Be still, my heart. Be perfectly damn still…SO I CAN EAT YOU!!!!

You know what’s torture? Having 5 of these sundaes sitting in your fridge, with a fiancé who is on a health kick for our upcoming wedding and not eating sweets. And a person like me, who has a complete insane sweet tooth after having to change my damn birth control and being on an emotional rollercoaster. Straight up sh*t show over here. I keep finding myself wandering by the fridge for no reason. Salivating.

But what other time of the year is it totally ok to devour an entire pan of brownies and say it’s fine because you’re either in love or hate love. No matter what your viewpoint is on Valentine’s Day, brownies are always a good idea. Always.

With these brownies, you can totally make them into your own personal sexy brownie sundae. You can top it with caramel or raspberry caramel or chocolate chips or cacao nibs or fruit or chopped nuts or coconut whipped cream or cookies or…I don’t know what else, bro! Be creative on your own. My mind is on my brownie sundae in the fridge.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Since I have a lover, I’ll be hanging out with that guy. But we don’t have any plans yet. He’s the best gift giver, but when it comes to just plain ole’ dates, he’s not the best. I think he gets nervous about me being particular about where we eat. But honestly, I just want to go to one of our favorite restaurants because we know it will be good. So I think I may have to plan our Valentine’s Day date. And since I cook every day for a living, I don’t want to cook for myself on Valentine’s Day. Or do the dishes. It’s absolutely insane how many dishes I do each day. It’s not one of those “I cook, he cleans” bullsh*t. It’s more like, “hey, I cooked all day and you worked all day. meaning you did not make this mess. and I will not make you clean it up for me because I respect and love you.” So all I truly want this Valentine’s Day is to not do any dishes. That’s true romance to me.

PaleOMG Valentine's Day Brownie Mocha Sundaes

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Valentine’s Day Brownie Mocha Sundaes

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  • Yield: 5 1x




  1. Make caramel and set aside.
  2. Make ice cream then place in the freezer to set.
  3. Make brownies and let cool only slightly before slicing. I divided my brownies into 5 different sundae cups, leaving behind just enough to cut out 5 small brownie hearts to put on top of the sundaes. I used a small heart cookie cutter to do that, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! After placing brownie in the sundae cups, top with coffee ice cream, caramel, the brownie heart and then a sprinkle of chocolate chips. I even topped mine off with coarse sea salt because I love that, but that craziness is up to you.
  4. Eat up, buttercup!


I recommend making the caramel sauce and the ice cream ahead of time to cut down on your preparation the day of Valentine’s day. In the prep time, I included the time it will take to make the caramel sauce and the ice cream beforehand, but if you do this a day ahead of time, it will cut the total time way down!

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PaleOMG Valentine's Day Brownie Mocha Sundaes


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  1. Amber says:

    I’m all about staying in for Vday because I don’t enjoy crowds. We usually cook a nice meal for the actual holiday and then go out a week later, which also lines up with our dating anniversary. This year I’m doing a Whole30… soooo no going out for us at all, but I’m thinking we’ll do some steak and scallops on Sunday. So deprived 😉

    1. juli says:

      that sounds delicious!!…minus the dishes

  2. Catrina says:

    Wandering towards the fridge, salivating.. hilarious! Been there, done that. I’m running a half on Valentine’s day which means I will have ALL the excuses to eat as many brownies I’d like!!

    1. juli says:

      that’s genius!!

  3. Sarah Silver says:

    Oh Valentine’s Day … always a great day for single girls 🙂 I don’t get down about because I get to do whatever the f I want … so this year we are celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday in the morning with brunch (which means mimosas, bacon, eggs and sweet p hash) and then later vegging on my couch with some wine, sweats and a few paleo treats from Jewel Bakery … no dishes for this chick!! Enjoy everyone!

  4. Andrea @pencils and pancakes says:

    I absolutely hate doing dishes and it’s certainly derailed my desire to cook lately and especially since I’ve been pregnant. And I agree w u about feeling bad making my husband do them since he’s not the one who made the huge mess!

  5. Holly says:

    Whats your favorite restaurant? So glad you added your picks in Denver to the community tab!

    1. juli says:

      root down is up there, along with izakaya den, cho77 and ototo

  6. Ann says:

    Hey Julie – first up big congratulations on your upcoming nuptial! You’re right, its super romantic AND super exciting!
    2nd – I just wanted to say a great big Thank You for all you do – your humour, insights, recommendations and of course your fantastic recipes! The book you co-authored was my first intro to Paleo and it made all the difference having a “road map”. So thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a Supa Stahhh!

  7. Monika says:

    Can you please come to my house and cook for me?! All your V-day recipes look so delicious! I wish I would like to cook more.

    1. juli says:

      you can teach yourself to love it, that’s exactly what i did!

      1. Monika says:

        I’ve started cooking at 14. I’m 51 now and am just tired of standing in the kitchen. But reading about, and seeing your beautiful, delicious recipes is inspiring. :o)

  8. Bekah says:

    I’ve learned to love cooking too, it’s frustrating as every single male in my house (minus my husband) so the three boys in my house they say don’t like things before they even try them…so annoying. So I’ve learned to cook the things I love and I want and if those fools don’t want to eat the yummy things I make they can eat fruit and vegetables and yogurt or nuts. I’ve learned that I actually prefer the stuff I make at home to almost any restaurant…probably just the control freak in me. It’s kind of a sickness. Our kids are with the grandparents and we’re going to eat out tonight and tomorrow night, I’m not really about the V-Day scene so I think we’ll hit sushi tonight and just make something at home tomorrow night. Maybe crab legs, those are always fun v-days day fare.