Day 1 Sample Workout From Power Program

Good morning and happy Monday out there!! I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the Super Bowl. I know I sure am because all I did was work, watch JLo strut, then eat garlic chicken thighs. It was a dream Super Bowl experience. And now I’m up REAL early on a Monday to make sure everyone out there that purchased the new PaleOMG Power Program & Meal Guide got their PDFs and are ready to kick off the first workout this morning!! But if you are still in the dark about the Power Program & Meal Guide, I want to give you the run down today because the current sale has been extended and I don’t want you to miss this deal! So today I’m going to share a little about the program and give you a sample workout of what Day 1 looks like for both the advanced AND beginner workouts! I’ll be sharing not only the actual workout from the program, but the videos, as well!

PaleOMG Power Program Sample

This 3-Month Power Program was created for all the busy people out there, the people who don’t want to go to a gym or pay for a gym membership, or even the people who just prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home. This program was created using MINIMAL equipment and almost all workouts can be completed without leaving your yoga mat (check out a list of the equipment you will need in this post). The program includes an intro to the important 5 pillars of health, a quick warm-up and cool-down to prepare you each day, and workouts that fit your fitness level. Whether you want to start with the beginner workouts and move to the advanced after three months, or just mix and match both the advanced and beginner workouts throughout the 3 months, you WILL get a great workout in! And once you download this program, you have it forever!! If you want to read all about the program and the FAQs I have answered, click here!

Today I’ve taken screen grabs from Month 1 Week 1 Day 1 from the Power Program for both the advanced and beginner workouts. You’ll also see the videos for each below the workout. These workouts continue to get more challenging each month and push you to try new movements! And all workouts range between 20 minute to 1 hour. You’ll notice that some days are more basic and to the point, then others will challenge you through movements you may have never done before! No matter what, you’ll be getting a great workout in every day! Here’s a peek into Day 1, the same workout many people will be starting with today, including me!!

PaleOMG Power Program Sample


PaleOMG Power Program Sample


Hopefully these sneak peeks into the program give you a little more insight into what you’ll be getting from the 3-Month Power Program! And just a heads up – today is the LAST DAY to get 30% off the PaleOMG Power Program & Meal Guide bundle!! Your diet is a KEY COMPONENT to your success. If you want to feel better from the inside-out, then you gotta get that diet in check. No way of getting around it. And my Meal Guide gives you over 130 PaleOMG recipes that will keep you on track and feeling your best. When you feel your best, you’re going to look your best! This 30% off sale won’t last long, though. I’ve been running this sale through the weekend and I’ve extended it through today so you could check it out before you buy, but starting tomorrow prices will go back up!


I poured my heart into this program and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! And if you want to start the program today, I’ll be sharing videos on IG stories throughout the week as I do the workout myself! I’ll also be doing an instagram live on Sunday to see how it’s going for everyone that started the program this week! Join me in the workouts and let’s kick some ass together!!

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


24 thoughts on “Day 1 Sample Workout From Power Program”

  1. Hey Juli,

    I bought this yesterday but did not get emailed a receipt, nor get any info to be able to log in etc from my computer or anything so I can put the PDF’s on that at all? I bought it under the attached email address at the sale price for both. I was able to put the PDF of the workouts in my phone but after that i couldn’t get the meal plan and couldn’t access it from my laptop?

    1. hey jacqueline! you should have received an email confirmation with your purchase amount that includes downloads. it often gets pushed to spam, but the automated system has also been a bit slow lately. if you can’t find it soon, send me an email at and we will get you squared away!!

  2. Hi Juli!
    I bought the meal guide at work and it is awesome. The problem is that I want to be able to download it to my phone and I don’t think I can now because it is on my work computer. Is there a way to get it on my phone? I can give the email that I used when I purchased it. I printed the entire thing out at work but the bottom of each page comes out cut off so I want to be able to access it from my phone. I guess I should have just purchased it on my actual phone but I wasn’t thinking. I thought I would get an email with the direct link to download so I would then use my phone and save it that way but I never got an email and I even checked my spam. Do you know if there is a way to access it from your phone after purchasing it on a desktop computer?
    Thank you!

    1. hey lara!! you should have received an email confirmation with your purchase amount that includes downloads that you can download directly to your phone or computer. it often gets pushed to spam, but the automated system has also been a bit slow lately. if you can’t find it soon, send me an email at and we will get you squared away!!

  3. I am so sad! I went to get this package deal yesterday, and the site wouldn’t let me checkout. It didn’t say any info was wrong or missing, it just kept kicking me back to the beginning of the checkout with all my fields cleared out. I tried 2 different times, but figured your site was probably really busy and I would just try again tomorrow (today). So as soon as I got up this morning, I tried again, but the sale was already over!! Ugh!! Please, you will be re-launching the sale one more day? Or maybe a coupon code for some sort of a discount, even if it’s not as big? Thank you!! I think you’re amazing either way.

    1. Hey Sunni! in case you missed my message on IG – use code HELLO30 it will give you 30% off for the next 24 hours! But I can’t do anything else after that so grab it ASAP!!

  4. Juli!!!! Thank you for giving us Day 1 as a sample………. I haven’t worked out in 5 years (to much crossfit did my right side back in) so today I said it is the day!!! I started with advanced thinking “I worked out before” but then switched to beginners after the 3rd group of movements once I started the kettle bell with the bench. I left that bell behind!! haha!! But I finished !!! Thank you so much for you being you and giving suggestions of different movements to use!! I purchased the program and I’m in!! I want to stay with the dates as everyone else starting Monday….. but since I started today (tuesday) I might skip one to get on the same day haha!! As @caliabycarrie says Stay The Path to a better, stronger you #StayThePath

    1. it is! i ran the sale for 4 days, which was 2 days longer than i had planned to. i’m sorry you missed it! but i promise you – it’s worth every penny!!

  5. Hey Juli! So excited for you, your new site, and your new program! You are definitely inspirational and a powerhouse businesswoman! Question for you… I’m not seeing the videos pop up under each workout. I’m using Chrome. Did you not post them or is something wrong on my end? Thanks! Would love to see them!

    1. thank you so much, danielle!! and i just checked and the videos are there, it just takes a second to load. I’m wondering if you have a slow connection, maybe? I checked mobile and computer, and it’s working on my end!

  6. Hi Juli, I just purchased your 3-month program. Question- what type of loop bands do you recommend? Is there a particular brand that you use? And thank you so much for rolling this out at just the perfect time to workout at home. Yay so excited!

  7. michelle anderson

    Last question- are you still doing crossfit or have your workouts changed to more of a HIIT program? Will your program work well with intermittent fasting. I typically do the 16/8. Thanks!!

    1. i go to CrossFit once every few weeks. most of my workouts are strength based and i usually do 1 hiit workout a week. and i don’t do intermittent fasting so i can’t say for sure. i think it all depends on how much energy you have. food is energy so it really just depends if you’re getting enough energy from the amount of food you’re eating in your 8 hours

  8. Do you workout with us through the actual workouts or are these more like the ones you share on instagram, showing us how to do the moves with written instructions on how many sets etc?

    1. i show you the movements just like i do on instagram. you can see the videos for day 1 in this post under VIDEO OF ALL THE ADVANCED MOVEMENTS.

  9. Karla Bedminister

    I am unable to see the workout posted here. I’ve tried many different days just using this one page.

    1. hmmmmmm i’ve checked on all browsers and it’s showing up for me. are you looking below where it states ‘video of all advanced movements’ if so, what are you seeing on your end?

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