Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Last night was a total bust of an episode on The Bachelor. They are really stretching for entertainment this season. It’s either because Nick is incredibly boring OR because the women are incredibly boring. I’m putting my money on Nick. The show started off exactly how it ended. It was seriously like watching Groundhogs Day. Corrine and Taylor’s fighting just doesn’t seem real. And Nick ends up being the babysitter every time. It’s just boring. Luckily, Nick f*cks something up next week, on live television…again, so we will have at least an ounce of entertainment. What do you think it’s going to be?!

I honestly wonder if the producers were  trying to simply freeze the girls to death in hopes of getting better ratings. The rose ceremony was in some barn, that obviously wasn’t insulated, and the girls were shaking. And you could see their breath every time they breathed. It looked as warm as the X-Games looked in Aspen over the weekend. Like…what the? You don’t have the budget to move the ceremony indoors? Or are you just too lazy to set up the bleachers and floral decor twice? I hate you Bachelor. You’re lazy AF. Nothing happened in the rose ceremony other than the cutest girl of the bunch going home: Sarah. She had the best dress of the night and she knew it, which is why she refused to put a jacket on. And how does Nick repay her? By giving her the boot. Low blow, Nick, low blow.

Rachel and Nick’s date was a letdown as well. She seemed drunk at the beginning, went on about how oysters are aphrodisiacs, and that’s that. Rachel, sorry to bust your bubble, but if you need an aphrodisiac on your first official date – it ain’t workin’.

PaleOMG Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs

And this damn group date – in a haunted house. Get out of here, ABC. Girls are really reaching if they are finding a way to make out with Nick in a place where there is a spirit child running around. Except for Raven, since she’s Wednesday Addams. Nothing was fun about that date. Unless pissing your pants on a date is cute, I would have shot out of that house and ran as quickly as I could. Spirit children? Oh f*ck no. And how convenient was it that they are all sitting in a circle and BOOM, Nick finds a ouija board. PS – that’s a weegee board. Who the hell knew it was spelled that way? Not me because I AIN’T CALLING NO SPIRITS. Hell no. Have none of these women seen a single scary movie? They are screwed for the rest of their lives now.

Oh Raven. That child-like woman told Nick she was in love with him. In love!! I’m all about falling in love because it’s the absolute best, but play a little hard to get, girl. You just told him that you saw inside a girls vagina when you caught your ex cheating on you. And now you’re saying you love Nick. You look batsh*t crazy. Really cute, but crazy.

Now for the 2-on-1 date. Of course, it’s Taylor and Corrine. Do the producers let Nick ever choose a date or is it all them? Hard to know. No it’s not, it’s all producers. And the producers have really come to adore setting up this 2-on-1 date. Remember when it was Ashley vs Kelsey and they left Kelsey in a desert? Or when they left behind Olivia in a hurricane? I don’t think anything can top those. But they tried with this one by going into the swamps. Nothing says awkward dates like the swamps. Especially when a guy from Alaskan Bush People is manning your boat. Then they had a voodoo sesh. So stupid. Obviously, Taylor got the boot because Corrine is a money maker for ABC. But, of course, Taylor comes back Chad-style to get her revenge. Boring.

So wait, who cares about this episode. Who do you think Nick sleeps with and cries over next episode? Tell me answers!

PS – YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Football season is almost over! Let’s celebrate by eating football-looking things!


Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs

  • Yield: 12 deviled eggs 1x



For garnish

  • sliced fresno peppers
  • sliced green onions
  • white sesame seeds
  • black sesame seeds
  • chives – to make footballs


  1. Make boiled eggs, the Ina Garten way: Place the eggs in a saucepan and add enough cold water to cover. Bring the water to a boil and immediately turn off the heat. Let the eggs sit in the pan for 15 minutes. Remove the eggs to a bowl and allow to rest for at least 2 minutes. When the eggs are cool enough to handle, crack the eggs on each side and then roll them back and forth with your hand, breaking up the shell. Remove and discard the shell.
  2. Now to make the deviled eggs: cut the eggs in half lengthwise, remove the yolks and place in a bowl then smash with a fork. Add in mayo and sriracha, mix well until mixture is smooth. Then add salt and black pepper and mix once more until combine.
  3. Place yolk mixture into a plastic bag, cut off a corner and then pipe into each egg white half. Garnish with either chives (to make the look of a football) or with the other garnishes of green onions, sesame seeds and fresno peppers. I recommend having both out for your guests because the garnishes really do make a big difference in flavor!

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PaleOMG Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs

PaleOMG Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs


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22 thoughts on “Game Day Sriracha Deviled Eggs”

  1. Ugh yessss. Agreed about last night’s episode. Luckily I had it Tivo-ed and could fast forward through some of the lamest ghost house parts, but it is really becoming more and more staged #annoying. I was so psyched for a New Orleans episode, but the Bachelor franchise could have come up with way cooler dates. Plus, per usual, all the girls seem cray and make me wonder what is wrong with me as a relatively normal human being that I haven’t been able to find someone yet haha.

  2. I f**king hate football and I hate deviled eggs. I’m totally gonna make these cuz they look stupid easy and my boyfriend will think I’m the best. Which obviously I am regardless HA. Youdabest!

  3. Last night’s episode was the most boring yet. I wish Corrine would have been on the group date – at least then it would have been worth watching. I bet that’s who Nick sleeps with next week. She’s the only one who has been taking any initiative to get him alone for their little make out sessions. The other girls are too busy jumping around on the bed like 8 year olds. Seriously, when is the last time you jumped around on the bed while squealing with delight? And talk about awkward when Nick said goodbye to Taylor and she walked 10 feet away from the table only to return to the table to sit by herself while Nick and Corrine walked down to the boat. And why does Danielle M. always seem like she’s half asleep?

  4. Love your Bachelor recaps! I totally agree with you. And seriously who didn’t see it coming that the 2 on 1 would be Corrine and Taylor. Thanks for the recipe, my husband will love these! Also the banana walnut chocolate chip muffins were SO GOOD. I love them! And so did my husband! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Ok, you’re seriously hilarious. Your snapchats crack my shit up. Then these posts…too fucking funny. I think that Corrine gets the boot when Taylor comes back to “speak her piece.” Or is it her “peace?” I’m not sure which it is in this context. Anyway, Corrine gets the boot too. But then comes back to try to sleep with him. I don’t think he does it. But he’s all sad he has to send two girls home and he’s worried he’ll never find love…all his insecurities come out.
    Also, for sure making these eggs on Sunday!
    Next, I JUST realized I don’t get your email subscription! Signing up.
    Last, I recently quit drinking alcohol (like 33 days now) and have had some crazy bad digestive issues. Considering trying paleo for a while or at least a version of it because everything else….unpleasant.
    And P.S. You can stand any way you want.

  6. Hey, Juli. Love the blog, the recipes, the workouts, the fashion. I’d been using Feedly to make sure I didn’t miss a single thing but something isn’t working lately. I’m subscribed via Feedly but that link seems to be broken. Updates aren’t coming thru. Just so you are aware of the snafu.

  7. Hi Julie! I’m heading to Denver next week for work. Do you have a few good restaurant suggestions that are good for those following paleo and those who don’t? There are several of us going and I’d love for us to all eat together at some places everyone will love and feel comfortable with. You often mention good restaurants throughout posts, but I’d love to have some suggestions all in one place! Thank you!

  8. Terrible episode for sure! I’m so ready for the Corrine story to be over, but I’ve said the same thing every season when they focus too much on the “villain”. I was thinking- man, ABC must be hurting for money, with the locations and these dates. Then I thought, no, they just hate Nick. He is really terrible for T.V., he’s so awkward!!

    Hope you are feeling better after social media these last couple weeks. People suck.

  9. I’m so over Corinne but Taylor’s RBF is bad enough for me to be glad to see her go. MAN I’m over the play-up of that drama, though! Lord. Get outta here, bitches. Nick is quite possibly the most boring man on the planet. I feel bad for him! And Rachel was totally drunk. How do these women tell all of these crazy banana stories on these one on one dates? You saw a vagina, Raven? And you beat your man with a high heel? Prolly shouldn’t be telling that to your future hubby straight out the gate, girl.

    Anyways….these eggs look delicious and even though I won’t eat them, my husband will be glad I made them!!

  10. I made and ate those already… yes, before the Superbowl because!! Anyway, I had a lot of mixture left and it was too thin, not sure if using Sir Kensington mayo made a difference or if I accidentally measured wrong- either way, 100%% thumbs up on my tastebuds. EVEN THE BF LIKED IT TOO! 😉

  11. I have only watched the first episode of this season, I’m more of a binge watcher and get a few episodes in at once. I’m also not someone who cares about spoilers, so reading your recap was fine by me. EXCEPT! Is the entire season boring so far?? I may be the only one, but I actually really like Nick. I’m guessing he’s a tiger in the bedroom haha. I never had a problem with him in any of the other seasons he was in. I think the producers just created him to be the bad guy. Ugh Super Bowl! I have never gotten into football, and I’m a sports LOVER! Just football is not my thing, but Lady Gaga is, stoked to see her halftime show – it’s obviously going to be epic, when does Lady Gaga not stand out?! I will have to PVR it though, as I’m working. Another reason not to enjoy super bowl, I work for the police and it’s a very busy night for us. Womp, womp. Stay safe everyone!

  12. I’m having dinner for friends at my house who definitely do not eat the things I do. How do you plan a dinner for people who eat nothing like you and still have something you can eat? What would be a good middle ground?

    1. if you are having someone over at your house, you should make them what YOU want to enjoy. that’s how it goes. so make something that you know multiple people will enjoy like a casserole or steaks and whipped yams or other side dishes. just because they don’t eat paleo doesn’t mean they don’t like real food.

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