My New Go-To Meal

So this is my new favorite meal. I mean, before Christmas, I think I ate it for every single meal in a day for at least a week straight. It’s not really a recipe, more like a bunch of sh*t thrown in a pan to create a harmonious love child of food. That’s at least how I see it. Really it’s just me obsessing over bacon and brussel sprouts, which should ALWAYS go together.

Guess what I’m doing. Buying a bikini already. Yep, I’m officially ready for summer. Colorado has been way too cold lately. And do not tell me to stop complaining because I have it easy in Colorado. I know I do. That’s why I live here. BUT Colorado usually gets really cold for a week, then is back to the 50’s and slightly warm. But no no no, Colorado has pretty much stayed under 30 degrees since Christmas. Too long. I’ve been trying to run on a regular basis (yes it’s embarrassing. i’m so awkward) but my feet go numb throughout my whole run. That could be due to the fact that I have some sort of pinched nerve in my ass, but I’m blaming it on the cold weather.

Wait, back to my point. I’ve been looking at some good ol’ swimsuits on Victoria’s Secret and I want to buy quite a few. Damn those models making every swim suit look good. It’s so annoying when you find the most adorable swim suit on there and then get it for yourself, try it on, and then are blasted in the face with disappointment. Blasted. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would never want to be that thin. I got pretty thin at one point and looked incredibly malnourished. BUT I would appreciate a swim suit to look good on me. And I haven’t quite found one yet. I feel like an awkward turtle in all of them. Similar to my running style. Awkward turtle all the way around.

Speaking of running and weird things, I wanted to share some of my favorite music I’ve been running to since a reader asked me yesterday. I have found out reeeeeeeeal quick that running without music is awful. So I proceeded onto add music to Sergio’s playlist since I’m poor and can’t afford $9.oo a month to add it. Ok, I can afford it. But don’t really want to. Sergio is over it though, and regrets giving me his password. So he said once he is back from Afghanistan, I have to get my own. Damnit. There goes a savings account I could have had. Thanks Sergio, thanks.

Wow. I’m a b*tch. And a moocher. Obviously.

Playlist time!

  1. Hall of Fame – The Script feat.
  2. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia
  3. Can’t Stop Me – Afrojack
  4. Feel this Moment – Pitbull feat Christina Aguilera
  5. Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
  6. Glass Danse – The Faint
  7. She Wolf – David Guetta
  8. Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
  9. Bottoms Up – KeKe Palmer
  10. Drinking from the Bottle – Calvin Harris

That’s all I got. These are the songs that are keeping me from crying while running. And I’m about to go run after JUST eating this meal. I’m about to burp brussel sprouts the whole time. Wonderful.


My New Go-To Meal

  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 cup brussel sprouts, cut into fourths
  • 1 Applegate Chicken Apple Sausage, sliced
  • 1 piece of bacon, cut in half
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 4 tablespoons Tessamae’s Zesty Ranch
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Place a large skillet over medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, add 4 tablespoons of zesty ranch to the pan along with the minced garlic clove. Then toss in your brussel sprouts.
  2. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over the brussel sprouts and let them sit for a couple minutes until they begin to burn just a bit.
  3. Use a spoon or a flip of your wrist to turn the brussel sprouts over to cook on the other side.
  4. Once the brussel sprouts have been flipped, add in a tablespoon of water and cover the pan with a lid. Keep an eye on them, being sure to move them around once more so the little guys don’t stick to the pan.
  5. While the brussel sprouts finish cooking, add a medium skillet over medium-high heat.
  6. Add your piece of bacon that has been cut in half to the pan. As soon as the fat begins to render out into the pan, add the sliced chicken sausage.
  7. Once your bacon is ready to flip, flip the bacon along with the sausage to cook on opposite side.
  8. When your brussel sprouts are soft enough to stick a fork through, remove from heat, salt and pepper once more, then place in bowl.
  9. Top with your cooked bacon and sausage.
  10. Done and done.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


101 thoughts on “My New Go-To Meal”

  1. I love your posts. You crack me up.

    One suggestion – wool socks. Seriously. They make running wool socks and they are amazing.

    Also, don’t run right after eating a ton of vegetables. That’s a miserable experience. Salads are not good pre-running fuel.

  2. I’m starting to think you’re looking into my kitchen. The day before your rutabaga egg nest post I ate rutabaga for the first time, and last night I ate Brussels sprouts for the first time as an adult. Love your blog and all the recipes! And good luck with the bikini. I’m so not there, but I have hopes of buying a new swimsuit this summer without crying. 🙂

  3. That meal looks great! I agree with you; brussel sprouts should never be eaten without bacon. Ever.
    It’s a shame bacon doesn’t also grow on brussel sprout stalks.. Would be pretty convenient.

    I also had a period where my feet went numb during a run, turns out I simply tied my shoelaces too tight. Oops..

  4. My legs could be cut off at the knee, and I would still run my heart out if David Guetta’s ‘She Wolf’ played. Love that song! It keeps me going when my legs are jello and I’m ready to drop.

    I seriously dislike running. Ive tried to like it. Really really tried. I want to be one of those incredibly happy people that run everyday. But I’m not a runner. 🙁

  5. You should check Athleta for a bikini. They have nice styles and you can actually find supportive tops that don’t look like your grandmas bra (if you need that sort of thing).

  6. Oh yum. I love Brussels sprouts but my DH doesn’t. Maybe bacon and this sausage will do it.

    Definitely try wool socks, check shoes/shoelaces. Does it happen if you run on a tmill, or just outside?

    For swimwear, have you tried Title 9 Sports and/or Athleta? Their suits might better fit real athlete’s bodies. 🙂

  7. Bikini tip: get one that ties, both top and bottom. It will always fit, without bulges, whether you go up or down a few pounds. You will never HAVE to buy a bikini again due to fit! Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean a STRING bikini. I got one with decent coverage. Bought at a shop where you buy the pieces separately (also genius).

  8. I agree on all of the above in this post!!! Brussels sprouts and bacon make any bowl better. I ate a lot of that over the holidays with leftovers. I live in this little frozen tundra called Buffalo, N.Y., and I went running on days our box was closed. I cried. Not even Pitbull could save me.

  9. So crazy- I have the same problem when I run, my right food immediately falls asleep until the run is over. It does not make for a fun time running!

  10. I’m going to be in Colorado in two weeks! Denver area, hope it isn’t too cold there (I’m from Texas and can hardly handle 50F).

    Nice running mix, I need some new tunes and will be giving these a try…

  11. Last spring I finally came to the realization that no matter how young or fit I am, I will never look at myself in a bikini bottom and think, “Yes! This is exactly the look I was going for! In fact, I look awesome!” Just not gonna happen.

  12. Looks delish! I am putting this on my to make list. Just started Whole 30 and am only on Day 4 but going strong. May make it a Whole 102 to try and make it to my 40th bday but am thinking I should tackle 30 days first. Whole 30 approved bacon is $16 a package and I can’t break the bank right now for bacon.

    I am supposed to run a 10k with my family next summer when my dad turns 70 but I HATE running! I am thinking I better start now so I don’t embarrass myself next year. Running sux!

  13. I second Athleta for swimsuits! They are made for “sport” but look super cute. I got a great bikini for my size 8 frame and size D boobs.

  14. I always eat the same thing over and over when I find something I like. :). I was just checking out vs bathing suits this morning too! I have nowhere to wear it for months! Oh well! It’s going to be in the 40’s for the next week

  15. Wondering if my boyfriend will allow the cooking of brussel sprouts in his proximity if there is sausage and bacon cooking in the pan next to it??? I am so going to try sneaking in brussel sprouts with this recipe.

  16. omg i need to get these sausages. applegate usually puts the worst ingredients in their products, but i looked these up and they are paleo. thank heavens. i’ve wanted to try a paleo sausage for a while now.

    also, were you starving after this? i would need to at least double the amount to even be remotely satisfied (and i’m like 87 lbs haha).

      1. haha that’s good. i’m trying to put on 20 lbs so it’s probably good i am totally insatiable. i just bought those sausages today so i’ll give them a whirl. i got the actual big meaty ones and then the thinner breakfast sausages. i like having easy things to make when i don’t feel like putting shit together.

  17. Juli, maybe you should look at the swimsuits on the Athleta website. All of their clothes are made with a more athletic figure in mind and good quality.

  18. I always have chicken sausage on hand for an easy protein!

    I’m not a big comment-er (I’m working on it!) but I’ve been following your blog for several months now and I’m just really excited for you and so happy for your new book! You were one of the first blogs I came upon when searching for paleo and your voice, in blog form was awesome in helping me through the transition. I can’t wait to buy your book (currently working with what would’ve been a beans and rice budget, but is instead a ground meat and eggs…so many eggs budget haha) so I’ll be able to buy it in a couple months when I save up.

    Keep on keeping on! Love the blog!

  19. Yes to ‘She Wolf’. Yes to brussel sprouts and bacon. No to VS bikini! Try Title Nine or Athleta. One or both of those have stores in Colorado. I think. Maybe. Whatever, they have really cute bikinis for athletic bodies. I personally think Title Nine is a little better in the quality department, but I think you can’t go wrong either way. And I’ve never heard of Tessamaes, so thanks for that little nugget of info!

  20. I’ve found that I now love running because of music. Do your tempos match your foot strike? If it does, it becomes like dancing.
    You can look up songs online ‘running songs BPM 160’ or whatever to see which songs match your strike. A good pace for people can range from 150-180.
    I also break up my ‘runs’ with 1 min on, 1 min off or whatever, at slightly faster paces…this is so much more fun than plodding along slowly! It’s like sprints you can keep doing.
    Check out iTunes for MotionTraxx. They have free downloads for paced runs (it’s just an upbeat music track…kinda cheesy) but it coaches you through intervals with a timer, or will gradually increase the pace over 1 hour or 30 min or whatever.
    Good luck!
    You might just begin to enjoy it…

  21. Have you heard of/tried the new (new-ish now, perhaps) Zombie Run app?? Its a one time fee of $7.99 (dumb. I typically only ‘buy’free apps haha) and it makes running SO much more interesting! who isn’t motivated to run when you are being chased by zombies?! And I don’t even buy into the whole zombie craze.
    Maybe they should make a vampire one for you.. 🙂
    Love the song mix!

  22. Man on man this was good. Became obsessed with the picture and had to make it. I faked the Zesty Ranch stuff, and it still was fabulous.

    And I’m going to check out your running list. Need some new tunes for my training! Thanks for a great recipe.

    1. How did you fake the zesty ranch? I want to make this tonight but don’t have access to Tessemaes. Thanks!

  23. This looks yummy! I wish my family would eat the same thing for multiple meals in a row! 🙂

    re: bathing suits
    I really like my Hapari suit pieces. I went with a tankini mix. The bottoms come up a little higher on the tummy (with some support) and the tank is long, but fitted. It’s also super adjustable on top for the perfect fit and support. Some tankinis just look like a mumu, but these are fitted like a suit and I like the versatility of changing the tops and bottoms to match my mood. Good Luck!

  24. This post is purely food unrelated.
    I went into Victoria Secret because I thought their swimsuits looked so awesome online. I tried one on and just stared. This is NOT what I thought. At all. False advertising? WTH. I took it off and ran quickly. Not before my husband had seen me in it. We both can’t unsee that.

  25. That looks awesome and I love the applewood sausage – my only problem is there is NO WAY I could eat ONLY ONE piece of the sausage and piece of bacon…I thought it was some paleo law that you had to have at least two slices of bacon when preparing some??? Loving this site!

  26. The good thing about buying swimsuits in the winter is a lot of them are on sale! I’m a huge fan of anything quick, easy, and delicious that I can pull together, so I have more time for the gym or watching new girl. My new crockpot should help out with that.

  27. On the swimsuit issue, since you want several, have you tried Costco. Here in the KC area they have a one piece, black with different colors band edgings. They look attractive for $19.95 each.

  28. Food looks great! It seems like something I could throw together quickly for just myself seeing that my husband wont eat brussel sprouts..but like someone else said maybe the bacon will lure him in =)
    Oh, and my VS swimsuit came in the mail today…the bottoms are great..Fold over style is amazing, but I definitely got the top size wrong. Oh well, back it goes. Good luck in your hunt!

  29. Juli- I have been feeling like crap. Draggin’ my paleo a** and feeling sorry for myself. I decided to try to get some inspiration by looking for new and cool things to feed my tall, lanky, paleo boy (16) and similarly tall, rockin’, quasi-paleo girl (14) for school lunch. I have skipped through many of the chatty and lovely recipe offerings and I just keep coming back to you. I will figger out this here bloggy stuff… (as g*d is my witness), I will read you regularly- because I love your sense of humor and your use of brussel sprouts and rutabagas. I feel wholly restored just from this quick read. And swim suits… I just embarked on paleo this past April ’12, I am 47 with 6 kids and 2 grandsons… I don’t think there will ever be a bikini for me but never say never. 😉

  30. Yes to Athleta suits!! They are so awesome, even for larger women like me, especially if you have boobs. The suits you buy based on your cup size with underwire are the bomb. Also if you have an Everything But Water near you they are also awesome. But so is Nordstrom….Love your blog. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  31. Mmmmmm yum! This b.sprouts look amazing. I’ve always used to made them with pancetta (also good) – not sure if that’s paleo (I am sure the one I was using is not), but it is still a bacon!

    Nice running mix. I’ll have to add some of those to my playlist.
    Also some of my fave/Powersongs

    Titanium – David Guetta/Sia
    Work Hard/Play Hard – Wiz Khalifa
    Chop Me Up – Justin Timberlake
    Bleed it Out – Linkin Park
    T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) –

    some of those are old, but they still keep me moving! =)

  32. This recipe looks awesome, I’m definitely going to try it. My go-to meal is usually some variation of hash so this is right up my alley. Quick, easy, and tasty! Oh, and I love the pictures. Keep up the good work.

  33. What can we use instead of the Tasmean ranch dressing? We live in the cabuts of south Texas and we need a substitute for that! Thanks and you are so adorable, sweet and funny 🙂

    1. I was also wondering this! I can order it but I want to try this now!!! Living in the sticks has it’s downside when it comes to foodstuff!

  34. I made this last night as I had leftover brussels id roasted omg and want to know what makes it even better? I threw some sauerkrut on top!!! Oh and I left I just didnt use the ranch stuff as I don’t have access to that and it was still good. Now my favorite quickie meal!

  35. Subbed in the Tessamae’s lemonette dressing for the brussel sprout flavoring instead of ranch…still delish! A great standby for a simple meal.

  36. I made this and it was GREAT. I didnt have Tessamae’s sauce, I just omitted it. Their website looks cool though. Dang I always burn my brussel sprouts.

  37. I was definitely a little skeptical of brussels sprouts, but after making this I understand why it’s your new go-to meal. Will be making this one again!

  38. Mallory Hildreth

    Delicious. Didn’t have the Tessamae’s- used a combo of olive oil, dijon, lemon juice, garlic, s&p. Also added cauliflower to the brussel sprouts. So easy and nutricious.

  39. Holy shit is this good. Apple chicken sausage fried in bacon fat is brilliant. I didn’t have the oil either, but looked up how to make your own ranch dressing seasoning. Found that and put the spices in with the brussel sprouts. Yum Yum. Added a couple sweet potato sticks roasted in coconut oil. Eye rolling all over the place!! Thank you!!!

  40. I LOVE brussel sprouts and agree that they should NEVER be cooked without bacon.

    I have a similar go to meal…wilted kale with spicy chicken sausage; it cooks up in a pinch and can be rolled over into a soup if you ever wanted to add some stock/broth to it. Mine never survives long enough to be leftovers. =)

    As far as swimsuits go (the horror of it all), I too have been fooled by the beauties on the pages of the VS catalog. They ‘claim’ to have them in my size but when you order it, get it in and try it on it’s like comparing a brand-spankin’ new Ferrari to a battered 200K mile worn station wagon (so not fair). So, I agree with others about Title Nine and Athleta. Get a suit that is made to fit people who are athletic and will use them to swim not those who intended to lounge around and pose like a celebrity/super model.

    I love reading your rants and recipes, you are a gal after my own heart! Keep up the awesomeness!


    I made this meal everything x 4 except garlic that was x 2. my hungry hubby ate it and my two starving swimmers ate it. and I gobbled that yummy stuff down post run. EVERYONE loved it.

    Love you JB!

  42. For Tessamaes- I can’t bring myself to pay just as much in shipping as I am for the product :/

    I made this for lunch today, but used some dry ranch seasoning with a little EVOO. Delish! Thanks for another great one!

  43. Tried this recipe a couple of days ago and I’m in love!! Made it with shredded brussel sprouts that my local Wegmans provides and it was such a delicious meal!! How often can you say that about a meal that contains brussel sprouts!! I’ve even made just the brussel sprouts as a side without the sausage! Amazing!! Thank you for expanding my paleo recipe collection!!

  44. Carve or Lolo swim!! They make suits for athletic peeps and so darn cute! I get mine from REI (can get dividend points) or some other sporting goods store.

  45. Made this last night and it was delicious! My boyfriend even liked it and he hates brussel sprouts (don’t think he’d ever tried them). Tessemae’s isn’t available here but I looked it up and tried to replicate with lemon juice, oil, galic and then traditional ranch spices. Worked great. Thanks!

  46. I made this, this morning for my lunch for today. I had some for breakfast and all I can say is YUM! I kinda condensed the process by cutting up the bacon and browning the Brussels sprouts in it threw in the ranch and garlic and sauteed a little longer. Threw the sausage in there cooked for about 5 min with the lid on. I am definitely making thing my go to meal too!!!

  47. Made this today for lunch and Im obsessed!! So good and I usually hate brussel sprouts so I was happy. Love your playlist! Im training for a half marathon in March and I’ve been addicted to Macklemore’s Thrift shop, And we danced, and White walls. And Breezeblocks by Alt J. Freaking amazing I listened to it for three straight miles yesterday. Also like to throw in some Queen and Styx to mix it up 🙂

  48. I’m new to your site… and in love with these recipes added bonus is your sense of humour : )

    I need to ask how you sliced the chicken sausage soo thin and neatly?? Mine didn’t look like that, and therefore, required a much longer cooking time. Althouhg, I had to buy mild chicken sausage from the deli counter, as we don’t have Applegate Anything available here in Canada. I think we have Johnsonville Apple chicken sausage, but can’t find them at this time of year for some reason ?!?!

    Brussel sprouts turned out fabulous… and will definitely use this cooking technique for additional dishes.

    I also had much longer cooking times for the 5Ing Acorn Squash meal… which I loved.

    Your food pictures make my mouth water !! Can’t wait to try more

  49. That. Looks. AMAZING!!! I’m considering going paleo and this looks like a wonderful dish to start with. Thank you! 🙂

  50. Oh, and when I first started running.. My feet did the same thing, I thought I was a weirdo. Turns out my laces were too darn tight! And, my feet weren’t used to the constant impact. Now, I run miles with no issue… Hang in there you will be a great runner, you’re already awesome at crossfit, blogging, and cooking! It will just be one more thing to add to your resume 😉

  51. I have a great tip for the zesty dressing part of this recipe (if you are lactose tolerant)! My grocery didn’t have the fancy Tessamae brand so I shopped around for an alternative. Fail! Every dressing, all forms and brands, was either filled with chemicals or vegetable/canola oil. No thank you! I love greek yogurt – it’s not perfect, but at least I can pronounce all 3 to 4 ingredients (milk, cream, etc.) I got to thinking a spice blend might work. Sure enough, I took a chance on an “all purpose” organic spice blend for $6 (it contains several spices,) and added it – to taste – to some full fat greek yogurt that I watered down slightly to make a dressing-consistency. I also added salt to taste and bam! I feel like it was pretty ranchy tasting sans all the chemical flavors ala Hidden Valley Ranch. You could probably dress it up even more with lemon juice or paprika. Making a whole batch tomorrow – can’t wait to try it on this recipe!

  52. I really enjoy your blog and recipes! I had no idea you were from Colorado. I am too, and no we haven’t had a horrible winter, but i want sunny skies and it to be at least 50 deg… that 30 deg and below weather we had after christmas was not fun.
    Anyways- enjoy running, and I will enjoy trying this meal you posted.

    Quick question- how is it warmed up? My boyfriend and I prepare all of our meals on Sunday for the entire week so we can bring them to work at warm them up. Just curious if you have had it as leftovers before, or always make it fresh. Thanks!

  53. Sarah Mulholland

    I made this for lunch and it was wonderful! I too had to use olive oil and used a sprinkle of my dry ranch mix I made. I used Aidells chicken apple sausage. I don’t know how it compares to apple gates but it was good. It was good with kimchi as well. I think I might try this for breakfast some time with an over medium egg on top. Thank you for this quick, delicious recipe!

    1. Sarah Mulholland

      I made this again today for lunch. I put Brussels sprouts in bowl, topped with a spoonful of kimchi, then meats and then a fried egg. OH my goodness…you must try!

  54. Cant wait to try the recipe! Seriously try Athleta for a swimsuit–I bought 2 last summer. I have dreaded bathing suit shopping my whole life…I walked out of there on cloud nine and actually feeling good about myself and my suits! Worth the trip/shipping charges! Oh, and there return policy is awesome–take a swim and you don’t like, you can take it back!

  55. Wonderful meal. C: I loved the sausage, and the brussel sprouts were good. I do think I overcooked them or something though because they were quite bitter, but I drowned them with more ranch and all was good. I must say, I’m giving this a 5 out of 5 because my dad actually said that he liked the brussels. 0.0 Since this is a man whom despises fresh veggies, I’m quite pleased. Thank you! C:

  56. Hi, I’m a new follower/stalker of your blog. I made this for dinner tonight and it’s now going to be my go-to meal! Delicious…though I did manage to burn the brussel sprouts a little despite your warning! I couldn’t find the Applegate Chicken sausage, so I substituted with Archer Farms all-natural spinach & garlic chicken sausage with no casing. The same goes for the Tessamae Zesty Ranch…I used Brianna’s Classic Buttermilk Ranch. I suppose the buttermilk didn’t make it 100% Paleo, but it still turned out to be a bada$$ meal! 5 out of 5 stars, ma’am!

  57. Ok so, I just made this delicious meal! I never like brussels but a friend gave me a recipe for roasted balsamic vinegar ones. I didn’t have the fancy ranch & don’t really like ranch anyway so I put balsamic vinegar on it & it was amazing. The only problem I had & have been having since I went paleo is that it is a struggle for my bacon to make it to the pan. That’s right, I crave like crazy, raw bacon. What gives?! Can anyone tell me why? I have never thought of eating raw meat before but since I went paleo sometimes I just go to the fridge & get out a slice of raw bacon & eat it. GROSS but the craving won’t go away until i do it. HELP! LOL

  58. I was wondering, I have Crohn’s disease. Does the chicken sausage have the seeds in it? Sausage makes me soo sick.

    1. it depends what chicken sausage you get. look at the ingredients prior. and you don’t need to use chicken sausage. use a different kind

  59. just found out about you for and article i read in the box love you and the receipes you have they look amazing. keep up the great work

  60. Awesome recipe! I didn’t have access to that particular ranch, so I made my own from the recipe from Well Fed and just topped the bowl with ranch instead of cooking in it. Heavenly!

  61. First time ever eating sausage, and it was great everything went together soo well. I added squash and kale to my Brussels, and everyone gobbled it up. No leftovers!

  62. So I’m a little late to this post! and this whole blog to be honest. Love it though 😀 I just had to share that I clicked on the link for the dressing and immediately felt awkward because I met one of the sons at Whole Foods one day where he was doing a demo. I bought some of that dressing. It’s gooood shit. Just thought I’d share. Can’t wait to make this recipe 😉

  63. Loved this recipe! And the hubs said it was “definitely a keeper”. We’re just starting paleo, and I’m so glad I found your blog this early!

  64. I just started Paleo last night and this is the first breakfast I’ve made. It was wonderful! I’ve never eaten brussel sprouts as an adult, or probably as a child since my mom has an aversion to vegetables. I’ve been living/cooking healthier for about 4 years now, to lose weight, and I’ve been successful but it has slowed as I near about 20lbs to my goal weight. It feels strange to add bacon to so many Paleo dishes, but if it tastes as good as this with brussel sprouts, I’m sure I’ll manage.
    I’m gonna go search through every other one of recipes now, thanks!!

  65. I love that you tend to make food that’s just a one-person portion. It’s so annoying to cook up a recipe and then have to guilt yourself into eating the less-than-desirable leftovers for like 9 days.

    Never had brussels sprouts before- will have to look up how to buy them. Here goes nothing!

  66. Made mine with homemade chicken basil sausage and it was amazing! I love Tessamae’s Dressing esp. Zesty Ranch. I buy it by the case now. Perfect quick meal for lunch or dinner.

  67. Loved this recipe! I had never cooked with this type of chicken sausage before and the flavor is wonderful! Easy, low ingredient, and delicious

  68. Just made this for my girlfriend & substituted the zesty ranch for Coconut Oil & freeze dried italian Dressing. We both loved it
    Great taste in music

  69. First recipe from your site that I actually made and I LOVED it. Thank you. Some of the more advanced recipes are WAY outta my league. I hope one day I can cook some of the harder ones. Will continue to stalk your pages! 🙂

  70. I just quadrupled this recipe for two people. And we ate it all. Also – I added parsnips to the Brussels sprouts. OMG do that. I won’t have it any other way.

  71. Just made this again for the 1000th time, except didn’t have zesty ranch or Brussels sprouts. So I used Dijon mustard, a little lemon juice, and broccoli instead… STILL great. Thanks again for a great recipe that I throw together all the time! 🙂

  72. This was so easy and delicious!!! One of my new favorite recipes! I had an egg over my leftovers this morning for breakfast. Delicious!

  73. This was super simple and quick. The taste is awesome! I couldn’t find the chicken apple sausage at Sprout’s so I just used a basic chicken sausage and it was still very good. Thanks for the recipe!

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