The first time I bought coconut oil, I lived in a house with no air conditioning and it was 98 degrees outside, which meant it was 85 degrees inside. Life was uncomfortable those summers. And since the coconut oil had come in a package to my doorstep, it was my belief that coconut oil was always liquid. Until fall came and it turned solid and it freaked me out. I literally thought my oil had gone bad. Man I’ve learned a lot since I started my blog. Anywho, once I used a little google search to make sure my coconut oil was still good, I began cooking up a storm with it.

Honestly, I love the taste of coconut oil so I switch it up between coconut oil and ghee to change up my flavor profile in recipes. But there’s actually science behind the stuff. Coconut oil comes from its medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and this type of fat is rapidly metabolized in the liver so it’s immediately available as an energy source. It’s also easier to burn off and harder to store as fat. Some MCTs, like lauric acid, work to keep you healthy by eliminating disease-causing microbes and lowering inflammation. How cool is that? It’s even used for skincare and helping with acne!


But coconut oil isn’t just healthy, it’s also super tasty, with a slightly sweet, light tropical flavor that adds some extra oomph to any dish. Here are a few ways I love cooking with coconut oil:

  • In a stir fry or quick sauté
  • As a butter substitute in baking
  • To make raw chocolate bars
  • In bulletproof coffee

I’ve used coconut oil in HUNDREDS of recipes right here on my blog. Yes, hundreds. Here are some my favorite recipes I use coconut oil in:

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