Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

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This time next week, I’ll be soaking up some sun on the beach, sipping on a cocktail and getting butterflies thinking about getting married the very next day! How amazing is that? It’s officially the count down to our Jamaica destination wedding and I could not be more excited! I haven’t been able to really get excited with our sewer line collapsing then our refrigerator breaking down, all while we had already hired landscapers to tear out the bushes in our backyard and put up a new fence. Just a lot happening leading up to our wedding so my mind has been in other places. But now it’s go time! I’ve bought makeup, jewelry, some headpieces, outfits, and everything I can think of for our special day/week. Holy balls, it’s going to be so awesome!

The other night, we decided to go on a double date with some of our friends that are in our wedding party. I was craving a cocktail and sushi and I instantly thought about if I should actually have it since the wedding day is so close. Watching so many people get married and so many shows about weddings and dress fittings, crash dieting is always in the back of my mind, even though I haven’t done that in years. Seeing so many women starve themselves or limit their eating before their wedding has actually instilled that thought in my own mind. But for the past 6+ years, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to remove from my brain. I don’t tell myself I can’t have something, I don’t restrict what I can have, and I don’t push away the hunger cues when they strike. I eat when I’m hungry, I eat what I’m craving, and I take care of both my body and my mind.  That includes working out 5-6 times per week for more than 7 years. That includes eating healthy 80-90% of the time (no sh*t food ever), not binging and listening to when my body is full. Because of this, because of paleo and CrossFit, I’m not worried about my weight on my wedding day. I’m not worried about crash dieting so I can fit into my wedding dress or wear a bikini 7 days in a row. I’m just not worried about it.

My point is, the longer you keep up with healthy habits, even if it feels like it’s not working at the time, the more results you’ll see and the less you’ll have to worry about the one special event coming up. You’ll figure out your body more, figure out what it needs and doesn’t need. And you’ll slowly figure out that overall health means no crash dieting, no starving, no binging, no worries, just excitement for whatever big event you have going on. Because you have continued to work hard for years (not just months or weeks), you won’t have to stress about the details in between. If you want freedom from those feelings and those worries, you have to continue work at it. So right now, if you’re feeling like the results aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like and you’re feeling like doing some sort of “cleanse” just knock it off instead. Keep up with eating healthy, working out regularly, limiting sugar and alcohol and drinking lots of water. Take care of yourself and it will take care of you, too.

Sunday – Rest day


5 x 5 overhead squats – I got to 120#


Then 12 minutes of:

Minute 1: 18/15 GHD sit ups

Minute 2: 45 second free standing handstand hold

The EMOM for 20 minutes:

Minute 1: 15/12 calorie air dyne

Minute 2: 60 double unders

Minute 3: 16/14 calorie row

Minute 4: 200m run

I couldn’t finish the 5th set in the time frame allowed. F*ck that workout was hard.


4 Rounds Moving With Purpose ( 18 mins)

5 x Weighted Pull Ups (adding weight as you go) – I just did bodyweight

10 x Negative Push Ups, at deficit ( 3 sec down – 3 sec pause – 1 sec up = 7 sec per rep!!!) – I didn’t do deficit

20 x Double KB Front Rack Lunges (2 x 55 / 2 x 35) – MUST GO UNBROKEN!!!


Then 10 min Partner AMRAP Of:

Partner 1: 7 Squat Cleans (225/155)

Partner 2: Max Row or Bike (calories)

*Both people working, one at each movement. Swap after each athlete finishes the 7 heavy squat cleans.

**Score is total Calories after 10 mins.


EMOM x 9: 2 x Split Jerks. All sets between 70 & 80%. From Floor. – I got to 120#

At 0:00 – 3 Rounds For Time Of: 70 Double Unders and 30 Wall Ball – I finished in 5:18 rx

@ 9:00 (workout capped at 18:00) – 3 Rounds For Time Of: 25 Cal Row and 15 Burpees Over Rower – I finished in 8:30 rx

Thursday – Rest day


5 x 3 Power Snatch. Touch n Go. Adding. (12 mins) – I got to 105#

Then 16min AMRAP Of:

400m Run

6 Muscle Ups / 8 Burpee Pull Ups – I did 4 muscle ups every time

15 OH Squats (115/75) – I used 65#

I got 3 rounds + 400m run + 3 muscle ups


800m run – 20 hang squat cleans (185/125) – 40 kettlebell swings (70/55)

800m run – 15 hang squat cleans – 30 kettlebell swings

800m run – 10 hang squat cleans – 20 kettlebell swings

I finished in 24:10 using 85# and 45#


At Home or Hotel Gym Workout:

800m run – 10 dumbbell hammer curls – 10 dumbbell tricep kickbacks – 10 dumbbell shoulder press

10 burpees

600m run – 12 dumbbell hammer curls – 12 dumbbell tricep kickbacks – 12 dumbbell shoulder press

10 burpees

400m run – 14 dumbbell hammer curls – 14 dumbbell tricep kickbacks – 14 dumbbell shoulder press

10 burpees

200m run – 16 dumbbell hammer curls – 16 dumbbell tricep kickbacks – 16 dumbbell shoulder press

10 burpees

On Sale Fitness Apparel:

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These High Waisted Capris (20% off)

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What I Ate in a Day:

7:30am – light pre workout snack of sheep’s milk yogurt


10:30am – post workout protein shake (1 banana, almond milk, cold brew coffee, ice, chocolate protein powder, and almond butter)

12:00pm – made recipe for the blog then ate 2 bowls full of green shrimp coconut curry


2:30pm – 1 power ball blueberry coconut ball


5:30pm – small handful of Jackson’s coconut oil corn tortilla chips

7:00pm – 1 blood orange vodka cocktail and sh*t ton of sushi – rolls and nigiri + 2 la croix (pure flavored) – This sushi is not the sh*t ton of sushi, there were many more containers. Izakaya Den is just the best!


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


50 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day”

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing! Loved your opening to this post. I dream of having the same freedom from food control on my life. When you said that you eat healthy 80-90% of the time – what does that mean? What are examples of the unhealthy things you eat 10-20% of the time since you said you never eat shit food. Just curious as I move from a whole 30 lifestyle to a paleo one.

    1. that 10-20% is gluten free foods like gf breads or cookies, corn tortillas or chips. or if i’m at a special event like a wedding, i’ll have a piece of the real cake if they don’t serve gluten free options. i never eat fast food or drink soda and i almost never binge or eat to the point i’m uncomfortable. hope that helps!

  2. Your post could not have come at a better time. I am very new to Paleo and I have lost 12 pounds but the weight won’t budge. I just need something to jolt or shock my system for I am at a standstill. I have bought 2 of your cookbooks and I have made many things from it and from your site and my husband loves them too.

  3. I’ve set up an “home gym” in our basement– so thankful for your workout posts. Now that all the sh*t (LOL) has been taken care– you can relax and enjoy the days before, during, and after your marriage ceremony. A toast and best wishes for you! Congratulations!!

  4. I also indulged on a sh*t ton of sushi this weekend and loved every minute of it! Your view on the “diet” mentality is so refreshing. Love the thoughts on creating a healthy lifestyle that will be sustainable for life.

  5. What protein powder do you use? I remember you saying you were sensitive to dairy and wanted to see if you also get breakouts with whey and sheeps yogurt. Love your posts!!!

  6. I love that you post what your workouts are, and they’re constantly changing, which I love even more. However, like, I think I need a dictionary. Do you have any posts explaining what each acronym means? I’m newer to cross fit, soooo I have to google a lot. Thanks in advance and congratulations on your big day 🙂

  7. Yes!! One of the best things that has come out of doing Crossfit for 3 years and living a Paleo lifestyle for 2 years, is the feeling of not having to worry about a beach vacation, special event or anything really. You know you eat clean, you learn to listen to what your body needs and you know how much you workout. It was the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders…not having to worry about fitting in to a certain dress, bikini or how something will look in a month. THE. BEST. FEELING. EVER. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for posting that!!

  8. What do you mean by “4 rounds of Moving with Purpose”? Is there a specific set of movements, or is this like a freeform thing? I’m super curious!

    1. the moving with purpose has to do with the pull ups, negative push ups and kb lunges. it just means you are trying to get 4 rounds within those 18 minutes, moving at a quicker pace but not all out!

  9. So I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and just really wanted to say thank you (today in particular) for your no-BS, honest approach to fitness/healthy eating. Your positive attitude about just continuing to work hard, and trusting that you’ll get where you want to be, but not giving in to cleanses or quick-fixes, is really inspiring. So, thank you so much Juli!! Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing wedding and vacation!! 🙂

  10. Alright alright, fine I’ll stick to the plan. I needed this today. I’m feeling so chunky after ONE (okay, two) martinis on the weekend and some chipotle. I just need to stick the course, stay consistent. I just feel like I’ve been working out and eating right for so long and why don’t I look like you yet you gorgeous woman?? I know the answer to this – you work your ass off and I’ve been on and off the wagon for the past two years. I feel like I’m having a really motivational conversation with myself right now, I hope you can appreciate it.
    Also, I can’t believe you’re getting married next week! I feel like I’ve known you for so long – like back in the day when you used to bitch about men and how much they sucked and I would reply with an internal “amen” (because I’m always shy about commenting). Anyway, I’m super happy for you and can’t wait to see how incredible you look in your wedding photos. It’s a really special day, make sure you take time to appreciate it and take it all in because it goes by SO FAST. Okay, that’s the end of my rambling for now.

  11. Hi Julie…thanks you for sharing this,I’m starting lifting 4 month ago,I gained weight n my pants getting thigher too….I’m doin paleo,there’s anything u can suggest for me….n yes I have pt work w/ me,she told me to eat 5 small meal a day n doin more cardio….and thanks you

    1. you know, i can’t really suggest anything since i’ve never met you, know nothing about your eating habits or portions or your lifestyle. i would try to find a coach, dietician or specialist to meet with in person to chat about that kind of stuff

  12. Love the at home work outs. I wish I could work out with you once to understand the lingo and lifts – I do not speak cross fit, but am interested in trying to do the work outs . Oh and when you said you ate “jackson’s”. Tortilla chips I thought you meant you ate your dog’s tortilla chips at first haha took me a second

  13. I am off to the gym to do your at-home workout! I am trying to build build muscle and endurance but am getting a bit bored with my routine so I love looking at all yours! while I can’t do the cross-fit ones, I can do the others! Thanks Juli! you ROCK!

  14. Love your post! I am currently looking for a new protein powder and was wondering which kinds you prefer?

  15. If you’re working out 6 days per week, how much sleep do you get?

    When i work out , I need an extra hour or 2 sleep per night. is that normal?

    I basically lose 3 hours of my day, and I don’t have 18 hours to give up in a week! It’s so frustrating because I want to work out more, but I can’t give up any of my other responsibilities to do so. Bleh.

  16. I enjoyed very much this post, love the workouts and thanks for sharing your day foodwise, that helps me a lot.

  17. Thanks for all the helpful tips! I eat mainly paleo and I feel the same way about sticking to healthy habits. I have two children and this really motivates me to buy food that will ultimately nourish our bodies. I have been looking into different routines and I am so glad you post workouts. I have a gym at work and I will definitely be following your routines. Enjoy your wedding Jamaica is absolutely AMAZING I went there on my honeymoon. Bring money for tips because they expect it for everything there…wish someone told me before I went;).

  18. Juli – SO glad you wrote this blog. I got in absurd shape for my wedding in June (lost 30lb, 10% body fat, etc) by working out like crazy and really restricting my food. It has been hard, physically, but more mentally/emotionally, to figure out what a healthy normal looks like. You da best, girl.

  19. Melanie Gibson

    I really appreciated this post this morning. I got up early and got all ready for a run which I was extra excited about ‘cuz I just got a new pair of shoes (they feel so good when they are new!), and then it sucked once I was out there. Not the shoes, but I felt tired and clumsy, and I had to keep stopping to stretch out my right hamstring from a nagging chronic pain issue that has been bugging me for weeks now. Anyway, I ended up feeling like a big, fat cow rather than a sleek racehorse. You reminded me that everyday is not going to be a great day, but as long as I keep at it and make it a habit, it pays off in the long “run.” Plus, at 52, I can focus on being grateful that I am healthy enough to work out the way I do and that a lot of folks my age are not doing as well as I am.

    1. Melanie, I have those days too when running 🙂 Running is tough! (and I’ve run two marathons in my life). I can mountain bike for hours and feel great but after 40 minutes of running I feel wrecked. Kudos to you for getting out there!

  20. In your opinion, when living a lifestyle as mentioned above, is it important to be aware of calories/macros towards the beginning as far as body composition goes? And if not, why not?

    Love your blog!

    1. that’s really hard to say since everyone’s genetics and bodies are completely different. i don’t think macros or calories need to be counted or monitored when eating clean, but i do think it’s important for people to understand the difference between satisfied and full. too many of us (me being one of them before) are used to overeating and have a hard time knowing how much to eat. that being said, macros can be helpful with showing people if they need to be eating more or less. hope that helps!

  21. Thanks for the reminder- definitely needed to hear it. I’m 42 days to my wedding and even though my brain knows to avoid the crash diet, it’s still such a popular thing to do as a bride, that I must confess to being a little tempted. One thing that always motivates me to NOT do that is to realize how hard I’ve had to work for the muscle that I’ve gained and that fat that I’ve lost over the last year or so. That didn’t happen with a crash diet; it took a lot of time and dedication. I don’t want to undo that and I never want to be in a place again where I’m afraid of food or of stepping on the scale. Thanks for being so inspirational! Love following you!

    1. i feel the same way! so all you have to do is keep up with the hard work, eating well, working out, reducing stress and you’ll be able to stay away from that place!!

  22. Your wedding day will be our 5th anniversary! You picked a great day to get married 🙂 Cheers in advance to April 16th!

  23. Hi Juli-
    I have been following the Paleo lifestyle for a couple of months now and I love it! I have your cookbook and love every recipe I’ve made so far! I am training for a half marathon right now, but once that’s over with I’d like to start lifting again. What protein powder do you recommend for those who follow a Paleo diet?

  24. Thanks for this awesome post! It’s so refreshing to have this honest and complete point of view. After being active and fit my whole life and then struggling with a thyroid issue for years I’ve had to learn how to lose weight and how to get to my goals. It’s so helpful to see that it’s hard work, sticking to clean eating, and learning how to listen to hunger cues; not gimmicks and crazy changes that will pave the way. It’s easy to loose track of that when you’ve been trying for a while, are frustrated, and impatient. Thanks Juli, keep it up!

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