Random Reader Questions – Episode 11: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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I asked what questions you had and you left all sorts of fun questions on the blog! So today I’m sharing the longest podcast yet, answering whatever you guys were wondering about. In todays’ podcast you’ll hear about getting back on track after the holidays, cleaning products, breast augmentation, how to stay organized, plateaus in CrossFit or overall fitness, sugar, and really anything else you guys thought up!!

One thing I had many people ask was how I created recipes, how I learned to manage different flours, and how I come up with content regularly. So instead of answering that question in this long podcast, I thought I would do an entire podcast about that! So if you have any questions related to content on a blog or whatever else, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them next week on the podcast!

And apologies if I missed your question! Sometimes I miss something on my end when I’m sorting through all the questions. But if I did miss yours and you’d like it answered, please just leave that question below and I’ll answer you ASAP! Thank you guys so much for asking so many awesome questions, it really made for a fun podcast!!

Links from episode:

Apologies if I missed your question! Feel free to leave any other questions you may have below and I’ll be sure to answer them!

Episode 11 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hey guys! How’s it going? What’cha up to? {woofing} Jackson {laughs} Oh man. I got in trouble the other week because I kept telling Jackson not to chew on his bone, and a lot of people didn’t like that because you couldn’t hear it; but I thought you could, ok, so stop getting mad at me. Man, I got a couple of angry comments on iTunes, and people were just annoyed; it’s like, unprofessional. Hello; hello. If you’ve ever met, read my blog, you know I’m 100% unprofessional. Whatever. But people; this, I feel like I have to apologize for myself, but thankfully I’ll go to other people’s podcasts, and the reviews there; the podcasts I really like, like My Favorite Murder, or even Serial or Sword and Scale, and you’ll read the negative comments, and you’re like; ok, at least other people are getting negative comments. It’s not just me.

But then you can’t respond to reviews, so this woman; Allison. Her name was Allison. She said that I complain about my supporters; and I’m not sure who I ever complained about. I think I complained about the people who talk about my weight on social media; I don’t consider those people “my supporters” because they’re talking sh*t about my weight. You know, trolls who are passing through. That’s what I consider those people. But I want to apologize for Allison; not that she’s listening to this podcast anymore, but I wanted to apologize to Allison that I came off that I was complaining about my supporters. That was not what I intended to.

So kind of how My Favorite Murder has corrections corner every time; which I think came out with a new episode today. Score! But, you know they have corrections corner. So I’ll just have apologies corner for the people that I piss off. Apologize, Allison, that was not my intention. God bless. Moving on.

I got a ton; like I asked people on the blog this week and in this last podcast that I did to just ask random questions. I’ve done this kind of podcast before, of just asking random stuff for people, and whatever questions you have. They could be about anything, and answering those, and I did that once before. And I get a lot of questions of people asking how I create content on my blog and how I come up with recipes. So I was going to do an actual podcast about that; maybe next week. So if you had that question, and it’s not answered today, it’s because I’m going to do a podcast about it, just because a lot of people asked that.

And a lot of questions that I saw from people were how to get back on track after the holidays. So I thought I would just talk about this in general, instead of their individual questions. I’m sure many of you have experienced this; maybe you didn’t eat the best over the holidays; or you ate pretty good, but you still had a little bit of sugar addiction because you’re eating such heavy food and food that’s pretty high in sugar, so maybe you’re going through that, even if you ate healthy. I know I’m having that a little bit; just a little sugar addiction going on this week.

So, a couple of steps to get better, get back on track faster; give your leftovers away. I know that it’s awesome to have leftovers, but if you’re a person who just continues to eat unhealthy over the next few days after your holiday party, get those leftovers to someone so it can help with your self control a little bit better. Get back to nutrient dense meals with lots of greens and good protein right away, and if you’re filling up on those bigger meals; so breakfast, lunch, and dinner you’re having a bigger meal, it’s going to help reduce those cravings that come up at night that we often get, so have bigger meals and have meals that are heavy in deep greens, like kale, collards, salad, whatever. And then don’t give into those cravings. They’re just cravings. Remember sugar is just like a drug, and your brain says you need it more, because it feels so good. So don’t give into those cravings. If you can stay away from it for a couple of days, it keeps getting easier and easier.

So those are my hacks. Oh, and drink a lot of water. I feel like; as soon as I turn this podcast on I start; as soon as I turn a microphone on, I start to yawn. I don’t know what it is. I’m not tired; my body says yawn. It’s like I’m nervous!

So drink a lot of water as well. A lot of times we feel like we need sugar or we need food and we actually just need water. So drink a lot of water. And I hate when people say that, but it’s 100% true. Drink f*cking water, it’s good for you.

Ok, let’s start off with some questions. And I’m going to kick it off with Nikki, because Nikki just kept coming back to the website and asking more questions. So f*ck yeah, Nikki, you’re the best. So Nikki asks, “What are your favorite paleo household staples? What should I stock in my kitchen and ingredients will I use most frequently.” You know what, Nikki, I’m not going to totally answer that here, because I’m planning to do a blog post about what pantry and fridge staples that I keep in my own house, and I’ll have photos and everything else. So stay tuned for that; I’ll have that soon. You’re the best, Nikki.

Another Nikki question; “Can you explain your diet? How your diet is different than being strictly paleo, and how much you deviate from strictly paleo. Like, 80/20, 90/10. I know you eat gluten free items like pasta and bread, but I was just curious how often you eat these non-paleo items. Also what are your main carb sources? I started eating paleo, and I’m finding it’s more high protein and fat, and I’m wondering how I get more carbs in.”

I would say I’m probably 80/20 with paleo. I stick totally gluten free; I rarely ever eat gluten because I don’t think it’s worth it, and I think it’s f*cking terrible for you. So I stay away from that, but I like having some gluten free items. I like Canyon City Bakehouse bread, Against the Grain rolls. They use canola oil, so that’s kin d of a bummer, but I still eat those on occasion. And then I really like brown rice pasta. I like the brand Jovial; I think that pasta is really good. I’m actually making gluten free pasta tonight; I am I am. That’s becoming my husband’s weekly tradition that we really like; making pasta together. I just try not to overdo it. I try not to eat a gluten free bread every day, but it’s still not super great for you. So I just try not to eat those things every day, and if I find myself feeling more addicted and wanting those things all the time, I start to cut them out.

But for carb sources, I have white potatoes, sweet potatoes. I do rice on occasion; starches; squashes, butternut squash especially that’s in season right now, spaghetti squash, delicata squash; anything. And then I don’t eat much fruit for the carbohydrate, but all those things are dense carbohydrates, so they’re perfect and they’re paleo. White potatoes are that grey area that people sh*t the bed about, but that’s what I do. So I hope that helps Nikki.

Let’s see {laughs} two more questions by Nikki. You’re the best. “Do you have tips of staying organized, like a phone app or a planner to stay on top of all your to-dos? Also do you have any meal prep tips or easy meal prep recipe recommendations?” So, for staying organized, I just use the notes app. I think you have to download it in the app store, but I think it’s free. It looks like sticky pad, like app in your phone. And then I write out; every single Sunday, I write out everything I need to do Monday through Friday, even on Saturdays because I still work on Saturdays. So it will be like; Monday I write out, what the f*ck are these yawns? I haven’t yawned one time this morning, and now I can’t stop. It’s because I’m bundled up in a scarf that makes me feel like I’m going to sleep, because it’s the size of two blankets together.

Ok, let’s take this off. Ok, so with my tracking those to-do days, literally I track everything. So, I’ll track; ok, I work on Monday morning at the gym, and then I have to go to the mall to get an item that I need to post on the blog this week, and then I need to go grocery shopping and then I need to eat lunch, and then I need to make a recipe, and then I need to edit some photos. And I literally mark down everything I’m doing that day, and the time that I’m doing it. So I even write when I’m going to shower and I mark the times; like, I’m going to eat lunch from 12 to 12:30. So I mark times, and that’s how I stay organized with everything I need to get done, and that’s what helps me.

And honestly, I’m not the best for meal prep ideas. I think Sunday meal prep is the best; but a service that I have on my blog. If you just go to www.PaleOMG.com and you click on paleo meal plans, I work with this amazing company called Real Plans, and they are a meal; oh my god. I know I’m going to get so much hate on my iTunes reviews from yawning like I’m bored from this podcast; I’m not f*cking bored, ok, I’m just yawning! Stop leaving mean reviews!

Anyways, I love this company called Real Plans, and they’re a meal planning service, and they help you. So all my recipes are in this company called Real Plans, and then you can plan out all the recipes you want to make this week. It loads up to your phone through their app, so it creates a grocery list for you. And it will tell you ahead of time; ok, you need to thaw the chicken out. It tells you everything. It’s such a cool thing.

So I don’t meal plan much, because I cook every day for the blog, so I don’t have to meal plan because I always have something available. So I recommend looking at this meal plan link on my blog; just go to that paleo meal plans tag and that is so helpful. So many people; look at the comments on the blog, people have absolutely loved it, and it’s amazing. So definitely check that out.

And last but not least, Nikki’s last question, “What are your thoughts on sugar and sugar found in fruits and vegetables? If you want to cut out sugar, how do you do it best when these items contain sugar?” So, if you want to cut out sugar, I would stay away from fruit altogether. We don’t really need fruit in our diet. Fruit is awesome, and it has nutrients in it, but you can get the same nutrients from vegetables and vegetables; I don’t think you need to worry about the sugar in vegetables. Sure, there are starchier vegetables, like squash and potatoes that are higher in sugar, but if you’re eating greens like broccoli or kale or Brussels sprouts, you don’t have to worry about any sort of sugar in that. So I’d stay away from fruit, and not worry about the fruit in vegetables if you’re eating leafy greens and nutrient dense vegetables. So I hope that helps!

Ok, Rachel. “I have a question for you about your Crossfit box. I’m at the same age as you were when you started Crossfit. Did you find there was an age barrier for you? I’ve been at a great gym for about 5 months, but I can’t seem to connect with other people there. Everyone is very nice, but they seem to have a lot of cliques. Any suggestions?” So I never had that issue at any gym I was at; even at my first gym, I was right out of college and everybody else was adults with children. There were a few people my age, but pretty much everyone was an adult. And I still hung out with them and really connected with them.

I started coaching pretty quickly, so I never felt like there were any cliques, because I was involved in all the relationships at the gym and still am involved with all those. But it might be worth looking into other gyms that you don’t feel that way. The owner of my gym and all of us coaches, we talk about that a lot, and we make it a priority so people don’t feel like they’re on the outside. Sure there are going to be “cliques” at any gym that you go to because you’re building relationships and you’re going to be stronger friends with one person than another. So automatically there’s “cliques” but you should find a gym that takes responsibility to make sure that no one feels like an outsider, no matter what that person interest is. So maybe look into going to another gym, just trying out another gym. See if you feel that same way at another gym. It’s just worth looking into. So I hope that helps Rachel. I don’t want you to feel like an outsider at your gym.

Samantha, she asks, please don’t leave me a bad review on f*cking iTunes for my yawning. I love you! I’m sorry! Ok. “One thing I’d love for you to talk about is your cystic acne. I read your blog, and you describe your experience with Accutane, but if you could talk more about your thoughts on whether it was hormonal, what acne has been like since you got off Accutane, how you think diet and exercise plays a part in your skin health.”

So I had acne issues before I started Crossfit, but I think when I started Crossfit my hormones absolutely changed and that led to more of the cystic acne that I had and it became unbearable, and that’s why I got on Accutane. I mean, I couldn’t put a shirt on without it hurting when the shirt touched my face; that’s how painful the cystic acne got. It was f*cking awful. And I think if I wouldn’t have competed in Crossfit and wouldn’t have worked out that much, I don’t think I would have had that same hormonal cystic acne. So I think it definitely does play a part.

After Accutane, a year later; and I talked about this in another post, but about a year later, that acne started to come back. Not cystic acne, but some acne, so my dermatologist prescribed me spironolactone, I think I’m saying that correctly. I’ve done that, and it’s been awesome results, so I’ve stuck with that over the years. And I use Vivant skin care, and that is f*cking awesome. Their stuff is amazing, and really helps with acne. I wish I would have known about it when I was having a lot of these issues, but it’s really changed around my skin.

So I definitely think exercise plays a part with acne, but drinking a ton of water, being on that spironolactone, and then using the Vivant skin care has helped my skin a ton. But I also think food had to do with it a little bit. I’ve cut out eggs since I started just seeing changes in my skin; I cut out eggs, and I rarely eat nuts, so those two things I eat sometimes but not very often. My skin; as soon as I eat eggs, I’ll see my skin break out. So finding what foods mess with your skin, as well, is something that plays a part in it. So there are definitely all kinds of things, but I would do Accutane 100 times over; it was a miserable experience but it was 100% worth if you’re a person with unbearable acne issues. I hope that helps, Samantha.

Marie, “Can you talk about how you keep your gym clothes from not smelling gross? What detergent do you use? Do you buy new stuff every month? Do you put gym stuff in the dryer? In short, how do you take care of your workout clothes?” So, I honestly have never had this issue of my gym clothes smelling gross. I’m not sure what kind of workout clothes you’re using; the only clothes I’ve seen keep a smell are sometimes the Dry Fit clothes; whether that’s Under Armour or Nike; I’ve sometimes seen those just hold their smell longer. But any of my LuLuLemon, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Alo, Zella, any of those clothes that I wear on a regular basis. Like pants, none of them hold a smell.

I don’t wash my clothes any specific way. I just use like a normal; like Gain detergent. Nothing crazy organic or anything like that, and I dry almost all of my workout clothes. I used to hang all of them up, but it f*cking takes forever. I get dog hair on my workout clothes, and the only thing that takes the dog hair out is being in the dryer. So now I don’t ever hang them up. A couple of pieces like jackets I’ll hang up. But I just wash everything like normal; I don’t do anything specifically. Obviously, because you see my blog, I buy clothes on a regular basis, but I wear all my workout clothes almost every day. Those are changed out every day. I just haven’t had that issue. So I just wash them like normal clothes; nothing special for me.

Danielle. “I’m trying to not eat gluten or dairy, and I feel way more awesome when I succeed in doing this. But I love beer, and the occasional casserole my mom makes at Christmas that has boatloads of cheese in it. There are also times when I feel like gluten is unavoidable, and I have to eat it, or I’ll anger someone, or be hangry and die. Like my in-laws are making pasta for family dinner night; I feel like I can’t say, ‘Oh, I’m going to be an asshole.’” She said arshole, but you can say asshole, here, it’s ok Danielle. “And not eat homemade pasta that you slaved all day making.’ When those instances happen, do you have any experience or suggestions about taking or not taking a supplement to help with digest support for gluten, lactose, casein; any of those digestive enzymes. I’ve also heard that it takes 6 months to get rid your body of gluten, is that true? Am I screwing up every time I cheat on gluten or dairy?”

Ok, so I personally stay away from gluten as much as possible. I’ve said this many times before; I will have cake at like a wedding, or I’ll have a bite of something, like I don’t know; if my husband has a pasta dish, maybe I’ll have one bite of that little piece of pasta. But I stay away from it because it’s bad for me and I don’t feel good when I eat it in larger amounts, and my family knows this as well, and I think it’s important that your family supports you and understands what they don’t understand.

So, say you’re family is like, “We’ve eaten pasta for our whole life, why wouldn’t we eat pasta?” For you to explain why, and explain why it maybe doesn’t work for you, and hopefully your family can appreciate your beliefs and support you in those beliefs and maybe not force you to eat pasta. I feel like if you have to take some sort of digestive enzyme, then you probably shouldn’t be eating it. You know, that’s just it at the end of the day, and you are the responsibility of your own body.

So if I was at a family’s house, and they made pasta, they didn’t respect what they already knew about me; sure I’d have a couple of bites of it, but then I’d probably just have what other sides. And I’d just take a small amount, put it on my plate, and not finish. You can always say; sorry I’m full, I had a big lunch, whatever. And not finish it. You’re not being disrespectful; you still took some, you still tasted it. But at the end of the day, if you’re having to take a digestive enzyme, it’s food that your body doesn’t want, so why are you putting it in your body. It’s something to think about.

So, she was asking, “Am I screwing up every time I cheat.” I personally f*cking hate the word “cheat”. I hate when people are like; “Oh I’m having my cheat day.” Because when I think of cheating, I think of a human being cheating on their spouse, and that’s a really negative connotation. So when you’re saying, “I’m cheating on my diet,” you’re saying that’s really bad and I shouldn’t be doing this. So why the f*ck are you doing it? It’s just like cheating. “Oh, I cheated on someone; I shouldn’t have been doing it, forgive me, move past it.” You shouldn’t have been doing it; why are you doing it? Think of that. I don’t know. I f*cking hate that word, “cheat.”

But it depends; if you’re taking it as, am I messing with my digestive system every time I eat foods that don’t work for my body. Well it depends on how often you’re doing that, how much you’re doing that, and to what degree. If you’re like, “Oh I shouldn’t be eating gluten,” but every single night you’re having a big bowl of pasta and a piece of cake, f*ck yeah you’re ruining what you’ve cleaned out in your gut by eating paleo. If you’re having that piece of cake at that wedding; the one wedding you went to in a year, and you have that; no, you’re not ruining what you’ve gained, you know. So it does really depend on how much you’re sabotaging your diet. If you’re doing it every single night, or drinking heavily every single night, or eating that sh*tty food every single night; yes, it’s going to have more impact than just doing it once in a while.

I don’t know if that helps, but I hope that helped Danielle. That was a long explanation. Oh, her other question. “You had two different eyebrow treatments done. I know microblading looks bomb, but other one was the one you did shortly after? I remember seeing a Snap story about it.” She lives in Denver, and wants to get that done! Well I did a blog post about that, so if you want information on who I went to it has it on there. Her name is Lea, and she’s awesome. But I did microblading; I loved my experience. So she did two different procedures on me; I don’t know if it’s considered a procedure. But two different procedures; one is what is most often seen, I think. And that is like you have this little pen that almost has like a needle on the end of it. And so you just scrape it into the skin, and it just sounds kind of like a scraping sound. Or almost like; think of it as if you had a cat scrape you across your skin {laughs} that’s kind of what microblading is kind of like.

So I had that done twice; you do once and then you do a second time. And then third time I came in and she used; I’m sorry, I don’t know what the difference is, or what it’s called. But this other time I went in, she used; it’s almost like a tattoo gun, and it sounds more of like a tattoo gun, and it hurts a little worse but I didn’t get numbed when I did that. But yeah, there are two different ones, and that one worked a little bit better on me and the color stayed a little bit better. So I liked that second treatment. But I’m sorry, I don’t know the difference of the names. I’m sorry, that’s not helpful, but if you go to Lea since you’re in the Denver area, she can definitely tell you the difference if you ask her. So I hope that helps, Danielle!

Ok, Barb. “If you create a recipe that doesn’t turn out, what do you do with the food?” Well, it depends. If it’s completely inedible, I f*cking toss it out. Like I made muffins the other day, forgot the baking soda and baking powder; obviously they did not work out. It was not worth keeping around and wasting calories eating it, so I just dumped those. If it’s still edible, but maybe it didn’t look exactly how I wanted it to, maybe the color wasn’t the same, I’ll just eat that for normal meals. So some things have to be tossed out, other things I just still eat, and then redo the recipe later. So that’s what I do.

Krista, “I always try to stop when I’m satisfied and I do well early in the day during breakfast and lunch, then 4 rolls around and I need snacks before dinner. Then I eat dinner, and want a treat before bed. Help! How do I combat this?” and I think this is totally normal, Krista. I think a lot of people go through this; they eat healthy during the day when you’re in this routine, and then you get night and you just want a treat or whatever. So it’s ok to have a snack between that dinner. Have a snack between lunch and dinner. That’s totally cool. Find something that’s going to keep you satisfied so you don’t get crazy hungry once dinner comes.

And then have a big dinner. If you have a bigger dinner, and I’m speaking from experience; when I have a big dinner, then I’m not as interested in a dessert later or snacking later. I don’t need that snack later. So if you have a snack, and then have your dinner, maybe around 6 or 6:30, even 7, and you have a big dinner, and it’s full of food that you need, like good protein and green vegetables, then you’ll less likely crave something later. And also, like I talked about this earlier; drink water. If you are craving something at night, drink water. Drink it down. You probably didn’t drink enough water, and you need that. Ok. Alright? Ok.

Chelsea. “I did stick to a good workout routine for a year, but this year has been stressful and I’m lacking motivation. Tips to how to light a fire under my ass? I know it would help with my overall being.” So there’s nothing I can really say to get you going other than just do it. Like Nike, you know, like Nike always says. Just do it. Get to the gym now; don’t say I’m going to start next week. Do it now, start right away. Because tomorrow or next week turns into next year, and then you’re like; f*ck I haven’t worked out in a year. You’re the only person who can really motivate yourself at the end of the day, so making that decision and following through with it is just what you have to do, and you motivate yourself by scheduling that in. we talked about a schedule earlier; I schedule in my workout every day. What time I’m going to workout and when it’s going to work.

So definitely schedule it, make yourself a priority, and just go do it. The first couple of weeks are hard to get back into a routine, but after a few weeks you’re going to get in that routine of just going to the gym, and it will be second nature. So just get after it, Chels. Get it!

Anna. She asks, “What is your middle name, and what are Jackson’s favorite dog treats? And will you come to Baltimore?” My middle name is now Bauer, which used to be my last name because I took my husband’s last name. So it’s Juli Bauer Roth. Yeah, that’s my middle name; my old last name. No hyphen, just my middle name. I feed Jackson, for treats, I feed him freeze-dried raw treats; either lamb or duck or whatever they have available, and they’re kind of smaller treats, so those work for him. But I use a bunch of different brands, just whatever freeze dried ones I can find. And I try to find ones that are made in the US always. And no Baltimore on the agenda. Isn’t it cold there? I mean I have enough cold here in Colorado; which, by the way, we’re getting a f*cking hot tub yesterday. {laughs} Yesterday; tomorrow. No big deal! We’re getting a hot tub! It’s going to be so great. It’s going to be so great. So no, no Baltimore on the agenda. But maybe someday. Maybe!

Ok, Monica. Oh, this is a fun question. “How long ago did you get your breast augmentation? I ask because I got mine almost a year ago, and I find that I still can’t get muscle ups back. I just started doing regular pushups again and ring dips; make my chest feel like it’s going to split open in any second. So I was wondering how long it took to get back to Crossfit after surgery, and maybe it has to do with my size; mine are 391 cc under the muscle; probably TMI.” Not here, girlfriend! We can talk about it all. I talked about double vaginas last week. “But wondering if the size has to do with it?”

So yeah, ok. Let’s see. So I talked about this on; where this breast augmentation really came up is I talked about it on my friend’s podcast on Girls Gone WOD, so I talked about it there, and then I started kind of getting questions about it. But I feel like I can’t always answer questions in the best way, because I got mine done 8 years ago this month, and I was not doing Crossfit at the time. So I’ve been doing Crossfit for 6-plus years, but I got my breast augmentation 8 years ago. I can’t always connect with people in answering those questions, because I was only doing the bike, the Stairmaster, the elliptical; I was doing those things that didn’t take upper body movements to that degree that Crossfit does. So it was pretty easy for me to get back to working out, because I wasn’t stressing the muscles like you do in Crossfit.

So I did under the muscle, as well, and when I was competing in Crossfit I never really had any issues with my chest, because my chest muscles had become so strong from competing in Crossfit, and I just didn’t have that issue. But once I stopped competing in Crossfit, I don’t do ring dips anymore because it feels like you said, Monica, that they’re going to pop out of your chest. It does not feel normal, so I don’t do ring dips anymore. I’ll do muscle ups, but I only do a couple of muscle ups, and if it’s feeling weird, I give up on them. So I definitely just have to modify things, and you know, I think it depends on your goals. With me, when it doesn’t feel right, that really scares me, and I don’t’ think that’s normal, and I have had friends that theirs have ruptured; and who knows if that’s because of Crossfit, but I’ve heard about it a couple of times, and I don’t want to be that person. So if it’s feeling weird, I just modify, and that’s fine that movements aren’t going to always be the same as they were before, because I’m much more comfortable in my skin than I was before.

And I was going to talk about this, but I’m all pro plastic surgery. Do what you need to do to feel your best. I’m all about it; we have the technology, it’s f*cking cool. I’m first and foremost about changing your diet and your exercise to reach your goals. Those should be first and foremost. I don’t think you should just get plastic surgery to lose weight, I think you need to put in the f*cking work. But, I also think that we have common technology, and if you want to use that; f*ck yeah, use it. And working out and exercise wasn’t going to get me breasts, and I wanted them. I was incredibly small chested before I had breast augmentation surgery, and I would do it 100 times over, and I would recommend it to anyone. It was the best experience. You need the right doctor; don’t f*cking go for a doctor that has like sales, or simple sh*t like that. Find the right doctor; do your research. Understand that some things, like some people can’t breast feed. There’s a chance that you won’t be able to breast feed, and that’s very important to women. So there are things to consider with breast augmentation, and do your research. But it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

My workouts will never totally be the same because of that. But I would do it 100 times over. So listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t be doing that movement. So I hope that helps. I hope that helps Monica! Congratulations on your new little friends in your body.

Ok, Austin. “With holidays coming up, do you have any ideas for paleo, Crossfit, health related gifts?” I actually just did a post about this just last week, but I think smart watches are really popular. I love any pair of Nike shoes, and I think Nikes are so fun. They have like casual style to workouts. And then wireless headphones are really popular. Those noise canceling Bose headphones; I love those. Cute gym bags that you can store stuff in. you could always do those things that you put in your shoes to make your shoes less stinky; I don’t know if you’re offending a person, but hey. They f*cking work! Those are some ideas.

He or she; I don’t know if it’s a he or a she! Sh*t! “I’m also an endurance athlete and I typically run one to two marathons a year. I’ve tried Crossfit in the past, and have loved it but because of marathon training, I tend to steer clear of it. Have you ever worked with someone who has tried to balance the two?” I have multiple people who run marathons, or even farther. We have some people who competed in the Leadville 100, so they’re often doing 50-100 mile races. So when they have a race coming up, they tend to cut back in weight. But these people are always lifting on a regular basis, and I think it’s really beneficial to lift. It’s going to just help strengthen you in other ways, as well, including your running. But definitely cutting back in some of the Crossfit and kind of splitting it up so you can really concentrate on your marathons; people do that.

But you should definitely check out Crossfit; if you just Google Crossfit endurance, there are a ton of different articles about it. Talk about marathon training with Crossfit. So there’s a ton of info out there that would be a little bit more helpful than me. So I hope that helps.

Becky, “How often do you go to the grocery store? What are your favorite items from the hot bar, and if you need to pick up something quick from the grocery store for a quick, easy dinner, what do you get?” So I usually grocery shop three to four times per week; sometimes I have to run to the store for just one item so I’m not counting that, if I forgot something, or even flowers for photos, that sort of thing. From the hot bar, I usually get cooked rice, because they always have cooked rice now, some sort of veggie or potato, and if they have shredded meat I’ll grab that. The Whole Foods near me isn’t great with their oils, they still use a lot of canola oil, but I’ve seen other hot food bars that don’t use that. So it’s just harder to get something. So I’ll usually go for sushi. Which isn’t in the hot bar, but it’s like, cold bar. Same thing. And for easy dinner, my go to is salmon, and I just broil that salmon for 8 minutes, and then I cook kale in bacon and lemon juice. That’s my go-to meal!

Sarah; “My question is about injury.” And I had a couple of people actually ask about this. “You’ve mentioned before that you injured your shoulder previously. I’ve recently done the same and I’m curious how you dealt with that injury related to your fitness and your goals. Food, frustration, finding new ways to work around it, staying positive and motivated while you heal.”

So I injured my shoulder in a competition while I was still competing, which kind of led me to stop competing. I also injured my elbow at one point in my competing days. So that side has never been the same; that left side. So I just modified. When I had that injury, I still went to the gym just as much, I just modified all my workouts, and had the coach help me out with modifications. But I coach; so obviously I kind of know modifications for myself. So I still worked out the same, I just did different stuff. So if I couldn’t do pushups, I was doing some other kind of movement. Just kept me in the gym. I ate the exact same; I didn’t have to change anything because I was still going to the gym.

I have some scar tissue that I need to work on, and just haven’t. But if I feel like getting irritated, I go lighter in weights, I don’t just try to push through it. I always listen to my body and just kind of go lighter. So, I’ll never do crazy heavy overhead squats anymore, because my body just can’t seem to take it because of those shoulder and elbow issues. So that’s just that. And I’ll work on other things. So hopefully that helps for Sarah, and whoever else asked about injury.

This is a question, I think on Instagram. Shirley Obsessed. That’s a cute little handle. “You’re thoughts on stevia?” So I use liquid stevia in my coffee every morning. I use like 5-10 drops in my coffee. But I don’t really ever use it other than that, for baking or anything. Once in a while, I’ll put it in a shake, but I just kind of steer clear of it. I feel like; it’s one of those things that some people totally support it. It’s hard to get, like, concrete evidence about what it is. Or just how it affects the body, so I just try not to overdo it. Just kind of like the gluten free grains; I just try not to overdo it all the time. And I just use it in my coffee, so I like it for that.

“My question is around recovering for mobility; do you have set standard mobility exercises that you do?” Ashley says she just struggles with mobility and recovery. Ashley, I am the worst person to ask this. I don’t do much of mobility or stretching; I’m really bad with that. But you should definitely check out; the only thing I ever do is roll out on a lacrosse ball and roll out my IT band, and quads and hamstrings. But you should definitely check out www.ROMWOD.com and it has range of motion, mobility, it has all kinds of things. It’s awesome. All my friends at Crossfit swear by it. I think you might have to pay for it, but all my friends love it so I absolutely recommend that; ROMWOD.com.

Ok, how are we doing? How long has it been? Holy tits, it’s been 40 minutes! Ok. Let’s keep it rolling. Sarah, “I was doing great all through the summer, then Thanksgiving hit and I had pie; delicious grandma-made pie, which was totally worth it. The problem is now I’m hungry and craving sugar. I actually woke up the next day with my stomach growling; how do I get back on track? I tried black Friday green smoothie to soothe the sugar demons, but I was starving again in 2 hours.”

Ok, Sarah. Get away from green smoothies. You don’t need green smoothies to get back on track. Get real food in you! Get nutrient dense, so get proteins in there, get heavy green vegetables. Just get back on track by eating regular food. And if you’re feeling hungry 2 hours later, it’s because you didn’t get a real meal in. Green smoothies are great and having a Suja juice once in a while; those juices are awesome, but have real food. That’s what’s going to get you back on track, and getting you eating healthy is having those nutrient dense meals, not just a green smoothie. You don’t need any sort of smoothie to get you back on track. Ok? Get food.

Marie. “How do you stay strong, and how do you maintain a certain one-rep max if you keep the same weight during workouts? Can you keep on doing a percentage of your one-rep max for workouts, and your one-rep max stays the same.” This is a little confusing, Marie. “I guess I’m wondering if I stop trying to reach a higher and higher one-rep max and just stay put, will I eventually get weaker?” Well, yeah. I mean, if you’re not continually trying to get stronger, you’re going to get weaker. And I say this based on experience.

I tried to get stronger and stronger, and I continued to get stronger. And then once I didn’t want to get stronger anymore, I got a lot weaker, and then I kind of built up new one-rep maxes as my, I just concentrated on form more than anything. So I found new one-rep maxes, and now a days, it’s been like 2 years, and I’m pretty much able to keep those one-rep maxes. And I stay usually same weights in workouts, but I’m constantly sore. There’s never a week that goes by that I’m not sore. Even though I’m weaker than I used to be. So I don’t know if I totally understood the question; I read this earlier, and tried to write stuff down. I don’t know if that fully answers it. So, just know that, of course you’re going to get weaker if you’re not trying to get stronger. But you can maintain one-rep maxes by doing those strength cycles that hopefully your gym does. I don’t know if that answers your question; I hope it does, Marie. But that one’s kind of a tough one. But if it didn’t help enough, you want more answers, just feel free to email me.

Shannon. “How do you focus on getting and keeping your mind right? I seem to do great for a while, then I totally have a binge session, then I feel awful. Not only in my body, but my head. Then the self sabotage starts. I keep saying, ‘this time is the time that I’ll do good again,’ and then cycle starts again.” Oh man. How many of you are listening to this, and you totally connect with that, because we’ve all f*cking been there.

I think it’s good for you; again, I’m basing this on my own experience when I did this in the past. When I first started paleo, I’d eat super clean through the week, and then the weekends were the time to eat completely sh*tty, and just binge. Completely binge. But then Sunday would roll around and I felt awful; I gained weight, and I felt sluggish on Monday. So ask I continued to do that, I was like, “why am I doing this to myself? I feel awful. Why would I continue to want to feel awful?” And I knew that binging would make me feel that way. So one day I was finally like; ok, I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m going to have dessert when I want to, I’m going to let myself want something, and if I’m craving it, have it. And by doing that, and not saying; “Ok, I can’t have anything.” Then I was able to just stay in better habits.

So you know, just remind yourself how sh*tty you feel when we have those self-sabotaging behavior, whether it’s in the mind or in the body. And try not to restrict yourself so much that you get to the point that you want to binge. So maybe having a piece of chocolate each night is that thing that helps you, or going out with your friends and going to happy hour once a week is something that helps you. Find something that helps you so you don’t want to self-sabotage, and do those things. For me, it was saying; ok, I’m not going to totally restrict myself, and that helped me. So I hope that helps; but remind yourself that feeling sh*tty is not worth it, and self-sabotaging is not worth it.

Ally has a nice little random question; “Have you ever tried Old Navy athletic apparel? If so, how did you like their stuff?” And yes, I’ve tried their stuff, and I loved it when I wore it. I haven’t worn it in a while. I just haven’t been to Old Navy in a while, and there’s not one super close, so I kind of forget about it. But yeah, definitely liked it in the past.

Alyssa, “Was wondering if next week’s podcast or blog post you could talk about meal plans?” I talked about this earlier, so maybe I already answered your question. But go to my website; click on the tab that says paleo meal plans. It has that company called Real Plans, and it helps you create meal plans for yourself, and it makes life so much easier. So if you’re having a problem with meal planning yourself this is such a helpful idea. I don’t know if that totally answers your question, but if you’re looking for meal plans, this company is f*cking awesome. And look at all the reviews; their amazing. The reviews will sell you itself.

Jenna, “Have you ever turned a cheat meal into a cheat week in the last 6 years of eating paleo; where you have pizza one night, then Chinese the next, then out for cocktails, and pretty soon it’s like, oh my god, send help! Sometimes I can be good for a few months, and then suddenly fall off and it’s tricky to get back on. Just wondering if you’ve ever experienced this.”

And I just kind of talked about that. I did that at the beginning a lot, where the weekends were those “cheat meals”, and I would just eat sh*tty. But that’s the thing; back then, I was like, what’s our cheat meal going to be? And I was saying cheat meal, because everybody said it. And I was putting this negative viewpoint on food, and I was seriously just self-sabotaging. So I don’t use that term, and I stay away from food that I know I shouldn’t be eating. So I always have gluten free pizza and I don’t feel sh*tty afterwards when I have that gluten free pizza. I stay away from the foods that I know won’t really work, like I don’t go to Chinese restaurants, usually. But yeah, we all have those times, especially during the holidays where we just feel completely off track and it’s hard to get back on track. So I just get healthy food in the house; get the sh*t out; get that sh*t out that’s been making you crave certain foods and eat sh*tty foods.

Maybe it’s time to cut back on some of the social things just to help you get back on track. I see this happen at my gym all the time, because my gym is a very social gym, and they love to party, and they’ll complain about how they can’t lose weight. But they don’t want to cut out those social situations. So it’s either maybe cutting out those social situations or finding how you can control them, like drinking soda water with lime at those functions.

Find what’s going to lead you to the best behaviors, and stick with those. Start cooking food that you know is the best food for you; drink lots of water, and you’ll start feeling back to normal in a week. So follow those things that will definitely help. But we all have those moments; those are totally normal thing, and very few people can say they haven’t eaten something unhealthy. So I hope that helps Maggie! Was that Maggie; wait, no that was Jenna. Sorry Jenna.

Now, this is Maggie.”You mentioned in the past that you had some obsessiveness around food, control issues; I think a lot of women can relate to this, especially in the healthy eating paleo community. How did you get over this and balance your life, and don’t let food take over your life?” So I might actually do an entire podcast about this at one point. I’ve talked about it a lot in my blog in random posts. But I had control issues forever. I starved myself, I binge ate. I wouldn’t eat certain foods. I was just a control freak and I think a lot of people have gone through this. But when I was controlling all those little things, and I was working out all the f*cking time and restricting my food, I was actually gaining weight because my body wasn’t getting the right food or enough food. So I was like; ok, I’m not seeing the results I want, so obviously what I’m doing is not working. And that was when I was finally like; f*ck it. I’m just going to do whatever I want.

So that was when I started eating more gluten free food, and eating what I was craving and what I was wanting. So having those French fries, or having those carbs. And the more I ate what my body was craving; I wasn’t binging, I was just eating what I wanted. My body actually started to change in a positive way. So that’s what I said; was f*ck this, and moved on, and tried something different. So I wish I had one thing that worked, but it was honestly just saying f*ck it. That was the term that worked for me. So I don’t know if that helps, but hopefully it does, Maggie.

Amy, “Question about your podcast. Maybe it will be covered; but do you use any particular cleaning products?” And I’m really bad about using ‘cleaner’ products; like better for you products. Apologies for that. But I know friends who love the brand Branch Basics, and think their products are awesome. I personally don’t use any specific ones, but I know a lot of friends have used that, especially in the paleo community.

Let’s see; Allie, “Love your podcast! I’m curious if you’ve always been someone who doesn’t care what other people think, or if that’s just comes over the years of being in the public eye. I admire how much you seem to stay in your own lane and do you.” So, I’m human and so I still care what people think to some degree. I think all of us have that feeling in some way; even if it’s just how our friends view us, you know. We all care what people think in a way, and it’s still really hurts my feeling when people talk badly about me. I mean, just reading these few iTunes reviews, and when their negative, it still eats you up inside. And I talked about; last week on the podcast I talked about why having children scares the sh*t out of me, and why I really question it, and this woman; and this woman leaves angry comments on my blog all the time, so I finally had to erase them because she was just so rude, but she was saying that I was an incredibly bad person for feeling this way. So then you; and I was PMSing, it doesn’t help the moment, but I was like, “Am I really a bad person?” Then you start questioning who you are because of this one opinion.

So it’s still something that gets to me. But what I’ve found over the years, I think from being picked on, as a little kid; I think I got some tougher skin, but at the same time, someone; no matter who you are, someone is going to hate you. So you can be the nicest person in the world, and do good for the world, and someone won’t like you. You can be the most f*cked up person in the world; and someone will still like you. So, I mean, I listen to all these podcasts; you know, bad f*cking people in the world, and these guys on death row, and these women come in to marry them. So they’re terrible f*cked up people, and people still like them. So, anyways. You might as well be exactly who you are and who you want to be and continue to try to be a better person, no matter what that person is, because someone is not going to like you, or someone is going to like you. So you might as well just be who you want to f*cking be. That’s, I think, how I’ve “stayed in my lane,” is because I like who I am and I like what I’ve put into the world. And even if people don’t like it, at the end of the day I like me.

Have you ever seen that; my god I f*cking love this video! Where this little cute Asian girl, and she’s talking to the camera, and she’s like, “I don’t care if you don’t like me. I love me!” F*cking cutest thing ever. I go back to her all the time. I need to find that video, it’s so inspirational.

Allison, “My question is about Crossfit. I’m wondering how many times a week you recommend attending workouts. I think 3 times a week for myself, but wonder if that’s really enough to get stronger and accomplish goal of one day being able to do a pull-up of any kind. I pushed Crossfit off for so many years because I’m not strong at all; and it’s because of you and your awesome posts that I decided to take the plunge. Thank you for all you do!” Holy sh*t, Allison, that’s f*cking awesome! Ok, so how f*cking cool is that?

So here’s the thing, Allison. Usually most people are not strong to begin with when they start a workout routine. Some people, maybe they worked out as a kid, like did sports, and then just continued on that path. But I’d say the general public are not strong to begin with. So don’t feel like you’re alone in that; I was not strong when I first started either. So that’s where you build up strength, is working out regularly.

I can’t say how much you should workout, because I know nothing about you. I’ve never met you, I don’t know your goals, your lifestyle, whatever. I think 3 times a week is a great starting point; we have that as an option at our gym, is 3 times a week. And then a lot of people go to unlimited because they like to do 5 or 6 days a week as that strength builds. But I think 3 times a week is a great starter, and then as you add more goals to your list, and you’re like; ok, I’m not able to accomplish this goal doing 3 times a week, I’m going to add more in. but I think starting with 3 times a week and listening to your body from there is a great starting point. You’re awesome Allison.

OK, Kate. “Two questions; did you ever encounter Crossfit plateaus?” So, she’s just saying, “I feel like I’ll be excelling one day, and then the next time someone who just started is passing me.” And I feel that way all the time. I mean, just yesterday I got my ass kicked in a workout which I would usually beat those people in workouts. But I think that’s just Crossfit and at the end of the day, that has to do with our lifestyle, it has to do with our food, that has to do with our stress, sleep, and how it affects our workouts. And I think; I don’t think that’s necessarily a plateau; rather it’s just not our best workout day. And if you’re working out every single day, like Crossfit, and you’re not competing, every single day doesn’t have to be the best day ever. So keep that in mind; I don’t’ think that’s necessarily a plateau. I think that’s just life, and who cares. You got a workout in still, even if you didn’t get first in it, you still got a workout in. so I think that’s worth keeping in mind.

And then working from home and eating. “I work from home full time, and have a hard time sticking to my nutrition goals because of boredom or stress eating. Any tips from a fellow work-at-homer?” And totally, I get that way. Yesterday I was feeling that way. I just didn’t really want to get work done, so I kept going back to the kitchen and eating and eating. So I like to make sure I have big meals planned; like, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are my bigger meals, and I just try to have one or two snacks in the day. And I just set what those snacks are going to be ahead of time so I’m not snacking too much. I have a goal in mind, and I stick with that in what I’m going to eat. So yeah, that’s hard when you’re working at home, but having bigger meals and drinking a lot of water will definitely help with that.

Bella, “My question is, how do you not get bored? I have eaten paleo since I was in high school because of food intolerances, but after eating meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds a number of times over the years, I have to say I’m beginning to lose motivation to keep eating the same things. How do you mix it up and keep yourself on the paleo path?” Well, Bella, hello! You left this comment on a paleo recipe blog. So, that’s exactly how I don’t get bored, and why I started this blog in the first place is because I don’t want to get bored, so I make different recipes all the time. And if I find myself feeling bored, I usually stick with the same foods, and if you’re using spices, I don’t think they get very boring. But if I’m feeling bored, I’ll just go to a friend’s website, and cook something from there. I’ve got probably 680 recipes or so on my blog; so if you feel bored, just go to my blog and search the archives there. 680, I promise you, you will not be bored, for 680 days.

Shelby, “You talk about how paleo helps with women with PCOS; a lot of women are affected by this.” I’m not even going to talk about the full question, just because I don’t have the answers for PCOS; I don’t know much about PCOS. But I think that would be a great question to ask, or they maybe even covered that topic of PCOS on Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo’s Balanced Bites podcast. I think they would be great people to talk to or go to http://balancedbites.com and search PCOS; she might have already even talked about it. So definitely talk to them, they’ll be more helpful than I could be.

Sarah. “If you could only have 3 pieces of kitchen equipment for the rest of your life, what would they be?” Le Cruset Dutch oven, food processor, and a spatula so I could make pancakes and flip them perfectly.

This is also Sarah; “What are some of your favorite kitchen tips, tricks, or hacks?” She uses the, put the pit in the guacamole to keep it from turning brown. And I don’t feel like I have any hacks. My only hack is I put desserts in the freezer so I don’t’ eat them. Is that a hack? It’s not a f*cking hack.

“What are your favorite unnecessary kitchen gadgets?” A lemon or lime juicer, and a garlic press. Both you don’t f*cking need, and both I use almost every day. And then you have to clean them every day, so pointless, but I love them.

“Question about Crossfit timed workouts.” Speaking of timed; shut up. Hold on. Oh, ok. Oh my gosh. My computer froze for one second, and I thought it stopped recording! Sh*t, we’re at an hour. Oh my good golly, Miss Molly. I hope you like this long one. I hope you guys like a long podcast. I personally do, to keep me entertained. But, ok. So, back to Kate. “Question about Crossfit timed workouts. When you do as many rounds as possible for time, how do you pace yourself? Obviously, you want to work through the exercises as quickly as possible, but also maintain technique and minimize risk of injury. Interested to know how you handle this, as it would be easy to become competitive and compromising technique.”

So I actually talked about this in a workout at our gym, and we had a workout with a ton of reps in it, and I told them this was not giving them the opportunity to be a sh*t show. Do not lose your sh*t in a workout because you want to just be faster than someone. Hello; you have a body, it’s still attached to you. Just because it’s timed doesn’t mean you can just lose your f*cking sh*t.

So, if I am losing position, I either need to cut back in my weights or I need to take a f*cking second to breath. Like if you’re losing position and you’re not in a safe position, f*cking drop your weight and take a second, bro! I always mention this to people in workouts I know that they’re more likely going to lose position. I talk to them about it and really emphasize to not lose your sh*t. so use your brain. Use your f*cking brain; it’s still attached to you, even when you’re working out, and think through it. If you’re losing your sh*t and you can feel that it doesn’t feel right, take a second. And if your coach is letting you do that, find a new f*cking coach. That’s not cool. So yeah, that’s how I deal with it.

Brooke, “I too once was quite the wild child back in my day.” Um, oh I kind of talked about this. So Brooke is saying people give you sh*t, “Oh, she’s too healthy to do stuff with us,” or blah, blah, blah. So she’s saying, “How do you handle this if you still want to spend time with friends but still conquer your own health journey.” So if people give me sh*t about not drinking, I give that sh*t right back. I’m going to say f*cking mean sh*t. if those are my friends, and they’re talking sh*t about not doing an unhealthy thing, like not drinking, then I’ll just give it right back, and I’ll say, maybe I’ll say, “You know I’m just not really interested in looking haggard at 35 by drinking every weekend, so I’m cool.” And throw that at them. People don’t love that; but hey, if they want to be rude to me for trying to be healthy, then I will be rude to them about their unhealthy habits.

But, people over time stop giving you sh*t the more you stick with it. People just kind of expect me not to drink, so when I do drink, they’re like, “Oh, Juli’s drinking tonight, look at this!” And it’s like a big deal. But over time, they just kind of get bored with giving you sh*t, and they just stop talking about it. So just stick with your guns. Give that sh*t back; if they want to talk sh*t to you, you can talk sh*t to them.

Ok. Oh, we’re almost done! Good, because my computer is almost dead. Katie. “Totally random question, but do you get acrylic nails?” Yes, I get acrylic nails. I got acrylic nails at my wedding, because the nail polish stays on longer, and since I was going to a destination wedding and getting it done a couple of days; and I’ve just loved it, and I stayed with acrylic nails. I get them done once a month and get them cut really short so they can grow out, and I just love them. Because they poke in my hands when I’m lifting, so that’s why I cut them short. But yeah, I love acrylic nails. I don’t think they’re great for you, but whatever.

Rebecca, “How often do you walk Jackson? Do you walk him as much in the winter months? We adopted a border collie; she’s 6 years old, she obviously needs exercise but we live in Utah and it snows a lot!” I walk Jackson one to two times a day, but our walks range from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the day and what I have going on. And in the winter we definitely walk less. It’s been really windy and freezing outside, and so I’ve been trying to take him on at least one walk, but yeah, he definitely gets a little bit less walking in the winter, so we try to play in doors a little more.

And her other question is, “When you were beginning Crossfit, how did you improve in movements? Let’s just say you wanted to improve pull-ups, double unders, and a few other movements? Would you work on one at one time, or do a little of them every day?” And I think I worked on these things all the time. I wanted pull-ups, so I started doing pull-ups before and after class every day. I wanted double unders; I started doing 20 minutes of double under practice after my workout. So if I thought of something I wanted to do, I would work on it almost every day, and sometimes that meant I was working on multiple things. So, yeah. I recommend working all the time. If you want something, f*cking get it.

But hold on; I have to take a cute picture because Jackson is just being a cutie patootie as I’m recording; and he’s smiling. I’m going to post that on Snapchat, he’s so cute.

So yeah, work on it all the time. Oh crap; I think this might still be Rebecca’s question. “As a food blogger, do you eat everything you cook?” Yes. I eat everything I cook. She was like, “it looks like you make so many recipes.” And I know it looks like I make so many recipes, but if you think about it, I’m usually probably making 3 to 4 recipes per week, so that’s just a meal for me and my family. I just eat it all; my husband and I eat it all. For desserts I kind of give those away or store them in the freezer.

And then her last question, “What is your favorite workout music?” my favorite workout music is EDM. That’s all I listen to. That’s all the people in my gym get to listen to. Ha ha, jokes on you guys!

Jackie, “I know you mentioned in another episode that a woman commented about your weight loss on your photos, and that she liked you better when you were heavier.” Yes, she did say that. “That’s weird, but maybe a cool podcast episode idea; you could discuss why you wanted to lose weight and what changes you made.” And I may do a podcast all about that, but I did talk about that in episode 5, and I linked a couple of posts that I did about it and how I lost weight, and why I wanted to lose weight, and why I wanted to change my lifestyle. I actually talk about those things. I’ll link that in this blog post so you can find that, but I have talked about it before.

Question from someone on Instagram; “How do you look at the Crossfit open now that you don’t compete? Do you still try to do better than the years past, do you stress out about it?” So, I don’t give a f*ck about the Crossfit open nowadays. My coach always makes me sign up because he wants all of us at our gym to sign up and to be an all inclusive thing and everybody compete in it and pus themselves, and I more so love that people; we make it like a whole thing at our gym, so people are coming on a Friday night and we all do the workouts together, and then have drinks afterwards and a lot of people go out. So I like that part of the open. But other than that, I don’t give a f*cking sh*t. I don’t want to look at years’ past because I get; it messes with my head if I didn’t do better, but once in a while, if it’s a workout I did in the past, I will look at that workout to see in comparison how I did.

But I just don’t really look at that, and I don’t care; when I was competing in the open was top 30 and now I think maybe last year I finished; oh what did I finish in. it was like top 300. Obviously that’s not good compared to top 30, but I was happy with that because I didn’t give a f*cking sh*t. but I think it’s fun to kind of look at the end. But I don’t stress out about it. I stress out about it in the way that I know it’s going to be a really painful workout, but that’s any other day, as well.

Ok, two more questions. Oh my gosh I can’t believe how long this has been! An hour and 10 minutes. That’s so great! Ok, Devin. “Here’s my random question. How can I get a beautiful wedding ring band like yours? I know you said your dad designed it, I’m wondering if he works for a larger jeweler or what his business is called? Every time you put your left hand in a photo I can’t focus because the ring is bam, gorgeous. You’re the best.”

Ok, my dad is a Jeweler in Golden. His business is called Gene Bauer Goldsmith, and he designed and made my ring, and he makes a ton of jewelry. He doesn’t work with any big jewelers that I know of, but he makes his own jewelry. He doesn’t have an online business, yet, which he needs to f*cking get on, dad, hello. You’re talking to a person who is online all the time; I tell him this all the time. But you can definitely call his store; if you’re in Colorado, visit his store in Golden. So that’s how you can get a ring, because you can buy it through him, because he’s the best. He’s the most adorable man ever.

And then, Corrine. Last but not least. “What are your favorite snacks preworkout, post workout, and late night? And how much prep for dinners do you do during the day? I work at night and just can’t bear to start cooking and then not eat till 9.” So favorite snacks, I like plantain chips, I like the sheep’s milk yogurt that I always eat. I like some bars like Rx bars; I talked about snacks a couple of posts ago. And yeah, those are kind of my go-to snacks. Whatever I have around the house; even just a smaller meal.

And I’m sorry, I’m not very helpful with prepping dinners during the day. Just because I work from home, obviously. But like last night, I worked at my gym until 8, and so I had soup that I made during the day, and I just made something really quick, which was kale, just cooked in lemon juice and some spices; so I had soup that I had to just reheat and kale. So dinner was done in 10 minutes; it was done really fast. So that’s what I do, is have simple ideas in mind, and then have big enough food that I made earlier in the week to have leftovers on those days I know I’m going to work later. So I hope that helps.

Well this has worked out well because I have 6% left on my computer. That worked out really well. We’re at an hour and thirteen minutes; that’s so cool. It’s amazing how many questions you guys had. Thank you so much for sending in your questions, and having stuff. I hope people like these podcasts. Based on how many questions there were, I think people do like it. And if you do, feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve never been to my website; that’s so cool. Maybe you found my podcast via iTunes or whatever; that’s f*cking awesome! But you should definitely go visit www.PaleOMG.com because I have all of my recipes, I have over 650 paleo recipes on there, I have a little doggie who likes to make an appearance. I have my fashion Fridays; I share my workouts. I share all kinds of stuff. Recently I’ve been doing some gift guides, all that kind of stuff. So I’m just sharing whatever I’m interested in in the moment. So definitely head to www.PaleOMG.com.

If you like this podcast, subscribe, rate, and review. Do all that jazz. If you have a negative comment, keep it to yourself you know. I was just thinking about that. I was like, who leaves negative comments? Like all the times that I’ve had a bad experience at a restaurant, and you’re like; “I want to leave a bad review.” I still haven’t because I have a soul. So remember that. I’m sorry Jackson has interrupted and pissed you guys off. He stayed so quiet today as he lay by my side. He’s the best. So apologies for there. But you know, just rate in a positive way, because let’s spread the positivity in the world. If you have something you’d like me to work on personally, feel free to comment on my blog. No need to leave me a one-star review, because I can work on that. I can improve, ok. I’m always trying to improve.

So thanks for being here today, guys. Head over to www.PaleOMG.com. Remember to rate, review, subscribe. If you want to find me on any other podcasts, like station or whatever; other than Stitcher or iTunes, let me know. I’m always happy to add more, I just don’t know any of the other ones out there. But so pumped to talk to you guys. Thank you so much for leaving so many questions. It’s been f*cking awesome. You guys are the best. Yeah, we’ll see what next week brings to the podcast. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below in this podcast episode on www.PaleOMG.com. I’ll talk to you guys soon, it’s been wonderful! I just love your little squishy face. Ok bye!!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


56 thoughts on “Random Reader Questions – Episode 11: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Doing food prep and just checked….. your new podcast is up!!!!!! Yay!!!! Happy girl! Happy food prep day!!! LOVE your shizzle!!!! You make me happy!!!!

  2. I would looove to see pics of the rooms in your house…whenever I see your bedroom I just love your style so I would love to see more :)…not sure if you want to share those but I thought I’d ask 😉 love your blog! I’m a fan from Germany…you made it all the way across the pond 😉

  3. I haven’t listed yet, so sorry if you’ve already talked about this! Just wondering if it was hard to get your hubby into paleo when you guys first started dating/living together? Did he like a lot of your recipes or did it take him a while to get into paleo? Or, maybe he doesn’t even follow the paleo lifestyle?!

    1. i mentioned this a while back but i forget in which podcast, but it was not hard to get my husband on the paleo train. i never brought it up to him and he finally started asking me about it, i explained the benefits, helped me grocery shop and game plan his meals all before we were living together. and he definitely did like a lot of my recipes which helped me get interested in it! and he eats mostly paleo, but he will eat pizza or sandwich once in a while if he doesn’t have any other options. but i’m lucky to have a guy that tends to want to eat healthier more often than i even do!

  4. Love your blog, love the podcasts, keep on keeping on. Kicking myself for not getting my question submitted in time, but for your next Q&A; would love to hear your thoughts about delayed onset muscle soreness. Not the science, etc, but practical points on how to deal with DOMS. I can do any kind of workout and be a little sore the next day, but when I do CrossFit, I hit the 48 hour mark and feel like I have been hit by a truck. Any thoughts from a coaching or personal perspective on managing DOMS? Is it just a part of life and I have to toughen the F*#& up? Are you aware of anything that helps? Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Sarah! Just letting you know that ever since I started foam rolling (after my warm up and prior to lifting and then sometimes at the end of a workout if I’m particularly tight) my DOMS has been drastically reduced! To the point where I even miss it a little haha as I don’t feel like I’ve worked out hard enough. Maybe give that a go?

    2. since i won’t be doing another Q&A for 5 or so weeks, i thought i would just answer it here! muscle soreness is quite normal and with crossfit, it never really goes away. but rolling out right away, rolling the hamstrings, quads, it bands, and back will all help with that lactic acid build up. i know epson salt baths help as well, but i’ve never done that myself. sometimes working out, even if i’m just staying light, really helps with it as well, so longer walks or a light run can also help! it’s definitely part of life with CF but you can make it more livable if you’re rolling out regularly!

      1. Thanks so much Juli & Kattie, appreciate the time you both took to reply. I actually never foam roll after, always before. Ill try that! I think (like everything in life) consistency is key. Ill try to be more consistent. Hugs!

    3. Ooo yes! Seconded on the Epsom salt baths and walking / moving the next day 🙂

      Question for a future podcast Juli – how do you know when your body needs a break from working out? I struggle with being able to tell if I’m overtraining or if I’m too stressed and should be resting. Are there any little signs your body gives you that you look out for, or signs / mistakes you see others in your gym experiencing? How do you decide to have a rest day vs. doing a slower or lighter work out?

      Thanks again for all your amazing content! I now read all your posts with your voice in my head thanks to your podcast haha

      1. i think a good indication if you’re training too much is if you aren’t seeing the results you want or if you feel bad or guilty when you are taking a rest day. i use to workout 6-7 days per week but when i cut it back to 5 days (I do 3 days on, 1 off, 2 days on, 1 off) i actually started to see my body physically change. so that schedule has totally worked for me so i’ve stuck with it for quite some time. and if i’m feeling off but know it’s going to be a rest day tomorrow, i’ll just go a little lighter. not sure if that helps but i hope it does!

      2. Thanks so much for replying Juli – I have cut back a bit and am feeling better with more time to recover. It’s definitely a learnt skill listening to your body xx

        Have a wonderful weekend ^_^

  5. Hey! Just wondering what your take is on these ” flat belly” teas, I noticed some Crossfit athletes repping them. Also wondering how you choose what conpanies and products to support! Thanks!

    1. the thing with those types of companies are they pay A LOT of money. because those companies make a lot of money since people want quick fixes, they have the money to pay lots of people to promote them. they have even reached out to me and offered to sponsor my content to promote them, but i don’t believe in quick fixes. i don’t believe in pills or teas or cleanses. i just believe in hard work all the time. i believe in clean eating and working out which will lead to a flatter stomach if you continue to take care of yourself. so that kind of stuff isn’t for me. i do believe in drinking lots of water though! the more water you drink, the less bloat you’ll have going on!

      1. Just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for not promoting products that you don’t believe in. I really appreciate this in your blog.

  6. Thanks for answering my questions, and for all of the great info on CF Endurance! And to answer your question on pronouns, it’s he. But way to be progressive and not assume which one to use!

  7. I listened to your podcast this weekend via bluetooth headphones while doing laundry and chores. It made the time go by in a much more fun way! I just love that although you have a health focus, you’re also real about things like plastic surgery and beauty! I really appreciate that. I’m trying botox for the first time in a couple of weeks and you helped me get up the nerve to fix something that has been bothering me for years.

    I also have taken your approach to workout to stop making excuses. My new regime has me focusing on working out 5x a week with no excuses for why I can’t go…It’s really changed my perspective on my daily routine. Thanks Juli!!

  8. Your yawn comments killed me (sorry for bringing them up) because everyday while reading books to my daughter i yawn like 50 times. Its like wtf cant i get through a 10 page book with out fucking yawing?!

  9. I freaking love your podcasts! You and your little Jackson always make me happy on your snapchat. I would love for you to have an episode all about how you handle some control issues when it comes to eating. I have struggled in the past with disordered eating and find that every few months it creeps back in, especially when I am in a situation where I cannot control what food will be available to me (social settings). I am interested on how you deal with this and not beat yourself up.

    Love you and keep the awesome podcasts coming!

  10. How would you handle monitoring what your kids ate when not at home. At home they eat mostly paleo because that’s what we make, but when at grandma’s or school its hard to control. I don’t want them feeling deprived, but want them to be healthy.

    1. Yeah good question. It has been easy to keep my little guy eating paleo with lots of veggies at home or at restaurants as he just eats what we eat and doesn’t know any different. But I’m worried about how I’ll handle this when he goes to school. A few of the better schools in our area have an organic lunch program which is based on the US food pyramid so is heavy on grains and pasteurized dairy. So would be great to get Juli’s thoughts or recommendations for any good paleo parenting blogs she might know. With eating at grandma’s, would be nice if they respected what you wanted your kids to eat but easier said than done.

    2. honestly, i have no clue since i don’t have kids. but that’s one of my cons because balancing what your kids eat is really challenging. i would definitely ask Michelle Tam from nomnompaleo.com because she has kids and has to balance this all the time! so she might have some recommendations for you!

  11. Hey Juli and Jackson !
    Listened to your pod cast today and really liked the topics and questions you covered. I used to play varsity hockey during university and that’s why I started CrossFit. Ever since not having constant practices and workouts, I’ve struggled with finding a diet and routine that works for me. I’ve done the calorie and macro counting, but have come to realize that those aren’t long-lasting lifestyle habits. The last two months I’ve concentrated on just eating healthy, not guilting myself when I dabble into treats, and I feel so much better mentally!

    Sorry for the long message… but within the past 2 years I’ve moved from Canada to England and now to Malta. I’ve met some people that just don’t understand or have ANY interest in healthy habits whatsoever… and they scoff at me when I say no to cakes or when I go to bed earlier to wake up to workout before work. But your podcast really strung a cord with me… you can never make everyone happy and there will ALWAYS be people that disagree with you — so that’s why I’m saying no to those cakes, burgers and fries that people think are food…. Sometimes it’s hard to be that person to stand out like that, but at the end of the day… it’s my life and every choice you make makes ALL the difference.
    Sorry to blabble… but I think I’m going through a similar journey as you did a few years ago (and still today). I’m 25 and not yet fully comfortable in my own skin. I have been following you since your early years and dancing videos (which should be updated — pleaseeeee). Keep up the good work, seriously.. you’re killing it, and such an inspiration to all your followers!
    Have an awesome day 🙂 xx

  12. Hey Juli,

    You mentioned you did a nutrition blog for your box a while back. I’m curious how you chose which topics to talk about. Did you ask your members what they were interested in learning about? And how frequently did you post? Thanks!

    1. i just first talked about the things that interested me first. so i talked why gluten and grains aren’t good for our bodies, what to eat after our workouts, why paleo is good for us, etc. then i started asking what people wanted me to talk about and i talked about those topics! and i think i posted once a week, but i honestly can’t remember

  13. Hi Julie! Thank you so much for answering my question about acne and for pointing me to the blog post that I missed where you talked about it. I feel like eggs do not do my skin any favors either, so I think I will stop eating them for awhile and see how things go. With that, I am going to take a look at some of your egg-free breakfast recipes! Do you have any favorites you can point me to??

    I like your thought that if we have the technology, we should use it – from botox to skin treatments. I totally agree. On a broader note, these podcasts are so refreshing – I love them!

      1. That looks awesome! Will definitely look through your other recipes too! Also so glad to hear that your stomach is feeling back to normal. Stomach bugs are the worst.

  14. Super random, but would you ever do a blog post that’s a tour of your home? I would love to see your decorating style and where you shop for home items. Similar to your outfit posts but for your house. Also, what are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

  15. Hi Julie! First off, L O V E the podcast! Don’t you pay any attention to the trolls 😉 I just finished listening to this latest one & a few people had asked about ‘Clean’ cleaning products. One word…NORWEX!!! Quick deets: Industrial grade microfiber embedded with silver so you can clean using ONLY water! The microfiber traps the dirt, dust, bacteria in the cloth & the silver self purifyes. No mold, mildew, or bacterial reproduction & no more smelly kitchen cloth! No more Lysol or other toxic wipes, sprays, or concoctions. One Envirocloth will clean your entire home, & last you years! #moneysaver Norwex has other cleaning products, including AWESOME laundry detergent! I became a consultant because of how passionate I am in sharing with others about this eco-friendly, budget friendly way to clean! Your community of listeners are the perfect peeps to give Norwex a try! I did not comment to be sales-y! A few people have asked & so I thought I’d share, because quite honestly, Norwex has revolutionized my budget, given me back more time to spend on things other than cleaning, & the best part….no more toxic chemicals in our home!! Here is my link so you can check it out for yourself.
    I would be more than happy to send you some cloths so you can try it for yourself & report back to your listeners what you think! Plus, I’d be flattered with a shout out 🙂
    Have a great day!!

  16. You rock, Juli–ignore the people who complain about you, your adorable Jackson or anything else–all while enjoying the content you create! Thanks for all you do and share with us!

  17. Hey Julie,
    Your awesome! Just keep doing what you do. Sorry you have to deal with the trolls. Personally I love the podcast, it’s so real and down to earth. No real question just wanted to say keep up the good work 🙂

  18. Hi Juli! Random question for you. What is your go-to drink at Starbucks? I am trying to find a healthier option for when I have off-site meetings for work there. Thanks!

  19. Hi Juli,

    Love your podcast and blog so much! You mentioned that one of your favorite kitchen gadgets is your Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I want to put one on my christmas list, but I am not sure which size to get. What size do you have that you love so much?

    Thanks! 🙂

  20. Juli! Just finished listening to this podcast – loved it! I am all for longer podcasts too. I never want to stop listening and am sad when they end! Although I died a little when you mentioned not coming to Baltimore any time soon…but what about DC?! I promise it’s not colder than Denver!! Anyway, keep doing what you do because you are KILLING it!!!

  21. Hi Juli! I hope you’re feeling better! I wasn’t sure where to post this as I know you didn’t cover this in the podcast but I can’t remember which one (I think) you mentioned… what dog food do you feed Jackson. I know you said it was a grain free salmon. I just found out my pup is allergic to chicken so I am on the hunt for a new one. Any brand you recommend? Thank you!!

    1. im so sorry but i can’t remember what it’s called. we always get a bag of it and then i pour it into a huge closable container so i never remember the name. but next time i pick up his food, i’ll try to remember to write down the name so i can talk about it in a podcast! sorry about that!

  22. Hi Juli! I love this week’s podcast!….and every week for that matter!! You are always so full of energy and I relate to you so much it’s awesome and I always look forward to listening to the new podcasts too!

    Question regarding coffee….I’m becoming a person who seems to need some caffeine first thing in the morning because my commutes to work are about an hour, however I don’t like always doing hot coffee and I also don’t really like using creamer. Today when I was at whole foods, I grabbed a chameleon cold brew to try and LOVE LOVE LOVVVEDDDD the vanilla! But because that obviously can get pricey for a college student, how could I make this at home!? I don’t know exactly how to do cold brew at home….HELP!!! and any brands of coffee that you recommend would be awesome too!


    1. i’ve honestly never made cold brew coffee myself but i’m sure there are about a million recipes out there! just google how to make cold brew coffee or even search it on pinterest!

  23. Hi Juli,

    Love your podcast and blog so much! You mentioned that one of your favorite kitchen gadgets is your Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I want to put one on my christmas list, but I am not sure which size to get. What size do you have that you love so much?

    Thanks! 🙂

  24. Hi Juli,
    I love your podcast. I find myself laughing out loud when I’m listening in the car. I thought a fun theme for a podcast is “Julie’s favourite things.” A one stop show of awesome things from kitchen gadgets, to recipes, to fashion etc. You’ve talked about so many, it would be nice to have a refresher in one fun review. Also great as a year end topic. Just s thought. You’re a D-O-L-L

  25. I love when you say drink a lot of water during the podcast because it reminds me to sip on my water during the day!!! You should have 2 times in the podcast you remind people to take a sip of water!!! I think that would be so cool!!!

  26. I LOVE your blogs usually but I could not even focus on what you were saying because I was so distracted by your yawning and it was making me yawn and making me tired. I had to skip this one!

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