Greek Avocado Dip

Errrrmerrrgerrrrd. Yesterday was one hella crazy travel day. It started in paradise and ended in pitch black Denver. Definitely not my favorite travel day to date. Here’s how it went down –

  1. Go through Aruba customs then US customs all at the Aruba airport.
  2. Get to Miami and think life is all good since we didn’t have to go through US customs in Miami.
  3. Get to our gate then find out it has moved.
  4. Go to the other gate.
  5. Find out it’s moved back to the original gate.
  6. Go back to the first gate.
  7. Get 10 notifications about delayed flight status.
  8. Get on the flight.
  9. Then get asked to get back off the flight because they didn’t have pilots.
  10. Watch as the airline hands out snacks to the crowd who pounces on it like we’re in the zombie apocalypse.
  11. Listen to a 3 year old grunt-scream-cry as his poor parents could really do nothing. You parents out there who are brave enough to travel with toddlers are pure saints. I don’t know how you do it.
  12. Watch the mother cry. So sad.
  13. See the dirtbag Colorado hippies talk sh*t about the family doing the best to quiet their child.
  14. Hate those humans.
  15. Wait around for 4 hours.
  16. Flight cancelled.
  17. Decision made to stay in airport instead of going to a hotel to sleep for 2 hours before going back through MIA security hell.
  18. Try to sleep on the floor of the airport and get too grossed out. Wearing shorts, can’t do it.
  19. Stay up until flight to Chicago.
  20. Cry.
  21. Sleeping pill.
  22. Don’t know what happened after that.
  23. Home.
  24. Dead.

PaleOMG Greek Avocado Dip

But I was in Aruba and Aruba is the best place on earth so I have no room to complain by any means. I’m going to do an entire recap of my experience in Aruba soon, but the gist is – Aruba is the best island ever and I’m already planning when I can go back again. I just obviously need to figure out a different flight option because that one just wasn’t the greatest.

PaleOMG Greek Avocado Dip

But who cares about my complaining ass, let’s talk about this dip! So this dip was inspired by a feta avocado dip that my friend always makes. Feta is the best. But it’s not something I should eat regularly and I know a lot of people can’t have it at all, so I wanted to add my own flare to this dip. And in turn, I came up with a completely different dip all together with ingredients I had on hand. It just mixes up the normal guac game and it’s perfect for topping on burgers, salads or whatever the hell else you can come up with. You’re creative, I trust you.

Someone I don’t trust at the moment is myself since I’m high on sleeping pills, I haven’t brushed my teeth, and I’m dirty AF from the airport floor. Maybe even as dirty as those Colorado hippies.

Nope. There’s no way. Not possible.

I’m delirious. Kbye.

PaleOMG Greek Avocado Dip


Greek Avocado Dip

  • Author: juli


  • 3 avocados, diced
  • 1 package of almond milk soft cheese*
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1/21 english cucumber, diced
  • 1/4 red onion, minced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • hefty pinch of salt and pepper


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Mix.
  3. Eat with chips, veggies or just a damn spoon!


*I used Kite Hill soft original almond milk cheese

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PaleOMG Greek Avocado Dip

PaleOMG Greek Avocado Dip


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23 thoughts on “Greek Avocado Dip”

  1. I am so excited to try this dip!!! Thank you!!!!

    Sorry your return trip was so awful, the video you posted of the people raiding the snacks was hilarious though!

  2. First, the dip looks amazing.
    Second, thank you for the sympathy/empathy for the parents. Those parents were probably tired/stressed/frustrated/embarassed and having people talk bad about them is the worst. Seriously, like a parent WANTS their child to have a meltdown so that EVERYONE IN THE AREA can enjoy the screaming?
    Anyway, so glad you’re home safe and that you enjoyed the island!!

    1. exactly!! traveling that late and having flights delayed and cancelled is hard enough, let alone with a screaming child in tow. the poor mother was crying after the parents started fighting. it was such a mess and so hard, i couldn’t believe some people were making it worse by giving them dirty looks. toddlers don’t know any better or how to manage their emotions. it sucks for everyone, but it definitely sucks the worst for the parents. i felt so bad for them.

  3. OMG when we went to Nicaragua for our honeymoon, we flew through Miami and I hated our time in the airport! There was a ton of construction and we didn’t know where to go, so we kept asking staff for help and they kept giving us the wrong directions. I was so exhausted from our trip that I had what we now call “The Miami Meltdown” HATE that airport.

    1. it’s the wooooooorst!! i wish i would have had a fitbit on yesterday to see how many miles we ended up walking. flip flops and shorts were not a great choice for that crazy 24 hours lol

  4. OMG I literally LOL’d when I read number 14. It’s like WTF, do they think the parents are happy about it? How does complaining about the situation help in any way??? I also say this as a woman with no kids. That all sounds terrible, and I thought I had it bad with a 13 hour flight from Beijing to Toronto with the old guy in front of me who put his seat ALL THE WAY BACK, and then my light above me didn’t work so I couldn’t read which is what I love to do on flights. I literally watched five movies in a row to get through it. And then of course the plane arrives late in Toronto, and I needed to literally run through the airport and get through customs ASAP and was about to miss my flight home to Detroit but I got on just in time. Not ideal to sprint through the airport after an uncomfortable 13 hour flight.

    Also that dip looks amazing!!! I never thought to pair feta with avocados but it sounds really good!

    1. right?! 0 kids over here and I still felt so bad for these parents, never angry towards them in any way! long flights are the worst!!

    1. i guess it was the first flight out that morning or at least the first flight they could get us on to get us back to colorado

  5. I was following along your travel mis-adventures on your insta stories and was realllly feeling for you, friend! What a long dreadful day you must have had! So glad you made it home safely. Oh + this dip. I’m making it for lunch tomorrow. Pregnancy cravings are real and I saw the thumbnail of this post and decided, yep… that’s lunch tomorrow. THANK YOU XOXOXO

  6. Better to have the kid screaming its face off in the airport than on the plane! Screaming/crying/whining kids while we’re up in the air in a metal box is horrible. Hopefully with the layover, the kid had time to calm down before getting on the plane! 🙂

  7. Fly direct to Bonaire and take a domestic flight to Aruba or Curacao. Skip MIA altogether! We fly from Houston to Curacao this way and it only takes about 4 hours direct to Bonaire. We did the MIA route once and never again. The ABC islands are great!

  8. Is there anything worse than airport delays?? I think not. But hey at the end of the day you arrived home.. 🙂 I totally love the look of this avocado dip and am dying to get my hands on that almond cheese. I don’t think it would be available here in the Netherlands (we’re a little behind with stuff like that) but will have a look around online for sure!

  9. Jessica Thompson

    Hey Zeus! This was amazing…from the few bites I had. My husband ate most of it, which I still call a win!

  10. Hi Juli, my comments on your recipes are very repetitive, but it’s the truth, this was delicious! i made it on cauliflower crust and also on toast with smoked salmon. definitely will be one of my go-to appetizer/side recipes! thank you!

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