Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake + Texas Book Tour Dates!

It’s official! I’m coming to Austin on our book tour for The Paleo Kitchen! We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to book anything on such short notice, but I was lucky enough to chat with the people at CrossFit Central and they are going to host our book signing event there! Dying. I’ve always wanted to go to that gym, but have never made it in in the 2 times I’ve been in Austin. And now I will. I’ll be in nice clothes instead of workout clothes, but I don’t even care. So here is what our book tour looks like in Texas starting this Sunday:

Balls. I need to figure out my outfits. Like now. And get my roots done. My lord they are disgusting. I don’t even want to talk about the pedicure I need done. I’m a sh*t storm over here.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m going to. This shake is delicious. I remember when someone was offended when I talked about how good a recipe was. What a douche. Why would I share my sh*tty recipes? It makes absolutely no sense. “Oh hey. This recipe tastes similar to donkey dump. Enjoy!” People these days.

Jackson decided it was a good idea to walk on top of my face while I was half asleep and cut my lip open (I’m exaggerating) with his toenails. Gross, I know. But stick with me. I think he is just trying to tell me that he needs his nails trimmed, but he’s just telling me in his own way. Lucky for him, I’ll ask them to do that when it’s time to cut his baby makers off. Poor kid, I do feel bad about that. And he will sure hate me for about a week after it happens. But man will his toenails look good.

Ok back to the book tour. What are you favorite places to eat in Dallas, Austin, and Houston? I need a list of all of them! I’ve tried a ton of places in Austin with friends, but I’m happy to try more. And I have some friends and family in Dallas that may lead the way. But I need YOUR advice, because it’s probably better than my families. Let’s be real. Leave a comment below with your favorite restaurant! And dessert spot. Obviously.

Oh and one more thing. I made this as my post workout snack the other day and it was AWESOME. Fact of the day. And I drank it with my new favorite glass straws! Check them out here!


Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake + Texas Book Tour Dates

  • Yield: 1-2 1x


  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream (the hard layer at the top of canned coconut milk after it’s left in the fridge overnight)*
  • 1 cup diced frozen mango
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Protein (if you don’t want to use protein, use about 1 tablespoon of sweetener: honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar, etc.)


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend.
  3. Serve.
  4. Love.


*I use canned coconut cream that you find in the store next to the canned coconut milks. If you cannot find coconut cream, simply place a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight and the cream and water will separate. The cream is what you use in this recipe.

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PaleOMG Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake + Texas Book Tour Dates

PaleOMG Mango Milkshake_1
I spy a little Jackson man.


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57 thoughts on “Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake + Texas Book Tour Dates!”

  1. Hi I am actually moving to Dallas this Sunday so this is perfect timing! I will not fly in until 9pm though and then I want to rush to the book store, do you know how late you will be there until on the 13th??

  2. The Egg & I in Austin. Ate there twice last year while visiting when my husband was in the DPS Academy. Very tasty. Very reasonable.

  3. Magnolia Cafe in Austin for breakfast. So good. Always a line. Torchy’s for tacos. You can get gluten-free, corn shell tortillas. (Sorry, haters.) But Austin pretty much has the best food ever, so you can’t go wrong. Come to Buffalo, N.Y.! That’s not a joke, but it’s funny, I know.

      1. Torchy’s is awesome, but I also love Taco Deli. TD’s only open until 3:00, so heads up there.
        Also, since you’re going to be on Burnet Rd, try Phil’s Ice House (burgers and sweet potato fries!) which shares a building with Amy’s Ice Cream, which is local and amazing.
        If they’re around, there’s a great taco truck called Chilantro, which are Korean bbq tacos etc. I LOVE THEM.

  4. Looks delicious! Perfect timing as we’re having our customary 4 days of sun in the UK at the moment.

    You should start sharing sh*tty recipes too. Maybe just once a month to confuse people, and to keep that guy happy.

  5. You should thank those people who make comments like, “You shouldn’t brag about your recipes.”

    That is hilarious and classic material. Thank you for sharing that stuff, and making me laugh almost every day.

    For me: fashion is great, recipes are better and the laughs are the best.

  6. The best place for breakfast in Dallas is Kozy’s (GF and organic with tons of paleo options)

    Austin fav’s are Wholly Cow Burger (grass fed burgers, portabella buns and the best sweet potato fries ever) and Lick (coconut milk ice cream!)

    In Houston, recommendations would be Corner Table (has a full Paleo menu) and Beaver’s (a great BBQ place that serves meat from local farms, they also have GF fried pickles and an amazing cocktail menu)

    Hope you have a great visit to TX!

  7. Spiderhouse Café in Austin has such a great vibe. (Let’s be real, the entire city of Austin has a great vibe) And the Hula Hut is a beautiful place! Torchy’s if you’re craving tacos. Trudy’s if you’re in the need for a badass dirty martini. 🙂

    1. Company cafe in dallas also has great breakfast. Gluten free waffles and biscuits and gravy and some bomb scrambles!!!

  8. In Dallas you’ve got to eat the GREAT BBQ at Rudy’s. It’s a chain of gas stations and The. Best. Damn. BBQ. I am drooling thinking about the jalapeño links.

    Or if you really want a splurge, eat at Babe’s. Some of the best friend chicken I’ve had and I’m a southern girl. It’s family style so go hungry.

  9. Corner Table in Houston has a pretty good paleo menu. Other favorites are Liberty Kitchen, Max’s Wine Dive, Uchi, Torchy’s Tacos and El Tiempo for fajitas!

  10. Fish Place in Sugar Land!! The best fried catfish I have ever had. Their onion rings and mixed veggies are also to die for. Most of that probably isn’t too paleo except the veggies but it is so freaking good.

  11. Houston Restaurants:
    Pass and Provisions
    Tiny Boxwood’s
    Liberty Kitchen

    Petite Sweets
    Red Dessert Dive and Coffee Bar! (And you can stop in at District H Crossfit across the street and make some new friends 🙂 )

  12. That Crossfit place in Austin is pretty much in my hood, so I’ll try to give you nearby places to eat in case you are also staying close by and from your past Austin posts, I know you already know the other good places around town (Picnik definitely, Lick Ice Cream, Uchi for a splurge, etc) . =)

    Korea House. It’s a little hard to find, but they have japchae (sweet potato noodles) that I love! Plus, you could also do their Korean bbq, which I’ve heard is the bomb.

    Tarka is a “fast food” Indian place by the Walmart on Anderson. It’s a sister restaurant to Clay Pit and has a gluten-free menu.

    Not Paleo but delicious: Little Deli. Pizza is my favorite in Austin and they do it by the slice so you can control yourself. 😉 Love their Italian salad, and they make most of their own dressings. Plus, their patio is BYOB.

    Vert’s, also on Anderson Lane. Great kebab salad bowl. Really great.

    Looking forward to your signing!

  13. The Corner Table in Houston is the paleo spot! They have great paleo enchiladas and pizza. Sammie’s wild game and grill is AMAZING as well, not paleo but they have a variety of game meat that are served on pretzel buns 🙂

  14. It’s great that you’re coming to Houston! I highly recommend Harvest Organic Grille at 1810 Fountain View Dr. Houston, TX 77057. I’ve been like 4 times and I always get … I think they call it the mixed grill. It’s beef, chicken AND shrimp over peppers, squash, and onions. I think they have some grassfed options too 🙂

  15. I recently visited my best friend in Dallas who accommodated all of my paleo/gluten free needs and I have to agree with all of the suggestions people have offered. The sweet potato breakfast hash at Origin is AWESOME and HG Suply Co. is delicious! We also tried their massive dessert… it’s a chocolate KB… I would say at least a 35#… stuffed with gluten free cheesecake, fruit, and coconut milk ice cream. (Also for HG, try and go for their sundown toast… aka they give you a free alcoholic beverage and everyone in the restaurant toasts at sundown.)

    I live in Houston right by Blue Willow. Suggestions in the area for all kinds of food:
    – Ruggles Green (Gluten free/City Centre)
    – Seasons 52 (City Centre)
    – Grub Burger Bar (City Centre)
    – Harvest Grille (going towards the Galleria area… little bit of a hike)
    – Nirvana (Indian right across the street from Blue Willow)
    – Pradaria (Brazilian steakhouse/Memorial area)
    – Corner Table (this place is good but in the River Oaks area and they also just had a parting of ways with their chef, not sure if the menu is in flux because of that)
    – Escalantes (if you want TexMex/Town & Country)
    – I also agree with all of the suggestions above… El Tiempo and Max’s. It really just depends on what area you are staying in/will be around, since driving anywhere in Houston can take FOREVER.

    If you want a sweet treat then definitely go to SWEET in City Centre. They have gluten free treats, although, I’ve only ever had their regular stuff which is delicious!

  16. Houston has some great food!!!

    Mai’s or any of the Jenni’s Noodle Houses were always my go to’s when I lived there. Ruggle’s Green is great and healthy (but REALLY loud), RA is great for sushi, and DEFINITELY do Escalante’s for Mexican. So freaking good. Uchi is great, but hella expensive. If you’re going to go, go at happy hour. And if you’re looking for killer Greek, go to Nikko Nikkos.

  17. Juli, since you love Almond Milk Lattes: in Houston, you can find almond milk lattes at:

    –> Beans Cafe (Eldridge Pkwy)
    –> Antidote (Studewood St in the Heights)
    –> Black Hole Coffee House (museum district)

    Can’t wait to meet you and George!!

  18. DALLAS:

    Kozy Kitchen…ask for the bowl of doom. its not on the menu but its amazing

    Company Cafe.. great brunch and mimosas

    H&G supply co.. just amazing. please go. next door to it is a coffee shop called mud smiths that has kombucha on tap and is awesome

    the Unrefined Bakery is a great gluten free/paleo bakery!

  19. Corner table in Houston is amazing!! I was so giddy with all of the paleo options including multiple paleo desserts AND they even made me an almond milk latte.

    Thanks for including 3 cities in Texas! I hope to see you and Georgie in Houston!

  20. When you are in Dallas, Company Cafe is a must! The one on Lower Greenville is great but the other location backs up to Katy Trail which runs through the heart of Dallas. It’s really a fun place to go! The breakfast/ brunch is fantastic and they have gluten free chicken fried steak with jalapeno gravy. It’s delicious!

  21. Plano (a suburb of Dallas) has an awesome farm to table restaurant called Whiskey Cake! Check it out when you come 🙂

  22. F*ck yes you’re coming to Austin! So excited! and that Crossfit Central is literally like 2 miles from my house. I tried it out when I first moved here about 3 months ago, but they charge $300 a month and you can only go 5 days a week max…so yeah no, had to find another Crossfit. Anyways, I can’t wait to meet you and get my books signed!

  23. So you definitely have to go to Perry’s Steak house in Houston and get the pork chop. This pork chop changed my relationship with pork. It is slowcooked or marinated or something for 2 days and then they bring it to your table and cut it into 3 different cuts. and they have homemade applesauce to dip it in which is something I was unsure about but fell in love. Plus it is big enough to split between two people and they have ballin’ sweet potatoe fries there. I do not know about the desserts because I didn’t realize how big the food portions would be but seriously. You MUST MUST MUST go here. I mean must!

  24. HG Sply Co. on Greenville Ave!

    Go forth and feast. Also, invite me? I work like 5 minutes away. Would appreciate if you could stick around an extra day so we can grab lunch on Monday. I swear I’m not creepy.

  25. Origins is all about Paleo but when I went, I was underwhelmed. I find your stuff way better than what they have to offer. If you’re here Sunday, then seriously go to Smoke in Dallas. You might see me there actually cause their brunch is amazing and we hit it every other weekend at this point. Pulled Pork Hash + Ribs = Win. Oh and $15 bottomless mimosas if you want to be drunk by the signing 🙂

  26. I live in Waco, so I’m hoping to try to make it to your book signing in Austin! I’ll grab a couple of my Crossfit friends to see if they wanna go with me!

  27. So EXCITED I will get to meet you in Austin! I love your blog and recipes!!! Will you have cookbooks to buy at the CC Burnet gym??

  28. Yay! See you on Tuesday! +1 on the Corner Table in Houston.

    For wardrobe, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise but it’s hot as all hell here. Shorts, tanks, and flip-flops; you’ll fit in just fine.

    Also, THE best Crossfit gym in Houston is

  29. I second the suggestion of Perry’s Steakhouse in Houston and also suggest Red Onion (Latin fusion)…it is very good with desserts to die for!!

    1. +1 to Red Onion

      Can I also mention that I have been reading the comments so I can also find new places to eat in Houston… I mean a girl’s gotta eat…

  30. This smoothie sounds awesome! Gonna be sure to get me some mango when I shop this week. This for sure will be one of my smoothies next week!

  31. Too many great places to eat in Austin to list them all, but here’s some of my favorites sort of near CrossFit Central.

    Foreign and Domestic
    Salty Sow (get the duck fat fries)
    Stiles Switch Barbecue

    For dessert Amy’s Ice Cream is close, but if you really want to do it right go to either Lick or Dolce Neve.

  32. Am I curious why no one has mentioned Snap Kitchen(s) in Houston and Austin. A couple of years ago, I had some tasty meals at the Houston location, but as I don’t live there I don’t know if it is still good.

  33. Christina Alexander

    I would love to come meet you on Monday in Austin..but it’s Monday and I am in San Antonio! But I do have some food recommendations! In austin you need to try out lick ice cream! I saw you love dolce (which we tried because of your last austin post) then you will love it! Also, franklins BBQ is good if you haven’t tried it yet. In Houston, uchi is amazing (but not paleo but you probably could make it pretty healthy). Hope you enjoy your tour in Texas!

  34. This “milkshake” is like having dessert except you feel FANTASTIC afterwards! I had to omit the Coconut Cream and used all organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a cup of frozen mango chunks, two scoops of my Vanilla Shaklee Smoothee mix, and 1 teaspoon of coconut extract. Wowsa! And I thought I didn’t like mango! This is my new favorite smoothee! You’re always so awesome, Juli! Thank you!

  35. Holy s$!?balls! That was awesome.

    I did honey in lieu of vanilla pp, & then it was a bit runny so I stuck it in the freezer. It turned into sherbet.

    Friggin awesome.

  36. Delicious shake! I did not use the protein powder and subbed Grade B Maple Syrup instead and it was so smooth, creamy, and satisfying! Thanks!

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