My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

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I talked about doing this beauty post for what seems like forever ago but it’s really only been 2 weeks. But I finally figured out all the products I’ve wanted to talk to you about and everything I’m obsessed with right now. Whenever I put a beauty post together, I always feel like I need to talk about the past and my previous skin issues, so I’ll just do a quick recap then link the other posts so you can read more about my experiences and treatments with acne and the scarring it has left behind!

Ok, here’s the quick recap: I dealt with acne for years but then it got extremely bad when I was competing in CrossFit. To the point that it was painful to even put a shirt on if the shirt grazed my face. I had tried all different topical treatments and exhausted other options, so I finally decided it was time to go on Accutane. Everyone has a different experience and I’ve heard a lot of negativity around Accutane, but I had a generally good experience with it. After Accutane, I had clear skin for about a year then some acne came back so I eliminated all nuts and I rarely eat eggs because that flares my skin up. I also got on spironolactone and that has helped me keep my skin clear along with Vivant Skincare Products (which I seriously swear by now and recommend to everyone), and I drink A SH*T TON of water daily (over a gallon a day).

I’ve been seeing an esthetician for over a year now to help with the scarring which continues to get worse as time goes on because of the collagen that decreases over time in my skin. I see her once a month and she uses different lasers on me which has helped tremendously with fine lines and dark spots. The deeper  the scars are, the more challenging they are to improve, and I work on those with the help of profractional lasers. Which suck bad, but are totally worth it. Read up on these posts if you have questions about Accutane, laser treatments and my skincare regimen:

Now back to square one. A lot of products I’ve found through my esthetician but I’ve also been in contact with some companies or have just run into some products along the way. Let’s do this!

PaleOMG - My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

  • Andalou Brighten & Tighten Mask – I don’t use many masks, but this one is true magic. It really does brighten and tighten your skin and gives it a glow afterwards, even when you put makeup on. I like to use these when I’m traveling and feel a bit haggard. Thank you Diane for introducing me to this!
  • Microneedle Derma Roller – I got mine at my esthetician’s office and started at a .25mm but I think I may need a stronger size such as .5mm or 1.0mm moving forward. I use this every night along with the next product below to help rebuild the collagen in my skin. I can’t say I see a huge difference, but I’ve only been using it for a month. And I really do see skincare as longterm progress just like working out. You’re not going to see your hard work in a day, you have to work at it.
  • Venus Skincare SCR – I bought this stem cell recovery serum after I had my last Venus Viva treatment and it really helps with recovery of the skin. But I now use it almost nightly when I use my derma roller. Or I’ll use the SCT 1 and 2 creams with the roller!
  • Venus Skincare Eye Perfect – This eye cream is AMAZING! Under my eyes used to get pretty dry and makeup would clump in the little wrinkles, but this eye cream really helps with that and smoothes everything out! I wear it any time I’m wearing makeup!

PaleOMG - My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

  • Revision Skincare Intellishade – This tinted moisturizer is truly the best I’ve ever used. It is spf 45 with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, matches your skin color, and moisturizes while diminishing fine lines. I use the normal intellishade, but they also have a matte formula that’s much better for humid environments. Since it’s so dry here in Colorado, the normal intellishade is way more hydrating. I use a little bit of Jane Iredale loose mineral powder on top to take out some of the shine. But in any of my outfit photos when I’m in full makeup, I’m wearing the intellishade and it gives the best coverage! You can also see how I do my make in this post – Beauty Vlog: How I Do My Makeup!
  • LipSmart – Almost every single chapstick and lip balm I’ve tried since going on Accutane has truly made my lips worse. Even the all natural products out there that use olive oil or coconut oil. Everything makes my lips chapped and makes them peel even worse than before. Thankfully, when I was at my esthetician once, she had a package that said LipSmart on it and I asked her about it. It’s definitely pricey for a chapstick, but if you live in a dry climate or are taking/taken prescriptions that dry your skin/lips out, this stuff is going to change your life. It’s truly the best product that I’ve come across for lips. It not only moisturizes them, but it smoothes them out so they look like wrinkly and aged! Now I don’t have to constantly put chapstick on because it hydrates them for HOURS. It’s pure magic!
  • Supergoop! Setting Mist SPF 50 – I had the opportunity to meet with some of the team behind Supergoop! when I was at the rewardStyle conference and was instantly super excited about this line. But the makeup setting spray is totally the best because it has SPF 50 in it and you can pack it in your purse and respray as you go. Instead of having to glob on sunscreen over your makeup as it wears off throughout the day, you can just spray this setting mist on top and go! So easy! And it smells great, too!
  • St. Tropez Self Tan Express Mousse – This is definitely my favorite self tanner BY FAR. I go to see Lindsay at Glamour Bar here in Denver to get my spray tans whenever I’m traveling, but she recommended this product for in between and it’s truly the best! I highly recommend getting the applicator mitt because if you don’t, your hands are screwed (especially if you have calluses like me). This stuff looks so natural and you can decide if you want light, medium or dark tan. For light, you keep it on for an hour, 2 for medium and 3 for dark then you wash it off and it continues to build for the next 8 hours or so. It’s awesome!

PaleOMG - My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

  • Primally Pure Natural Deodorant – Stop what you’re doing and start using natural deodorant. I talk about why in this post here. I put off using a natural deodorant for so long because I’m so sweaty and couldn’t imagine not using a antiperspirant. But antiperspirants are really f*cking bad for you. I’m so happy that I changed over and this deodorant has changed my life! I rarely smell or have to reapply in the day unless I have an extra nervous or coffee-fueled day. Yes, you do still sweat but you’re not putting toxins into your body!!! And I’ve noticed my sweating isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be when I used antiperspirant.
  • Tula Illuminating Serum – Tula recently sent me an amazing box of goodies to try out and even though it’s only been less than a week of trying their products out, I’m absolutely obsessed with this illuminating serum. It seriously makes your skin glow! I’m testing out more of their products right now so I’ll let you know in the future what I think of their line. But this illuminating serum is amazing!
  • Desert Essense Natural Whitening Toothpaste – I get lots of questions online asking how I get my teeth so white. Let’s get one thing clear – I whiten them in my professional photos. But I do also use Crest white strips from time to time if they are looking yellow. And I have gotten them professionally whitened once. I honestly think Crest white strips works better than professional. But what has kept my teeth staying white after whitening them over a year ago is this toothpaste AND going to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning. A cleaning really does make a world of difference (go to the dentist!!!). This toothpaste is not only better for you and all natural, but it actually whitens! Thank you Lexi for introducing me to this!
  • Unite Creamy Paste – What a gross name. I have fine hair that lays flat to my head unless I put product in it. And I love my regular lifting foam for volume, but it’s not very travel friendly. So this paste has been super helpful when I’m traveling and it doesn’t leave behind any sort of film.
  • Touch N Brow Facial Razor – I’m not totally sold on these razors, but I also haven’t found one I like more yet. So feel free to leave your suggestions below! Every month when I go to the esthetician, she dermaplanes my face meaning she shaves it with pretty much a scalpel. But the hair definitely grows back in the month that I don’t see her, so I use this razor in between to keep the skin smooth and hair-free!

Ok, that’s all of it! I also share all my other favorite products in a previous post and you can see my experience with microblading in other posts that I’ll link below!

And if you live in Denver, I highly recommend these women that have made a world of difference with my skin and helping me feel my best!

  • My esthetician in Denver – Shawn Haviland (Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics 720-459-7960)
  • My eyebrow specialist in Denver – Lea Curry (Oxford Spa 303-628-5435)
  • Lindsay at Glamour Bar for spray tans (seriously the cutest salon you’ll ever step foot in)
  • Best botox specialist in Denver – Tricia Stephenson (Rewind in Cherry Creek 303-601-6533)

PaleOMG - My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now


I may be compensated through my affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for the support!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


58 thoughts on “My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now”

  1. Hi Juli! I love the idea of the Supergoop! setting mist since the sunscreen in/under my makeup just doesn’t cut it in the summer. However, I see on the link that it is good for oily skin types, and I’m just about as dry as can be. Do you find that it gives you a matte finish or dries you out? Thanks for the great post!

  2. I’ve been a huge Supergoop! fan for a few years and love the Supergoop! Setting Mist SPF 50! I always carry it with me and am surprised how light it feels for having SPF 50!

  3. Hi Julie- what kind of self tanner do you use on your face? any recommendations? or do you just use bronzer? Thanks, great post

  4. When using the microneedle derma roller, do you just put the SCT 1 and 2 creams or the Venus Skincare SCR on your face and then just us the derma roller overtop?

  5. I’ve been using a microneedle roller (different brand) for about 5 months now and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin tone and texture. I’m 36 and definitely started to notice a difference in my skin once I hit 35 even though I’ve been viligant about sunscreen and skin care since my mid 20s. I’ve really noticed an improvement since using microneedle roller. I feel like it took about 6 weeks before I looked in the mirror and really saw the difference it was making. I use that with the Drunk Elephant Glycolic night serum every night and I feel like it took years off my face! I do think it takes a little bit for the microneedle roller to make a difference so hopefully you will see some results soon!

  6. Hi Julie, I too suffer with acne, how do you know which foods are causing the inflammation? I’m not sure if it’s eggs, nuts, butter or just hormonal.

    Btw I purchased Jane iredale makeup that you recommended in your videos and I love it!!
    Thank you

    1. just eliminating those foods. i didn’t drink or eat any dairy at the time of my acne so i knew it wasn’t that. but i noticed my skin flared up on the days i had nuts, so i cut those out. then a person also mentioned that cutting out eggs so i tried that and that really helped. i knew it was hormonal because no matter how clean my diet was, the acne continued to get worse

  7. Would love to see a how to video or post on how you use the microneedle roller! I’ve been interested but a little nervous to try it!

  8. Do you find your hair grows back any differently (like, more coarsely?) when you are using the razor and dermaplaning on your face?

  9. Just curious have you tried any Ever skincare products (not selling anything I swear). My husband’s cousin is selling them and I am really intrigued by the ideas behind it, but I don’t know anyone who has used them before except her.

  10. Loved this post! Just ordered the deodorant to try and hoped they had one for men too for my husband. I didn’t see any. Does your husband use a toxic free deodorant also?

  11. Thank you for saying you whiten your teeth in your photos- you’re real!!! stay honest girl- you the best.

  12. Hi Juli,
    What other Revision skincare products, if any, do you use?
    Also, was Revision the skincare line your esthetician recommended? I remember on your podcast you mentioning a skincare line she recommended.
    Love you!

    1. i also use the nectifirm and lumiquin which are for the neck and hands! but i haven’t tried anything else other than that! and my esthetician recommended both revision and vivant (which i talk about in past blog posts) – both lines are life changing!

  13. I second the LipSmart! I have been using it for two years and it is the ONLY lip product (and I have tried them all) that works as well as it says it does.

  14. I am super intrigued about trying the self-tanner, but nervous that because I exercise on the daily and am a SWEATY AF exerciser that I’ll get blotchy… what say you? I know you exercise almost daily but do you get super sweaty? And if so, does the self-tanner not get blotchy despite daily profusely sweat sessions. How often do you reapply it?

    THANKS! I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR PODCAST!!! You make me LOL fo’ realz’ at the gym & everyone thinks I’m weird 🙂

    1. just don’t workout the day you put on tanner. so i’ll usually workout, shave – exfoliate, then put on the tanner, do whatever around the house then wash it off. when i workout the next day, the tanner has already been washed away so it’s not going to wash off more from sweat. the only time i’ve had issues with spray tan is when i workout AFTER i get one (because i’m dumb)

  15. You mentioned in your insta story that you put something on your eyelids to stop the black mascara smudges – is that the Venus eye perfect? Or something different? Love your work, Juli!

  16. Julie,

    Do you have a dermatologist you go to now? Just curious how you get the spiro prescribed. I need a good derm here in Denver.


  17. Hi Juli,

    I am curious–have you ever looked into Deciem? It’s this amazing multi line skincare tha works–and is inexpensive. I’ve been dealing (rather, stressing and crying and etc) with adult acne for 4-5 years now. It hit the minute Women should be getting beautiful skin–23 or so. So freaking dumb. I digress–

    Their stuff works! I use The Ordinary, and most of then products I use? About $10 a pop. It’s insane!!

    They are just starting out but already have an amazing following in CAN. Look them up–nothing fancy, but they sell out fast! I need to re-up, myself.

    On a side note; I swear you sound like my brother from another mother, everything you write sounds like something I’d say/write myself. It’s awesome.

    PSS: I’m in CO too!

  18. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered some natural deodorant, it’s disgusting all the toxins and chemicals that are in products. I can’t wait to try it!

  19. Hi Julie! Maybe I didn’t read this blog post good enough but on your insta story the day you posted this I feel like I remember you talking about a neck cream you used and did not see it in this post. I was wondering if you could let me know the name. I sound creepy but your neck doesn’t look like it has any lines on it and I’m 22 with lines already that drive me CRAZY and it’s not like I’m fat with neck rolls! Thanks so much for all the knowledge you share with us! You’re the best!

  20. Can’t seem to find your recommmendation for mascara. All mascara I’ve tried flake off by the end of the day. Have you found one that lasts?

  21. have you used any of the Mandelic Avid products through Vivant ? I am pregnant and i know those are safe for me to use, im just curious if you have tried them and your thoughts on those!

  22. are you still using the Vivant Skincare line or have you found something better? Just curious before ordering lol

  23. Hey Juli,

    I feel like I am losing my mind, but I feel like you had a post (could have just been an insta-story) about your mascara regimen, and I can’t seem to find it any where what products you used. I feel like there were 2 products. Your help is greatly appreciated I’m looking for a change!


    1. i think i may have just mentioned it on my instagram story! i use loreal telescopic mascara and i’ll put Benefit Cosmetics
      Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara on top!

  24. Hey Juli! I’ve tried the Primally Pure deodorant for about a month now and love it! Just went to order the Desert Essence toothpaste and as soon as I placed it in my cart I received a “customer’s also bought…” message featuring the Andalou facemask. I have a hard time believing that’s a coincidence. It’s awesome to see the impact you have! Thank you for all that you do!

  25. Hey Juli,

    Sorry for the random comment on an old post! But have you been able to get off spironolactone? I’ve been on 50mg daily for a few years now. I tried to wean off it once, and after about 5 months my cystic acne started to return. I’d love to come off of it, but I haven’t found anyone who’s successfully done it! Do you have any thoughts or personal insight??

    Thank you!

    Ps. Thank you for being so transparent with your skin journey. Cystic acne SUCKS.

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