In case you missed the exciting news, my 12-week Power Program 2.0 is HERE! I wanted to kick 2021 off in the best way possible so I started planning Power Program 2.0 months ago to make sure you had it in your hands as soon as the new year began! Power Program 2.0 is the next chapter to my first Power Program which launched back in February 2020 (if you want to read more about it and see transformation photos from the first PP, click here). The first Power Program included beginner and advanced workouts so someone could start with the beginner program and work their way to the advanced. With Power Program 2.0, it’s stepped up a notch to help you continue to improve on your fitness goals. Power Program 2.0 has intermediate and pro workouts. These workouts are more challenging than the first Power Program and they will push you in new ways. A few things are different when it comes to Power Program 2.0 compared to the first:

  1. Obviously the workouts are different and more challenging, but I also decided to change things up a bit when it came to the HIIT workouts. With Power Program 2.0, weeks 1/3 and weeks 2/4 are the same, but each week has a different HIIT workout so it never feels repetitive or too boring.
  2. I decided to add in a stability ball to the equipment in Power Program 2.0 and remove the kettlebell, which were a staple in the first PP. Kettlebells can be hard to find and I found that many people were asking if they could perform some of the movements with a dumbbell instead, so I decided to remove the kettlebell. And since a stability ball is so affordable and still easy to get your hands on these days, I decided to add it in!
  3. And Power Program 2.0 is on a whole new platform! You can now easily access my programs from the Teachable platform and app, which makes it even easier to watch the videos while you’re at the gym or wherever you may work out these days!

Now before we get into the sample workout, I want to share what equipment you’ll need!

  • Dumbbells – some heavy and some light to make sure you’re able to work both upper and lower body, and progress in weights as needed. The point of the program is to build more muscle so you can burn calories and see physical changes, and increasing your weights throughout will get you these!
  • Loop bands – these are my favorite for the program
  • Bench – I do all movements with a flat bench, but having a bench that moves into an incline is definitely beneficial
  • Stability Ball – this piece of equipment was not in my first Power Program, but since it’s super affordable and incredibly beneficial, I added it in this time around!

Now let’s get into one of the workouts I shared on stories over the weekend while I was in Cabo! This is a HIIT workout from Month 3 of the PRO program. The workout itself is only 12 minutes, which means you’ll be done in under 20 minutes if you do the warm-up and cool down that is included in the program! That’s one of my favorite things about this program – all workouts can be performed in under an hour! This HIIT workout is all about WORK! It will push you and it will get hard REAL QUICK.

And here is what the video looks like for the workout!

For Power Program 2.0, weeks 1/3 and weeks 2/4 will look the same, except every HIIT workout will be different for every single week! This is what each week will look like:

  • Day 1 – Lower Body
  • Day 2 – Upper Body
  • Day 3 – HIIT Day
  • Day 4 – Rest Day
  • Day 5 – Lower Body
  • Day 6 – Full Body Sweat

If you’re new to my Power Programs, I highly recommend starting with my first Power Program then moving to Power Program 2.0.

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  1. Niki says:

    Hi Juli,

    I’m so excited Power Program 2.0 is out! I’m currently on Month 2/wk 3 of the Power Program and was already starting to wonder what I was going to do next – problem solved! When I buy 2.0 I was wondering if it would be possible to get access to both programs on the teachable app, it would be great to have access to both via the app. I love the variety of the workouts and not having to think about what to do each day. I just get up and follow you! It’s like having a personal trainer at home. 🙂



    1. juli says:

      Yes! If you’ve already purchased the Power Program in the past, you’re in the Teachable system. So you’ll see both programs in there for you!

  2. Katy Myers says:

    Hi Juli,
    I bought your power body program last year and I wanted to know how to link that up in your app. I can’t remember which app it is. How do I link it up?


    1. juli says:

      the teachable app! you use your same login and password as you use for the site!