PaleOMG Fashion + Engagement Photos

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Happy happy Friday, you lovely soul! I’m just over here shopping for swimsuits, gearing up for our annual trip to Lake Powell. Ok ok, and for our wedding…even thought it’s not until next year. I totally bought a white swim suit for our wedding next year in Jamaica. Hopefully my body stays the same size until then. This body is always changing. And then I found this purple and pink suit that I hope fits the same on me as it does on the model. Which it will not, but hey, think confidence and then ooze confidence, right? Right. Swimsuits are so hard to find this year, especially affordable ones. And ones that cover at least half your buttcheeks. I’m not into the high waisted or one piece suits either, so my choices are limited. Thankfully I found this one that only cost $46 for both the top and bottom. Now I’m ready to get my surf on in Powell!! Eeeeek I can’t wait.

Balls, I need to plan my outfits for book tour still. Are you going to come visit me?!

Ok, let’s get to outfits this week! This outfit was one I wore for a hot date night out with my parents to the new Avanti, to grab some Quiero Arepas. I bought these two tops back in April and they are still my favorite tops of the summer. So comfortable and light. They would be perfect with a pair of jean shorts!


Top for $66 | Vest for $115 | Jeans for $79 | Shoes for $29.28 | Necklace for $26 | Oversized Clutch for $37.50 | Silver Bracelet for $14.50 | Rose Gold Bracelet for $115 }

I looooove this crop top. I posted an outfit wearing it last week but I just can’t get enough. The two layer look is just adorable! But the real show stopper here are the sparkly flats. They make me feel like MJ and Elton John and Dorothy all in one. Pointed flats have become my favorite outfit accessory. I just bought these light pink stud flats that are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I LOVE them. Obsessed, purely obsessed.
IMG_6096 IMG_6100 IMG_6111

{ 3 Options for Coral Crop Top – One for $34.99Two for $78.76 or Splurge Three for $282.74 | Similar Jeans for $47.90 | Similar Necklace for $68 | Similar Clutch for $60 | Sunglasses for $24.95 | Sparkly Flats for $64.95 }

Yayyyyyyy! We finally got our engagement photos done! We had to reschedule a while ago when I got that terrible stomach bug and it was pouring outside for 4 days straight. Thankfully this time the weather held up pretty well. We took pictures at our friends lake which was so incredibly stunning with the lake in the background and sun setting in the west. So romantic looking. The first outfit we took pictures in included this amazing hot pink maxi dress that has two slits in the front for a little sexy leg action. I love it SO much and usually don’t love long dresses because it gives me no shape. This one made me feel so feminine, I can’t wait to wear it again in Jamaica next year!


Dress for $48

The second outfit includes a white dress I bought last year and really had to reason to wear it. YAY FOR A REASON! I’m pretty much obsessed with drop wait dress that flair at the bottom, I think they look so good on women. I’ve shown you this black and white drop waist dress and this hot pink drop waist dress and I’m so excited to wear this white one! Since it’s from last season, I’m giving you four to choose from below! I wish you knew how much self tanner I put on before this photo shoot. This dress needs a hose down now.


Similar Dress for $44.80 | Similar Dress for $56.00 | Similar Dress for $69.00 | Similar Dress for $132.99 | Similar Pumps for $79.99

I bought this pearl embellished top for this photo shoot. I doubt I’ll ever wear it again, it’s a bit over the top. But I loved it for our last shots. It’s no longer for sale, but you can sign up so it notifies you when it comes back in stock!



Similar Crop Top for $54.99 | Similar Skirt for $79.90 | Pumps for $97.95 }

I may need your help with some book tour outfits! Stay tuned on Fridays! And wait, did you sign up for my weekly amazing giveaway?! Two winners will be chosen so better chances than usual!! Sign up silly pants!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


33 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion + Engagement Photos”

  1. You have amazing fashion sense and you look so happy in your engagement photos!

    P.S. I want to raid your closet!

  2. You look beautiful- fantastic pictures!! But GAH- can a sister get a glimpse of this fiancee of yours or what?!:)

      1. I love that you keep it private! It must be hard trying to keep anything private. But it totally reminds me of when celebrities keep their babies private and nobody knows what they look like! Lol

        1. Did you have groom-to-be photo stand ins cuz it doesn’t appear to be the same dude in all the photos….hmmmmm??? Craaaaazzzyyyy. LOL My favorite outfit was the pearl crop top….very unique and fun!

          1. I think it’s just that Juli’s heels are all different and so their height relative to one another changes too, lol.

  3. Jessica Harsch

    Juli you’re amazing, I LOVE your style, and I totally get wanting to keep your private life private, especially having a more public life with your blog, books, etc. So happy for you!

  4. You look gorgeous Juli! I love that you are letting us see glimpses into your engagement/wedding stuff! So excited to see your dress eventually!!

  5. My first thought was “Juli get out of the street!”, second thought was “Holy @#!* I want that pearl top. It’s so practical after all” You look GORGEOUS! Love all the engagement pictures

  6. I just love reading your posts her and IG – your personality is as beautiful as you are:)! One quick question – I love your necklace above!! Is it heavy?? (I’m weird about wearing heavy pieces on my neck)? Thanks!

  7. love the look of the pictures and the little jackson butt peaking through the fence in the second last once!!

  8. I need those sparkly loafers in my life – are they comfy?

    You look gorgeous in your engagement photos! I think you can wear the pearl crop top again with some great distressed denim jeans and toughen it up with a moto jacket for some cute booties which I know you have 🙂


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  9. Julie, i love that hot pink maxi dress. Would you mind tell me what size did you get it? And if you think that it runs true to size?? Thank youuuu!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love the location you two picked. Just got my ticket to see you at the Boston book signing. I sure hope your book i pre-ordered from Amazon comes before that day! Looking forward to seeing what your wearing and meeting you. I only wish Jackson was going to be there too! 🙂

  11. I LOVE the pink dress! I also like that the dog is included in the pics! Your recipes a great. I make the breakfast sausage for my daughter all the time.

  12. Juli, you look stunning!!!! I absolutely love the white dress and the black skirt/bling top. Thank you for your posts! I always look forward to reading them.

  13. Wear the pearl embellished top again! Skinny jeans and a long black blazer in the fall or baggy boyfriend jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket!

    You are too adorable!

  14. I LOVE the white vest with the flowered shirt… what other outfits can you do with that vest?! Also, whenever I’m stuck on what to wear I mosey on over to your Fashion Fridays to get some inspiration!! My husband can thank you for my ever growing closet of gorgeous outfits!!

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