Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

I’m officially obsessed with Game of Thrones. I’m definitely not getting out enough. This puppy has taken over my life. So I’ve made my life about getting him potty trained and watching men fight ’til the death. The potty training isn’t going as well as Thrones binging. But I have to remember he’s only 9 weeks old and we’ve only had him for a little over a week. But it’s frustrating when he holds it for 7 hours at night then during the day, he does what he wants when it comes to urination. Not poo, just urination. He’ll go to the bathroom twice outside, then as soon as he comes inside, he goes again. Right on the carpet.

So I understand the small bladder thing, but if he can hold it for 7 hours, there’s absolutely no reason for him to let it go 5 minutes after already going. He even hopped up on the couch and pissed on a pillow right next to me. Straight up. Do you think it’s some sort of dominance thing? Or hatred for me thing? I don’t know. I don’t get it. I feel like how my parents probably felt when I was a teenager. Just at a loss for what to do. I even cried the other night out of frustration. I keep trying to listen to all the advice and be a good mom, but it feels like it’s not working. We take him out all the time, we reward him with a treat and say “good boy, potty outside” every time he does it outside. He even looks to us for a treat when he goes outside, so he knows he’s doing something right. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Today I’m going to go get a bell for us to use every time we go out so he knows to ring it. I’m hoping that’s the miracle to all of our potty training issues.

It was funny the other day when someone said that babies come after dogs. I feel the complete opposite now. If I had questioned having a child before, there’s no way now. If I’m stressed out by a dog that pees about a tablespoon full of liquid, how could I ever handle a child? Impossible. I don’t understand how parents do it. I think I’ll just stick to trying to master raising a puppy and understanding what they are saying on Game of Thrones.

So back to that show. I’m obsessed with it, but I’m not 100% sure that I love it. It’s pretty effed up. I mean, when you kill animals and children in a show, it’s pretty bad. Adults, whatever. It happens in pretty much every show. But horses. Don’t ever kill a horse. I have to cover my eyes every time something frightening like that happens. I’m not really into death. But I’m super into the dragon girl. I can’t wait until her dragon messes some bad people up. I’m jealous of her dragons. I bet they were easily potty trained.


Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

  • Yield: 8-10 1x




  1. Place almond butter, coconut, coconut oil, honey and salt in a food processor and puree until smooth and well combined.
  2. Add a spoonful of the mixture into 8-10 mini muffin tins then pour melted chocolate on top of each spoonful. (no you don’t need to grease the tins)
  3. Place in freezer for 30+ minutes until set.
  4. Use a sharp knife to pop out each almond butter cup. Store in freezer and remove 5 minutes before eating to help soften the chocolate.

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PaleOMG Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups


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228 thoughts on “Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups”

  1. Hi! Tonja here 🙂 having raised and trained dogs all my life, here’s some unsolicited advice but I hope it helps. He’s 1) either super distracted while outside so he’s not going completely….. Hang out longer … See if he’ll go again cuz 2) dogs are ridiculously smart and he may have already learned he gets a treat after peeing and going back inside. So he does it and bam.. Gets a treat then goes inside and finishes. Dogs also learn is

        1. I just made these and they are very delicious. I was looking for a dairy free snack/dessert that is semi filling. I will keep this recipe for sure! I didn’t change anything other than sprinkling a little salt on the chocolate before freezing. Thanks.

  2. Oops! Also learn isolated to their environment. A “sit” outside doesn’t mean the same as “sit” inside until taught. So stay close to the door once inside and if he starts going I see nothing wrong with a firm “no!” And picking him up and putting him on the lawn really quick. Hopefully the no stops the peeing long enough. Last.. I wasn’t a believer until I tried it but clicker training works wonders so you aren’t giving a million treats a day… But somehow is even more effective as the thought of treat is enough…

    1. I’m also a great fan of clicker training. I own an English Bulldog and they can be STUBBORN, but for some reason the clicker training really resonated with her and made training VERY fast.

    2. Yes Tanya your right when you catch them yell no outside and then put them out also can try to give treat after he goes outside but don’t let him know you have the treat until he’s done. I kennel trained mine first 3 hours then to 4 then to 5 until they learn to hold it but they have these plastic dog toilets I would leave in the kitchen incase then when they do have a mistake its on the tile but rare, But yeah when you see him trying to pee in the house yell no outside then put outside on the grass if he goes when you put him outside then reward and say good boy

      1. I also am not a huge coconut fan but you don’t really taste the coconut flakes in this recipe. I used very fine flakes and also added a bit of honey to the mixture. Was really yum.

        1. If you use something like Let’s Do (Organic) shredded unsweetened coconut, it doesn’t taste much like coconut–for me. What it does do is give these an awesome texture. I make one batch, keep them in the freezer, and pull one out every other day. Love, love, love these! Sticking–I use a regular mini muffin pan. To get them out, I take a small knife to start to go around the treat–they pop up and out within a few seconds.

          1. I think if you dip the bottom of the muffin pan in hot water for a few seconds the cups will release easily too. Plus, I am totally making these over Christmas break and eating them ALL!

        1. If you don’t like the coconut flakes, try Joshua’s Slim Palate recipe (posted May 2013). Excellent.

    1. After making this, I feel like it would be just as good without the flakes. Maybe worth a try with half the recipe?

  3. I’m into reading the first GOT book right now and have watched basically every youtube video in existence on Dany (aka Dragon girl). Major girl crush.

    Right now though I’ve been binge-watching Veronica Mars. 3rd season! And then I can finally watch the movie.

    Okay, and I’d never heard of clicker training before Tonja mentioned it above, so I had to go check it out: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/clicker-training-your-pet Interesting. I wish I had tried that with my pets!

  4. Sometimes when a pet pees on something right in front of you, they’re trying g to tell you that they don’t feel good. A trip to the vet may be in order if your pup has been doing this regularly for a few days.

  5. These look amazing, I’m going to make them tonight! About the pee pee thing I would suggest taking him outside as much as possible and be consistent. Our 3 year old dog still has the odd accident, in fact she just peed all over my son’s feather duvet….oh I was so mad! I use a product called NATURE’S MIRACLE and it’s THE BEST at getting out pee. You can get it at any pet store. It removes the pet pheromones in the urine to prevent them from re-soiling on the same surface. Safe for pets and saved my sanity. It is safe on any surface or fabric…….it’s the bomb. Good luck and it will get better!

  6. I love peanut butter cups! Do these need to stay frozen?

    Also I could NEVER do a baby dog. Having a baby human is hard enough. But since you already done did it and got yourself a dog baby, I’ll just throw out there that it’s totally worth putting lots of extra time and strict regiment in the beginning and training them properly. Don’t let bad habits persist. I have a great rescued dog because I drove myself nuts training him for 8 months. I have friends with dogs who have persistent problem behaviors cuz their owner didn’t put the time into fixing it (ie barking incessantly, jumping on people, peeing when they get scolded…). Dogs take a lot of time but are worth it, like kids! 🙂 and if a training method doesn’t feel right for you and your pup, go to another method. There are so many different ways to train a dog (positive reinforcement, harsher treatment and everything in between) it really depends on both your personalities.

  7. McKenzie Kiichler

    The bell was a miracle for my puppy. I potty trained her in under a month with it! Just know that whenever his little nose hits that bell, even if on accident, you have to take him outside. He’ll start to learn that “Ok when I hit this bell, I go outside”. Also…a fair warning…he will start to hit it CONSTANTLY just because he wants to go outside and play. They get over this after a few weeks, but it’s really irritating in the mean time!! Just stick it out a bit though. My dog is now 4 years old and she doesn’t even use a bell anymore 🙂 You’re doing great girl!!

  8. So I have a problem with Enjoy Life chocolate chips as in I eat the bag before I get to make things with them. 🙂 Shameful I know but whatever. I am in the middle of a 30 day paleo challenge and hate cooking so I’ve been all “omg this sucks! I’m bored” but these…holy liftin! I’m excited and I don’t even have the ingredients yet!!

  9. Juli-Rome wasn’t built in a day…cut yourself some slack. Jackson’s a baby, he’ll get it. Just be consistent. The bell/clicker training might work with him…what do you have to loose?
    These chocolate butter cups look fantastic. You have me hooked on Mixology! Ha.

  10. You can listen to/try all the advice in the world, but in my experience the BEST thing to do is consult a professional dog trainer. If you were in Austin I could hook you up with mine, but since you’re not, maybe try Yelp? Dog training is really people training — you will feel SO MUCH more confident and be 100% more in love with your dog after you’ve worked with a good trainer. (By “good” I mean someone who understands that dominance issues are about letting the dog know that you are the pack leader, he is safe with you and he can relax and let you call the shots — NOT about humiliating the dog or making him afraid of you.)

    Also, I making these damn almond butter cups TODAY, like in five minutes from now. I already have all the stuff. Yay!

  11. Juli, my 2 cents about potty training. I’m no dog trainer, but what worked for us for my pup for the first week or 2 was to keep him in his crate whenever you aren’t playing with, loving up or exercising him. I read this in a training book. We would bring the crate out into the living room during the day so that he was still in the same room w/us and would take him out every hour or two, take him right outside to pee and play, bring him back in and play with him some more. Then back in the crate. He was completely potty trained in 3 weeks. Didn’t use this method w/my other dog and it took several months to potty train her completely. Also, every dog I’ve ever had seemed to have a regression after a few months of being potty trained. Back to peeing in the house for a week or two. Not sure what that was all about, but just a heads up. Good luck! It does get better.

    1. I agree with Pam. It was the same for us with training our newest puppy. Good thing puppies are so cute because they need so much patience.

      Game of Thrones was marathon watched in our house as well. My husband started watching it and there was no hope for me not getting sucked in.

      Love your blog!!

  12. My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and I have missed them!! I cannot wait to try these! Thanks, Juli! (btw, my husband always raves about your recipes.)

  13. Jackson is adorable. I remember when our dog was a puppy and I cried several times because I felt like all I ever did was clean up. There is no way I want a child after raising a puppy. Our dog did the same, we would go outside, come back in and he’d pee again within 5 minutes. I promise it does get better and hard to believe you’ll miss the puppy days.

  14. I’m so glad I finally started watching!! I’m reading the books and this series is phenomenal. Just don’t let anyone spoil what happens for u. 😉

  15. Don’t feel bad about your dog; from what my friends have told me a puppy is more difficult and stressful than a baby. Based on my sister’s now 7 week old baby, I would agree. Her baby is way easier than a puppy!

  16. My dog did the EXACT same thing to me at that age! No poops, just pisses all the time, wherever she wanted. We were all about the treats and positive reinforcement when she went outside but it didn’t finally click for her until we were clear about what she should NOT do- namely, piss in the house. After a few ‘NO!!’ And rushing her right outside, she totally got it. Problem solved.

  17. You are too funny. I’m sure that her dragons weren’t easily potty-trained judging by the way they wouldn’t eat her food at first and had trouble spitting fire, it comes one day! We have a new shar-pei and he too has peed on (even our bed before).. they do have to go almost every 5 minutes it seems (or is sometimes), but one day you’ll be looking back on those days. And yes we are definitely questioning having a child too, they get to have diapers to contain their pee thank God. These look delish thanks for sharing!

  18. These look amazing!! And I hear ya on the potty training… I just picked my pup up on Saturday and he is 9 weeks old as well. I’m feeling super lucky because they had trained him with puppy pads, so I’m just going with it for now. Of course we still go outside all the time, but his “accidents” are on puppy pads, and i’m pretty happy about that. So true on the “babies are tougher than puppies”… I’m doing this with an 8 month old baby as well. Crying happens, but it all works out in the end 🙂 Good luck potty training! I wish you the best! I have no advice though because I’m just going with the flow at this point!

  19. Take him out every hour to pee. If he goes more often than that then every 30 minutes. Place him in a confined area while inside so that if there is an accident its an area easily cleaned up. I kept my puppy in a dobie pen jail for a long time (all while inside). By restricting his access to an area its easier for him to get a clear message.

  20. i trained him to shake a paw when he had to go outside rather than just stare at me, still works 9 years later except now i get him to kiss me on the nose sometimes 🙂

  21. My boxer puppy would start to pee on the carpet and then begin walking (or running) away from me, still peeing. This made clean-up a real joy. But, with time, he got it. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things…just gotta try your best to be patient!
    PS we had to replace the carpet when we moved. the joys of dog ownership. (=

  22. Omg…these look amaze balls…how can I make chocolate from cacau butter…I tried mixing it with coconut milk but it was a disaster…any tips would be much appreciated 🙂

  23. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but once you’ve raised a puppy, kids really don’t rock your World as much as you’d think. We have a 7 mos old (human) and every time we get advice from the pediatrician, some of the first words out of our mouths are “Oh! Just like with a puppy!”. It’s amazingly soothing to enter parenthood with puppy-raising skills under your belt. NOT pushing having kids at ALL, but I was pleasantly surprised at all the overlap…at least when the human “puppies” are small, that is.

  24. Juli- I sent you an email about housebreaking your puppy or even an adult dog. It works EVERY DAMN time!

    I have a senior pug that we are helping to remind him about where he goes potty. I am sure the neighbors are thinking I am nuts because during the reteaching process, I am jumping up and down in my yard having a party every time he goes potty.

    Puppies are still learning to train their bladder muscle so they can hold it. It takes constant monitoring on your part too. Let me know if you have any questions after you read the email instructions.

    1. Gretchen,
      Could you forward me that email (turbogaldawn@gmail.com) about potty training too. We just got our first puppy on Friday and we certainly could use some advice on potty training as well. Thank you so much!

  25. This recipe rocks! Thank you. I wish I had time for TV shows. I get up, go to the box, come home make smoothy, drink smoothy while surfing the net, clean up, take pup for walk, make meal, shower, work, come home at 10pm, walk pup, go to bed and repeat!

    As for pup, a male dog marks by peeing. If you take him out walk him for a good half hour. If he does his business allow him to run around supervised in the house for 20 minutes. The moment he starts sniffing for a place to pee, pick him up and go outside again. If he doesn’t pee the put him in the crate for a bit and after another half hour take him outside. The key is to never allow him to run around inside unsupervised until he is trained. After potty training keep up the crate training, because then comes the chewing.

  26. I watched the first episode of that show yesterday and couldn’t believe what the heck happened in 1 show…I don’t know if I can get into it. I have plenty of other awesome Bravo TV shows to watch…LOL I just said that out loud. DOH!

    1. I literally saw episode one yesterday too! Looking forward to somehow working out the details in the coming episodes

  27. Hi. Has your pup been fixed? We had our “boys” fixed as soon as possible so they didn’t get in to the territorial marking habit. He may be peeing on the pillow because it smells like boyfriend and he doesn’t like that 🙂 (as opposed to doing it because he doesn’t love you!!)

  28. Do you have the nutritional breakdown of these and all your great recipes? I have a husband who is dealing with one issue, a niece dealing with cancer so avoiding many sweetners and counting carbs, and I have some stomach issues and need to know calories, fat, carbs and protein or I can’t make any of them.

  29. These look awesome, easy, and just replenished my stash of enjoy life choc chips so perfect timing. Half of the battle of parenting is getting kids to eat enough stuff that isn’t complete garbage so clearly you would be an awesome mommy 😉 big thanks from my kids and me!

  30. I just made these (they’re still setting- can’t wait to taste them!) and I don’t know if I have super mini muffin cups or what, but mine filled the entire 24 cups, with some to spare!! I did make a couple of changes based on what I had on hand- only had 1/2 cup Enjoy Life chips so I chopped up a Theo 70% bar for the rest, and was out of honey so used a few drops of vanilla stevia instead. Can’t wait to try them!

    1. Jenny – I just posted about this same thing before I saw your post. Mine were all filled as well with the almond butter mixture to spare.

  31. Just made them and they were awesome except they stuck to the muffin pan and so came out in pieces. Eating crumbs is not beneath me.

  32. Is it just me or did this recipe make way more than 8-10 mini muffin cups? I filled all 18 cups and had leftover almond butter mix and it even seemed like I was filling the cups kind of high compared to how they look in the pics.

  33. Potty bell training is the BOMB! Hang in there girlie…it gets better.

    The hubs and I are hooked on GOT too! Just finished the DVD set of Season Two and ready to start Season Three. I am one ahead in the books so ready for #4. Love it, and I agree with you I am waiting for a big ‘ole can of Dragon Whoop-Ass!!

  34. Dogs are super smart, but they are also very simple creatures: almost every behavior pattern is due to some learned association. Giving him praise and treats for peeing outside is definitely the right thing to do, but just make sure that is really the ONLY thing he could possibly associating it with. For example, if you react at all when he pees inside, he could easily be making the association that treats outside = go inside for playtime = pee some more and get attention from Mommy. One thing that really helped when potty training my pup was the crate. I know you are already crate-training at night which is great. Try having him go straight into his crate when you come back inside from going out. Then take him out again maybe 15 mins later. This will mix up his pattern and association a bit and also make him realize you really mean business, he’s got to go outside or he’s not having playtime. It sounds like you are doing awesome and being really thoughtful about everything so just keep up the good work and be consistent like everyone has said – it will happen!

  35. They key is to catch them mid-accident make a correction noise and carry them outside so othey understand outside is the place to go. For a little while I had to leash train my dog (attach leash to your belt so the puppy is never more than a couple feet away from you so you can catch accidents as they happen, not afterwards. Good luck! The first month is a bit rough (I call it baby lite), but it’s worth it in the end!!

  36. OMG! I will be making these tonight! I got two dachshund puppies at the same time (yeah, don’t know what I was thinking either) and my boy had more trouble housebreaking than my girl. Two suggestions: One, he may have a bladder infection since he’s only doing a tablespoon at a time, so go to the vet and get him checked. Two, my boy dog had trouble going outside because there was nothing to lift his leg on (we have flat grass) and he kept getting confused about where to pee. Try a tall stick or they even sell a phermone laced “pee stick” at Petco. Good luck!

  37. We recently got a puppy as well. I am home the majority of the time, therefore I was able to supervise him lots. My recommendation to minimize the mess… Take him out every 5 minutes. After a few days, every 10 minutes, than every 20 minutes. With my being around all the time to spend the time necessary to train him, he was house training by 3 months old! He is five months old now and we haven’t had an accident in over a month! Best of luck!!

  38. I made them in full muffin tins (still made 10) and they look like Reese’s. Amazing. So good.

  39. celestina uriarte

    I was so excited to come across your page. I printed recipes like crazy. Thanks for the unique items. I can’t wait to try them.

  40. Juli, I just recently potty trained a 3 month old puppy and the thing that worked for me THE BEST was to just make a REALLY big deal about him going potty outside. Like…legit….I made a fool of myself every time the dog peed in the yard. He had some accidents. But, because he knew how excited I got when he peed outside. He wanted to do it haha

  41. We had a very similar problem with our rescue pup that we got at 7 months! He would just walk by something and pee on it and keep going. It was so frustrating, especially after he had just been outside.

    I talked ot a trainer, and she gave some great advice. First, don’t praise him outside. I know that sounds backwards, but he was probably peeing a tiny bit to get the praise, instead of finishing.

    Second, take him to the same spot every time, and stand still like a statue while he does his thing. It might take awhile, and several times to fully empty his bladder.

    Third, avoid any distractions. For us, it was not letting the kids take him out, let alone with the other dogs at the same time.

    It took a bit, but those few things helped tremendously. He’s not perfect now, but we’re down to a few accidents a week, instead of 8 a day!

    Good luck, be patient, and it will be okay. He is still very young, it’s a good thing these dogs are so sweet!!!

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  42. 1) these choco almond butter cups look amazing… definitely making this weekend.
    2) puppy training is hard! and sooo frustrating. stick with it, you’re doing great 🙂

  43. These look amazing! And, my 10 year old dog was trained only with positive reinforcement. She’s perfectly potty trained, and still looks expectantly at me if I’m outside and she does her business. She also has the most wonderful disposition of any dog I’ve ever owned, which I attribute partially to her training as a puppy. You’re doing it right, just give his puppy brain enough time to figure out going in the house accomplishes nothing for him.

  44. These taste awesome!! I just finished a book on dog care and training as I will be getting a puppy in a few weeks. If your puppy is going that often perhaps you should make a visit to the vet to rule out any problems such as a urinary tract infection. Hopefully, that’s not the case. It could also be submissive urination especially if she does it while laying on her back. My first dog used to do the same thing but they grow out of it eventually. But when she does have an accident make sure you calmly take her outside to let her finish going potty and praise her when she goes. I would also suggest implementing crate training and placing her in the crate after she finishes her business and leave her in there a little so she learns to hold it. During the day, a puppy can only hold it’s urine for as many hours as months old as it is. At night, they are in a more relaxed state and can hold it long amounts of time. Lastly, she may be anxious of being in a new place which makes them urinate more often.

  45. These taste awesome!! I just finished a book on dog care and training as I will be getting a puppy in a few weeks. If your puppy is going that often perhaps you should make a visit to the vet to rule out any problems such as a urinary tract infection. Hopefully, that’s not the case. It could also be submissive urination especially if she does it while laying on her back. My first dog used to do the same thing but they grow out of it eventually. But when she does have an accident make sure you calmly take her outside to let her finish going potty and praise her when she goes. I would also suggest implementing crate training and placing her in the crate after she finishes her business and leave her in there a little so she learns to hold it. During the day, a puppy can only hold it’s urine for as many hours as months old as it is. At night, they are in a more relaxed state and can hold it long amounts of time. Lastly, she may be anxious of being in a new place which makes them urinate more often.

  46. Help! These are in my freezer in the tins right now, and I can’t get them out. They’ve been in there for 2 hours maybe? Tried to get one out with a knife and the almond butter part broke apart (so naturally I had to eat it- delicious!!). Any ideas on how to save the rest?

  47. We just got a corgi puppy who is now 11 wks old, so we are only a few weeks ahead of you in the potty training process. I really wanted to cry during those first couple weeks too, but all I can say is, trust me, it WILL get better! Our little guy can hold it through the night and for up to 4 hours in his crate during the day. And when he’s out, he knows to make a beeline for the door if he really needs to go (#1 or #2). It just takes time. Oh, and also, the reason why your puppy can hold it for 7 straight hours during the night is because he’s sleeping… any extra activity (walking/playing) will make him have to pee more. It’s just like people, how we’re able to hold it for longer at night when our activity level is lower. Best of luck… the frustration goes away if you look at his adorable little face long enough.

  48. I loves me some healthy p.b. (well, a.b.) cups. I can’t seem to find Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips anywhere I shop, so maybe I’ll have to find them online? I just usually use unsweetened bakers chocolate, and add a little honey or maple syrup, and a bit of coconut oil and melt all of that. Anywhooo…..raising kids is easier than dogs!!! Haha, for realz! Potty training 3 kids (including one with autism) felt less stressful than training dogs! I cried, and had meltdowns, and wanted to poke my eyes out with forks when we were raising our pup (and then 4 years later, her litter of 7 puppies!).

  49. haha oh the joys of having a puppy…I remember the days of trying to potty train Jax!! good luck with it!

    and now these chocolate pb cups i need now in my life!

  50. A quick note about the potty training. Be patient. But don’t be too patient. If it continues, have him checked out for a possible UTI. My mom just had trouble with a puppy. Same thing. She’d hold it all day and then suddenly pee right in front of her on the carpet or furniture after going outside. Turned out she had a UTI!

  51. Hey hun,

    I’m living in melbourne, what can I substitute for the enjoy life chocolate? I don’t know where to get them lol could I use 70% dark chocolate?

    1. I just used Lindt’s 70% dark chocolate (im in regional NSW), and they turned out really well. Try adding some chilli to the melted chocolate 🙂 yum!

  52. Rachael Knewstubb

    What can I substitute the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips with here in Australia?? We don’t have those here. Many thanks

  53. DUDE really? These are going to be next in line of favorite recipes. Right behind the sweet potato brownies (I’ve made them like 20 times in the last year.. it’s kind of stupid.) Anyway, thanks for posting this! We have 2 dogs, they’re great. Kids? No. I’m 33 and the thought or concept of having kids just escapes me. I can take my dogs everywhere, leave them in the car, leave them at home, whatever. They’re great. Kids? No.

    And Game of Thrones? We’re addicted and have been. I hate it when they kill the wolves. That shit really bugs me! SO MUCH. And horses dying too really freaks me out. I’m with you 100%. Adults? Whatever. It’s the torture stuff that’s hard to watch, and animals in pain.

    If you love GoT you might like Boardwalk Empire. That’s our other addictive show. And The Americans. I swear we don’t watch that much TV but those are the 3 favorites. 🙂

    Thanks again! Can’t wait to try these. I’ll shut up now.

  54. Joy Schunemann

    Those look amazing! I am so making those tomorrow. I love your website. Lately I have been reading your CrossFit posts. I’m one month into it and loving it! When my dog was a pup we took him out every two hours during the night, after every nap, after every play time, and whenever he started sniffing around. It just takes time and consistency. Good luck!

  55. whoops! left them in the freezer too long and they’re frozen solid and can’t get them out of the muffin pan! any suggestions on what to do? leave them out to slightly thaw or just throw them out and start over?

  56. As a trainer, pups can go all night before they can go longer times during the day because they are asleep, not active and usually don’t have access to water. During the day, they are up and around, active, drinking water so they will have to go more. Kind of like us humans. Another trainer source if desired is APDT.

    This recipe looks yummy!!

    1. That just means you’re cooking the chocolate for too long. If you are making them in the microwave, cook for 20 seconds then stir and repeat until chocolate is smooth. Sometimes just mixing the chocolate in the bowl will help smooth the chocolate out before it totally melts in the microwave

  57. I’m making these asap. They look so good!!

    Puppy- puppies do a “double-wee” as I like to call it (LoL). So he should pee twice usually outside before coming in. If he doesn’t go twice, bring him back in, crate him, wait 5 minutes and take him back out to his spot. This should alleviate the problem. I had issues with one of my dogs who would go a bit then go all over the wood floors in a zigzag pattern about 20mins later inside. After revisiting my own training background advice (lol, always easier to train other’s dogs than your own, trust me!), I reminded myself they usually go twice when they are so young.

  58. I used Woodstock’s almond butter which is soupier than other brands, so the melted chocolate kind of sunk into the cups. Other than that I ran out of chocolate since I was able to fill a whole 24-mini muffin tin! Awesome recipe though and super easy, ready to take a second stab at it soon.

  59. Just made these – amazing! And stupid easy…I was able to make them while holding a fussy 9 month old on one hip. Win!

  60. This could have been written for me. We got a puppy the day after Christmas. Worst winter every to try to train a puppy! If it wasn’t snowing a foot, it was negative temps. Poor guy was afraid of the outdoors. Thank God it’s spring, we’ll see how he is in a thunderstorm! I feel your pain 🙂

  61. I LOVE Game of Thrones too! I get so upset over the violence and close my eyes at those parts 🙂 The dragon girl is my fave too! Love your blog <3

    1. If you are making them in the microwave, cook for 20 seconds then stir and repeat until chocolate is smooth. Sometimes just mixing the chocolate in the bowl will help smooth the chocolate out before it totally melts in the microwave

  62. What’s the best way to melt the chocolate chips….I burned my chocolate and it became a kind of brulee brownie mixture…! I started to microwave them and I heard a pop and then they sounded like snap crackle and pop so I moved them to the stove top – and that is when they became like a burnt brownie cookie crumble…..

    1. That just means you’re cooking the chocolate for too long. If you are making them in the microwave, cook for 20 seconds then stir and repeat until chocolate is smooth. Sometimes just mixing the chocolate in the bowl will help smooth the chocolate out before it totally melts in the microwave

  63. Julie!!! You have done it again, these are amazing.. I love pb cups so when I saw this recipe I had to make it, and they are amazing. I totally have to limit myself with these but what an amazing treat. I have turned down baked goods at work and it’s no big deal because I have a batch of these in the freezer and I know that one awaits me! I appreciate your blog it’s amazing and makes my Paleo journey doable. Jackson is the cutest guy, love him! If it helps I have two kids and the worst part of having toddlers was the potty training but it does eventually happen.

  64. I haven;t made the switch to almond butter yet because I can’t find one without added sugar. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  65. These were super easy to make and fabulous! I topped them with some shredded coconut. Love your new doggie! Frenchies rock. Mine is obsessed with kale. True story.

  66. Can you put in a doggie door? I have a golden doodle that peed in the house all the time, she never learned to ask even with the bell. We put in a dog door, she learned how to use it in about 2 minutes, and we have never had an accident since then. 🙂

  67. I made this last night for the first time and think they turned out alright.
    You definitely don’t need more than a scoop of the almond butter mixture. When I made them last night, it looked like a scoop wasn’t enough so I added more (ended up being too much). I also decided to not use the shredded coconut. I don’t mind coconut but I’m not a huge fan. And I actually forgot to add the salt.
    I do have a question though: is there a need (besides taste) to use the coconut oil? Could you get away with just making these with almond butter, honey and the chocolate chips?

  68. This is the yummiest Paleo treat I have tried so far! Don’t seem to like any other treats I have made, but these are great!

  69. This may sound like a dumb question but do you heat the coconut oil up before adding it with everything to the puree mixture?


  71. one helpful tip I found when potty training our puppy was to NEVER EVER give him raw hide bones to chew on. the reason being is that they make the dog extremely thirsty making the dog drink more than they are supposed to and thus peeing everywhere…I have found this to be true for both of our dogs…seek and find natural chewing bones at a quality organic dog food store or online.

  72. I just made these today, and they were delish! I loved the almond part of it. My toddlers loved them too. It’s a great little recipe because you can tweak it to taste – i added some extra shredded coconut between the two layers, for extra texture. You could also add ground nuts, dried fruit, anything really. I put mine in a silicone muffin tray, and they popped out very easily. Great as little homemade gifts, and esp for Easter – i’ll be using my Easter themed silicon tray to make bunny and egg choc-almond chocolates. :))

  73. I made these today. I didn’t have almond butter, so I used cashew butter instead. OMG! They are AMAZING!!!

  74. Yes use a bell. Yes use a crate. Those were the only things that worked for our female boxer; she was potty trained in no time once I did that.

    Then Hank came along. He peed on our boxer and in the house. The vet said it was a dominance issue. Got him fixed, and he never did it again.

  75. I made these tonight and they were yummOMG! 🙂 Instead of chocolate chips, I made clean ganache to top them with. I thought you might like this variation, too!

    In mini food processor, whirl: 1/2c coconut oil, 1/4c cacao powder and 1/8c pure maple syrup. Once mixed, you can top the cups with this mixture and freeze. Side note: can also add 2 tbsp. of shredded coconut to this mixture and freeze as truffles too!!! Enjoy!!

  76. Looks delicious — I’m thinking of putting a thin layer of blueberry jam (my last jar of home-made from last summer) in between the choco layer and almond/coco layer.
    Has anyone tried anything like that with this recipe?

  77. Ok, so I already posted a few days ago, but seriously I’m addicted to these! I effing love you! You’re a genius!

  78. Juli — so excited to make these — especially since I already have all of the ingrediants! BTW –you may want to take a look at ASPCA’s article on “Best age to neuter dogs” Six months is actually too LATE; they advocate as early as eight weeks, and yes, it will dramatically cut down on “marking” behaviors getting established (which happens really quick!) Recommend run-don’t-walk to get those little huevos removed!

  79. Brooke Ferandell

    These are AMAZING!!!!
    Thank you for your help making my life so much better with all these incredible recipes.

  80. I made these (as well as 3 of your other deserts…I couldn’t decide and they all had similar ingredients) last weekend for desert to bring to my friend’s dinner party. They were really easy to make, the only hard part was cleaning the processor after. I made them in regular muffin tins and the only issue I came across was that I didn’t have enough chocolate to finish the batch, I had to melt some more chips really quick. No big deal though.

  81. These are amazing! But very messy. My almond mixture did not stay together at all. I followed the recipe exactly. Any idea why?

    1. it should definitely stay together. i haven’t heard anyone else have that issue. it could be based on the kind of almond butter you used. i used maranatha brand

    2. I had the same thing happen! It’s a mess. I will definitely try again with a “firmer” almond butter or even peanut butter 🙂

  82. These are amazing!!! I didn’t have any problems having them stay together but you have to let them freeze all the way. I made mine in the mini muffin tins. Going to make another batch for my grandkids easter baskets!!!!

  83. Just made these with sunflower butter and they taste amazing! Love them! Only issue was taking them out. The chocolate layer got much firmer than the nut mixture – maybe that’s wht? The top layer kept cranking, but they still taste amazing. I will try them with liners next time.

  84. I made these last night and the almond butter mixture fell apart for me too. I used the Maranatha brand from Costco. It was super messy. Maybe more coconut oil or coconut is needed to hold the shape? Maybe I’ll try coconut butter next time.

  85. holy moly! Just made these and they are amazing! Thank you for making a better version of my favorite treat, Reese’s PB cups!! 🙂

  86. not even funny how good these little things are! i make them in mini sized cups. because eating two at a time is better than one big one! haha…thank you! i was in need of a new sweet treat! and i totally tricked my husband on this one!

  87. Just made these! Delicious! Don’t have the “healthy chocolate chips” that this recipe calls for, so I used homemade, organic, paleo chocolate! Just melt coconut oil and add raw cacao powder and voilà! You have your melted chocolate! I find it works better than real melted chipits (this one’a a little runnier so it actually turns out better!).

    Thanks for this awesome recipe! I needed something to satisfy my serious sweet tooth =)

  88. For some reason my chocolate seeps down into the middle of the almond butter layer and hardens like crazy! Any tips for how to get it sit on the surface in a thinner layer that’s a bit easier to bite down on? I’ll obviously still eat this batch, but just wanted to check and see if others experienced this or have a solution 🙂

    1. that super strange. try first placing the almond butter part in the cups into the freezer, once they are hardened just a bit (like 5 minutes), pour on the chocolate then place back into the freezer

  89. These are amazing! Way better than Reese’s in my opinion. I made them in a regular cupcake pan so they are bigger- so good!

  90. Holy hell these are fantastic. Super simple recipe…quick and tasty treat to have on hand. Thanks Juli

  91. You did it again girl! I made these last night – I did a sunbutter batch and an almond butter batch – holy crap these were good… and super easy to make! They were definitely messy – I had chocolate and butter mix all over when I was done – but maybe that’s just me 🙂
    Now my only problem is not eating the entire batch – and not making these EVERY week!

    haha – thanks – as always – keep up the good work!

  92. Made these last night. They are wonderful.

    When my dog was a baby, sometimes he did things that made me cry. It is harder to potty train a puppy than a baby because baby people wear diapers! Crate training and keeping him on leash/otherwise fully supervised helped. But sometimes I’d sit outside with him for a long time and he wouldn’t go and he’d pee on the carpet as soon as we got inside. Or he’d step in poop and run around the whole house trying to shake it off. Tear, I am telling you. On the bright side, they grow out of this phase pretty quickly. Hang in there!

  93. I made a version of these with vanilla protein powder in the almond butter for my friend’s 17th birthday, and she absolutely loved them for a post workout treat!

  94. Hi! How long will these last in the freezer? Thinking they’re safe for awhile, right since none of the ingredients really expire? Thx!!

  95. I tweaked this recipe a little by adding a chocolate layer, almond butter mixture then chocolate layer. It is easier to get out of muffin pan and not so messy.

  96. Hey Juli,

    thanks for the recipe, these are yummy! Just wondering if they have to stay frozen until you are ready to eat them. I want to bring some along to an event tomorrow but i’m afraid they will melt on me. Thanks!

  97. I just read your blog. Sorry you are having a problem with training your baby pup, but he just might have a bladder infection. This could be the reason for the frequent urination during the day. Worth checking this out at a reliable Vet. Good luck with the pup.

  98. Hey! Just made these last night and just wanted to say that I felt like a pro, cause they looked exactly like yours! lol They were awesome! Even my non-Paleo husband liked them…that is saying something! hahaha

  99. Love these. I made then with muffin tins and layered the chocolate with the almond butter so they actually looked like reese’s miniatures. They were a hit with my Bootcamp girls 🙂

  100. Finally got my cookbook and can’t wait to make the Grilled Swordfish with Peach and Avacado Salsa. Oh Yeah!!!

  101. Hello, I just made these tonight. First, I used silicone mini muffin pans and I got over 3 dozen treats. Second, I left them in the freezer for over an hour and they still stuck to the silicone! I used coconut oil brushed on the silicone for the 3rd batch and haven’t tried them yet to see if they will stick. What did I do wrong???

  102. So good! I could not find unsweetened coconut flakes so i left them out. The almond butter ended up being pretty soft after 30 seconds out of the freezer and the chocolate just slides off leaving the almond butter in the tray 🙁 Are the coconut flakes what keeps it together?

  103. My friend’s fully grown and potty trained Frechie took a huge dump in her lap while she watched our “Senior Memories” video years ago, so maybe Frenchies just have a special sense of humor.

  104. Just made those. They do not look half as beautiful as yours, I had to substitute cashew creme (because I wanted them NOW!), and parts of those little cups would stick in the form (should have waited some more) and some broke into pieces. Ate all those leftovers. All at once. Delicious. Feeling very happy (and maybe just a little bit sick)

  105. I am not entirely sure how I could “mess” up such an easy recipe but mine did not layer like the picture shows. I poured the chocolate onto the almond butter and it just sank in the middle. Was I supposed to let the almond butter mixture harden a bit before pouring chocolate? Thanks for the help!!

    1. Me too! I was just about to write in here about this recipe…I’ve made it 4-5 times now and the chocolate sinks in the middle in an ugly glob. Any suggestions?

      PS my family and boyfriend are obsessed with these. I love the easy clean-up.

  106. I made these in the mini muffin tin and the almond part stuck to the tin and became soft and gooey very quickly. Regardless they are awesome! Wondering if in the larger tins the mixture would set better?

  107. I would like to make these, but I don’t have mini muffin tins. Would it work ok in regular muffin tins or should I try ice cube trays?

  108. These are DELICIOUS!!! So hard to stop at two. My husband keeps asking me to make them again so I am making them again today. Not because he wants me too, because I want them. These are a ‘Have to make’ girls and boys!!!! And very easy. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  109. Juli! These are AMAZING! WOW! Thank you so much for all your amazing wonderful recipes! everyone should try these! Great sweet treat when you are eating clean 🙂

  110. So, I’ve tried to make these about three times now and each time they’ve came out runny. I’ve tried using more coconut and I’ve tried using the no-stir almond butter without any luck. Anyone know how to thicken up the consistency?

  111. just made these in an ice-cube tray (little easier to pack when cycling). Delicious.
    I added some bacon fat into the mix as well….yummmm,bacon…..

    Thanks. these are great.

  112. We made these the other day, absolutely amazing. The almond butter mixture tastes like a chik-o-stick or the inside of a Butterfinger. Is there ingredients you cold add, where you could make the inside mixture more of a dough so it can be baked and made crispy, like the inside of a Butterfinger?

  113. Perfect timing! I was looking for paleo snacks/treats to make for my husband’s Christmas stocking. I’m going to make them in a mini cupcake tin, then hide them in the freezer under the chickens until Christmas. He’ll never look there haha!

  114. I love this recipe! I use Stevia drops instead of honey and add at least a tsp of vanilla (to taste), and a scoop of flax meal. I just completed another batch and had to check the trash can to be sure I used almond butter instead of peanut butter.

  115. I love these so much but they are going to be the death of my vitamix! Anyone else having an issue or what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  116. These are fantastic! I added some chopped almonds and ground celtic sea salt between the almond butter and chocolate layer. Huge success base on the reactions of my guests.