Weekly Workouts While on the Road

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I can’t believe I’ve been on the road for 12 days straight at this point. I’ve been in 8 different cities, and still have 3 more to go after I finish this stop in Chicago. I’ve eaten all I can fit in my body, done WAY more workouts than I thought I would, and still feel pretty good even with not sitting down for more than 45 seconds. I take that back. I sat for 3+ hours on the plane yesterday while flying to Chicago. But that doesn’t count, because we were up at 3:45am. Is that even a real time? Ew. Disgusting.

I, once again, fell asleep with my mouth open while flying. So gross.

Anywho, I’ve loved working out on the road lately. It’s been fun to challenge myself in hotel gym, try new workouts like Orange Theory with Vanessa, and to stop in other CrossFit gyms to see what they got going on. When people say they hate working out, I get it. But having new workouts to try and classes to go to has kept me feeling great while on the road, even while eating far too much food in the meantime.

So tell me, what did you think of me sharing what I ate in a day last week with my Weekly Workouts post? Did you like it? Do you not give a sh*t? Tell me stuff because I’m trying to make this blog better and better just for you! What exactly do you want to see? The more stuff you tell me, the more stuff I’ll add! This week, I have two new recipes for you AND a post with all of my favorite PaleOMG football snacks. Stay tuned! But for now, let’s check out last weeks workouts!

Sunday – This workout was done in our San Jose hotel gym! No one seemed to be working out when we were there so we had plenty of room to spread out and do whatever we needed to do! This was the first workout I came up with for me and Vanessa!

6 minute AMRAP:

15 dumbbell deadlift & 6 burpees

2 minute rest

6 minute AMRAP:

20 jumping squats holding a med ball & 30 tuck jumps

2 minute rest

6 minute AMRAP:

12 bulgarian split squats holding dumbbells (each leg) & 6 burpees

2 minute rest

6 minute AMRAP:

8 divebomber push ups & 30 tuck jumps

Then interval sprints on the treadmill for 5 minutes

Then abs finisher:

40 leg raises lying on floor

50 russian twists

40 dead bugs

40 in and outs on benchIMG_8108

Monday – We did one more workout in the San Jose hotel gym before hitting the road to fly to San Francisco! This one wasn’t terribly hard, but the man makers sure did take a while! Who ever came up with those is a psycho.

800m run

20 man makers (row, row, push up, clean, strict press)

20 Suitcase squats (10 each leg)

30 weighted sit ups

600m run,15, 15, 25

400m run, 10, 10, 20

200m run, 5, 5, 15

Tuesday – San Francisco’s hotel gym was FREAKING AWESOME. If you are ever in SF, stay at the Marriott Marquis for incredibly stupid expensive valet and an amazing gym. There are multiple rooms for all kinds of equipment. Loved it and wish we could have worked out there once more. PS when was the last time you did a windmill? That sh*t is freaking hard. Sore obliques for dayzzzz.

20 min AMRAP going up by 3 reps every round:

3 DB snatch (each arm)

3 DB high windmill (each arm)

3 DB lateral lunge (each leg)

20 bench hops overs

Then 6,6,6,20 – 9,9,9,20 and so on!


Wednesday – I was pretty pumped to get to stop in at a CF gym while on the road. I don’t always like going to other CF gyms because I like the flow of my own at home and so I feel like I’m being judgy when I go to another one and don’t like it. Thankfully, CrossFit Paw was very similar to how our gym is run at home. Great warm-up, great coaching and great members!

Every minute for 10 minutes:

1 back squat at 85% of 1rm

Then 10 minute AMRAP:

10 power snatches (95/65)

15 calorie row


Thursday & Friday – I finally tried out Orange Theory for the first time! Vanessa is obsessed with it so I told her I would give it a try since so many of my friends have tried it and loved it. My first class was good, but I didn’t absolutely love it. But then we did it the next day and it was more of a power workout with lots of lifting and sprints in it and I loved that class! I think it depends on the coach, because my first coach told me that I was in the red zone too often. But when he told me to sprint, I would sprint and it would put me in the red zone. Sooooo he pretty much scolded me for working hard. It made no sense. My coach the next day didn’t say that at all and played some throwbacks that got me real jazzed about life. Have you tried Orange Theory yet? Everyone is obsessed. What do you think?

IMG_8627 IMG_8626


Saturday – No workout – Travel day to Seattle which meant we drove 3 hours from Portland, which turns into 4 with Seattle’s traffic and my small bladder. Then we went straight to the hotel to get ready, then to Fedex to ship clothes home since our suitcases were too heavy, then dinner and our book signing!

So what workouts have you been doing lately to keep you inspired in the gym? Body weight, power lifting, spin classes? Tell me all about it, boo boo!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


38 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts While on the Road”

  1. I also really like the “what I ate posts”we all get in a rut with what we eat and need other ideas from other people. Your posts help with that.

  2. I love your blog! And Yes, I love the weekly workouts you have been sharing, your fashion posts and your food and travel posts – 🙂
    Have you thought about Vlogging? I would love to watch a daily routine of yours. I’m sure it would be super educational and hilarious (because your sense of humor is awesome) at the same time . You have always looked great but recently you have been leaning out and I was wondering if it’s your workout routine, meals or both?

    1. maybe i’ll look into Vlogging! i just don’t have someone to follow me around with a camera or know how i’d set it up or even edit video haha! honestly, if you follow my workouts and i’ll start posting more of what i ate in a day, I think it shows how my habits have changed over with and have lead me to lean out more than in the past! it’s been about 2+ of continuously working hard, eating enough, while making sure I’m not working out TOO much and screwing up my hormones

      1. Hi Juli…just curious if you got a hormone assessment done to figure out how to lean out? I’ve been thinking of getting one done because I haven’t been able to lose weight…I’m feeling sluggish and have some other symptoms of possible hormonal imbalance. Finally, if you did get that done, did it help identify which foods and portions work best for you or was that just trial and error over the last few years?

        1. i didn’t get any hormone assessment done, i just figured out what was going on based on the shit i was going through then changed those behaviors. i gained extra weight when i was crossfitting too much and not eating enough. so i quit both of those behaviors and my body began to go back to normal over time. and yes, trial and error was how i figured out what foods worked for me and what didn’t.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I always struggle with what to do when I’m traveling. Hotel gyms can be pretty limited with equipment, but all of these workouts are perfect for time on the road. I did the one from your San Fran leg this morning and it was great! Thanks again!

  4. I like the What I ate Posts as well!!
    Also LOVE Orange Theory Fitness as well- have been a member of the OTF in Willow Grove PA for two years. I agree though the trainers and music selection always make the class. But I enjoy that I never have had a work out twice and I wouldn’t do 1/2 the stuff I do with out my trainer telling me.
    Also when are you stopping in Philly?? Love your blog and all the info you share. Thanks!

  5. What I love most about your workout posts is that they don’t say ‘here’s what I programmed’ vs ‘here’s what I did before giving up because the weights were heavy and it was still early and I was too hungry.’
    Because they’re RL problems and I love that you power through.

    I’d like to know how you program your workouts. If you’re putting two exercises together in an AMRAP sequence, how do you decide which two mesh well? Do they work the same area or corresponding areas?

    And finally. Finally finally: could you include some of your workout gear in your Fashion Friday posts?


  6. The weekly workouts are my favorite! I wish I had your motivation, I get in such a rut sometimes. I had to quit CF because of cost and a bad shoulder injury that I am pretty much healed from (as much as you can heal a torn rotator cuff). I’m just lifting heavy 3x/week and trying 1 day/week of springs but even after getting back on paleo and going basic, I’m one of those people who gets bulky lifting, and like you used to feel, I hate it! I need to start saving some of your workouts for stuff to do in the gym. You look amazing!

  7. I LOVE the hotel workout posts! PLEASE POST MORE 🙂
    I travel a ton for work, and i hate missing out on my workouts! I get freaked out to go to other crossfit gyms- and I always end up wimping out in the hotel gym, so any help is much appreciated!!

  8. Honestly, I love all your posts. You keep it real and keep me laughing 🙂 I have been following you for 2 years now and I am very intrigued with Crossfit but not sure I can do it without a gym (workout at home) and not being able to lift heavy weights (shoulder injury). I would love to hear the basics on how to start, how often to do it, how long the workouts are, how heavy you have to lift to see results, etc. After reading your posts I get super excited and think I can do it, then talk myself out of it. I have literally searched the internet endlessly to figure out Crossfit, but there’s really no standard. I don’t get very far. Just the lingo sorta. So, if you ever feel up to doing a Crossfit 101 post GREAT!, if not, just keeping doing what you do because its AWESOME!!

  9. I had the same experience at OTF, I was in the red zone too much? I thought I was killing it, lol, but the trainer told me otherwise. I just struggle to understand how of I work NOT as hard I will get better results. But I did enjoy it. I love the sprints!

  10. I travel a lot, too, and while I always *try* to find a Crossfit gym, the times don’t usually work with my schedule, or I need a car and don’t have one, etc. I am always looking for good hotel gym workouts, and I have looked to your workout posts many times to get ideas. Thanks for this round-up of travel-friendly workouts!

  11. I’ve always loved your blog cause it’s not just paleo foods. While your foods taste amazing, (made the pork stuffed mushrooms from your book last night), your sense of humor cracks me up, jackson is freaking adorable, your fashion posts are awesome… what else….

    So I look forward to fashion fridays, work out breakdowns and what i ate posts!

  12. Love these posts and your WIAW!

    For your workout posts, I would love to see what weights you used / how many reps/rounds you accomplished (e.g. for AMRAPs, how many rounds?) just to give me a benchmark to shoot for :).

    Thanks for all you do, Juli!!!

  13. LOVE the weekly workout posts – I use them a lot when I am away from my home CrossFit gym. Enjoy the ‘what I ate’ posts as well – its fun to see different ways others turn standard restaurant meals into GF/Paleo 🙂

  14. I like the weekly workout posts and the fashion posts. Recipes are great too! I’d like to know what snacks you eat. I’m pretty good with meals but the in between I’m not sure what’s better to eat. Lunch Ideas would be great too! I always struggle with turning back to sandwiches. Thanks!

  15. So I really really love paleo, but I’ve been having more success with my diet focusing more on macronutrients. It would be SO so cool if you could start including nutrition facts with your recipes or if not then maybe just gravitating them towards having lower fats and or lower carbs so that it’s easier for me to plan. I really really love cooking but it’s so hard to track things that I cook that have lots of ingredients. i’m not sure what i am asking for exactly… i guess I just want more recipes that are simple and have a nice macronutrient balance that is kind of zone ish. 40-30-30. so i can easily adjust it to hit my own personal macronutrient goals.

  16. I love the workouts you give, I love the creativity you have for making them up. Im kind of a baby when I workout at home versus at the CF gym so these are always motivating to me. I love the what I ate posts and would love to see if you are doing anything different for your upcoming wedding. Im trying hard to lose weight before the holidays come so I can just keep it off until the wedding. Any tips you have for maintaining a size to would help! How do you get into a healthy eating/workout balance once you are just maintaining your current size. Thanks!

  17. I love the weekly workout posts! It gives me ideas for workouts when I can’t make it to CrossFit. The what I ate posts are also fun too. If you have time you should check out Crush Fitness in Austin when you are here. It’s like orange theory but so much better and harder!

  18. I like the “what I ate” posts. It’s nice to see how other women are eating. Sort of like how someone else’s fridge is always more interesting than your own, ha ha.

    I’ve recently taken up indoor rock climbing and I freaking love it! What a challenge!!

  19. Thank you SO much for your hotel workouts! My husband and I are currently on vacation in Florida and tried some of your workouts. They were amazing! Great way to start the day! !

  20. Just did the first workout from this post in my hotel gym and it was tough but great! Just me and a bunch of dudes on all the ellipticals watching the football game. 😉

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