Halloween Charcuterie Board

Time for a spoooooooky Halloween treat idea! The other day I shared Spiderweb Brownies and today I’m putting those brownies to use on this giant treat infested charcuterie board. I really got on board with the charcuterie board trend starting on Chritsmas Day when we made a table size charcuterie board for our guests. Now I make one for almost every single occasion. And since half the population is staying in this year instead of trick-o-treating, I wanted to come up with some fun ideas for parents to use with their kids at home. And how fun would it be to put this treat tray together then let them eat it? It may not be mini size Snickers bars that satisfy absolutely NO ONE, but it is filled with treats that are slightly better for you…but they’ll never know!

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

Now I made this charcuterie board as unhealthy as possible using healthier options. What I mean by that is I didn’t add carrots or bell peppers or even dried fruit. Those would all be great options, but if you would have ever tried to give me carrots for Halloween when I was a kid, I would have literally spit in your face. And don’t question that move, I was a very rebellious kid so that behavior wouldn’t have been a surprise for anyone around me. However, if you didn’t raise your child off of oatmeal cream pies and cosmic brownies, they may have slightly better taste and better standards for proper behavior. Hell, my friend Cassy catches her 3 year old eating kale on the floor of her kitchen. I didn’t even know what kale was until I was 30, let alone tasted it as a toddler. Whatever Cassy is doing, we should all be doing. She’s a genius.

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

So here’s what I’m picturing for you – you tell your kids they won’t be trick-o-treating this year, they scream and cry and curse the day you were born, then you show them these photos and say, “We are going to create this treat board, instead! Whatta ya say, you little demon??” And, of course, they are dressing as a demon…you would never call your own child a demon. At least to their face. Then you go to the store together, you buy super fun treats, then you bake some treats together, and BOOM, you’re the parent that saved Halloween this year. You’re a rockstar and the coolest parent ever. Bravo. And if none of this interests you and you’re trick-o-treating because you don’t give AF, that’s cool, too. You do you, boo! I’ll be at home eating popcorn with my lights off and dog in tow. Jackson never complains about the lack of trick-o-treating in 2020.

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board


Halloween Charcuterie Board

  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 10-20 servings 1x




  1. When building your Halloween charcuterie board, you’ll want to start with a cutting board or large serving tray. And you can build however you see fit! The main thing I try to do is switch between colors and textures. So instead of simply putting all the chocolates together, I’ll switch between chocolates, then cookies, then something crunchy, and so on!
  2. Once you build your tray between sweet and salty, you can add candles, lights, and even a skull and skeleton hands for an extra spooky look!

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PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board

Build Your Own Halloween Board

PaleOMG Halloween Charcuterie Board


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