marks in the last photo are when you learned how hard the frozen treats were. These look amazing, great photo, just to confirm though, there is no sweetener of any form in this recipe besides the chocolate?

  17. You are strong and sexy! Cellulite is the bane of many a woman’s existence including mine but no amount of hitting it hard in the box will address what causes cellulite. What I found has actually helped with mine … and has the added benefit of kicking wrinkles in the butt too, is having bone broth regularly and adding grass fed beef gelatin to my cocoa at night. These are rich sources of the building blocks your body needs to build collagen and support your cell walls ie. prevent the dips and dimples. Another benefit is strong and well lubricated joints which is important given how hard you work yours.

    1. That is probably by far the weirdest thing I have ever heard Candice. Where in the hell do you find beef gelatin? I’m gagging as I think of it.

        1. Gelatin infused hot cocoa seems awesome! Much more appetizing than warmed bone broth. Bleck. Can’t seem to get into that except for cooking, so now I’m happy 🙂 Thank you!

  18. You are beautiful and inspiring! If I had ‘your’ cellulite I would be dancing naked in the street right now!!!!
    We are all hard on ourselves….just part of the process of getting better!

  19. Dry brushing girl! It’s the only way to go with cellulite. Seriously. And you know what? Who gives a shit? You’re gorgeous and strong.

  20. I feel ya on the cellulite. I just don’t really shop anymore lol all my money goes towards crossfit and my supplement addiction lol. I need to get some jeans soon though..bleh. I just keep telling myself I’m 10 gazillion times happier now, with cellulite…than when I was slimmer, not eating enough..weak, and insecure. Totally would rather have cellulite 🙂

  21. I feel your pain. I have this gorgeous friend who is a dancer. You know like professionally…and I HATE going shopping with her because she wears all these cute outfits. I guess I am glad she is my workout partner and my Paleo partner. I am soooo grateful for all your recipes. My fav so far is the double chocolate energy balls. I take them with me to work for breakfast. Quick and easy. Keep up the good work and we will both feel good about ourselves. One day you will be wondering what the hell were all those tears for?? Everything will be worth it. Thank goodness for the inspirations I can put up on Pinterest.

  22. First, since I just saw you last week at the clinic I can say you have nothing to worry about love. Seriously. Zero. Zlitch. You’re legs look amazing. But I feel ya, like everyone has said we are our worst critic, but why can’t guys have cellulite? Of course we get it and to be honest, that’s why you will rarely find me in shorts, unless I’m at my casa. Glad some ladies provided some resources as I’m going to check them out too.

  23. Juli – I cry when I go shopping too.

    It’s so frustrating not to be able to find cute clothes that fit and feeling so down about yourself. I tried on a pair of mint colored skinny jeans at j.crew the other week – big mistake. My thighs seriously looked like sausages and the only person allowed to see me in the dressing room was my husband. His words were, “yeah, they’re pretty tight.” Fail.

    I seriously thought about taking up sewing so I could start making my own clothes because I got so fed up with shopping.

    I got my body fat measured 3 weeks ago and I had to ask myself whether I wanted to continue to get bigger and stronger, or if I wanted to be smaller and weaker. What’s the point of CrossFit if I wanted to be small and weak? I’m learning to embrace my thighs, but it’s pretty damn hard some days.

    Anyways, I know 100% how you feel and I’m glad there’s someone else in the world that has the same experiences that I do, albeit you are a much better athlete than I! Keep up the awesome work!

  24. Can’t wait to try this recipe. My kids would love it. I am loving your friends tattoos. Would love to see a close-up

  25. Similar recipe I created for peanut butter cups!!!!
    You put 1 TBS of peanut butter in a silicon cup then mix about 1 TBS of coconut oil and 1/2-3/4 Cup chocolate chips and heat up. Pour the chocolate mix over the peanut butter and freeze! These are just like reeses! I know peanut butter isn’t paleo, but whatever these taste AMAZING!

  26. Hi, wondering if there’s any alternative to using the enjoy life chips? I’m weary of the cane juice… Thanks, Juli!

  27. I think that since starting CrossFit and paleo and building muscle, I see more cellulite. Stupid muscle is pushing it to the surface, right? 🙁
    Today, I FREAKED out because I’m getting married this weekend and I’m not rail thin like a stereotypical bride. But my finace pointed out how strong I am and how sexy he thinks that is. And who wants to be stereotypical? NOT ME!
    I am a SEXY BAD ASS! And you are even more of a SEXY BAD ASS! So don’t forget that! BAM!

  28. This is going on the list of “must try” recipies. I just stumbled upon your site last week, and have made the pork with roasted grapes and the double chocolate protein bites. Those little chocolate balls are just about the best thing I’ve eaten since going paleo three months ago. Loved the pork too, and I agree that pork is best served with fruit. To that end, I have pork loin cooking in my crock pot with peaches andfresh ginger right now. So, thanks for the wonderful recipies, and the inspiration for my own. Will definitely be checking back on a regular basis for new ideas…

  29. Well Miss Lady, Let me congratulate you for being at once hilarious, talented and entirely not alone in your passionate hatred of cellulite. I’m echoing many of the other comments no doubt (but I’m too hot and frankly lazy to read them all) BUT, I’m in the same boat. I have a good body fat/lean muscle ratio, despite my constant refrain of “I’m a fatty arbuckle” each time I walk near a mirror or try to shop…(which usually also involves mirrors straight out of a carnival) but the cellulite continues to haunt my posterior. Cursed cottage cheese from Hell’s dairy itself. Still, please don’t doubt for a moment that you are in fact awesome…that you inspire so many of us that are struggling along ourselves, and that thanks to your openess, humor and despicable over use of mother innapropriate language, once again I have a renewed desire to push forward with my Paleo journey….where a few moments ago I was battling my brain about whether or not I could justify eating a vat of Reeses. Go forth and prosper…and give your cellulite the bird from me 🙂 Cheers!

  30. Yummm! I know I haven’t commented in forever…my roommate took all the kitchen stuff when she moved out and I haven’t been able to make anything, hah I’m gonna have a LOT of catching up to do!!

  31. Cant wait to make these. I think I am going to put a little mint something or other in them so they are like a coconut peppermint patty. We shall see how that turns out.
    Oh, and by the way- you have my inspiration body. You just look lean and strong. I was cursed with thighs that no matter how hard they are, or fit they are, they will always touch. So no lovely short shorts for me because I will get damn chub rub if they slide together too much! (TMI?) Anyhow, you’re awesome, so is your bod. Keep up the amazing work and recipes… as you can see, we all love them!!

  32. I added some coconut milk to the melted chocolate before topping these klondikes. It made it more of a ganache so the chocolate was soft and didn’t break any of my teeth! These were absolutely delicious. Like woah.

  33. I just made this… wow. Really satisfies that “it’s a hot day and I need ice cream” feeling.

    I’m excited to try making this again with some different additions – maybe mint!

  34. Once again Julie, another great recipe. You are so hilarious and I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great sense of humour.

    Kathy S

  35. I made these last night… really good. At least you know there’s muscle under your cellulite – mine just looks like hail damage. = )

  36. I will take your cellulite for a fraction of your well-toned abs!

    BTW – your blueberry muffins are to die for!

  37. You know, I thought I was losing my mind about the cellulite. I’m glad this is a real thing with other fit women and not my imagination (not glad that you have cellulite, of course). The more muscular my legs have become, the more I have noticed the cellulite, to the point of me wondering why I invest so much time in CrossFit.

    Anyway, love your recipes!!

  38. So so so incredibly sad that I can’t eat coconut! These look so tasty! I may have to come up with some sort of alternative flavoring just because these look so wonderful and anything frozen right now sounds fabulous! Hmm… decisions decisions…

  39. Hey Juls,

    Oey, this topic sucks. I’m going through the SAME thing!.. Well I have my whole life. Damn genetics and all twinkies and ho ho’s my parents used to feed me when I was little and the cokes and booze I washed them down with in college. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the chubby cellulite pits ~ even after living the cfit lifestyle for almost 2.5 years. Now, I’ve bummed my shoulder up and am having to do lots of leg stuff to keep going. AND IT’S GETTING WORSE! Barf! db Barf! However, it’s good to hear we’re not alone! And there are some crazy hocus pocus potion tips in the comments. LOL.

  40. I used running to get cardiovascularly fit over the last few years (just finished my first marathon), but it took CrossFit to give me body confidence. Compared to you I’m a weak-ass fatty, but I’m stronger now after 6 weeks than I was for years before. I’ve learned to face my fears (handstands! ropes! box jumps! pull-ups!) and that failure is just a means to find the next goal. You are awesome and funny and fabulous. I hope you can see yourself that way! We all do!

    This recipe is totally boss, and it turned out great (can’t believe they had those chocolate chips at my podunk grocery!). I don’t crave chocolate much anymore, but it’s nice to have a fun treat every now and then. Next time, though, I’ll make them in the mini muffin tin (the big ones are just tooooooo big).

  41. We are asking for help…. We’ve developed a tasty Paleo drink, which is refreshingly organic. We wanted to not only create a new product, but a new lifestyle. We concluded it’s time to “rethink” vitamins. 100% Natural we combined mangosteen, acai, pomegranate, banana, pear with baobab. We gave it the name “VitaV”. Check our our Pre-Launch site

  42. These are DISGUSTING!!!! I HATE coconut!!!


    These are insanely good….. and I do love coconut. Hince why I made them. Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as yours but they go down the same. 😉

  43. OK, my awesome, beautiful, funny as f*ck Juli. Here’s what my teachers tell me ~ “What you resist, persists.” So try loving your cellulite. I know, sounds like bullsh*t, but try it. Thank it for storing fat for you so you can be strong and do all your crossfit stuff, then tell it that it’s OK if it leaves now. And wait for the miracle. Yes I’m crazy. But I’m also the wisest woman in these parts, girl. Don’t hate, appreciate. . .

  44. These are GREAT! I made them in mini-muffin tins, did a half/half of vanilla and almond extract and added an almond per “muffin”. My husband, who sneers at coconut oil foods, loved them too! Thank you for this inspirational recipe!
    Oh, and cellulite is simply horrible. I hear you.

  45. These look A-maazing! I think I may use some mint extract vs.vanilla (or just try both, duh!) and make peppermint patty’s andddd klondike bars! Thanks!

  46. These look fantastic! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone has their body issue, mine just happens to be the baby pudge from my 2 kids that just won’t go away no matter how clean I eat. You are hilarious and I look forward to reading your posts!

  47. So I totally in a haze at the health food store bought free from pretty much everything dark chocolate, but didn’t realise that what I’d picked up had mint in it.
    Turns out, it tastes AWESOME.

  48. Dry body brushing is amazing for cellulite! Google it and then do it everyday! It makes your skin super soft as well and if you use coconut oil as your moisturizer, you’ll be soft as a baby’s bottom to boot!

  49. Ooh I just did something very similar, but with banana for a bit of sweetness, and didn’t use vanilla or salt… Going to give these a go next time – they sound glorious!

  50. I’m sorry, I just had to laugh … the cellulite sucks but I’ve just come to grips with it … I’ve been ultra skinny (unhealthy like) and I’ve been HEAVY and still have it … even now, at a fairly healthy weight/fitness level. What really gets ME is the chubby calves. Does not matter what I do … hereditary I suppose? Trust me, you are so damn fit and buff that a little cellulite is NOT going to offset anything in your life! 🙂

  51. I did the 1/2 almond extract and 1/2 vanilla and used the mini-muffin tins. Note – if you do the mini-muffin tins, it’s a much more delicate process and means you must be more precise with your distribution of the chocolate and coconut, but you do get smaller portions so you can have a two bite treat if that’s what you want. I added more salt. Yum. I also added an almond on top of the chocolate. Made them look fancy. If I were to make it again (and I will), I would add more vanilla and almond extract. Another note – if you use mini-muffin liners if you want to eat them straight out of the freezer (that would be my husband), the wrapper is a bit tricky to get off. Best to wait a few and it will come off straightway.

  52. (pale)OMG. Duuuuudddde. Just made these. Um, I seriously went to brush my teeth after I tasted one……

    Juli, you are gorgeous. Hugs to you.

  53. Peppermint Paddies. Just made these only I added peppermint oil (not extract) to the bottom layer. I recommend adding one drop at a time and then tasting it. You can easily add to much peppermint oil then it just becomes overwhelming.

  54. I made these over the weekend. SO DELICIOUS. OH EM GEE. HOLY CRAP. WOW. OH MY. So good. Next time, I am adding some peppermint oil because that sounds AMAZING. I am making these for my cousin’s graduation party next Sunday, she and my uncle are Celiac.

    PS, YOU LOOK AMAZING. You are one gorgeous chick. I still don’t understand why you are single. Men suck, that’s it. They just suck. 😉

  55. Delicious! I didn’t have any paper liners or cups so I spread it out over parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Used a bar of dark chocolate, and put some chopped cashews on top for good measure. Once frozen I chopped it up into pieces. Crazy good! Thanks!

  56. These are sinfully delicious and addictive….just ask my husband, kids and any guest who walked through my house while I still had some in the fridge. Batch # 2 is already in progress. Seriously yummy stuff. Thanks for posting.

  57. Just wanted to throw in a real-life testimonial. These were brought into my CrossFit gym last week. I snagged one, took it home and had it for dessert. SO GOOD. As a newbie CrossFitter, I’m loving your site. It’s a huge help and inspiration for my newfound love and diet. Thanks!

  58. Made these….. and THEY ROCK. Although I couldn’t get the chocolate to stay on the top… it kinda fell somewhere in the middle but made no difference to me! Even got my non-paleo friends/family to eat them. Delish.

  59. Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
    Serving Size 3Tbsp (15g)
    100cal, 10F, 4C, 1P
    -> Caloric Ratio = 90% Fat
    -> Very high in saturated fat

    Coconut Cream Concentrate (aka Coconut Butter)
    Serving Size 1tsp (4.5g)
    31cal, 3F,1C,0P
    -> Caloric Ratio = 80% Fat
    -> Also very high in saturated fat

    Coconut Oil
    Serving size 1tsp (4.5g)
    40cal, 5F, 0C, 0P
    -> Caloric Ratio = 100% Fat
    -> Also very high in saturated fat

    Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
    Serving Size 15g
    75cal, 5F 9C, 1P
    -> Caloric ratio = 60% Fat

    8 servings Coconut
    800cal, 80f, 32c, 8p

    24 servings cream
    744cal, 72f, 24c, 0p

    24 servings oil
    960cal, 120f, 0c, 0p

    19 servings chocolate
    1425cal, 95f, 171c, 19p


    Calories = 3929
    Fat = 367g
    Carbs = 227g
    Protein = 27g

    Assuming most regular size muffin tins make 1 dozen servings,
    a single serving has…

    327 calories!
    30g of fat! (Almost ALL saturated)
    19g of carbs
    2g of protein

    People need to look closely at a lot of this paleo stuff. This recipe, delicious I’m sure, is not for the dieting, the one’s trying to lean up, or even someone trying to gain muscle mass. It’s all saturated fat.

    I’m kind of appalled that this is listed as a paleo ‘treat’. More like diet suicide.

    Get off the paleo wagon and try something like Jamie Eason’s chocolate brownies which have:

    Calories: 96
    Fat: 1.4 grams
    Carbs: 12 grams
    Protein: 10 grams

    1. Well hello Mark Trussell. A word to the wise, the time you spent figuring out the nutritional facts for this recipe could have been spent in the gym “getting lean”. CrossFitters see nutrition different than body builders. You don’t believe in saturated fat, I don’t believe in cancer causing Splenda. You can see my viewpoint on paleo desserts here: and you can also do some research instead of barking comments like “diet suicide” to find out why saturated fat is good for our bodies . Robb Wolf has some great info in his book, The Paleo Solution. We can also meet up and compare bicep size…just sayin.

      1. I apologize for coming across as condescending or confrontational. I too believe ‘treats’ are okay, however, I think listings like this need a little bit more info for those starting out. The people who haven’t been at it for a while may not realize that, even as a ‘treat’ this one ranks pretty low on the list of good healthy ones. A 300+ calorie snack of all saturated fat, paleo or not, just does not sit well with me, but that is why we are allowed different opinions, is it not?

        All barking aside, you look like you’re working very hard and even taking the time to post articles, recipes, and respond to comments reveals the dedication and commitment you have to your practice. Best luck in your crossfit/paleo journey. Keep up the good work!

        Ps. I was in the gym before I figured it out.

  60. Oh pa -lease. You have killer abs and a pretty funny sense of humor. If you didn’t have a little cellulite, life just would not be fair. But those Klondike bars sound a-MAH-zing.

  61. I’ve made these twice now and once with a very small amount of pepermint oil which turned the coconut mixture into a sort of almond joy minus the almond, but can definitely add it prior to the choco layer. Very good. These are now my pre-workout treat. Thanks

  62. I’ve made these twice now and once with a very small amount of peppermint oil which turned the coconut mixture into a sort of almond joy minus the almond, but can definitely add it prior to the choco layer. Very good. These are now my pre-workout treat. Thanks

  63. Hehe, found this page when I googled “paleo and cellulite”. Love it, ‘cept, you were supposed to be giving me the answers not whining about yours.
    BTW, you look pretty alright from this angle. Can’t wait to try them coconut thingies. Keep up these funny writings.

  64. sooooooo i made these last night. friggin awesome!
    BUT i made coconut butter with shredded coconut and this morning, as i grabbed a scoop for my shake it was rock hard!
    like a coconut brick!
    i stored it in the cupboard one night, i mean, it’s not that cold in my house.
    what happened?? do i just have to resort to gnawing on it like a cow?


  65. Finally made these. LOVE!!! I was mad that all my non-paleo friends passed over the Christmas sugar cookies and fudge from other guests and ate all of MY bites. I made them in mini cups, so I wouldn’t feel as much guilt. Seriously, you are a star in the kitchen!

  66. Girl don’t get hard on yourself! You look fantastic 🙂 After 2 kids my body is ruined, if you want to talk cellulite and stretch marks.

  67. Thank you sooo much for posting this. they are unbelievable. I’ve just started the Paleo lifestyle, and this was an awesome treat.
    By the way, OMG you are stunning! 🙂

  68. What about throwing in some of Nikkis coconut butter in these instead of just regular?! Maybe the Vanilla cake batter one? Think I can pull it off?

  69. Hi, just found this recipe this morning, and then read your article. two things came up, great sweet. well three things actually. cellulite….you look great and beautiful and have a great body. And I (like you being pissed at people who have cellulte) am annoyed at people who complain about “nothing” when the world is falling to pieces and there are real problems in the world. Having said that, I also understand. Because I do the same. Thats number three. I complain about things that are not worth complaining about. And you will eventually get rid of your cellulite with your earth friendly life style.
    thanks for reading……ciao from NZ

  70. Trying this recipe today.

    RE: Your cellulite *problem*. HA! You’re beautiful. Though I DON’T see any, if you’re that freaked out about it, I would suggest you do some research on gelatin.

    Just Google Gelatin & Cellulite.

    I’m trying this recipe soon – Will let you know how it turned out. 🙂

  71. You are awesome. And super gorg, lady!! You kidding me- you are such a stunner. I found you via a repost of your insanely delicious looking coconut bites (which I could easily eat 1 million of don’t you judge me) and have been sitting here DEVOURING your hilarity.

    Love it!

  72. these are AMAZING!!! I was seriously shocked that they didn’t need any added sugar!!!! I followed two reader suggestions and added the almond extract to the coconut mixture and the coconut milk to the chocolate. it did make the chocolate a nice texture and not get rock hard from freezing. Even my friend who has so far “hated” all the other treats I have given her went crazy for them. Thanks for posting!!!

  73. I made these tonight and they are so yummy! thanks you for the recipe. this will definitely be the go-to candy snack from now on!

  74. I considered my cellulite as very embarrassing, and wanted to get rid of these dimple marks on the surface of my skin at any cost. By adapting the right forms of cellulite exercises and maintaining a diet that’s rich in fiber, I was able to say goodbye to these “cottage cheese” effects on my skin safely.

  75. You might want to check out the T-Tapp website and Teresa’s Alfalfa product and her skin brushing kit…works great! You can listen to her information regarding cellulite on one of her cd’s. She will also be happy to talk to you about her system……Dr. Oz,Dr. Perricone and several other doctors recommend her system!

    Thanks for your great recipes…I use them at my daycare for a little girl who has severe allergies and deficiencies!

  76. So i tried to make the klondike bites but mine came out with the choclate hard as rock (even after sitting on my counter for 2 hrs) and the coconut was really greasy…I know I’m not a super chef but the was really bad; even for me… help?

  77. You are so hard on yourself! I can relate. I have been doing CrossFit for two months, and cellulite that I never had has appeared. WTF???? But I have also learned that I am naturally stupid strong, which is so much better than the lumps and bumps which have magically appeared on my bum and legs. You are amazing and I wish I was half as talented as you! Keep it up!

  78. Your blog was very familiar to me. I’m an avid, crossfitter, trainer, gym owner, and nutrition student. I used to eat a paleo diet. I don’t anymore. I do think it is a healthy way to eat, i just feel for most people ,the balance of macro nutrients can sometimes be difficult for athletes to maintain. Many of mine were not loosing fat and it is really frustrating especially when you workout so much! I started getting rid of my cellulite when I added in more carbs! Muscles need carbs! If you want to stick to paleo try some more yams and sweet potatoes or yummy carrot soup! I lost 10 lbs of fat and added more in muscle 🙂 love your recipes 🙂 I think you look great but know how your feeling. I went through the same thing!

  79. I make these often and get requests to make these! They are so good! I usually just put them in a glass square dish and make “brownies” instead of the cups. I’m just really lazy.

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