*You can make your own pico de gallo and guacamole OR buy it in store, like I did…because I’m lazy at breakfast

Probably 3 years ago, I decided to eliminate eggs from my diet and see how my body reacted. I had gone on accutane and my severe cystic acne had completely cleared up, but after a year of being off the medication, I was having some flare-ups again. And when I mentioned my frustration on instagram, someone mentioned that eggs were causing them to break out and maybe I was experiencing the same thing. So I pulled on my big girl pants and I cut out eggs, and you know what happened…my skin cleared up. I stopped having breakouts completely. It was a huge bummer and a huge surprise, especially since I was eating the best quality eggs available. Eggs were a part of my daily life and I knew it would be challenging to cut them out. Maybe not challenging, but definitely depressing. Eggs were always the easiest protein to get in my diet and now I would have to change direction when it came to my meals.

PaleOMG Egg-Free Breakfast Bowl

But as soon as I made that switch, the skin issues went away. Then once I would have eggs again thinking I could get away with it, I would have a skin flare up the same day or the next. So eggs and I have broken up completely. Say I’m baking something like a banana bread with eggs, I can usually get away with eating one piece of the banana bread, but I usually don’t push my luck. Surprisingly, the only time I seem to be able to eat eggs is when I’m in another country. I had eggs for breakfast every single day while I was in France because there really wasn’t another option, and I had no skin issues whatsoever. So interesting and strange, especially since I always bought the best quality eggs.

PaleOMG Egg-Free Breakfast Bowl

The whole reason I’m telling you this is because I know others have experienced this themselves then feel a little lost at breakfast when it comes what to eat other than eggs. Yes, eggs are super quick to whip up in no time flat so you may have to plan a little differently, but it’s really not too hard once you get the hang of it. Now instead of eggs, I just get some sort of protein. Even yesterday I went out to breakfast and I ordered this green chile hash and asked for chorizo instead of eggs – no problemo. Or say I’m at restaurant that has really no egg-free options, I just ask for a side of breakfast sausage and potatoes, and then I make my own hash. It gets easier the more you do it. But when I asked people a few months ago what kind of recipes you guys were looking for, many people asked for egg-free breakfast ideas. So BOOM! Here you go! Eat your non-egg-eating heart out! No eggs are needed in this breakfast and no break-outs are needed either. Acne is stupid – breakfast shouldn’t be.

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Egg-Free Breakfast Bowls

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  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 3 sweet potatoes, cubed (whatever color you prefer)
  • 6 tablespoons avocado oil, divided
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 1/2 pounds breakfast sausage
  • 2 heads of dino kale, roughly chopped and massaged
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 cup pico de gallo*
  • 1 cup guacamole*
  • chopped cilantro, for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, toss sweet potatoes in 3 tablespoons of avocado oil and sprinkle with salt and garlic powder, then place evenly throughout the baking sheet. Bake for 25-30 minutes, tossing them half way through to help brown on all sides. 
  2. Once the sweet potatoes have 15 minutes left to cook, place a large nonstick pan over medium heat and add the breakfast sausage. Break into small pieces and cook until browned and no pink remains.
  3. While the breakfast sausage is cooking, place another nonstick pan over medium heat and add 3 tablespoons of avocado oil to it. Add the chopped kale and sauté for about 5 minutes, then add the salt, cumin, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. Toss to coat and then add the lemon juice.
  4. Once the potatoes are done cooking, build 4 bowlw – sweet potatoes on the bottom, then breakfast sausage, sautéed kale, pico de gallo, guacamole, and top it all off with some chopped cilantro!


*You can make your own pico de gallo and guacamole OR buy it in store, like I did…because I’m lazy at breakfast

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PaleOMG Egg-Free Breakfast Bowl

PaleOMG Egg-Free Breakfast Bowl


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  1. Leigh says:

    I came to your blog looking for egg-free breakfast ideas and was so excited to see this very timely post! THANK YOU! I just received the results of my Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test…my only high reactivity food was egg whites, with egg yolks being moderately reactive. I was crushed, because eggs are a part of my breakfast EVERY DAY and while I don’t feel like I have symptoms, I now wonder if they might be the cause of my brain fog or slight congestion. With your recipes in hand, I’m less worried about eliminating them from my diet to see how I feel. 🙂

    1. juli says:

      it’s always worth cutting things out for a while and seeing how your body reacts to it!!

  2. Jane says:

    Love this recipe. Will try it tomorrow. I became allergic to eggs and breakfast is so stressful and time consuming EVERY day. Please send more egg-free breakfast recipes when you create them!! THANKS. And will try your additional recipes you gave us up above. I love ya, man.

    1. juli says:

      i got your back, Jane!

  3. Marla says:

    See if a market near you has duck eggs. I have several friends who have no reaction from them. 🙂

    1. juli says:

      i’ve still never tried duck eggs, definitely want to at some point!

  4. Seggan says:

    Looks so delish! I want to try this all in a GF wrap.

    1. juli says:

      that sounds SO GOOD right now!!

  5. christina says:

    thank you Juli!

  6. Stephanie Bauman says:

    I thought that I was intolerant to eggs big time. Then I realized it was what they were being fed, soy. So I tried soy for eggs, they feed them flax. Even more allergic. So I tried free-range eggs. Still allergic, because even free ranging chickens are given supplemental feed especially in the winter. I was super upset, as I have several other food intolerances. Then I ordered some eggs from healthy traditions they’re soy free eggs that are fed coconut and fish meal or something. Completely not allergic I ate them every single day. They’re kind of pricey and they ship from Wisconsin But for me they’ve been worth it as there and easy source of protein to cook.

    1. juli says:

      oooo that’s good to know!! it’s crazy how tough it is to find good eggs these days!