PB&J Pancakes

I lied to you. Once again. These pancakes were not made with peanut butter…or jelly. They were made with cherries and sunbutter. Peanuts aren’t paleo, so I hear. And I’ve cut nuts out of my life. I even made almond butter for someone special the other day and only took a lil tiny lick of it to make sure it didn’t taste like nut butt. Hehe, I said butt.

Speaking of butts, a pretty nice one came into my gym the other day. A woman named Vanessa was in town from Arizona and stopped in to get a workout in during her vacation. First off, she’s has given birth to 5 children and looks 10x better than me. Not fair. Secondly, she’s hilarious. Straight up, fantastically funny. And lastly, she’s incredibly thoughtful because she put together a gift basket of cooking things for me as a thank you for writing my blog. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Getting a thank you gift for doing something I love is preeeeety awesome. And the best part of it all, it’s her birthday TODAY. So I wanted to give her a little shout out for being ridiculously good looking AND having a super cool husband who emailed me to send me a picture of the two of us. What a great guy. I bet he’s making her something delicious today. Like these lil guys. Breakfast in bed. If a man ever served me breakfast in bed, I would make out with him on a constant basis. Fact.

daaaaaaaamn she’s cool

This week is the week leading up to 4th of July. Many of you think of that day as the best day of summer. I…do not. 4th of July reminds me of my days when I worked at a pool and had to make sure 100+ children weren’t drowning, or running on the deck, or crapping themselves in the pool…which they usually did. Then I would clean up their July 4th extravaganza food festival they left on the ground because they were too drunk to notice the cheetos they were mopping up with their toes. The adults, not the children. Then I would try to go get my party on with some friends but was too exhausted to smile. Therefore, was a bore. Soooooo 4th of July sucks in my eyes. BUT I’m going to change that this year. Do something fun. I don’t know what, but I know it will be good. AND I’ll be posting recipes all week and into next week that you can bring to your pool, get drunk, and half-heartedly stuff your face with, then continue on to smash your toes in once you grossly drop it onto the ground. You’re welcome.


PB&J Pancakes



For the coconut sunbutter frosting:


  1. This is simple.
  2. Place cherries in food processor and puree.
  3. Add your sunbutter and egg and pureee more.
  4. Place in bowl and add your coconut flour, baking soda, vanilla extract, cinnamon and salt and mix together with a spoon.
  5. Place a large skillet or pancake griddle over medium heat.
  6. Once skillet is hot, use a bit of your oil of choice to grease it and pour your pancake batter. I made my pancakes about 3 inches in diameter (I’m guessing that’s the word). The smaller you cook them, the easier they will cook through and not be mushy. I warned you.
  7. Cooked for about 1-2 minutes per side.
  8. While your pancakes are cooking, mix your sunbutter frosting together. Daaaaamn it’s good.
  9. In a bowl, mix together your coconut butter, sunbutter, and honey.
  10. Top pancakes with the frosting.
  11. Consume. Be merry.


Makes 8 small pancakes.

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PaleOMG PB&J Pancakes
This is my dream home.
It is very warm. And cozy.
This is what my home looks like from the sky.
This is peeking in my window.
Someone straight up tried to eat my home. Meaning Sarah and Laura.

I’m so weird.


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57 thoughts on “PB&J Pancakes”

  1. Why no more nuts? 🙁

    PS. Pancakes are one of my favorite things in this world. And I’ve converted my significant other to sweet potato pancakes (from health-bent.com)… it is now required of me to make them every Saturday morning.

    I love seeing your new sweet breakfast recipes!

  2. So I read this article on NPR that talked about the paleo diet moving from the gym to the doctors office. Ok article, but the comment section was more interesting. People said that the only reason people lost weight on a paleo diet is because the food is gross. Are these people idiots? They clearly haven’t visited your site. You have shown that PALEO and GROSS don’t go together.

    Btw, are you trying to kill me? I am highly allergic to cherries but you keep making delicious things with them that I am bound to try. I once ate a bag of dried cherries in the airport while trying to stay paleo. Then proceeded to take an excessive amount of Benadryl to ward off an allergic reaction. Bad idea. Just saying.

  3. I can totally relate to 4th of July at the pool and yet again I find myself working the day. Being selfish but I’m hoping the weather blows so nobody wants to leave the house.

    These look delicious. Can’t wait to make them as soon as I find Coconut Flour.

    1. haha i will soon. i dropped my phone in the toilet, thus losing the memory card and not being able to take pictures since. my life is sad because of it.

      1. Ahh that explains why you are a grumpy Gus. I think I would have some form of a seizure if I lost my phone. A button broke on it a few months back and I think I had palpitations

  4. These look delicious. How do you get your pancakes so fluffy? I’ve tried probably 10 different paleo pancake recipes and they always come out flat and boring.

    1. Try and let your pancake batter sit for ten minutes to activate the baking soda. Also, don’t over work the batter. This should help make fluffy pancakes!

  5. I’m so glad you went no-nuts! I am allergic to almonds so it always made me sad when you’d post something that sounded amazing but was 99% almond.

    1. My son is allergic to nuts and coconut also, so we have been modifying the recipes with arrowroot or tapioca flour. You need a bigger qty of flour since it is not as absorbant as the coconut. All of Juli’s recipes are amazing, even with the modification!!

  6. Hi, I’m from the UK and I am wondering what I could use instead of sun butter?? Had a look on amazon over here and if I have converted correctly it costs 20$ for a tub!!!

    Would peanut /almond butter work?

    Love your site, tried the sweet potato bacon things last week- absolutely lovely!!

  7. I also made a cherry/Sunbutter creation this weekend and was pleased to discover it tasted just like peanut butter and jelly! I was not, however, pleased to discover my suspicions of a sunflower seed allergy were spot on. Which is lame. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing such a magical recipe. I’ll probably attempt it using some other sort of butter 🙂

    1. Supplement with l-glutamine to heal your gut lining. Start off with 5grams a day, but do not consume more than 20 grams in a day. Otherwise, you’ll be in some of the worst abdominal pain of your life. Yes, I speak from experience.

      Drinking bone broth will also help, but l-glutamine is wicked fast at this.

  8. JULI!

    So frakin’ proud of you for giving up nuts. It’s hard gurrrrl, but you can do it!

    I will try these when I can eat fruit again 🙂 They look beautiful! Cherries are one of my favourite fruit, like, EVER.

  9. I made coconut butter today (for this recipe), which left me with one question. It’s okay for me to lick the food processor, correct? 🙂

  10. OMG!!! I just made these….except I replaced the coconut flour with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. They were A-MAZ-ING!!!!! Definitely my new favorite post-w.o. meal 🙂 Thanks sooooo much for the recipe!

  11. Hi Juli,
    I am new to your site and have tried a few recipes – they are AMAZING! In fact my very picky, paleo-resistant adolescent even loved them (which is saying a lot since he is not very complimentary as of late).
    Anyway, I am relatively new to Paleo and was wondering what made you give up nuts? And if you have noticed a difference since you have…just curious (or nosey).
    Thanks for everything – your site is great!

  12. Very clever calling these PB&J pancakes to get our attention, ha, ha. These look wonderful – just like all of your creations. I’m looking forward to serving these for breakfast sometime very soon. I know they will be great!

  13. Do you think I could replace sunbutter with almond butter? I’m allergic to sunflower seeds As good as these look, I’m not sure they’re worth the hives all over my body 😉

  14. Mine did not come out as nice looking as yours and my batter was super thick but they still tasted delicious and the frosting was awesome! These are surprisingly filling.

  15. Girl, I hate to do this..it really pains me. But I think you’ve motivated me to give up nuts and dark chocolate as well. At least for a little while. Like maybe 3 hours? Yikes, this will be hard!

    By the way, these look freaking delicious.

  16. I am prepared to make these tomorrow. I gave up nuts ages ago and have been sugar free for over two weeks. I allot myself one “sweet” meal a week and I’m drooling in anticipation!!

  17. I have followed you for a while but have never commented probably cuz I’m a sissy lala nervous nelly when it comes to people reading my posts but I had to comment on this one. Vanessa, the woman in your picture, is up in Coeur d’Alene Idaho at Crossfit Coeur d’Alene where she, and HER MOM, tear it up! Her husband comes in from out of town for the weekends and the other day while working with the Atlas stones he said to his wife, “I saw this on tv once. Curl up in a ball.” She immediately did so, he picked her up and throw her over his shoulder and carried her like she was a case of beer! They are so cute and so inspiring to be around. Just thought I’d share.

    P.S. And yes all of her kids?? Gorgeous! Thanks for the great blog!!

  18. Holy bejesus!!! These are so amazing!!!!! I used blueberries instead of cherries, so yummy. They really hit the spot. Thanks for all of your amazing recipes and hilarious posts!

  19. I hope you’ll forgive me, but I only had peanut butter and blueberries, but they still were AWESOME!!! I have been craving pancakes and was looking for a nut-free pancake recipe. Thank you so much!

  20. Great recipe, Juli! I tried making them this morning, and they tasted wonderful…but I have a question, how do you keep them from falling apart? I feel like every time I make pancakes with coconut flour, they just crumble? Maybe it’s just me! Any tips/advice?

  21. All right, I only had blueberries in the house because I had already eaten all of the cherries. I love cherries! I took a chance to see if my 13 month old twin girls would like these and they are a huge hit! They are gobbling them up!

  22. since going paleo 2 years ago the things I have missed most are pancakes and PB&J’s. Love this site, making these for breakfast tomorrow.

  23. Hi, I would like to make these however I have to avoid all coconut products. What can I replace the coconut flour and butter with?

  24. I recently stumbled upon your website on pinterest, and I am obessed. You have great recipes and a big ole booty like me! this post made me laugh so hard I had to read it again to my boyfriend, which i laughed the entire time while reading so, fail. anyway, I will be giving this a try!

  25. I just made this with raspberries & almond butter, because that’s what I had laying around. Absolutely freaking delicious.

  26. note to self (and everyone else)- I used frozen cherries and followed the recipe exactly.. and they turned out super gooey. I had to literally burn the edges just to be able to flip them :-/ The taste was still good.. just not as pretty and non burnt as your pic, boooo. Next time I’ll try fresh/non frozen fruit.

  27. Just plugged the recipe into MFP… *blinks slowly* … Definitely splitting this with my little one cuz the whole recipe is almost all my calories for the day LOL. But I’m totally going to try them. They look divine!

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