4th of July Lemon Fruit Tart

I’ve been in a funk mood lately. Not sure why. I have no reason to be. Workouts have been good. Food has been good. Social life has been good. So daily, I’ve had to say, ‘Juli, get your sh*t together. Go to the gym and be happy.’ And that’s what I’ve done. Seriously, the gym is the place I feel the happiest. How weird is that? It may be stupid to some, but doing a workout completely changes my attitude about everything. It’s the one place I can simply breathe. It’s the one place where I forget about anything that’s been worrying me. I love CrossFit.

Well, that was deep.

Guess what I did this weekend?! I hosted an All Women’s Lifting Seminar at CrossFit Jai. It was AWESOME. I had 8 wonderful women from all around Colorado who took time out of their Saturday to workout with me and listen to me crack terrible jokes. We got to review the olympic lifts and talk about boys. Not really, boys suck. But we did get to chat about our love for CrossFit and how amazing it has been in our lives. I hope they all had fun. Because I sure did. I even fed them these bars at the end of the class. CrossFit + Lemon Fruit Tart = happy women. Just fact.

Other than that, it was a pretty standard weekend. Let’s review what it included.

  1. Workouts that made my ass incredibly sore. I didn’t beat Jake or Sergio in a workout we did together, but I did butterfly pull ups the whole time so I was pumped. My hands feel indifferent since they seem to be one open wound.
  2. Intense amount of meats. Pork chops and Denver steaks to be exact. So much meat.
  3. Tequila shots. Regretted that decision immediately.
  4. Playing with the cutest puppy in the world. Jake and Krystle’s first child.
  5. Discovered a bee hive in the tree outside our house. That’s frightening.
  6. Made pumpkin fudge and blueberry waffles. Not sure if I’ll put those recipes on the website…because they may be going in something else soon…hmmmmmm….
  7. Ate a salmon and cream cheese omelet on a patio. No cream cheese is not paleo. Nor were the sweet potato fries that made my life wonderful. Yes, my mouth had a foodgasm.
  8. Watched ‘The Incredibles’ with Laura. OMG I love that freaking movie.

This weekend made me realize that I really just wished I lived in an Usher music video. Take that how you will.


4th of July Lemon Fruit Tart

  • Yield: 8-10 1x



For the crust

For the topping

  • 5 eggs, whisked
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • juice of 4 lemons
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup raspberries


  1. Place all crust ingredients in food processor and mix until completely broken down.
  2. Add crust ingredients to an 8×8 glass baking dish and press down to form an even crust. Put in fridge for about 20 minutes.
  3. While the crust is hardening, make your lemon topping.
  4. Place a small saucepan over medium heat.
  5. Add your eggs, honey, coconut oil, and lemon juice to the saucepan and whisk together.
  6. Continue stirring together until mixture begins to thicken.
  7. Once lemon mixture has thickened, remove from heat, and place in bowl to cool in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
  8. When your lemon topping has cooled, spread it over your crust then place your raspberries and blueberries however you’d like! Make it look like a flag or a star. Do yo’ thang.

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72 thoughts on “4th of July Lemon Fruit Tart”

  1. Nothing to say really, i just like the idea of being the first to comment ; )

    Well actually, that tart is tasty looking

  2. This looks like the future best thing I’ve ever tasted. I can’t wait! Serves 8-10, pfsh. Also, recipes IN something else?! That can only mean one thing…and it’s a very exciting thing!

  3. Christen Suratt

    Puppy ummm friggin’ adorable. I want it. Food…OMG amazing but you already knew that. Book? Huh? Say what…I wanna sign up sheet now damn it!

  4. Glad the lifting seminar went well, I almost went to one at my gym this weekend too but it was sold out, so next time. And yes crossfit is always the complete highlight of my day too.

  5. I had an unfortunate ass workout Friday. My butt is still not fully recovered. Love all the 4th of July recipes!

  6. Crossfit does the same thing to me…it is my therapy I forget about all the stress that is going on in my life:D I love your blog….was going to make your sweet potato brownies for the 4th but now I am craving this fruit tart. This ROCKS!!!!

  7. As an enthusiastic “Lifting Seminar Attendee”, I just wanted to say thanks & let everybody know it was AWESOME… especially the fruit tarts that we gobbled down after!! They were deeeelicious and just right after 2 hours of snatchin’, jerkin’, etc!

  8. Yea! My monday is complete now. Thanks again for this weekend. We had a blast. Off to make a Costco size batch of these bad boys.

  9. Oh wow! I stumbled upon this site and so happy I did. Think this will be my task tomorrow. Looks amazing and I cannot wait to taste it!!! 😀

  10. I sympathize with the “funk” thing. Life is good, so I have no explanation. To top it off, my entire WOD crew is off on vacation with their families. Usually, out of 4 other dudes, someone is around. Nope. Just me at 0600 this morning. And you know what? You get the music going, load the bar, hit that 3-2-1 “go” and it’s all good (until it sucks). I too love CrossFit, and this morning, I even loved burpees.

  11. This recipe is so pretty! I must try it this week. And random, but I watched The Incredibles with my kids this morning after their gymnastics class. My 6 year old boy is in a “super hero training class” (a.k.a. boys gymnastics and obstacle course games with capes and masks on). It is hilarious. He thinks he is Dash.

    1. Rachel, that class sounds awesome! I wish there was one for grownups. Maybe I’ll just start wearing a cape to CrossFit.

  12. It’s ridiculous how similar our weekends were to one another. I attended a weightlifting clinic at my box on Saturday. Only boys were allowed, so as much as they suck it was nice to have some eye candy to drool at while getting my form critiqued to all hell. AND there was the world’s cutest puppy at the clinic. Then the tequilla happened. And it didn’t take long for my body to immediately hate me for it. Oh AND I finally got the hang of kipping pull-ups and I actually look like I know what I’m doing now, so as stoked as I was/am, my hands are almost non-functioning due to a large lack of skin. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. 🙂

  13. Christen Suratt

    totally just made this and it totally rocks my incoming “friends” world…thank you for saving me LOL well…thanks for saving my kids and husband from a pissy me.

  14. Just finished making this!! It looks beautiful! I actually made the raspberries into a star then surrounded them w/ the blueberries! PERFECT!! Is it tomorrow yet so I can eat it!! I will say I did a little finger licking and it was yummy!!

  15. Looks amazing! I’m making it for tomorrow!! Is coconut manna the same as coconut butter?? Is it ok for this recipe?
    And you have officially become my go to blog!!! Thanks!

  16. Omg. seriously how do you afford to make all this food. i just made this to take to a bbq tomorrow and now I’m broke. flat broke. damn. but at least i can eat desert.

    and a cookbook would be great!

  17. that looks AHmazing. damn my life for being so busy i just got to catch up on your awesome site, and won’t be able to make it for today! congrats on the book and the ever increasing site traffic!!!! happy 4th!

  18. This amazing tart is currently “chillin” in my freezer getting ready to be devoured. Thanks to you I had to make another one because my mother in law wanted to take it with her to her party of non paleo peeps. I will let you know the feedback, and if they don’t like it too damn bad!

  19. Just wondering if there are other substitutes for Coconut Cream Concentrate. I can’t find it in any of our stores and would like to make this today. I will order it online from your link, but I just can’t wait till it comes in!! I’m way too excited to make it.

    Also, I tried making the coconut butter with coconut flakes and even though the package said flakes it looks more like shredded coconut. I tried anyway and to no avail it was not happenin’. Any ideas to save it???

  20. I made this on the on Tuesday. It came out delicious! I didn’t have coconut cream so I used the coconut fat creamy heavy stuff at the top of can (I think I used Thai canned). I think it came out wonderfully.

  21. Made this yesterday and it was so delicious. Even people who are not on the paleo band wagon loved it! Yum!

  22. I made this and brought it too a small fourth party and…it was not good. There were a lot of flavors floating around and really not meshing with one another. Most people thought it tasted like a protein bar. However, after letting it set in my fridge overnight I decided to give it another shot and viola! Flavors meshed. I ate about half an eight by eight. Then I came here to recheck the recipe and make sure that wasn’t going to make me gain ten pounds 🙂 It won’t- all is well. If it’s gross, let it set in the fridge. Magic. 3 1/2 stars

    1. Megan, I had the same experience! Made this the day I served it, and for some reason the almond butter in the crust made it taste like dog food. Guests were nice about it but I was embarrassed. BUT THEN — I put the rest in the fridge overnight and these tasted so good the next day I almost ate them all! I don’t know what happened in that refrigerator, but oh man did I like it. Thanks for another great recipe, Juli!

      1. BTW, I’m not crazy about my almond butter anyway — it’s from Trader Joe’s. That might have been the problem with mine initially…

  23. Hey Juli,

    Thanks for posting yet another awesome recipe. I made this for the 4th and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

    The one thing I might amend in your recipe is to explain what “completely broken down” means when making the crust. I blended it too long and the crust turned to more of an almond butter goo. Freezing the crust made it easy to add the topping but the crust was no match for the summer heat! It was still tasty even if it was more of a goo than a crust 🙂

    Check out the photos here: http://wholefoodhalfass.com/post/26579105214/july-4-dessert-4th-of-july-fruit-lemon-tart

  24. Made this. Delicious and a total hit with both paleo and non=paleo crowd (and, in fact, the non paleo crowd had NO IDEA they were eating something so good for htem.)

  25. LOVED it! I made for a gathering and I had a few comments that it wasn’t sweet enough.. I thought it was the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The lemon custard I could eat all by its self! I only have one disappointment, in that the bottom never really got hard. I found that If I put in the freezer for just a few mins before cutting it, it was best. Very yummy and I’m looking forward to making some of your other sweet treats! Awesome job! Keep up the great work!

  26. my sister made this for our July 4th picnic. It was soooooo good! It was even better the next day. I’m going to make it and let it sit over night. what an amazing dessert paleo or not.

  27. I made this on the 4th and everyone loved it. I think that I would make thinner next time, maybe less almond butter. the lemon custard was perfect though. I also think that it needs to sit in the fridge for atleast 4 hours before it tastes just right.

  28. I made this on the 4th and everyone loved it. I think that I would make the crust thinner next time, maybe less almond butter and pecans instead of walnuts (personal preference). The lemon custard was perfect though. I also think that it needs to sit in the fridge for atleast 4 hours before it tastes just right. Oh and I was totally broke after making this, coconut is not cheap.

  29. This was pheNOMENAL!! Non-paleo friends LOVED it! I doubled it for a 9×13 pan (except only 6 lemons not 8) and it was great. Adding it to my go-to desserts!
    Thanks Juli!

  30. LOVED it!!!! I made this for the 4th of July—I designed mine with a star pattern… 🙂 DELISH!! Even better the 2nd day, so serve it very cold!!

  31. Puh-leaze post the recipe for paleo blueberry waffles! The picture from your other 4th of July post made my mouth water!!! You musn’t tease us this way! 😉

  32. Hi! Iam a reader from sweden. This receipe is great, altough I did some changes. I took some hazuelnut butter and mixed it with almond butter. I used som more honey (I like it a little bit sweeter). I took 3 lemons and 1 lime and added som vanilla extract. I also did the crust thiner.
    Thanks for a great receipe! 🙂

  33. I just made this tonight and using the juice from four lemons made the topping soooo bitter 🙁 maybe two next time? I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

  34. My filling is currently on lock down in the fridge for the next 20 mins so decided to drop a comment.

    I have been craving something tart and this recipe hit the spot (from what I tasted on the spoon) can’t wait to have this with some coffee in the morning.

    I made a few changes based on users comments. For the crust, I used your recipe from the No Bake Sticky Berry Bars. I also added about 1T of tapioca flour to the filling to give it a little extra shape.

    Thanks again for your blog and making my transition so much easier. You are for real my go to stop for meal inspirations!

  35. I’m making this for the 4th this year and I’m not sure if you reply to old posts but thought I’d ask anyway where did you eat that salmon cream cheese omelette, like what restaurant? And what usher video? I want to watch it lol. Anyway this recipe looks so freaking good. Thanks for the recipe and your awesome!

  36. I have made this recipe so many times. People who eat so un healthy tend to love this so I bring it to parties so I can enjoy something healthy without people even noticing. Would recommend this recipe to anyone! Making it for Easter this weekend as well.

  37. The coconut oil, does it matter if it is refined or unrefined? I fined that the unrefined has a very coconut-y scent and flavor while the refined doesn’t.

  38. Can the crust be made without the coconut flakes/butter? I have a friend with allergies but I would love to make this for this 4th of July!

  39. This looks amazing, I will be making it for a dinner party this weekend!! Hope this hasn’t been asked yet, I checked and didn’t see anything, but can this be made ahead of time? Does it sit well in the fridge a day or two?

  40. I made this yesterday morning for a party in the evening and it was so good!!! I believe leaving it in the refrigerator for five hours probably helped it, based on others comments.

  41. This looks amazing. I’m going to make it tomorrow for a family lunch. I just read a post on your mini lemon curd tarts that people constantly day mean things to you. I think that really sucks. Someone should invent an app that scans comments for negative words and deletes them so you don’t have to read them. Anyway I just wanted to say I think you’re great and funny and just great and i loveeeee your recioes so I hope u don’t let them get u down!

  42. Is Cocunt cream concentrate like the cream that comes to the top of the Cocunt milk can? If not, would that work?

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