As you may know (if you have been reading any of my recent posts), I’ve been following less of a paleo lifestyle and more of a lifestyle that fits my own nutritional needs. And because of that, I’ve been eating more gluten grains AND beans. You can read about my bean protocol here and how it changed my life. And since I share 95% of my life on social media, meals like this peanut butter protein oats pop up on stories weekly and I always get a handful of people asking for the recipe. Obviously this is a paleo website, but it has evolved over the years into whatever I see fit and whatever is working for me at the moment. Take it or leave it. If this non-paleo recipe doesn’t work for you, you can simply not make it and move on to the thousands of other paleo recipes on my site instead! And if you’re wondering why I haven’t rebranded, you can read this post!

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about oats. Because let’s face it, oats are way more fun than angry people online.

PaleOMG Peanut Butter Protein Oats

Probably 4 or 5 months ago, I started tracking my protein intake. I had hit a plateau in my muscle growth and I was feeling a little stuck. So I started paying more attention to how much protein I was eating each day, and the more I tracked, the more muscle growth I started to see! Science right there. I also started tracking my fiber since beans/fiber have been a huge part of my recovery from acne. And since I have beans at least 5x/day these days, I have to get creative with certain dishes…like adding beans to smoothies and/or oat bowls! This dish includes my favorite plant based protein powder, it’s blended with a flax milk that also includes pea protein, then I add cannellini beans to blend into a smooth mixture. I also top it with hemp hearts for extra protein, as well! This dish has around 36g of protein and 8g of fiber! If you don’t care about those numbers whatsoever, that’s cool too, at least you’ll just LOVE how delicious this breakfast is.

PaleOMG Peanut Butter Protein Oats

I’ve talked about Safe + Fair granola on my stories, but I’ve never talked about it in a blog post. Their granola and popcorn are out of this world good! The birthday cake granola is my favorite snack of all time. It’s sweet, it’s salty, and it has sprinkles. Tell me something that isn’t made better with sprinkles. Nothing. You got nothing. Whenever I get frozen yogurt, I swear I have more sprinkles than frozen yogurt, which is stupid since sprinkles really have no flavor. But what they do have is texture. And texture makes everything better. Well Safe + Fair also has birthday cake granola. It’s epic. I’m using Safe + Fair Full Stack Granola in this recipe because it has the perfect amount of maple syrup in it that pairs just right with the peanut butter flavor. It’s a lovely combination. Ok, I’m just going to shut up about the oats so you can go make this recipe and love it as much as I do. Don’t forget to get enough protein and fiber in! Or don’t. It’s your life.

PaleOMG Peanut Butter Protein Oats

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Peanut Butter Protein Oats

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  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 7 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving 1x




  1. Place milk, protein powder, beans, maple syrup, and vanilla extract in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add oats to a bowl along with the liquid and stir to combined. Place in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Top oats with granola and hemp hearts then eat up!

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PaleOMG Peanut Butter Protein Oats

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PaleOMG Peanut Butter Protein Oats


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Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


  1. Heather B says:

    LOVED this one! I bought PB protein powder just so I could try it. I am not a huge fan of oatmeal, so I kept it cold (cold oatmeal, overnight oats, whatever the catchy name for it is) and still loved it. I am going to try to blend the oats next time and try it as a smoothie too. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

    1. juli says:

      so glad you liked it!

  2. Anna S says:

    I love this so much! Have made these oats many times and now use this recipe as a template to switch up flavors. Thanks for the hot tip on the beans!

    1. juli says:

      awesome! so glad you love the recipe, Anna!

  3. Laura Wilson says:

    This is delicious! I didn’t have cannellini beans so I used garbanzo beans, also used a different granola since I haven’t received the full stack granola yet. I am really loving the protein powder, I drink the Four Sigmatic Coffee so I just added that powder to my last order and it is really good! Thank you for the suggestion, definitely looking for new recipes to up my daily protein.

    1. juli says:

      yummmm that sounds amazing!! so glad you’re loving this recipe! wait til you try it with full stack!!