Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies

I’m kind of a copycat. These are pretty dang close to my Sweet Potato Brownies, minus the sweet potato. Just trust me ok? I honestly don’t think they are QUITE as good as the sweet potato brownies, but still pretty damn delicious. And I love them right now because they have no nuts in them. And I’ve said goodbye to nuts for the time being. We’ve parted ways. I do shed some tears at times thinking about it.

Ok, I have some big things to talk about. BIG things.

First and foremost, I need to introduce you all to an awesome guy. His name is Ben, or you can call him ‘That Burpee Guy’. He is trying to raise money for Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA) and is doing so by doing a burpees every single day. Each day of the year he adds one burpee to the previous day’s total until the 31st December 2012 when I will complete 366 burpees to finish the Challenge. Well, being the awesome guy he is, he did burpees in honor of PaleOMG. 165 to be exact! Check out his video on YouTube and check out his cause! I asked if he would do dancing burpees. And he did. What a stud! We gotta support what this guy is doing! Please check out his stuff!!

Now onto the second big thing!

Today, Wednesday June 20th, I will be speaking on the radio station Primal Diet – Modern Health with Beverly Meyer at 11am CST. We will be chatting about how to cook without starches or dairy! Should be  fun chat. I’m so excited to be invited on her show, especially since she has chatted with people like Sarah Fragoso from Everyday Paleo, who was one of my inspirations to start a blog! You’ll be able to listen live on Voice America or be able to download it on itunes later! Be sure to check it out. You can hear how weird my voice is.

Now for the last exciting news. Don’t stop reading now, you’re almost there.

If you are a woman AND in the Colorado area, this news is for you! At CrossFit Jai in the Highlands, I will be hosting an All Women’s Lifting Seminar on Saturday June 30th from 12-2pm. We will be reviewing the clean & jerk and snatch and learning a ton of progressions of the movements. If you were intimidated by lifting or just want to get better at these lifts, this is the perfect class for you. This environment will be provide an encouraging atmosphere to learn and become more efficient with your CrossFit and lifting skills. Check out the link above to sign up! Any woman is welcome!

Ok I’m done with big things. These brownies are delicious. That’s pretty big.


Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies

  • Yield: 3-6 1x




  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Add your banana and 1 cup of cherries (leave out 1/2 cup of cherries for the filling) to your food processor. Puree banana and cherries until completely broken down.
  3. Add wet ingredients to a bowl: coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and whisked eggs then pour in your pureed banana and cherries. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Then add your dry ingredients: coconut flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and chocolate chips.
  5. Fold in your leftover diced cherries.
  6. Pour into an greased8×8 glass baking dish.
  7. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when you poke at it.
  8. Let rest to cool a bit.
  9. I repeat, let rest to cool you stubborn food lover.

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PaleOMG Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


55 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies”

  1. Damn! You’re killing me! I’m trying to keep my carbs low, then you create this!
    Going to make these and the Sticky Berry Bars for my non-Paleo family this weekend…haha! I’ll convert them yet!

  2. I love your website and your recipes!! I notice you use alot of Honey for sweetner in your recipes, I was wondering if you have suggestions for a replacement that wouldn’t alter the taste too much. I happen to be highly allergic to honey…kind of sucks!

    1. Yes, agave is not a great idea as a sweetener. Try using coconut sugar or maple sugar (they just started selling maple sugar at trader joes!) Maple is great because it doesn’t taste as sweet as other sweeteners. So people who are “sweet sensitive” because of a paleo diet don’t feel overwhelmed with it’s flavor. Plus maple has a lot of great minerals.

  3. I have been lurking on your site since March. I plan on trying a few recipes per week now that I am off for the summer and have more time. However, I don’t see any macronutienr breakdowns. Do you list the ratios of the carbs, protein, fat and cals anywhere?

    I LOVE this site!

    1. I don’t do that Brooke, but there are many websites out there that you can use to plug in the ingredients and it will do the breakdown for you.

  4. I love that he’s wearing all your gear 🙂 And for serious, I wish I was in Colorado because that all-women lifting seminar sounds awesome!

  5. Oh frick! it is 9:30 am and I already am having chocolate attacks. I usually am able to keep them away until later in the evening. You are evil Julie. 🙂

  6. I tried to make the sweet potato brownies and the finished product was extremely mushy. I substituted the coconut flower with almond meal/flower, however. Would that make a difference?

    1. Definitely use the coconut flour next time. The consistency of coconut flour vs almond flour is VERY different. You would need almost 1 cup-1.5 cups almond flour to be accurate to the 3 tablespoons of coconut flour

      1. Ahh…makes sense. I am a noob when it comes to paleo cooking. I still ate the mooshy sweet potato brownies and so did a couple folks at my box, so I still did something right I suppose. Coconut flower is on the grocery list. Thanks for the responses!

    2. alex, i doubled the amount of cocoa powder and used almond flour for the coconut flour–3T. mine came out fantastically! try that…they’re so worth the effort!

  7. I went to a 3 hours oly clinic this weekend and LOVED it. I was really nervous about going because I thought I would be shunned for being such a noob. But CrossFitters aren’t like that – duh. It was awesome. I am so glad I went! Too bad I can’t go to yours too…

  8. @ Alex, coconut flour sucks up liquid like crazy in a recipe, so it will produce much different results if sub’d 1:1 in a recipe for any other kind of flour. It typically takes much less coconut flour than if you had an identical recipe with almond four.

  9. Juli- Why did you give up nuts, out of curiosity? I gave them up a on June 1st, hoping that it would help with my acne, I’m seeing a little improvement actually. Are you also giving up almond flour?

    1. A bunch of different reasons. I don’t feel very good when I eat nuts, usually bloated, and trying it for acne reasons as well. It hasn’t changed anything with acne though sadly. And yes, almond flour as well

      1. Juli–Have you tried Cod Liver oil for your acne issues? I’ve suffered from acne all my life and thought that going paleo would help clear it up. It didn’t…but Cod liver oil did. I use one from Green Pasture. It tastes gross but its worth it to have clear skin.

          1. The Green Pastures cod liver oil\butter oil blend TOTALLY helped with my acne issues. I would definitely recommend it. I don’t think you’ll find it any stores the you have to order it from their website.

  10. K, kinda disappointed cuz I was thinking Ben was going to be “That Crush Guy” not “That Bupee Guy”. Way to let me down hard Juli.

  11. love the recipe, as per uje.
    I just published a post summarizing my research on the paleo diet. In my next one, I want to list a bunch of resources for paleo eating and your blog will be the first on the list! Youve got the best and I want people to converttt! mwahaha

  12. JB- I’m actually trying to push my weight up a little and am trying to find decent calorie/protein sources to help with that. Eating a pound of meat at every meal and then again for snacks tends to get old. Thoughts on how to sneak non-nut protein into these or the sweet potato version? Whey? Extra egg white or two? Love the sweet potato version as you have it, just needing a little good-source calorie boost. Thanks.

    1. Hmmmmm that’s a tough one. I’m nervous that adding another egg will mess up the consistency. I’d say just consuming larger snacks with some meat and more sweet potato may help gain that weight you want. But that’s coming from a girl who has an easy time gaining weight 😉

  13. Thanks for cutting out the nuts! They make me bloated and give me such bad stomach pain 🙂 excited to see some more recipes without them!

  14. If plane tickets weren’t so expensive for that weekend I would totally fly out for your class! I’ve got friends in Denver (and I’m planning on moving out there!) so it would be perfect 🙂 Make sure and let us know when you are having another one!!

  15. Yumo! Can’t wait to try these!!! I wish I could make it next weekend!!!! Crossfit – still the elusive thing to me. I’ve done about everything else tho …

  16. These turned out AMAZING!

    Side note – have you ever made avocado chocolate pudding? Most recipes I’ve found call for almond milk, but I don’t drink it anymore so I used coconut water instead. Amazing.

    Last night I had some friends over so I served these cherry brownies with the avocado chocolate pudding on top, and then a dollop of coconut whipped cream.

    None of my friends make their usual “but doesn’t your life suck so much eating like that” comments about paleo anymore.

  17. Hey! this recipie is great, I changed it up from cherries to raspberries, and took some extra raspberries with honey in a sauce pan and made a little jam/sauce (not sure what to call it) for a topping…..GLORIOUS!!!, Great Blog, my wife and I are new to Paleo and I just want to say that you certainly make it fun and easy to transition (even got some of the guys at my fire station interested in paleo with all of your food porn here).

  18. Love the recipe but I don’t want to use cherries. They do weird things to my digestive system. Do I have to use them? If they’re for texture, any other suggestions?

      1. Will do! Thanks for your reply!

        BTW, thanks for making paleo so doable. I have such a sweet tooth and your recipes help me enormously. I have been able to eat well and creatively. Be encouraged to keep doing what you’re doing, we’re eating the results : )

  19. I am just curious.. Would frozen cherries work with this? Also does anyone know a website to get the nutrition facts for this recipe?

  20. Hi Juli,

    I just made these and they turned out AWESOME! 🙂 I am out of coconut oil – – aaah! – – so I omitted the oil. I also cut the chocolate chips back to 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup, and the brownies still turned out delicious!

  21. Hey fellow Paleo recipe lovers! I just had the fortune of receiving a bunch of strawberries. Delicious, but at their peak, I needed to use them up fast! I tried this recipe subbing strawberries for the cherries. The results? Simply delicious! I wonder what other fruits would be good…?

  22. These are excellent 🙂 tastes better than a “conventional’ brownie. Mine came out a little runny…maybe too many cherries? Your brownies look gooey and chewy but I let them harden in the fridge and they taste fab cold 🙂 PALEO OMG saved my life and it didn’t cost a thing, job well done and thanks for sharing these phenomenal recipes!

  23. So…I’m on this crazy elimination diet right now trying to rule out sensitivities. Any suggestions on replacements for the eggs & banana in this?! I know. Sucks HARD CORE. Thanks 🙂

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