New Year, New PaleOMG

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What in the hell is going on!? Did you just spit up your granola when you clicked on my site and it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?! Of course you didn’t. You don’t eat granola…unless it’s paleo granola. Obv.

The website looks different huh? If you are my parents, you just said no. Cool parents, thanks for noticing. Come on guys. Hopefully you notice the difference because it has changed A LOT. Not only does it look completely different, but it is MUCH easier to navigate.

You got some leftover sweet pots?! Don’t you worry, just search sweet potatoes and it will bring up all the recipes with sweet potatoes in it! Genius.

You want to see the recipes with eggs in it, just click on the category ‘Eggs’!

Or do you want to print a recipe so you can take it with you in the kitchen? YOU CAN DO THAT TOO!! OMGOMGOMG. Omg. I’m pretty damn pumped.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing friend Peter. He knows everything. He’s a genius. I’m not even kidding you. I teach him to cook and he does everything that has to do with anything online. I think he got the short end of the stick. You can thank him for making your life easier on this website. You’ll love him. I sure do.

And even though I was on the phone 24/7 with Peter this weekend and sat at a couple coffee shops for 6+ hours per day, I still had time to learn about things.

This is what I learned:

  • A red eye is delicious. Thank you Garrett. Espresso + coffee just makes way more sense than an americano or coffee alone. My world has officially changed.
  • I’m now obsessed with Italian sparkling mineral water. Why do bubbles make everything better? Speaking of, I wish I was taking a bubble bath.
  • I think they invented cucumber melon soap just so I would actually wash my hands after using my 5×5 bathroom. Yep. For me.
  • I suck at baking. But I still eat everything bake. I’m not going to just throw away money! Those salty apple muffins were deeeelicious.
  • I’m never going to meet a guy at a coffee shop. Plain and simple.
  • My esthetician has me putting on a mask of yeast at night. Yes, yeast. Like the yeast you get in the baking isle. It makes this paste and you spread it on your face like melted chocolate. I wish it was chocolate.  It smells like bread though. It’s weird. Does that make me non-paleo? Debatable. Anyone else wondering why I just talked about chocolate?
  • I really like sardines.

So what do you think about the website?! I’d love to hear some feedback! And see your name in my comments!!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


75 thoughts on “New Year, New PaleOMG”

  1. Great site!! questions…whats the yeast mask do? i’m always looking for good face stuff. What do you do w/ yeast prior to putting it on face? how long do you leave it on? thanks much juli!

    1. Hey Danielle!! The yeast mask is suppose to help with acne…i have no idea why though lol. My guess is that since it helps bread rise, it will help my zits rise and go away!! Just get some yeast at the store, put around a teaspoon in a small bowl, add a small amount of warm water and use your finger to mix and make a paste. Then just smear it on and leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water!

  2. Juli,
    Thanks for sharing about the yeast, I am going to have to try this idea… sounds weird, but eh, better than some of the other ideas I have heard. BTW, I LOVE the layout, and I love your postings. I am slowly trying to convert over to paleo after my mom showed me your blog last month. I had never heard of it (paleo) before until then, and you have totally sold me on it… but have to be sneaky about it so my husband doesn’t notice the change 🙂 *sneaky devil eyes* YOU ROCK!

  3. At the risk of becoming a stalker since I tweeted about you yesterday and today I’m leaving a comment…..let me just say the website is sooooooo awesome! I love your rando rants, the recipes, all of it. I’m eating a leftover pumpkin waffle right now, yummo. How I kept from eating the entire batch yesterday I’ll never know, but my mouth is super duper happy that I didn’t. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. I, for one, enjoy every bit of it!

  4. Gosh, I love you, Julie! & bubbles totally make everything better, haha Your new website is BANGIN’!!!!! You’re so legit! I’m gonna go print some recipeeees…bc I can!!! 😀

    SO excited for you!

    1. If you want your picture to show up you will need to do that over at . It uses your email address and lets you post a profile picture so all websites you use that email address on will automatically show up your picture. It’s pretty awesome !!!

  5. Love the looks of the new site, tell Peter he did a great job! Also wanted to let you know I’ve done the sweet potato gratin twice now and everyone agrees, it should be named Heaven on a Plate.

  6. thanks juli…i’m also the one who messaged you on facebook (dani ransdell)…didnt mean to double ask the same thing, sometimes i get excited and ahead of myself then i do things 2wice, my bad. your help and tips are greatly appreciated!! :0)

  7. LOVE the new website my beautiful cousin! So excited to see all of the wonderful things you are doing… However, I MISS YOU TERRIBLY! Glad to hear I am not the only one dealing with skin issues. 25 and I feel like I am 12 again! What the hell!? Come for a visit… Love you to the moon!

  8. Juli,

    The new blog is great. My girlfriend and I are trying to get ourselves setup for the Paleo Challenge at Crossfit Broadway. The major issue that I am running into is the fact that is a vegetarian (about 90% of the time). She stays away from most meat (bacon, beef, etc) because it causes stomach issues. I have learned to eat a lot of fish over the past few years. Do you have any good recipes that have more fish and less pork or beef? I am slowly introducing her to chicken dishes which seem to be working for her.

    1. wait wait wait Derek…let me get one thing straight…you want to diss my blog in class at CFB and tell me I should think twice about what i write on my blog THEN you turn around and want me to put some recipes together for you and your gf? Hmmmmm. Rethink that, and we can chat at the gym.

      1. I couldnt talk this morning because I hate waking up in the A.M. and working out but it is waaaaay more convenient. Waking up this morning to Pistols was not a fun start to a new resolution.

        No more dissing the blogs… someone is a little sensitive 🙂

        1. I’m just sayin don’t diss something you are choosing to read. It’s disrespectful. And then I don’t do favors for u. Or compliment your hang power clean

  9. Love your new website!

    I feel for ya, I had terrible acne all thru my twenties and it got worse in my 30’s, hang in there with your treatments, I finally got it under control, now just a few breakouts before the beast strikes, and you know what beast I’m talking about! Only bummer is the red scarring :/ I have done a few peels..ouch!

  10. I just recently started paleo and was turned onto your website from a friend. Looked last week and found your recipe for blueberry chai muffins….can’t find it now. Help! It looked awesome and I need a good sweet! Thanks….Deb H

    1. Deb, looks like that post got lost somehow! I will get it back up in a couple days!! If you need it sooner, just email me! I’ll send it righty quick!

  11. Absolutely love the new version of your blog! Just so you know, I’m addicted to your blog, especially since I myself am a nut butter addict (eating a whole jar is normal, don’t judge people). Keep up the great work!

  12. Juli – I feel special just reading your blog, and even more special that I actually know you!

    To all you JB lovers – she is even more awesome in person! Keep rocking it out sister, you are my motivation and daily laughter dose!

    Freaking love the new site, way to completely outdo yourself, and Peter is a genius!


    And just in time! Cooking dinner for Brian on Thursday.. Was hoping to find a paleo crock pot recipe he will like so we have more snuggle time! You just made it so much easier! (THANKS!!!)

    Def want that chocolate cashew nut butter recipe.. He is obsessed with cashews and would be a great random present from the-best-girlfriend-ever… (me)

  14. I just found your blog today & I can’t stop reading it, you’re hilarious and soo real, I love it!
    I quit crossfit like 6 months ago and quit eating primal around that time too. I realized a few months ago that I seriously need to get back into it and you’ve totally inspired me. You admit that you love food but your totally ripped.

    1. Lol ripped…I wish. Thank you though. You DEF should get back to eating primal! And CrossFit!! Best two things you could ever do for yourself!

  15. My boss had me hooked on something that the starbuck’s ladies called a “double-black eye.” A venti black coffee with 2 shots of expresso added. I never figured out why I couldn’t sleep…

  16. You rock. I’ve been lurking for far too long. Now that i’m out of stalker mode I am not ashamed of my love for your blog. and this new layout is sweeeeeetttt. Now i can search by ingredient – that’s seriously handy and efficient. Two of my fave things.

    Question – can you do a post about how you’re getting ready for the open coming up? Are you doing anything different?

    1. Thanks for checking out the site! Yeah I could do that Melissa! I’m not sure it would be very interesting though. It includes lots of crying through muscle ups. Maybe I should do a video segment of that.

  17. Just wanted to drop a quick note that your site is AMAZING but I am sure you hear that all the time.

    Just when I get in a food funk, you post something else delicious (and funny) and I remember why I am on this food journey… to feel good, fuel my body and have fun!

  18. Just discovered your site and I am already in love! and random comment…One of my older clients taught me to mix a splash of warm water with epsom salt and dab on pimples. Gets rid of even the worst ones ASAP and IS paleo! lol!

  19. The coffee shop thing cracks me up…as i am also an avid coffee shop bum. In all my time in one, i have never actually scored a date, not one. So i feel your pain, lol. The red eye is the greatest drink ever, it is my “usual”…its great, i walk in, they say “hey rob, the usual” order never gets screwed up. If you make it a habit, i highly suggest a cherry flavored coffee with the espresso and a dash of cocoa powder, chocolate and cherry…so delish

      1. Look at it this way, at least its not like walking into a bar and having a long island sitting in front of you before you even take off your coat…my life before the epiphany. Chocolate and cherry isn’t actually my favorite flavor combo, but commenting twice in one day would give that impression, lol. More of a 90% dark chocolate with a cup of strong coffee kinda guy.

  20. I would like to start eating more sardines. I like them, but I never know how to use them. You should write more recipes containing sardines 🙂

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