Thanksgiving is next week. That means I’m over cooking Thanksgiving recipes. I’m done. So we might as well round them all up in one place. I’m going include all my recipes that are Thanksgiving related or I envision them on my own table and put them on the page. I’ll also be including links to other great blogs out there that have amazing fall recipes that could be included on your Thanksgiving menu. I wonder if I’ll celebrate Thanksgiving this year. I’ve kind of already ate my way through Thanksgiving.

How about I just talk about what I’m thankful for this year. Like this pumpkin granola in the blog post picture. I love that stuff. Now you can do the same in the comments! Here’s my list!

  1. Anyone that has ever read my blog, laughed at my poor humor, or enjoyed one of my recipes. This blog keeps going because you keep supporting. So thank YOU for everything you have done to help it grow.
  2. My parents for always being there no matter what. They support me even when they don’t support my language.
  3. Laura and Sergio. Even though Sergio is away until February, he is still the best man i know.
  4. My Mountain Hard Wear jacket. If it weren’t for this thing, I would not live in CO.
  5. Anything chocolate related.
  6. Coconut butter.
  7. Attractive males. There are few and far between, but I am thankful for the single ones. Which I know of none at the moment. So I guess we can retract that entire last statement.
  8. Kombucha.
  9. Lululemon spandex.
  10. My Mac. She’s so great and loves me back. And she never acts up.

That was too many things, but 10 felt right. Now for food.

Thanksgiving Breakfasts:

Apple Fritters 

Pumpkin Bread French Toast

Banana Bread French Toast

5 Ingredient Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash

Blueberry Donuts with Blueberry Lemon Jam

Easy Crockpot Breakfast Pie

Caramel Apple Pancakes

Chocolate Waffles

Thanksgiving Side Dishes: 

Savory Bacon Butternut Squash Souffle

Caramelized Onion and Sausage Stuffing

Bacon and Chive Sweet Potato Biscuits

Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup

Bacon Pecan Brussel Sprouts

Sweet Potato Gratin

Slightly Sweet Stuffing

Thanksgiving Desserts:

Baked Apple Pie Apples

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Chewy Pecan Pie Brittle

Triple Chocolate Truffles

Pumpkin Pie Bars

Caramel Cheesecake Bars

Double Layered Fudge

Chocolate Coffee Caramel Bars

Sticky Apple Bars

Chocolate Coconut Bark

Other blog recipes:

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