PaleOMG Fashion While on Book Tour

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Happy Friday!! Have you missed Fashion Fridays as much as I have? I haven’t been able to share any outfits with you guys recently since I’ve been on the road for book tour, so prepare yourself for a photo dump. I have FIFTEEN outfits for you guys. Wtf. Most of them are book tour outfits, but some are just outfits I’ve been wearing in whatever city I end up in. I seriously don’t know where I am right now. Somewhere in Texas.

Last week I seemed to have a couple people unhappy about the price of an item I shared. But I don’t want anyone to be unhappy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands…they just don’t. Anyone know what movie that’s from? Anyone?? Anywho, I wanted to make sure that everyone is happy, so I’m including a lot of the prices when explaining my outfits, so you’ll know exactly how cheap I find some of my stuff! But I also give you some options such as Splurge & Save items! Just want to make sure all of you are happy, whether you are splurgers (that sounds weird) or savers. Ok, prepare yourself. 15 outfits to go.

Hey, that’s me! Just preparing for a flight to San Diego. 20 days on the road meant two suitcases, a backpack and a purse. I think I did pretty good packing wise.


{ Similar Jeans | Top | Jacket | Similar Scarf | Purse | Sandals }

This dress was for our San Diego signing. I ended up having to get ready in the car. Which meant I had to put on a sticky bra in the back seat, then a dress, then tease my hair in the reflection of the window. Not my best act. But I loved the dress! Especially because it was only $48!


{ Dress | Heels }

After a signing in SD, I hung around Orange County, did a little shopping and ate the best salad of my life. These shorts come in a two piece set, that I actually wore at a past book signing, but they are perfect to wear just by themselves. They are probably the only shorts I like enough and feel comfortable enough in to wear throughout an entire day. And the set is only $15, so you’re literally getting an awesome pair of shorts for $7.50. Just FYI, I bought a small in both the top and bottom, so they run a little big.


{ Shorts | Top | Jacket | Sandals | Purse | Necklace | Sunglasses }

Our next signing was in Manhattan Beach and I was so pumped to pull this skirt out once from deep inside my closet. I mean, where the hell else am I going to wear a skirt that short? Not just going to the grocery. No. This skirt is a couple years old so I linked one that’s $45 and is a little longer and faux leather which would be great for fall!


{ Similar Skirt | Top Splurge & SaveD | Similar Platform Heels | Similar Necklace }

This dress was for our San Jose stop. I got it because I just loved the little cut outs on the side that just gave it a little more attitude. And it was only $20 so I said eff it. I paired it with a necklace I bought while on my last book tour for my Chicago book signing! I freaking adorable this necklace! Why don’t we have Zara in Colorado?!


{ Dress | Shoes | Necklace }

After finishing up our signing in San Jose, we hopped in the car to drive to San Francisco. Which meant I wore my favorite shirt dress to stay comfortable during the ride. This jacket is one of my favorites to wear in fall and I’m pumped I found a jacket for $40 that’s super similar since I found this one last year!


{ Dress | Similar Jacket| Purse }

I’m totally bummed I can’t find this top OR this amazing necklace for you guys. Because I absolutely cannot get enough of either of them. But I can tell you that I found both at Coco Rose in Orange, CA. That boutique was so beautiful! I wore this outfit at our San Francisco signing then had some dirty martinis on the top floor of the Marriott Marquis. I wish you could have been there to witness these tipsy pictures. Hence why my head is cut off.


{ Similar Skirt | Shoes Splurge & Save }

After peacing out of SF, we got to Portland and immediately through some clothes on so we could meet up with our friend Kyra for dinner at Andina. I hadn’t washed my hair since a workout that morning, so I threw it in a bun, threw on my favorite jeans, a top that’s only $30, and added heels so it looked like I tried. Boom.


{ Similar Jeans | Top | Shoes | Jacket | Necklace }

This outfit was for our Portland book signing at Kyra’s Bake Shop. I had been wanting to wear this top and these heels together for a while and thought Portland would be perfect since it might be cooler than anywhere else we were going. This top would be so fun for fall AND it’s only $16! PS – get these shoes, they are so awesome!


{ Top | Similar Skirt | Heels }

This dress I actually found while I was on the road. When Vanessa and I were wandering around San Jose, looking for something to do, we wasted time in the mall at Zara. I love Zara so dang much, as you’ll see from this post. I found this dress and fell in love with it at first sight. And it was only $60! I decided to wear it in Portland when I was on KATU Portland TV. When I walked in, they said that they were surprised I was cooking in this dress, that most chefs weren’t dressed up like me. Welllll, I’m not a chef nor is that my style to not dress up to a TV event. I wanted to prance around in this dress all day long, especially when I was on TV.


{ Dress | Shoes }

After a busy couple days in Portland, we ended our last night at Departure for some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. Man, I love that place so dang much. Nothing has compared since. Since I was running out of outfits to wear, I just threw on my new favorite 3/4 sleeve fall shirt (only $20) and dressed it up with my new favorite heels. Any outfit is dressed up if you add heels, right? Right.


{ Top | Pants | Heels | Jacket | Necklace }

After driving from Portland to Seattle and taking far too long to get there because of the size of my bladder, we rushed to get ready so that we could ship clothes back home, grab a quick bite to eat and still make it to our signing. This outfit was so fall. Which was perfect for Seattle since it was FREEZING that night after the signing. So glad to have one long sleeve top on the tour, which was only $18!


{ Top | Necklace | Skirt Splurge & Save | Purse | Shoes Splurge & Save }

After only spending one night in Seattle, we left for Chicago. And then I got to Chicago and remembered I hadn’t packed anything to wear for Chicago. Luckily, I found a cute boutique name Akira, down the street from our Airbnb that had every piece of this outfit. And the staff was incredibly friendly too!! Loved that place.


 { Similar Top | Skirt | Similar Platform Heels | Similar Necklace }

Chicago exploring the city kind of day outfit. I just recently got these booties and they will be my new favorite go-to shoes for fall. I mean fringe, come on. The more fringe, the better.


{ Similar Top | Pants | Fringe Booties | Jacket | Purse }

This last outfit was from our signing in Austin last night. It has lace, leather, and a low back. Which means you need it. I got it at Zara and wore it that night! I will probably wear it again with some black leggings and black booties during holiday season!



Thanks for Fashion Fridaying with me today! Only two more book signing to go then I’m back home to my doggy, my guy, and my Colorado fall weather!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


29 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion While on Book Tour”

  1. Hey Juli! LOVE these posts so much. Sorry to ask about your unmentionables, but could you link which sticky bras you use? I’ve had a top for at least a year and can’t wear it with any sort of normal bra configuration. There’s so many sticky bras out there, and some are so expensive, I just don’t want to spend the $$ if they don’t work. Thanks!!

  2. I’m dying for those Valentino Heels….might need to ask for an extra special birthday present this year! They are just gorgeous. Love your style, as usual 🙂 Please keep doing these posts.

  3. You’re in Dallas right now and I can’t even see you…. aaaaaahhhhhh! This sucks! But random side question (love the sticky bra question by the way)… if you get a glute cramp, what do you do to work it out? I’ve had a major left glute cramp ever since my kickball game last night (don’t laugh, YES I play in an adult kickball league!). Maybe it’s a muscle spasm since it’s lasting so long…. what do I DO? My BUTT hurts!

  4. I want some earring info! Where do you get earrings? My ears are sensitive to some metals so the only ones i ever wear are pretty much tiny sterling silver studs but I wanna try to branch out SO bad!

  5. First and most importantly, i LOVE fashion fridays, your weekly workouts, your recipes, Jackson and pretty much everything you post so I am in no way trying to be negative. But i have noticed when I click on the links for the clothes that you link, whether here or on instagram, it doesn’t seem to be the exact brand/item you are wearing most of the time.. and im concerned on the quality of the ones you link. (maybe this is to satisfy different price points to please everyone.. yes i read those negative comments last week on prices). I only mention this because i love love love some of your clothes and want to buy them, but they are never quite the exact fabric/brand/look that you are wearing. For example, that amazing skirt you are wearing with the coral top. That’s my fave pic! AND the black leather jacket you wear all the time.. i WANT that one but i’m so picky and don’t want to buy the one you are linking if its not exactly the same!

    But anyway! I love your posts!

    1. i would say that 70-80% of the things I post are the exact item, but that’s not always possible to get the same exact thing since I still wear clothes from up to 5 years ago (meaning the item is no longer in stock, obviously) and I continually shop at boutiques in town which don’t have online stores. just like i said in the paragraph above the skirt and coral top, i found that skirt years ago and that was the closest similar skirt i could find scouring the internet forever and as for the top, I found that one at a boutique months back and haven’t been able to find the exact one. I try to give you the best options possible for when I don’t have the exact items, but it’s hard to find sometimes.

      1. Gotcha thanks so much for responding. On an awesome note, is your leather jacket the lander vegan jacket from inspyre boutique? I saw they posted some online but was wondering what size to get. I’m about the same height and build as you. I just love that jacket so much!

  6. You are gorgeous. I have 30-35lbs of baby weight to lose from my 3rd baby at age 35. Not sure why I’m sharing that it has nothing to do with fashion. Ha. Sleep deprived with too much coffee I guess

  7. Jetty Nieuwenhuis

    Love your Valentino shoes too!! And they are pretty comfy huh? I could walk a marathon in those:)
    Love your bag too, Chloe?
    Anyways, outfits awesome as usual!!

  8. Curious to know how ordering from SheIn was..I was skeptical to order from them since I’ve seen some not so great reviews about shipping and quality.

    Also, I live in South Texas and I am SO bummed I couldn’t come to Austin for your book signing. *sigh* Maybe next time!!

    1. i saw those reviews too, but i’ve never had any issues with shipping. it does take a while and you can’t really see when you will receive it, but if you’re not worried about getting it right away, then it’s not too bad!

  9. So I am not sure if you have posted on this before , but do you do your own makeup for all your pictures? Can you tell me what you do for your eyes? I love the smoky look you have in the pictures and I remember you mentioning false eyelashes. Any possibility you could share your routine and fav products?

  10. Hey Juli!

    Wondering if you could share what size you got that Zara dress in? Trying to figure out what size I should order! Thanks!!


  11. Absolutely love your fashion & no matter what the cost, keep doing you! Best of continued luck on your book tour, and as always, thanks for the delicious recipes!

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