50 Most Popular PaleOMG Recipes of All Time

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When looking back through my PaleOMG analytics to see what were the most popular recipes of all time throughout the past 10 years, I was pretty damn surprised, honestly. When I first started my blog in 2011, I didn’t have a proper camera, I had absolutely no understanding of proper lighting, and staging a photo had never crossed my mind. Most recipes were photographed at 4am in a crockpot or in my plastic zupperware that had been stained by many other recipes. Plus, I was just at the beginning stages of learning how to cook. So I guess it gives me some pride knowing that those recipes, where I had NO idea what I was doing, have stood the test of time! Pretty rad! But also, I have WAY better recipes, in my opinion. So tomorrow I’ll be putting together a post all about the most underrated recipes that you should definitely try! Today you have the general public’s opinions and tomorrow you’ll have mine! Until then, let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Recipe created in 2014 – Pizza Spaghetti Pie – I remember making recipe before Brian and I were living together. I brought it over to his house and couldn’t wait for him to try it. He said it was “pretty good” and I thought he was a fool and said, “I think this recipe is going to be really popular.” There’s some proof right there you should always go with your gut. After 7 years, it’s still my most popular recipe to date!

3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Recipe created in 2014 – 3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes – This is just crazy. I have way better pancake recipes than this.

Easy Breakfast Casserole

Recipe created in 2014 – Easy Breakfast Casserole – When I could still eat eggs (I have a skin allergy to them now), I would make this every single week for Brian. He LOVED it. We both loved it. I miss you, eggs.

Sweet Potato Brownies

Recipe created in 2012 – Sweet Potato Brownies – Wow. Talk about a beautiful photo. And you can tell I really tried with this one, but still failed horribly. But surprising enough, this recipe was made by many, many people. Even a well known chef who told me later that he had made my brownies. So rad.

Recipe created in 2015 – Buffalo Chicken Casserole – Now THIS is what photography is all about…because it wasn’t taken by me. This was a recipe in my third cookbook taken by Bill & Hayley of Primal Palate. They know what they are doing and they helped me a lot with my own photography.

Recipe created in 2014 – Coffee Cake Banana Bread – Ok, Juli, I still you trying with your photography. Go you!

Recipe created in 2012 – Enchilada Chicken Stew – This is bananas to me that this recipe is so popular. I don’t even remember making it.

Recipe created in 2017 – Instant Pot Carnitas – Now this is a recipe that I feel deserves it’s praise. Carnitas in an hour? Yes please! I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count.

Recipe created in 2012 – Italian Meatloaf – This photo is ROUGH. Had I already eaten part of the meatloaf?

Recipe created in 2014 – Soft & Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies – I remember this recipe being quite popular and seeing it on instagram all the time. And I made these cookies all.the.damn.time. They are so freaking easy and so damn good!

Recipe created in 2012 – Simple Blueberry Muffins – Again, I have much better muffin recipes than this, but I guess the word Simple really grabs people.

Recipe created in 2013 – Buffalo Chicken Pasta – When I figured out I could use mayo as a sauce, my life was forever changed. This pasta dish still stands the test of time and it is deeeeelicious!

Recipe created in 2014 – Easy Almond Butter Cups – People like easy, and this is definitely that! But what is fun about this recipe is that you can read way back when Jackson was just a puppy and was pissing on the couch as he stared into my soul.

Recipe created in 2013 – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – I remember being not only super proud of this photo, I mean look at that tiny little pumpkin off to the left, but I also remember LOVING these muffins

Recipe created in 2012 – Chicken Tortilla Soup – Ok, Juli, I see you trying to get creative with your photography! Not bad.

Recipe created in 2012 – Ropa Vieja w/ Cuban Style Rice – After finding out more about Cuban food when a guy took me on a date to a Cuba restaurant, I started playing around with more Cuban flavors. Flavors good, photography bad.

Recipe created in 2012 – Chocolate Zucchini Bread – I remember this zucchini bread being absolutely delightful. And what’s funny about reading this post is that I’m talking about hopefully meeting a CrossFitter someday who will sweep me off my feet. Well guess what? I met Brian at a CrossFit gym and I definitely swept him off his feet. So it kind of played out.

Recipe created in 2011 – Easy Shredded Beef – One of my first recipes and it truly horrifying that anyone made this. Horrifying.

Recipe created in 2013 – Breakfast Biscuit Sandwiches – OMG proud moment right here! I was so proud of this photo and I’m still proud of it. Especially the flavors. The breakfast sandwich is topped with a maple aioli. More restaurants should try this.

Recipe created in 2013 – Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken Pasta – I remember photographing this dish out on our patio and a spider came down right in the middle. Still ate it.

Recipe created in 2013 – Chocolate Coffee Chia Pudding – Chia pudding was such a big deal to me because it felt like I was eating oatmeal again. Kind of. Ok not really.

Recipe created in 2016 – Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili – Okkkkkk, photography is slowly improving.

Recipe created in 2012 – Magic Brownie Bars – Lots of people made jokes that these were weed brownies, but surprisingly, I’ve never made those myself.

Recipe created in 2012 – Simple Herb Crusted Salmon – This is definitely another one of those dishes that’s highly rated simply because it has the word Simple at the beginning.

Recipe created in 2012 – Banana Bread French Toast – I still can picture my BFF and roommate at the time helping me shoot the photo, squeezing the honey over the top. Laura is the true MVP of PaleOMG.

Recipe created in 2011 – Savory Breakfast Casserole – I haven’t made this since 2011, but I remember it being real good.

Recipe created in 2013 – Lemon Raspberry Pancakes – Now this is a pancake recipe worth making.

Recipe created in 2014 – Apple Cinnamon Muffins – Looking back at the days when I didn’t paint my nails.

Recipe created in 2013 – Chai Pumpkin Bread – I still can remember my friend Danielle, from high school, making this recipe from my blog and it made me so damn happy.

Recipe created in 2014 – 5-Ingredient Creamy Dill Salmon – Now this is definitely worth making! So easy and so delicious!

Recipe created in 2014 – Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins – You can’t go wrong with this recipe. But this also gives me all the feels because I was about to move in with Brian, but hadn’t actually come out and said it on the blog. Cauuuuuuute.

Recipe created in 2013 – Chicken Enchilada Lasagna – OMG, little Juli worked so hard on this photo!

Recipe created in 2013 – Spaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl w/ OMG Sauce – I never thought this recipe was anything special, but my friend Maddie LOVED this sauce and made it all the time. So cool!!

Recipe created in 2012 – Sweet Potato Basil Soup – Wow, another top notch photo.

Recipe created in 2012 – Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork – This recipe is definitely worth making, at least I think.

Recipe created in 2014 – Crispy Chicken Dippers – I remember these lil dippers being quite delicious.

Recipe created in 2011 – Loaded Turkey Stuffed Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes – Now THIS is hilarious. I wanted to add a little pizazz to the photo so I just added a head of lettuce. Makes total sense.

Recipe created in 2019 – Air Fryer Chicken Thighs – Must make! So easy!

Recipe created in 2011 – Broccoli Fritters – This recipe brings me WAY back. I was so broke at this time that I really couldn’t afford to throw out the stems of the broccoli, so I decided to make fritters out of them. I thought I was a real genius back then.

Recipe created in 2012 – Double Chocolate Energy Bites – Look at the photo go! A table outside on our patio, a towel from our kitchen…Juli was trying pretty hard here.

Recipe created in 2012 – Easy Shredded Pork w/ Caramelized Mashed Plantains – This is definitely a recipe worth trying! Just make sure your plantains are brown AF. It will make for the best puree under the pork.

Recipe created in 2014 – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bites – I definitely don’t think these bites are anything to write home about, but I remember CrossFitters loving them, so there’s that.

Recipe created in 2013 – Carrot Breakfast Protein Cake – I definitely think this is worth making again, I remember it being delicious!

Recipe created in 2017 – Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole – This was definitely when I started getting my stride with photography. I’m no pro, but I at least figured out proper lighting…and that everyone loves a casserole.

Recipe created in 2012 – Chicken Bacon Alfredo – This is one of those recipes that doesn’t look like much, but I remember all my CrossFit friends loving it!

Recipe created in 2012 – Barbacoa – Yet another pretty horrifying photo. When you have no background with photography, meat can be a real bitch to shoot.

Recipe created in 2012 – 5-Ingredient Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash – OMG, this recipe takes me back. Not only did I love this recipe and I made it all the time, but this was back when I had a DONATE button on my site because I was so broke, sometimes I didn’t even have the money to make new recipes…and people actually helped me out!! Damn. Human beings are so amazing.

Recipe created in 2014 – Bacon Chorizo Chipotle Smothered Meatloaf – This is definitely a keto recipe before keto became a thing

Recipe created in 2013 – Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry – It’s funny that this post talks about watching New Girl because I’m actually watching New Girl as I type this.

Recipe created in 2012 – Nut-Free Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Before I started, my first site was because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers by saying God. 22 and 23 year old Juli were definitely different people. Well once I start, my site kept crashing because I needed a real host with the traffic I was getting. My site was down for weeks so I had to share this recipe on Facebook instead. Oh the memories.

Thank you for taking a stroll down the memory lane of PaleOMG with me. Every post feels like a snapshot into my life at that point and it’s so fun for me to think through these times and where I am today. Hopefully some of these posts are familiar to you and bring you back to some of your own memories around those times, as well! Now get ready for my favorite recipes tomorrow on the blog! I won’t want you to miss any of those!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


30 thoughts on “50 Most Popular PaleOMG Recipes of All Time”

  1. I love seeing posts like this! It’s always so interesting to see what resonates with people.

    Personally, my favorite PaleOMG recipe of all time is your Mexican Pumpkin Soup
    Every time I make it, I’m like, DAMN this is good, and then I lick the bowl clean like a dog. I’ve got no shame. AND I use canned pumpkin because I’m lazy AF.

    The other ones I make the most are the 5 Ingredient Butternut Squash & Sage Breakfast Casserole and the Spicy Sweet Potatoes in your latest cookbook.

    So much yum!! Thanks, Juli!

  2. pretty sure i have made most of those! didnt realize how long i have been a HUGE fan of you!!
    I cant believe your chicken fried rice didnt make the cut! i love that one.
    thanks for all the delicious food!!

    5.0 rating

  3. I love how honest you are about your recipes. It’s refreshing! As someone who just discovered your blog last year, it was super cool to be able to read this.

  4. I loved this trip down memory lane and you’re commentary is amazing.
    I’ve made so many of these recipes – a few of them are staples (looking at you Buffalo chicken casserole).
    Happy 10 year anniversary!

  5. I think it would be super fun for you to remake some of the “uglier” recipes and photograph them as you would today. We could then see a side-by-side comparison on how much you have grown! Also, you pizza spaghetti pie is a staple in my house for lunches throughout the week!

    1. that was one of my plans to celebrate the 10 years of PaleOMG, but i just didn’t have time. i definitely want to do that and show a side by side!!

  6. I think the honey ginger apple pork was the very first recipe I made! I was in a 9 week paleo challenge and we weren’t allow to have honey so which was so sad. It was still absolutely delicious without.

  7. OMG these recipes bring it all back! Sometimes when I make an old recipe it brings me straight back to living together and sitting on those two disgusting blue couches that we owned and our tiny little home where we ate too many chocolate covered nuts. Gosh, we’ve grown so much. So cool looking back!

    1. YUP!! all these recipes take me back to you trying to help me figure out photography and being my videographer on Sundays lol you were my first assistant minus the whole getting paid thing

  8. Diana Becker

    Your Italian meatloaf, spaghetti squash pizza and creamy dill salmon have been in my dinner rotation for years- THE BEST!

  9. Your Instant Pot Carnitas are a favorite in our house. We literally eat it twice per week – and my husband eats the leftovers for lunch! I actually make it “Mexican style” on Mondays (as intended) and make it “barbecue style” on Thursdays (I add barbecue sauce and serve it with potatoes and broccoli). I have made lots of other great recipes from you (your air fried whole chicken is my favorite!) but my husband is totally obsessed with your Instant Pot Carnitas. Thank you?! 🙂

    5.0 rating

  10. Happy anniversary, Juli! This post made me realize I have been eating a mostly Paleo diet for ten years, and that is in large part due to you. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but your recipes were my lifeline and have become staples. Thank you for all you do!

  11. Kayse Eckelman Horton

    This is so funny and great. The partially eaten meatloaf got me. Congrats on 10 years! I think I’ve been here for most of it – your blog is always a go-to when looking for new recipes.

  12. I remember so many of these in the 2012 Era.
    I’m surprised the Thanksgiving bacon, chive sweet potato biscuits didn’t make the list!!
    I still make these!

    5.0 rating

  13. Bison Sage burgers with balsamic and apple glaze are also in rotation here.
    Getting back into Paleo … life after Keto

    5.0 rating

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